Sen. Sessions: ‘Deliberate Plan by President’ to Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System


by Craig Bannister

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said today that Americans need to stand up to “a deliberate plan by the president of the United States” to collapse the nation’s law enforcement system regarding illegal immigration.

“Our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse, and it’s a deliberate plan by the president of the United States, and it’s wrong. And, people need to be aware of it and need to stand up to it and I believe the American people are beginning to do so.”

“So, you come into the country illegally and the attorney general of the United States declares that these individuals have a civil right to amnesty. How can this possibly be: the chief law enforcement officer in America?

I believe those are entirely viable comments for Mr Sessions to make.

Then, of course, there is this:

Hoping for Asylum, Migrants Strain U.S. Border

by Julia Preston

HIDALGO, Tex. — Border Patrol agents in olive uniforms stood in broad daylight on the banks of the Rio Grande, while on the Mexican side smugglers pulled up in vans and unloaded illegal migrants.

The agents were clearly visible on that recent afternoon, but the migrants were undeterred. Mainly women and children, 45 in all, they crossed the narrow river on the smugglers’ rafts, scrambled up the bluff and turned themselves in, signaling a growing challenge for the immigration authorities.

The migrants are no longer primarily Mexican laborers. Instead they are Central Americans, including many families with small children and youngsters without their parents, who risk a danger-filled journey across Mexico. Driven out by deepening poverty but also by rampant gang violence, increasing numbers of migrants caught here seek asylum, setting off lengthy legal procedures to determine whether they qualify.

We are on our way towards not being a nation of laws, but a nation of conveniences and entitlements — expected now by persons not born on our soil.

This is a dangerous path to tread.  What occurs when other venues of persons decide, on their own, which laws they will or will not obey?  What happens, thanks to the Obama Administration’s non-handling of and disinterest in holding the IRS accountable — for example — when people have no confidence in the IRS and decide to no longer voluntarily comply?

This is, again, a dangerous path to tread.



Unintuitive shocker — “Study: Uninsured Patients Get Better Care Than Insured

Cadillac Health Insurance -- FreeA bit counter-intuitive, yes?


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – According to a recent study, severely injured patients are less likely to be transferred to a trauma center if they have health insurance.

Researchers from the Stanford University of Medicine found that patients with insurance are less likely to get the best care than those who do not have insurance. They found that insured patients taken to non-trauma hospitals were 13 to 15 percent less likely to be transferred to trauma centers than uninsured ones.

“Insured patients may, ironically, get worse outcomes because they are taken care of at a center where there’s a lower volume of resource for critically injured patients,” Dr. M. Kit Delgado, a former Stanford emergency medicine instructor, and the study’s lead author said in a press release obtained by HealthDay News.

So there you go.

Your wonderful Free Cheese at work, along with your hard-earned American Taxpayer dollars.  Screw ya for having the temerity to possess any kind of health insurance.

Wait, there goes another Illegal Mexican to a local trauma center!  Aren’t you pleased?


Free Cheese


Homeland Security Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned Right to be Citizens’

Gold Star For Doing NothingAnd to the obvious detriment of actual Americans?

Clearly the Demorats and a number of Republicans are nuts.


by Penny Starr

( – Speaking at the United States Conference of Mayors on Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens.”

“An earned path to citizenship for those currently present in this country is a matter of, in my view, homeland security to encourage people to come out from the shadows,” said Johnson, in what he remarked was one of his first public speeches since being confirmed as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief in December.


And just how have they earned that right?  By doing nothing in order to earn a gold star pasted to their foreheads?  By “showing up”?  Their mere presence is a reason for excellence?  Should we give T-ball holders to illegal Mexicans?  Should we create a program designed to enhance “esteem” in illegal Mexicans?

Should borders mean nothing?  Should law-breaking mean nothing?  Because, if so, I can’t wait.  I’d love to walk into a San Francisco Rolls-Royce dealer and take a new Phantom.  Not because I can pay for one, but because I simply want one and, after all, laws don’t mean anything and my wants and emotions trump logic and budget.  Don’t they?

Apparently so — to both Demorats and Old, Staid Country Club Republicans.

Here’s my challenge to DC and to Leftists and Progressives and Demorats and RINOs of the GOP:

Simply de-criminalize illegals of all shades and stripes.  Remove the word illegal and remove immigration laws from the books.  No more “detainees.”  Certainly, check vehicles and various modes of transportation for illegal contraband and goods, but allow the vertical bipeds to enter entirely unhindered.

You talk some smack.  Now walk the walk.  Put your vote where you ass-music is.

Remove the laws.  You don’t enforce them nor do you want to.  So remove them.

Let anyone and everyone into the country.

Ball’s in your court.




75% of illegal immigrants fail DMV tests, proving they can’t drive

Mexifornia LicensiaFrom CBSLasVegas:

DMV: Most Fail Test For Driver Authorization Card

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles officials have advice for immigrants seeking a driver authorization card: study.

They estimate 75 percent of applicants have failed the written test needed for the card under a new law that made the state the 11th nationally to offer driving privileges to people in the country illegally. The cards became available Thursday.

Applicants must correctly answer 80 percent of 50 questions to pass the test. They also are required to pass a driving exam to receive cards. The failure rate on the driving test was not immediately available.

And you can believe that driving test failure statistics will not be revealed because it would reflect negatively on the poor illegal immigrants themselves, tending to emphasize a terrible, terrible stereotype.

But just wait; I’m sure someone will have the grand idea that it would be unfair to not provide illegal immigrants with licenses, because they must drive to get to work at the entrance of Home Depot in order to provide milk and food for their babies, and not pay taxes.  But to get a tax refund.  Just you wait.

One note for those who may be LE officers in Fornicalia: you all readily recognize that the ethnicity — whether you wish to acknowledge it or not — with the highest per capita rate of drunk driving arrests in the state?  Hispanics.

Bring on the illegal Mexican drivers.  And stay out of the left lane.



Obama visits immigration activists

Beck's Wild Immigration QuoteFrom

by Lucy McCalmont

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama met informally with immigration activists on the National Mall on Friday.

They visited individuals taking part in Fast for Families to “offer their support for those who are fasting on behalf of immigration reform,” a White House official told the pool report. The Obamas spoke with the activists for about half an hour.

The immigration activists have been fasting since Nov. 12, abstaining from all food except water and “are calling for the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives to take up action on comprehensive immigration reform,” the official said.

Imagine that.  The Obama’s sympathizing with persons who not only flaunt the law but break the law.  Overtly.  Abetted by the Obamas.

Please note: the article, from Politico, featured a tab within the story labeled PHOTOS: 10 wild immigration quotes.  The above photo is from that link.

Glenn Beck saying “[Mexico] has been overtaken by lawbreakers from the bottom to the top. And now, what you’re protesting for is to have lawbreakers come here” is a “wild immigration quote.”

How sad.  The truth now becomes “wild” as per the American Media Maggots.

Here is what Mr Obama should do: if you believe that the borders should be open and there should be no such thing as an “illegal immigrant,” then change the law, sir.  But you won’t, because you are a coward and prefer not to operate in the light of day.