Trump correct about voter fraud

Why and how, you ask? It is conventional wisdom that California put Hillary Clinton over the top (slightly) with regard to the number of votes tallied, as opposed to the electoral college. The difference was roughly one million votes.

Is it, then, merely co-inky-dink that the number of illegal immigrants with drivers licenses in California is also at roughly the one million mark?

A report was issued recently which indicated 800,000+ illegal immigrants were issued licenses in California alone. California passed a law (AB 60) two years ago which allows illegals to acquire licenses. Twelve states now allow illegals to possess drivers licenses. From

California DMV: 800,000 Undocumented Immigrants Got Driver’s Licenses Under State’s Controversial AB 60 Law In 2 Years

by Seerat Chabba

A controversial California law has allowed thousands of undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses at a time when President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office next month, vowed to crackdown on illegal immigration.

AB 60 was implemented on Jan. 1, 2015 and allowed an estimated 806,000 undocumented residents to receive driver’s licenses in the next two years, according to Department of Motor Vehicles statistics cited by Mercury News.

The month of November, which saw Trump being elected as president of the United States, also marked the issuing of 14,000 of these licenses by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California as offices remained packed with immigrants hoping to make the most of the opportunity.

Does the California DMV plan to share their information about illegals to, say, investigatory agencies? Uh, no. Not just no, but hell no.

“The California Department of Motor Vehicles takes very seriously the protection of personal information for all license holders,” the DMV reportedly said Tuesday, addressing privacy concerns.

The problem with the law allowing states to issue licenses to illegals stems from the 9/11 Report following that tragic event. It concluded that illegals should not be eligible for licenses.

Despite that, the federal government allowed licenses to be issued by states, but only if the card is obviously and clearly different — which, by the way, California’s license is not. Please describe to me the immediate and obvious differences you see.

Additionally, as we all know, drivers licenses are a gateway to quite a number of other services, offers, entitlements and perquisites enjoyed by lawful citizens. One of those is: voting.

How many persons staffing voter stations in California know — or even care — about the differences in the two cards? California has stated it’s going to be a “sanctuary state.” I’d say that’s quite a clear statement with an obvious point: California couldn’t care less about the legal status of persons living there. And they sure as hell aren’t going to deport illegals. California doesn’t want to deport criminals or even murderers (witness Kate Steinle) who are illegal.

Then there is the California Motor Voter Law. And therein lies the crux of the biscuit.


California Licenses 800K Illegal Aliens as Motor Voter Law Looms

by Michelle Moons

Over the last two years, the Golden State has licensed over 800,000 illegal aliens to drive, and as the new motor voter law AB 1461 goes into effect in 2017, anti-Trump lawmakers are vowing to fight the Trump administration on attempts to enforce immigration law.

Meaning: it’s going to get even worse in California than it is now. We already know local voter precincts in California didn’t challenge Mexicans or illegals who stepped towards a voting booth in November possessing a license for that is fundamentally indistinguishable from that of a lawful citizen. It would be judgmental and poor form to do so, particularly if you are a Mark I, Model I GOWP.

AB 60 went into effect on January 1, 2015, inviting well over a million illegal aliens in California to apply for driver licenses with lawmaker promises that their non-citizen status would not be shared with immigration authorities.

With the law about to hit the two-year mark, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced that 806,000 illegal aliens have been granted driver licenses, according to the Bay Area’s Mercury News. 14,000 of those licenses were issued in November of this year.

In 2017, new motor voter law AB 1461 will go into effect, automatically registering most licensed California drivers to vote. As the Mercury News points out, concerns have been raised about the crossover of AB60 illegal alien licensees being illegally registered to vote as a result. Some lawmakers have claimed there are safeguards against such a case.

But fear not; California legislators are actively planning to stymie any and all attempts to deport illegals and instead shield them to the best of their abilities.

Former Assemblyman Luis Alejo, author of AB 60, offered reassurance to illegal aliens that he had spoken with Gov. Jerry Brown’s office, the DMV, and state legislative leaders who are all “committed to protecting all the information submitted to the DMV by AB60 applicants,” according to the Mercury News. Alejo pledged to fight against the Trump administration on illegal immigration and to do “everything possible” to maintain AB 60.

Already, ladies and gentlemen, you inherently know where Clinton got her vote count nudge. I haven’t even addressed the issue of illegal signups and other voter fraud venues to include the living dead and voting machines that defaulted to HRC. Voter fraud was sufficient to hand HRC the popular vote in November. Trump was correct.

But wait.

If you thought the Demorats cheated in this election, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



Late Sunday night musings

note-4-photos-vids-january-17-2016-413I haven’t done this for awhile. That is to say, just sat back with an adult beverage — Ketel One mixed with Fuji Apple flavored seltzer water — and let things go “stream-of-consciousness” from my Mark I, Model I brainulus.

Right now I happen to be ensconced within my cabin at the 4,000-foot level in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Occupied Fornicalia all around and beneath me. The sun has mostly set but the pines are still visible outside through my large windows. It’s cooler than its been for a while, 40-degrees and falling, and I’ve not only clicked on the Fujitsu heat but started a fire in the heavy iron stove as well. That is the photo at top.

The wind has risen, and the chimes are talking. Just now, a distant boom of thunder. Will it be coming closer? I certainly hope so. There is absolutely nothing more packed with grandeur and a bit of God’s lung-rumbling majesty than the strike of bolts and nearing reverberation of thunder to remind a person of one’s insignificance in the overall scheme.

Nice. The thudding appears to be getting closer. It’s still not completely dark so the bolt’s aren’t yet sufficiently stark. But it reminds: time to turn on the porch light. Wait. Some rain. I can hear it off the roof. Why so loud? It’s not rain; it’s hail. Then rain again. Cow. Flat rock.

What’s coming up with BZ on the blog and in other venues? Let me cogitate for a microsecond. Yes. Posts about my voting preference. I’m finally formally endorsing. Posts about the future of law enforcement. Posts about the final implementation of Brexit and Teresa May. Posts about the English Defence League in the UK. Posts about my upcoming radio show on the SHR Media. Posts about the future of freedom in the United States. Posts about history, life, oppression, reality, Historical Alzheimers, tyranny and ignorance.

second-american-revolution-silhouetteI am proud of the fact that I am a Silverback, that I am an Oathkeeper and that I am a Sheepdog. I will always be a Sheepdog. For that meaning, please go here.

sheepdog-and-sheepThe thunder is louder. A bit far away but closing still. I am starting to feel it in the floor of the cabin.

It’s completely dark now. The thunder hasn’t quailed; in fact, it’s stronger than ever. Someone is making a statement about my place in the firmament. Blast of a bolt. A good boomer. The entire room was illuminated. Now the downpour again.

I’m sure Leftists say this about me, but I write it about them now. Those on the Left must be seriously brain damaged. They have not a foot or even a pinkie dipped into the pool of Reality. Michael Savage, moron as he is, happens to be correct about four things:

  1. Liberalism is in fact a mental disorder;
  2. To keep our sovereignty we must maintain our BORDERS
  4. And our CULTURE

That is the ultimate challenge today not just for the United States, but for the UK and every other western nation possessing GOWPs who are interested in naught but a complete giveaway.

The wind and the rain is increasing. I can hear it on my metal roof. You dare not have a wooden roof at altitude unless you’re a bleeding moron. There are still some of you about around here.

The bolts are here, the rain is here, the thunder is here and shaking my floor.

We are heading for a crash, ladies and gentlemen.

Food, water, precious metals.

For the sake of your families.

Get to it.





New Leftist tactic: go after ammo — “not protected by 2nd”

Obama Gun ConfiscationThose who are paying attention realize that the Second Amendment has been under assault by Leftist elements for literally years.  Decades.

This focus has been even more pronounced under Barack Hussein Obama, the worst president the United States has ever had to suffer through and attempt to survive.

That said, Leftists know that it is difficult to go after firearms themselves — though a large bulk of Europeans wish they had their own version of the Second Amendment today due to the invasion of their continent by Muslim “refugees” and usurpers.

So: how to kick Constitutionalists in the slats?

Go after ammunition.  In Fornicalia, they have already done so.  It is illegal to hunt with lead bullets, for example.  Facts be damned.

Ammunition Ban ItTherefore, from

Gavin Newsom: Ammunition ‘The Most Dangerous Part’ of a Gun

by AWR Hawkins

Californian Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is hitching his 2018 gubernatorial campaign to a statewide ballot proposal that would sharply restrict the sale of ammunition.

“It seems to me the most dangerous part of the weapon is not the weapon itself, it’s the ammunition,” he said April 1.

He wants anyone buying ammunition to endure a background check similar to the one that would-be gun buyers currently have to pass to buy a firearm.

According to the Press Democrat, Newsom, speaking at the Graton casino, told a story about being denied a Sudafed cold medicine purchase because he did not have a driver’s license to show at the pharmacy counter. He suggested it is strange that a person has to show ID to buy cold medicine but not ammunition.

So you want ID for ammunition?  You want background checks for ammunition?

How about we apply what I call the Logical Extension then, sir?  That would be: mandatory identification for voting.  Background checks for voters.  Appearing at one’s voting precinct is a perfect time to run persons for criminal warrants. to check if they are welfare abusers, drug abusers, in violation of any number of restraining orders, tort violations, domestic abuse violations.  Imagine how many domestic abuse cases could be solved with abusers in custody?

After all, voting is one of the MOST consequential actions one can take yearly.

It’s only fair — I love that Leftist word when applied against them — that the United States know — like firearms — if actual CITIZENS are voting upon issues that determine the future of the nation.

Newsom is also pushing a ban on the possession of “high capacity” magazines. He says such magazines are “disproportionately responsible for mayhem.”

What is a “high capacity magazine”?

Would that be a hundred rounds?  Fifty rounds?  Thirty rounds?  Twenty rounds?  Ten rounds?

How about five rounds?

Like Barney Fife, keep your one round in your pocket.



California’s push for greater decline

California Welcome To ItBecause it now involves public derision of high school graduation.

Actually passing high school will no longer be necessary in a few days.


California Laws: On January 1st, Students Won’t Have to Pass High School to Receive Diploma

by William Bigelow

On January 1, California residents will have to accustom themselves to a number of new laws that will be implemented in the state. These are some the laws that will likely have the most profound effect:

SB 172: High school seniors will receive their diploma whether or not they pass or even take an exit exam; the law also applies retroactively to students who have graduated since 2004;

Come on, really, let’s think about it.  Actually having to pass high school before receiving a HS diploma is way too onerous for the delicate sensibilities of Fornicalia children.  It has been way too searing, too judgmental, too scarring, too psyche-damaging.  That’s one very important reason that the law is retroactive.

Think about it.

Next: let’s just stop all those esteem-deflating grades from teachers.  Passing every grade should be a right, not some kind of Caucasoid privilege.

Fornicalia kids, after all, are special.  They even have their own short bus.



Again, “minorities” being racist: black brunch

[I use quotation marks above because, in Occupied Fornicalia, Caucasoids like myself   are now the statistical minority.BZ]

Servative, Black BrunchSeems that, on Twitter, the phrase “black brunch” is popular.  I had to ask @Servative just what “black brunch” is.  He referred me to this post on Twitchy, and also to this web site, the  That site indicates you can download “black brunch” here in PDF format.  I advise that you do so, in order to understand what’s before us all.

Protesting isn’t un-American.  Protesting is important and has its place in a polite society.  But logical protestation doesn’t include burning buidlings, blocking freeways and streets, rioting, walking into businesses and declaring all Caucasoids within as racist or promoting lingo and phrases that are just flat factually incorrect such as “hands up don’t shoot.”

Michael Brown wasn’t interested in keeping his hands up; he was interested in disarming and charging Officer Darren Wilson.

And Eric Garner wasn’t killed with some stupid “choke hold.”  He died due to positional asphyxia and his poor health, morbid obesity and high blood pressure.  And, oh yeah: committing a crime.  Just like Michael Brown.

Remove the crime and you remove law enforcement involvement.

Had these two individuals not chosen to involve themselves in crime, they would not have been encountered by law enforcement.  It isn’t simpler than that.

“Black brunch” also gets down to this, courtesy of Twitter:

Attention White ManAttention White Man 1Guess if Caucasoids are involved, there is no excuse for being Evil and Guilty.

Except that I am neither evil nor guilty.  By now Leftists should Grok that I don’t succumb to GOWP ploys.  I am invulnerable to same.

Because, frankly, this kind of puerile jejune shite doesn’t play with me, as I know my history.  I know that my forebears fought for the blue.  I have the family pocket watch from the 1800s to prove it, ensconced in a tasteful glass display case given to me by my father and his father before him and his father’s brother before him.  As well as his discharge papers from the blue.

Illiterate persons reading my blog won’t have a clue as to what I wrote in the above paragraph — and that would include the bulk of Leftists and “minorities” today.

I couldn’t care less.  Facts and history are on my side.

Black Brunch Chinese FemaleThe ridiculous Leftist bullshite continues.  Seems like statistics — if one but deems to look for same — would conclude blacks are conducting their own personal pogrom via black gangs.  They don’t need Caucasoids to assist; they’re doing a fine job themselves.

Black Brunch - Berserkeley iPhone StoreMy Caucasoid brain isn’t melting; it’s merely considering the pentasolum of facts, logic, common sense, rationality and proportion.  And I’m sure iPhone customers shouted, hooted and clapped in response to this chick as they tried to purchase Apple products produced by oppressed Chinese workers paid a few cents a day on behalf of Leftists worldwide who absolutely can not do without their iPhones of the newest bent.

Black Brunch for GOWPsCaucasoids have even attempted to guilt fellow Caucsoids.

Millennial Caucasoids must STAND in “deference” and “solidarity.”  Leftist Caucasoids must do so by wrote and training.

Tweet From WaziMillennials are Leftists in training.  Forget about those Millennials sufficiently stupid to have served in the American military.  They’re missing limbs anyway and don’t deserve Leftist attention.

GOWP PushbackThere was a semblance of pushback, but it didn’t amount to much considering guilt hammered into Caucasoids by education.

Leftis GuiltThe Leftist Guilt didn’t stop.

Caucasoid & ProudBut imagine if Caucasoids declared certain streets to be theirs, under the title of “Caucasoid and Proud”?

GOWP Pushback BusinessYeah, I didn’t think so.

Black Brunch FemaleShe shows about as much interest in this stupid topic as I would.  Get me my entree or shut the fuck up and expect me to never come back to your business.

Limp White WomenAnd apparently limp East Coast Leftist White Women broke down everywhere in the face of a melanin count even remotely greater than theirs.  Tears all asunder.

This is BZ.  Yes, I would eat as you “named off” your “dead roll.”  Try naming off the dead Americans who gave their lives for you in World War II.

Black Brunch Caucasoids EatOh yeah, right, that doesn’t count.  More Evil Dead Caucasoids.

White RacisimTo Leftists: you’re nothing but a do-nothing Leftist suck-up on US gubmint welfare.  You produce nothing and you mean nothing.

The Logical Extension: so-called “Black Brunch” produces nothing and means nothing.