DHS: we can’t properly vet refugees

captain-obvious-2Wow. That’s a shocker.

You and I already knew that to be true — FBI Director James Comey too — as well as any actual thinking American Taxpayer (which excludes a high percentile of Demorats and Leftists).

But now the “secret” DHS memo is revealed.

From the WashingtonTimes.com:

DHS admits refugee fraud ‘easy to commit’

by Stephen Dinan

Refugee fraud is “easy to commit” and much tougher to detect, Homeland Security officials acknowledged in an internal memo made public by members of Congress Thursday that challenges the department’s own assurances as it seeks to increase the number of refugees from dangerous countries.

The U.S. has relaxed requirements for refugees to prove they are who they say they are, and at times may rely solely on testimony. That makes it easier for bogus applicants to conspire to get approved, according to the department memo, which was obtained by the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

“Refugee fraud is easy to commit, yet not easy to investigate,” the undated memo says.

Yes, because that fact was so difficult to foresee — if you’re a Globalist, Leftist, Progressive, Demorat or RINO. Imagine. DHS caught flat-footed by something like this. I can hear the DHS forehead-slapping from here.

Please note: “internal memo.” We certainly can’t have this getting into the public ozone where our defeatist and capitulist policies could be exposed to the light of day! Horrors!

The revelation comes just a week after the administration said it was boosting the number of refugees it wants to accept next year to 110,000, up from 85,000 this year. Officials also said they’ll take more Syrians than the 12,000 they’ve accepted so far this year — and they are on pace to resettle as many as 30,000 in 2017.

Of course. Because we surely cannot have the bulk of lilly-white Europe devastated by the purposeful importation of young military-age Muslim males uninterested in assimilation. That same plan must also be implemented here, Obama emphasizes, so that the colonial and oppressive United States can be brought down a peg or three.

It comes down to this: DHS lies by omission.

Further: you think the DHS under Mr Obama’s administration is working for you instead of against you? Again, from the WashingtonTimes.com:

DHS trying to rush citizenship applications in bid to affect election, memo shows

by Stephen Dinan

Sens. Grassley, Johnson demand answers from department, which had previously denied doing that

The Homeland Security Department is granting as many citizenship applications as it can to try to sway participation in this year’s presidential election, an internal department document shows.

An email obtained by Senate Republicans shows a Texas immigration office demanded volunteers to work weekends, hoping to get as many people onto the citizenship rolls as possible before the end of September — which would give them enough time to register to vote in November.

Democrats and immigration groups had launched a drive to try to get eligible immigrants to become citizens in time to vote against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The advocates fell well short of their goal of registering 1 million citizens, but the 600,000 they didn’t get to sign up by June have created a massive backlog that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is now working through.

The memo from a branch chief at the USCIS Houston field office said in the July memo that the goal was to get as many applications approved as possible “due to the election year.”

I ask again: so you think your current Demorat administration under Mr Obama is working for you instead of against you?

You’d best think again.



John Kasich: just change your (R) to a (D) and be done with it

U.S. Republican presidential candidate John Kasich speaks at the 2016 Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity in Columbia, South Carolina, January 9, 2016. REUTERS/Randall Hill

U.S. Republican presidential candidate John Kasich speaks at the 2016 Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity in Columbia, South Carolina, January 9, 2016. REUTERS/Randall Hill

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who was in the running for president but was defeated by Donald Trump, won’t step foot near the GOP Convention though it is being held in Cleveland, a city in his state.

John Kasich, who I freely admit I never cared for because of his stances and because he simply chafes my ass the wrong way — may as well admit it to the public.  He’s no Republican.

From CNSNews.com:

Gov. Kasich: We Want Immigration – Population is Stagnant in Ohio

by Eric Sheiner

(CNSNews.com) – Ohio Gov. and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich (R-Ohio) told an audience in Cleveland that he looks at immigration as an opportunity because Ohio has a “stagnant growth of population – we want people to come to Ohio.”

“When I look at immigration I look at a new level of energy,” Kasich told an International Republican Institute gathering on Tuesday.

I find that a bit odd, Governor Kasich.  I’ve heard you speak like this before — you have already said that illegals are “made in the image of the Lord” –and you’ve also said that illegal immigrants are a “critical part of our society.”  John Kasich said “I couldn’t imagine” enforcing our current immigration laws.  “That is not the kind of values.  .  .that we believe in.”  Kasich said he does not supporting deporting illegals.  “I don’t think it’s right; I don’t think it’s humane.”

But just a note, Mr Kasich.  Could it possibly be that persons are leaving Ohio precisely because of your policies?  Purposely?  Nah, you say, perish the thought.  You don’t believe in state emigration.

Ah, it now becomes clear.  You, Mr Kasich, believe in the “rule of law” just as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Loretta Lynch believe in the “rule of law.”  That is, the rules are eminently enforceable when they conform to Leftist ideals but not so much when they are applied equally across the board.  Having a “rule of law” is not humane.

In other words, John Kasich is in complete agreement with the Obama Administration.  Neither he nor Mr Obama can imagine enforcing our current immigration laws.  Hence, deportations of illegals are down 60% since 2011, despite the fact that we know illegals are flooding the border, bringing in TB, other diseases, and that 99% of Syrian refugees are Muslim and not Christian.  We are experiencing a 10-year low in overall deportations.

Let’s continue with the article:

Kasich also told the audience that he is concerned about extreme nationalism and isolationism.

“When I look around the world, what is it that I see, I see growing nationalism. There is nothing wrong with nationalism, until it becomes extreme — we all love our countries. Secondly there is an increasing tide of isolationism, lets just take care of us, lets pull the shades down, lock the doors and lets just forget the rest of the world and take care of ourselves,” Kasich said.

Again, good to know, John Kasich.  Good to know that you would call it “isolationism and nationalism” when people want to keep and hold onto an economy, an assimilated and not a divided society, and public safety.

What about one’s word, Governor Kasich?  How about the oath, the pledge that all the Republican candidates made to support the GOP nominee?  It would appear that one’s word doesn’t mean much — and I’m talking to you, John Kasich.  Your state, the GOP Convention is in your back yard, no John Kasich, only silence.

So yes, it appears that your philosophy on many levels is more congruent with that of the Demorats than the Republicans.  Because there is only one way to take all these illegal immigrants and somehow make them producing Americans who pay taxes and contribute to society: elevate them as a priority above all others.  Pay them, give them, forgive them, help enable them to live in enclaves that don’t speak English.  Excellent idea, sir.  Wait; doesn’t that sound a bit like isolationism?

Let’s not forget that John Kasich has said he would grant amnesty within the first 100 days of his administration.

I ask: does any of this, my dear readers, sound akin to words spoken by someone else running for president who wears pantsuits?

John Kasich, there is nothing wrong with having opinions, expressing them, and having political philosophies.

I simply wish you’d be honest with yourself and the rest of the nation.

Do us all a favor; just change your (R) to a (D) and be done with it.



Cloned USBP Chevy Tahoe stopped

USBP Chevy Tahoe ClonedFrom BreitbartNews.com:

Illegal Aliens Busted in Cloned Border Patrol Vehicle

by Bob Price

Human smugglers carrying 12 illegal aliens were captured north of Laredo in a cloned U.S. Border Patrol vehicle.

The incident happened on Interstate 35 at mile marker 65 near the town of Cotulla. That would be located nearly seventy miles into Texas. A border patrol agent became suspicious of the cloned vehicle while he was following it, Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas while acting in his capacity as president of the National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455. After stopping the suspicious vehicle the driver was arrested and the agent found 12 illegal aliens stuffed inside the Chevy Tahoe that had been painted with Border Patrol vehicle markings.

The vehicle was painted to look like a Tahoe regularly used by the U.S. Border Patrol. It did not have any overhead lights normally found on the vehicles. It did; however, have a light bar mounted on the dashboard and the rear view mirror had been removed. It appears the rear seats may have been removed in order to stuff more people into the vehicle.

Here’s an interesting point: Leftists say that more Mexicans are self-deporting themselves than ever before and that, overall, fewer persons are coming over the southern border illegally.  That’s their meme and they’re sticking to it.

The truth, however, is the precise reverse.  What’s actually occurring is that the Obama Administration is deporting fewer illegals than the US has in a decade.

Moreover, the numbers are actually increasing.

Many of these illegals are kids and young people buttressed by the belief — a true belief — that the US is overlooking illegal crossings.

And what of this stat?  Mexico deports more people than we do?

From WesternJournalism.com:

Shocking Statistic: Mexico Deports More Illegals Than The US Does

by Elizabeth Dickerson

As the United States’ borders have become weaker in recent years, the southernmost Mexican border has become more fortified than our border along Mexico. In fact, the border along the southern portion of Mexico is so much stronger than ours that Mexico is now beating the U.S. at deporting people from the borders.

Is anyone here shocked?



USBP Chevy Tahoe Stopped & Cloned

When you lose your borders

When we lose our borders, we get what is occurring now next to our border in Mexico.  You get Mexican cartel gunmen murdering people in broad daylight.  You get this.

LZ 1 LZ 2 LZ 3

Mexican authorities continue to look into the kidnapping that led to a firefight that killed five Los Zetas cartel members and one Mexican soldier.  Sad.  That was at one time a very nice Lincoln Navigator with beautiful leather.  The equivalent of a Mexican hoopti.

When you lose your borders, you lose your sovereignty.  Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Demorats wish to enable that to occur even faster, by granting illegal invaders rights to ObamaKare.  She said so, specifically, in Tuesday night’s Demorat debate.  Most of the Demorat contingent tried to more of a Leftist than the next — with the exception of Jim Webb, who graduated from the naval academy, first in his class, served in the Marine Corps and, further, was Secretary of the Navy.  He received the Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts.  Then you have Socialist Bernie Sanders, a “conscientious objector” during Vietnam who wants to be Commander In Chief of the US military.  Can you imagine?

When you value illegals over your own countrymen, you lose your country, your sovereignty, your identity as a nation.  Go see Sicario and try not to be even more resolute that our borders absolutely must be shut and controlled.  In the meantime, an illegal alien who was deported (and came back) has raped a sleeping woman in Chicago.

Just as is happening in Europe now.  People in Europe are being removed from their own homes in order to accommodate the “refugees” from Syria.

It has been proven that the so-called “refugees” from Syria aren’t necessarily that.  The bulk of them are economic “refugees” who are taking advantage of the offer of Euro Free Cheese provided by EuroGOWPs.

The Swiss are starting to push back against the migrant crisis, and Sweden is in political turmoil over the migrant crisis and the number of “refugees” in their nation.

“Refugee” criminals are now so brazen, knowing German police will do nothing, that they have taken to social media posing with stolen property.

In Germany, 1 in 3 citizens want Angela Merkel to resign over her “open arms” refugee policy.  “Easy access” and Free Cheese are the obvious attractions for migrants.

Let’s be frank.  Europe is doomed.  Its overall visage has been fundamentally changed overnight and there is no going back.  Each country receiving Syrian “refugees” and ISIS elements (oh yes, there are ISIS elements embedded in the flood — just look at how many young males, the perfect age for soldiers, are in the throng) will not be able to turn back that clock.Syrians Fleeing From ISISCheck the photographs.  Do the research yourself.

Europe is broken.  Islam has thundered into most every country there.  This is purposeful but it is also the result of the US taking no stance and “leading from behind.”  A vacuum was created.  Putin decided to fill it, along with Islam.

This is what you get when your country is run by GOWPs of all makes and models.  Marseilles is 90% Muslim, the UK is going, as is Germany, Sweden, Switzerland.  Islam is larfing its arse off.  Islam plays Long Ball, ladies and gentlemen.

The US — though divided from that problem by the Atlantic — has its own obvious border problems.  Also taken advantage-of by Muslim elements who only must get their ankles damp.

When you lose your borders, you lose your individuality, your language, your culture, your sovereignty, everything good that was the core of your country.  Europe is learning that lesson now and so are we.

Take a peek at the photos above once more.  This is what you will begin to see inside the US in a very short time.  On American streets.  We could have stopped it but decided, politically, not to.  Just as Mexican cartels assassinate police officers, attorneys, journalists, politicians and judges in Mexico, so may they begin to do so here.

Stand by for even more terrible consequences.


Syrian Muslim Refugees

It couldn’t happen to a nicer Sanctuary City

SF Sanctuary CityWhy is it that Leftist cities seem to be self-immolating?

Cities like Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, New York, Detroit?

And now San Francisco?

From Breitbart.com:

Report: Murder Arrests up 55%, Rape Arrests up 370%, in ‘Sanctuary City’ San Francisco

by Awr Hawkins

Arrests for murder in San Francisco jumped 55% and arrests for rape jumped 370% between 2011 and 2015, during the time the city expanded its sanctuary city policies, according to new figures obtained by Judicial Watch.

San Francisco has been a sanctuary city for nearly 30 years, and since 2009 has incrementally added sanctuary policies to the point that Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez–although five times previously deported and a seven-time convicted felon–was still in San Francisco to shoot and kill Kathryn Steinle on July 1 on the city’s Pier 14.

But numbers uncovered by Judicial Watch show that Steinle’s death–as tragic and shocking as it was–remains but one piece of a larger picture of skyrocketing arrests for murder and rape in the city.

Let’s take a moment to examine the obvious.

America continues to be inundated by illegal invaders from Mexico.  Perhaps the physical numbers are not precisely what they were a year or so prior, but they are even more significant and have a greater lasting impact because of the types of persons involved.

That is to say, those invading from the south are no longer comprised primarily of Juan Valdez and his hardy burro.  They are now Francisco “Asesinato” Valdez, “Snuffy” Rodriguez and Rodrigo “Viper” Martinez of MS-13 and the Los Zetas.  They are bringing that mindset to the United States — along with the various immigrants whose minds are unstable to begin with.  In other words: not the finest or best of Mexico, but the most base dregs and the most violent.  Why?  Because the jobs for unskilled workers in the US are dwindling by the year.  Because our Free Cheese is so yummy.  And because we’re not simply tolerating being overrun by the unfit, we’re asking to be overrun by the unfit.

San Francisco experiencing problems?  Murder, rape, violent crime going up?

Oh no.  It couldn’t happen to a more craven sanctuary city.