It couldn’t happen to a nicer Sanctuary City

SF Sanctuary CityWhy is it that Leftist cities seem to be self-immolating?

Cities like Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, New York, Detroit?

And now San Francisco?


Report: Murder Arrests up 55%, Rape Arrests up 370%, in ‘Sanctuary City’ San Francisco

by Awr Hawkins

Arrests for murder in San Francisco jumped 55% and arrests for rape jumped 370% between 2011 and 2015, during the time the city expanded its sanctuary city policies, according to new figures obtained by Judicial Watch.

San Francisco has been a sanctuary city for nearly 30 years, and since 2009 has incrementally added sanctuary policies to the point that Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez–although five times previously deported and a seven-time convicted felon–was still in San Francisco to shoot and kill Kathryn Steinle on July 1 on the city’s Pier 14.

But numbers uncovered by Judicial Watch show that Steinle’s death–as tragic and shocking as it was–remains but one piece of a larger picture of skyrocketing arrests for murder and rape in the city.

Let’s take a moment to examine the obvious.

America continues to be inundated by illegal invaders from Mexico.  Perhaps the physical numbers are not precisely what they were a year or so prior, but they are even more significant and have a greater lasting impact because of the types of persons involved.

That is to say, those invading from the south are no longer comprised primarily of Juan Valdez and his hardy burro.  They are now Francisco “Asesinato” Valdez, “Snuffy” Rodriguez and Rodrigo “Viper” Martinez of MS-13 and the Los Zetas.  They are bringing that mindset to the United States — along with the various immigrants whose minds are unstable to begin with.  In other words: not the finest or best of Mexico, but the most base dregs and the most violent.  Why?  Because the jobs for unskilled workers in the US are dwindling by the year.  Because our Free Cheese is so yummy.  And because we’re not simply tolerating being overrun by the unfit, we’re asking to be overrun by the unfit.

San Francisco experiencing problems?  Murder, rape, violent crime going up?

Oh no.  It couldn’t happen to a more craven sanctuary city.



Everything you knew about the border is wrong

That means: Obama is lying.  Along with every other person who addresses the subject of the Mexico/US border on behalf of the current administration.

From the

Border Patrol Agent Testifies That We’d Be Lucky If 40% of the Border Is Secured

by S. Noble

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, testified Wednesday that we’d be lucky if 40% of the border is secure and, of the illegal aliens they have captured, one out of five is a felon.

We’d be lucky if one out of five is a felon?

Mr. Judd, who has been an agent for 18 years, testified on behalf of the National Border Patrol Council before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

During his testimony, he reviewed recent crimes resulting from the escalating violence on the border and warned of the growth of the drug cartels. Twenty years ago, the Zeta, Sinaloa, Gulf, and Knights Templar cartels did not exist or were not widely known, he said, adding that cartels now are “well organized, heavily armed, and pathologically violent.” The death toll from drug cartels in Mexico is officially 60,000, unofficiallly 120,000 with 27,000 missing and presumed dead.

Brandon Judd said that one in five arrests last year – 20% – was of a criminal alien. Half of these criminals were convicted of “murder, rape, sexual assault of a child, and drug and weapons trafficking.”  Most had been previously deported.  And they came back, as all they had to do was get their ankles moist and/or know which portions of the border are not under “operational control.”

The “security” of our border?

It’s all a lie.



Where America isn’t America

Illegal Mexicans In Pickup, AZWhere would America not be America?

Why, where America is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels.

Are you kidding me? you ask.  No, no kidding from me, not about this topic.  From

AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu: Drug Cartels With AK-47s Control American Soil 30 Miles from Phoenix

by Pam Key

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Pinal Co., AZ  Sheriff Paul Babeu said drug cartels armed with AK-47’s “control many areas on American soil” noting that they are only 30 miles from Phoenix.

Babeu detailed touring the border yesterday with Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and said, “We flew him in our helicopter, showed him the drug smuggling routes, the actual caves—these cartel scouts live on top of mountains, 30 days at a time. And how on mountain top to mountain top, over a 50-mile swath of land, and this is only 30 miles from Phoenix.”

He continued, “This is literally an unsecured border. We have cartels that think they own the place. They control many areas on American soil and this how they freely move billions of dollars of drugs and hundreds of thousands of illegals into our country.”

One question:

Who’s running the United States?  Is it actual American citizens or is it Mexicans?  Mexico seems to control our southern border, and apparently controls our politicians in DC and some other national localities.

From this separate article by Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle:

FLORENCE, Arizona — “Nobody does,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu told Breitbart News when asked who has operational control of this region of the United States of America.

Babeu was on a helicopter tour of Mexican drug cartel scout locations in caves in the side of mountains throughout the desert about 70 miles inside the U.S. border. Essentially, that means U.S. sovereignty is gone for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of square miles throughout the American southwest.

This is the predicament into which Mr Obama has placed us and others of his ilk, as well as members of the Old Staid / Establishment GOP.  They have all decided, along with Leftists and Demorats who advocate for “sanctuary cities,” that your safety and the sovereignty of the United States takes a second place to the well-being and security of our nation.  They have decided that votes, cheaper labor and emotions are more important than national safety, unification and continuation of America as we know it.

We do not control “hundreds, perhaps thousands, of square miles throughout the American southwest.”

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says that the US/Mexican border being “more secure than it’s ever been” is a complete and utter lie.

Am I the only one who finds that insane?  Forty years ago, thirty years ago, what president would even consider allowing this to occur on AMERICAN SOIL?

Just as with LGBT issues, America was pushed to transition in this fashion regarding Leftist issues — now involving illegal immigration and anchor babies:

  • Tolerance
  • Acceptance
  • Advocacy

if you are not an overt advocate of LGBT issues, you are a sexist.  If you do not advocate for illegal immigrants and anchor babies, you are a racist.  The phrase “anchor babies” is now being pushed by the American Media Maggots as racist, as witnessed by press interaction with Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

Kabuki TheatreIn the meantime, incidents such as this continue.

More Kabuki Theater in an alternate dimension.



Read this story of how Mexican drug cartels keep the Arizona border open for their own benefit.  To include:

How do the smugglers know where to go?  Wirth says cartel scouts keep law enforcement under surveillance around the clock.  They occupy mountaintops all over Arizona’s borderlands, and all the way up to Phoenix, 150 miles north.

Drug cartel scouts “occupy mountaintops” in Arizona with 24/7 surveillance.

Folks, we can stop this.

The only reason we don’t is because we — the government — choose not to.

Illegal Immigrant Superior Rights In USA

Does Mexico want a war?

If they keep on this path, they may well be on their way.

USBP HelicopterResultingly, you won’t see information like this portrayed on the nightly news or splashed across the front page of any newspaper.  it’s poor form, you see, for the American Media Maggots to say anything against itinerant Juan Valdez — who only wants to feed his suffering family in Mexico.

With one exception: Juan Valdez likely works for a major Mexican drug cartel.

From the

Los Zetas Drug Cartel Linked to US Helicopter Downing

Border patrol helo hit by gunfire

by Bill Gertz

A shooting incident last month that forced a U.S. border patrol helicopter to make an emergency landing near Laredo, Texas, was the work of Mexican drug traffickers, and analysts say the attack highlights growing narcotics trafficking across porous U.S. borders.

According to U.S. officials familiar with an investigation of the June 5 incident, members of the Los Zetas drug cartel were crossing back into Mexico from the United States when they were spotted by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) helicopter along the Rio Grande River near Laredo.

The traffickers had finished delivering a shipment of drugs and were returning to Mexico when they were spotted by U.S. agents and opened fired with automatic weapons.

The helicopter, part of USCBP’s Office of Air and Marine, was struck by gunfire on its side and on the rotor blade. The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.

Let me remind you, if I may, that this is something Hamas does to Israel.  Some people call that terrorism.

Who are the Los Zetas, you may ask?  They are the persons responsible for handiwork of this type in Mexico.

Los Zetas Handiwork

These are the people the Demorats and many Republicans are refusing to combat.  These are the people who plague our border states but few wish to read or hear of, because it is disturbing and makes Leftists uncomfortable.  Play the video.  You are about to become even more uncomfortable.

This is the kind of handiwork that Leftists wish to import with a greater rapidity into the United States because, after all, the Zetas will certainly vote Demorat.  But will Los Zetas be satisfied with picking fruit, mowing your yard or lugging drywall for your construction company as the Republicans apparently don’t mind?

Uh, no.  I don’t think so.



Let’s take this time to thank the federal government and the BATF for ensuring that, via Fast and Furious, USBP Agent Brian Terry was killed and that a good number of firearms are currently being put to pleasant use by Mexican drug cartels.  Thanks so kindly, Mr Obama and your fellow Leftists.  You fully realize that, sometimes, sacrifices have to be made for the better overall political good.


Another reason I like Ted Cruz

Here, Senator Ted Cruz questions ICE Director Sarah Saldana.

Prepare to be sickened, because the numbers are staggering.


During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration policy on Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz questioned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Sarah Saldana about the number of “criminal illegal aliens” released by the federal government. Saldana tried to justify the release of thousands of convicted criminal illegal aliens when Cruz confronted her with the statistics.

“193 murderers with homicide convictions. 426 people with sexual assault convictions. 16,000 criminal illegal aliens with drunk driving convictions,” released in 2014 instead of being deported or undergoing criminal proceedings.

Director Saldana claims she read the figures for the wrong year, but Cruz shuts her down: “I want to know that your testimony here, on how many criminals ICE released in 2013, you were off by a factor of three. You said 30,000. The correct answer is 104,000. There were 68,000 criminal illegal aliens that ICE declined to begin deportation proceedings against…

You are omitting the 68,000 criminal illegal aliens that ICE did not begin deportation proceedings against at all. You’ve got to add both of those together, it is over 100,000.”

Let us not forget that it was an illegal immigrant who shot and killed two law enforcement officers in my area, Deputy Danny Oliver (who worked for my department) and Placer County Deputy Michael Davis.

Haven’t enough people been killed, raped, shot, stabbed and injured at the hands of illegal immigrants?

The problem is, no one in government has been killed, raped, shot, stabbed and injured at the hands of an illegal immigrant.  If they had, these laws would change in a remarkably short period of time, these Imperial Unaffected Elite.