The REAL reason Hillary had a private server

Hillary Clinton DELETESControl.  And secrecy.

And more proof that not only is Hillary Clinton a liar with regard to her emails, so is the State Department.

From the

‘This was all planned’: Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying

by Paul Sperry

The State Department is lying when it says it didn’t know until it was too late that Hillary Clinton was improperly using personal emails and a private server to conduct official business — because it never set up an agency email address for her in the first place, the department’s former top watchdog says.

Read that again: “The State Department is lying,” and “because it (the State Department) never set up an agency email address for her (Hillary Clinton) in the first place.”

Meaning: the State Department already had knowledge that she was going it alone for email.  And had no need for theirs.

“This was all planned in advance” to skirt rules governing federal records management, said Howard J. Krongard, who served as the agency’s inspector general from 2005 to 2008.

The Harvard-educated lawyer points out that, from Day One, Clinton was never assigned and never used a email address like previous secretaries.

To me this is clearly indicative of planning aforethought.  Purposeful planning.

Mr Krongard confirms my thoughts.

“That’s a change in the standard. It tells me that this was premeditated. And this eliminates claims by the State Department that they were unaware of her private email server until later,” Krongard said in an exclusive interview. “How else was she supposed to do business without email?”

“How else was she supposed to do business without email?”

Krongard becomes even more focused in his rightful and informed accusations.

“It’s clear she did not want to be subject to internal investigations,” Krongard said. An email audit would have easily uncovered the secret information flowing from classified government networks to the private unprotected system she set up in her New York home.

Why no audit?

Would it surprise you to know that, during Mrs Clinton’s time as secretary of state, from 2009 to 2013, there was no internal Inspector General for the State Department?  That was the longest period of time any federal department has gone without an IG.


Read what Mr Krongard has to say about the appearance of classified information on her private server.

He (Krongard) says “the key” to the FBI’s investigation of Emailgate is determining how highly sensitive state secrets in the classified network, known as SIPRNet, ended up in Clinton’s personal emails.

“The starting point of the investigation is the material going through SIPRNet. She couldn’t function without the information coming over SIPRNet,” Krongard said. “How did she get it on her home server? It can’t just jump from one system to the other. Someone had to move it, copy it. The question is who did that?”

“Someone had to move it, copy it.  The question is who did that?”

But first, Clinton insisted that the “homebrew” server was in her house in Chappaqua, New York, in some kind of closet, allegedly guarded by USSS agents.  Her house, not the server.

However, privately hired hackers for Fox News figured out Clinton lied about the physical location of the server.

Now, working with publicly available tools that map network connectivity, experts have established that the last “hop” before the mail server’s Internet Protocol, or IP, address (listed as is Internap’s aggregator in Manhattan (listed as

“This is a very strong indication that the server is in Manhattan,” the source told Fox News.

Well, now isn’t that interesting?

But wait; there’s more!

According to an Ars Technica investigation, however, Clinton’s email server was located in Alabama at one point while she served as America’s chief diplomat. Moreover, its substandard security left it vulnerable to a series of common hacking techniques.

It defies logic to believe that a high value target like the secretary of state’s electronic communications were not probed by foreign intelligence services over the course of her tenure in the president’s Cabinet, and reports increasingly suggest that those agencies did not encounter many obstacles in their effort to compromise her communications.

One can only logically conclude that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a congenital liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it removed a beefy piece of cankle.  Krongard also continues to blow Clinton’s stories out of the water.

Either way, there would be an audit trail for investigators to follow. The SIPRNet system maintains the identity of all users and their log-on and log-off times, among other activities.

“This totally eliminates the false premise that she got nothing marked classified,” Krongard said. “She’s hiding behind this defense. But they [emails] had to be classified, because otherwise [the information in them] wouldn’t be on the SIPRNet.”

Hillary Clinton herself said she went to her own private server for convenience.

Because she is a Clinton.

In truth, the answer to “why” is this: Hillary knew there would be no Inspector General for the Department of State.  She knew she could keep that position unfilled in perpetuity during her tenure.  Her comms were even more critical when she became involved in Benghazi.

With the Clintons, it’s all about control, secrecy and power. Clinton, knowing there was no IG oversight, realized she had carte blanche to run roughshod over whatever set of rules she wished.  She is a Clinton.  Rules are for little people, the unwashed, the proles, the serfs, the groundlings.

We also now know that Obama sent emails to her server.  No one knows what kinds of communications transpired between the two, however.  Yet.

FBI Director James Comey has had his agents working the Clinton server angle for some time, assembling everything necessary for a proper case.  When he believes he has sufficient probable cause, he will submit the case to DOJ for an indictment and prosecution.  That means the case will go to Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, who heads the department’s criminal division; Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates; Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

And Barack Hussein Obama will be the ultimate arbeiter.

So what if there happens to be information of a compromising nature relating to Mr Obama on Hillary Clinton’s private server?  Information he doesn’t wish made public?

I think you can see where I’m going with this.


Hillary Clinton Email Server

Ted Cruz wins Iowa caucuses

Ted Cruz Wins In IowaTed Cruz beat Donald Trump, 28% to 24%.

Marco Rubio: 23%.
Ben Carson 9%.
Rand Paul 5%.
Jeb Bush 3%.
John Kasich 2%.
Carly Fiorina 2%.
Mike Huckabee 2%
Chris Christie 2%.

Mike Huckabee stated he is now officially out of the race.

This is Trump’s first defeat.  Still and all, in my estimation he was rather gracious when the results were unearthed.  He actually thanked Ted Cruz and congratulated him.  I found that somewhat un-Trump-like.

Did Trump hurt himself by not appearing at last Thursday’s debate?  Because, on the other hand, Rubio’s performance enhanced, clearly, his showing in the Iowa caucuses.  I believe Iowans thought Trump snubbed them.  I submit he would be ahead had he not.

That said, Rubio was only one point down from Trump.  And that means this:

It’s now officially a Three Man Race.  Thank God things got much simpler; it was past due time.

Literally, all the rest may now officially go away.  Not just may but should.

The Next Big Question:  of the seven left, who will throw their own endorsements to whom?


As of this writing, it was 50 – 50 between Clinton and Sanders.  O’Malley garnered 1%.  Clinton with 696 to Sanders 692.  One whisker apart.  The Murdering, Lying Socialist slightly ahead of the Regular Socialist.

Martin O’Malley stated he too is officially out of the race.

It would appear that Bernie is more than holding his own.  Here’s what’s more clear: Clinton will not hold her own in New Hampshire.  Bernie will make Hillary feel The Bern.




Ted Cruz Photo

Ted Cruz gets stupid

Ted Cruz VOTER VIOLATIONAnd trust me, this post is coming from a Ted Cruz advocate.  A fan.  Ted Cruz is “my guy.”  That said, I’m starting to seriously question his tactics.

This most recent action leaves me confused and, had I been an Iowa recipient, I would have been, yes, confused, and then red hot.

Look at the photos above and below sent to an Iowan voter.  Those other names are neighbors of the person listed at the top.

Ted Cruz Voting ViolationThe mailer said:



You are receiving this election notice because of low expected voter turnout in your area. Your individual voting history as well as your neighbors’ are public record. Their scores are published below, and many of them will see your score as well. CAUCUS ON MONDAY TO IMPROVE YOUR SCORE and please encourage your neighbors to caucus as well. A follow-up notice may be issued following Monday’s caucuses.

If you look at the photo you can see that those persons listed — real persons whose names were acquired from voter rolls — had their voting habits “graded,” ranging from F to C.

The Cruz campaign has confirmed the existence of these flyers and that they are theirs.  Moreover, Ted Cruz says he will apologize to no one for his flyers.

The mailers resemble some kind of official government document and, frankly, they are meant to.  Look at the top photo.

It would appear that Iowa’s secretary of state, Paul Pate, is in a tizzy about the mailer, saying that “there is no such thing as an election violation related to frequency of voting.”  And correct he is.

I was not a recipient of such a mailer from Ted Cruz.  But I can tell you quite honestly what I would have done had I been so.  It would be on the order of what I did when the RNC sent me three consecutive envelopes marked on the outside with large red letters indicating FIRST NOTICE, SECOND NOTICE and FINAL NOTICE.

“Notice” for what?  Not sending them money, of course.  Something I’d done before receiving those rude and disparaging envelopes.

That was the last time I wrote a check to the RNC.  With tactics like that they can go to hell.

My first reaction to finding a mailer like that at my house would be roughly the same: blow me.  You too can go to hell.  No donations, no vote.

You want to insult me — and in my estimation an insult is what you mailed — then you must be sitting in the catbird seat and don’t require my vote.  You want to send me a “voting violation“?  Eh, not in this life.

You just made it personal.  You just named namesMine.  I vote in every election.  I do my duty.  Though frankly, it’s none of your business how frequently I vote or not.

That’s what I would be thinking had I received such a flyer.  And some Iowans do too.  We don’t respond very well to threats and embarrassment.

If this is something you, Ted Cruz, think is a spectacular tactic for voter motivation, you apparently don’t know how people function very well.

Let me blunt, because that’s my nature.

Another major cock-up like that, Mr Cruz, and I’ll be saying.  .  .


.  .  . to you.



I’d better not be seeing one of those things in my mailbox.


Pushing The Envelope: female skier falls 1,000 feet

The human being has always pushed the envelope into and beyond the realms of danger. This is the sixth of various weekend postings displaying how restless Man is with the mundane and how he purposely crosses the threshold into danger willingly — and sometimes unwillingly.


On January 26th, pro skier Angel Collinson had a vicious wipeout while skiing in the Neacola Range in Alaska last spring. An aerial camera catches Collinson bouncing like rag-doll over 1,000 vertical feet before finally coming to a stop.

“The fall was absolutely terrifying – without question. You have no idea what you are going to tumble over and there is basically nothing you can do but hang on,” Collinson said. “This was a definitely a learning experience for me. Maybe 99 times out of 100, you can ski through that terrain, but when it does go wrong, it’s more high-consequence.”

Angels were monitoring because Collinson suffered — two jammed fingers.  That’s it.

“I’m okay, I’m okay.  Yeah I’m fine.  And I can go back up and get my shit too.  Like I’m fine.”

Right.  Since everything fell out of her backpack.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Oddly enough, Ian McIntosh said the same damned thing after falling 1,600 feet and likewise surviving.

November 5th, 2015, pro skiing veteran, Ian McIntosh, narrowly escaped with his life after what TGR Co Founder, Todd Jones, says “was the most terrifying crash I’ve ever seen.” While filming for Paradise Waits up in the Neacola range of AK, Mac dropped into a line he thought he had studied thoroughly enough, only to fall into an unseen five foot deep trench on one of his first turns. “From there, my slough took over and their was no way to stop, I pulled my airbag to help prevent against any possible trauma injuries as I tumbled to the bottom,” he said. While attempting to regain his footing, Mac lost a ski and cartwheeled over 1,600 feet in under a minute.

Apparently the Neacola Range in Alaska is popular with freestyle skiers.



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