The insanity of Leftists

Leftists Just Tell ThemI’m sure that works for any and all manner of things proscribed by Leftists.

  • In the case of gun violence: “You sir, put down that gun.”
  • In the case of rape: “You sir, put down that penis.”
  • In the case of war: “You sir, put down that aggression; stop first and think.”

Of course.  That should work every time.

I’m resolutely sorry she was raped.  But you have to learn from the tragedies in your life and I fear she has learned absolutely nothing.

How do people like this manage to even walk down the street without someone to tell them sotto voce, “left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot”?




Good luck reading the article and then watching the video.

Cop Singing To Little GirlFrom

Colo. officer sings to young girl after fatal accident

Photo shows officer singing to little girl after accident kills father, injures mother and siblings

by PoliceOne Staff

BRIGHTON, Colo. — A photo of an officer holding a small girl in front of a fatal car wreck is going viral, USA Today reports.

Officer Nick Struck arrived third on the scene to a one-vehicle fatal crash that ejected all six passengers. The two-year-old girl was handed to Struck as her family received medical attention.

The girl’s father was killed in the crash, while her mother and other three siblings were injured.

“When you hear that there’s children involved, I’ll tell you what, everyone that responds to that scene, you get that pit in your stomach,”” Struck told USA Today.

Struck tried to distract the girl in order to make her feel better. He did what he would want another dad to do if it was his two-year-old daughter, he said.

So he began to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

“I remember when I was holding her, she was grabbing the back of my arm, which is something my daughter does. Just stroking to the music, ‘Twinkle, twinkle’,” Struck said to USA Today.

The moment was captured by witness Jessica Matrious, who said she saw the vehicle blow a tire and lose control.

Any time you believe you’re having a bad day, remember this.

And remember those evil American law enforcement officers.



That’s it for me.  I am now officially a retired law enforcement officer as of today.  My last day at work was yesterday.  That makes 35 years with my current department and 41 years serving, overall.

I shall miss the job terribly.


ObamaCare: good for SCOTUS

SCOTUS Robed FucktardsGoose and gander, anyone?

You, of course, realize that the Supreme Court of the United States wouldn’t deign to sully its hands with the lowly healthcare afforded the Proles and Serfs and Groundlings of this fine nation — having deemed, twice now — that ObakaKare is the law of the land.  Hok-ptui! on ObakaKare, they say.

And with that, a Texas representative has come up with his own novel solution for arrogance, because SCOTUS happens to be exempt from same.


House bill would force the Supreme Court to enroll in ObamaCare

by Mark Hensch

A House Republican on Thursday proposed forcing the Supreme Court justices and their staff to enroll in ObamaCare.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) said that his SCOTUScare Act would make all nine justices and their employees join the national healthcare law’s exchanges.

“As the Supreme Court continues to ignore the letter of the law, it’s important that these six individuals understand the full impact of their decisions on the American people,” he said.

“That’s why I introduced the SCOTUScare Act to require the Supreme Court and all of its employees to sign up for ObamaCare,” Babin said.

Babin’s potential legislation would only let the federal government provide healthcare to the Supreme Court and its staff via ObamaCare exchanges.

“By eliminating their exemption from ObamaCare, they will see firsthand what the American people are forced to live with,” he added.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

Goose and gander.