Let the dangerous sexual lunacy about kids commence

Yesterday's and Today's World...

Yesterday’s and Today’s World…

However, in a way, “educators” like the ones in the story below are only getting a taste of what they’ve themselves promoted for years with the “open boarders” and “everybody wins” approach to teaching.  You brought it on yourselves, Leftists.

From the HoustonChronicle.com:

Complaint: Katy-area teacher fired for refusing to address girl, 6, as transgender boy

by Emily Foxhall

An educator this week filed a federal discrimination complaint against a learning center in Katy, alleging that she was wrongly fired for refusing to address a 6-year-old girl as a transgender boy, the teacher’s attorneys said Tuesday.

Madeline Kirksey, a former employee of the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center on Clay Road in Katy, was fired Nov. 3 after she would not agree to treat the child as a male and call the child by a new male name, according to a copy of a filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provided by her attorneys.

But here is what’s buried further down in the story:

Using fake names, Taylor said that the child left school Friday as “Sally” and returned on Monday going by “Johnny.”

“They had a real issue on their hands,” Taylor said of the school staff.

The child reportedly showed up Monday with a short haircut, and Taylor said the child’s gender identity wasn’t set in stone. He said the child continued to use the girls’ bathroom. The 6-year-old also played football with the boys and, when hit hard, cried and said, “I’m really not a little boy.”

Further, I have to wholeheartedly agree with Madeline Kirksey’s attorney, Andy Taylor, when he said:

Taylor likened the imposition of such a decision over gender on a child to “child abuse.” At such a young age, he said, kids haven’t even decided what ice cream or cereal they prefer.

My point precisely.

The more pointed headline on this story came from 100%fedup.com:

TWO TX SCHOOL WORKERS FIRED For Refusing To Call 6 Year Old Girl A “Boy” : “One day, she wanted to be a girl, the next day she wanted to be a boy”

Because 6 year old girls are consumed with their sexual identities right? The parents should be getting regular visits by social services and the fired school manager and teacher should be reinstated and given an award for the courage to do the right thing…

According to Madeline Kirksey, a manager at the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas, her staff was told a six-year-old student is transgender after the child’s parents cut her hair short, Fox26 reported. They were instructed to begin referring to the student as a boy and call her by a boy’s name.

Not only where the other students disoriented by the sudden change, but the transgender student seemed to be confused as well.

“One day, she wanted to be a girl, the next day she wanted to be a boy,” Kirksey said. “The other kids are confused as well, calling her a boy and she would start screaming, ‘I’m not a boy!’”

Another teacher says she was also fired for raising concerns about all the confusion, according to Fox26.

You see how you get different information from different sources?  This is why you cannot trust a single news source of the American Media Maggots.  They are primarily Leftist agenda-driven.

This is sheer insanity.  A six-year-old has any kind of a salient grasp on her “sexual identity” at that age?

Yes, the parents of that child should be investigated for child abuseThey are the ones who are crushing their dangerous agenda onto a six-year-old, confusing the child, scarring the child and creating chaos for her and everyone around her.




Cruz: gone?

Ted Cruz PhotoThe media seems to say that Ted Cruz is gone, he is a non-starting fait accompli.

Ted Cruz is hopeful about Indiana.

Fornicalia doesn’t hold its primary until June.

Is Cruz dead?

I’m not so absolutely sure.  He’s about to make Carly Fiorina his running mate, an individual I thought was one of the most cogent, grounded, business-wise and best extemporaneous speakers of the GOP candidates.  Fiorina easily held her own against Donald Trump and would wipe the floor with Hillary Clinton in any kind of debate or confrontation.

Further: there is Indiana next week, and Fornicalia in June.



Mark Helprin: Obama has crushed the US militarily

Obama DANGEROUS to AmericaI first became aware of this article via the Dennis Prager radio show.

His link to the audio is here.  Well worth your time.

First, the article you need to read in reference is here.

And this, without a doubt, is one of the most important articles I have read in over two years, or more.  Its reality is incontrovertible because Mr Helprin provides not just emotions but facts.

From the WSJ.com:

The Candidates Ignore Rising Military Dangers

by Mark Helprin

Obama is weakening U.S. defenses and credibility, but there’s little debate about the growing risk of war.

In this powerful nation with founding principles and latent capacities second to none, politics have become fit for the fall of Rome, the culture is sick with self-destruction, and the rule of law is routinely perverted. Though politics, culture and law are the arch of the nation, the keystone without which they cannot hold is defense. For war transforms whole peoples and threatens their sovereignty and national existence more decisively than any other force.

You would hardly know this from the current presidential campaign. Most candidates seem unaware that the prospects of catastrophic war in the not-so-distant future are burgeoning because of a fundamental change in the international system, driven by accelerating adjustments in relative military power.

Russia, China and Iran have been racing ahead, stimulated by a disintegrating Europe that neither spends sufficiently on its defense nor defends its borders; and by an America, strategically blind in the Middle East, that failed to replenish and keep current its military under President George W. Bush, and now surrenders, apologizes, bluffs, “leads from behind,” and denigrates its military capacities and morale as President Obama either embraces enemies or opposes them only with exquisite delicacy.

As the U.S. allows its nuclear forces to stagnate and decay into de facto unilateral disarmament, Russia has been modernizing its own. The Kremlin has added systems, such as road-mobile, intercontinental ballistic missiles with independently targetable re-entry warheads, that we neither have nor envision. In the absence of “soft-power” parity with the U.S., Russia dangerously relies on a permissive nuclear doctrine and promiscuously rattles its atomic sabers. Its nuclear adventurism, naval and land force modernization, unopposed reintroduction into the Middle East, invasion and annexation in Ukraine, and the ability to recapture the Baltic states in an afternoon, are yet another impeachment of “the end of history.”

Helprin gives us this very foundational and grim statistic regarding our military.

The U.S. 2015 base budget defense appropriation (excluding overseas contingency spending) was just less than 3%, as opposed to 5.7% in the peacetime years during the period 1940-2000.

Please read the article, and click on the audio link above.

Thank you, Mr Obama.

You destroyer of America.