Leftists: we must fete Castro

castro-and-guevara-marchingIn one of the few photos of the two together, Fidel Castro (far left) marches with Che Guevara (middle) before they both had their massive trademark beards.

Customarily I wouldn’t have given a drop of piss from my kidneys for Castro or an inch of space in the blog, except that the reaction of Leftists the world over upon news of his death this past weekend begs the primal question: are these people loons?

The short answer up front: yes.

I find it amusing to watch Canada’s effete and jejune PM Trudeau being resoundingly mocked globally. From Breitbart.com:

Canadian PM Trudeau Praises Dictator Castro as ‘Remarkable Leader’

by Nick Hallett

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has praised Communist dictator Fidel Castro as a “legendary revolutionary” and “remarkable leader” after the former Cuban leader’s death Friday night.

The gushing continued.

Mr. Trudeau said that he learned of Castro’s death with “deep sorrow”, paying tribute to him as a “larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century”.

“A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation,” the Canadian prime minister said.

Although acknowledging the dictator was a “controversial figure”, Mr. Trudeau added: “Both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for ‘el Comandante’.”

Castro’s Cuban regime was notorious for imprisoning dissenters, including homosexuals, journalists, and political opponents, and nearly brought nuclear war to the United States, one of Canada’s closest allies.

Following those ridiculous remarks, social media and news outlets opened up on the ignorant Trudeau, and rightly so. While Trudeau purports to be a LGBTQ supporter, he praised the man responsible for killing gays in Cuba solely because of their sexual orientation. Just as Trudeau was slathering said praise, Raul Castro was busy shutting down Cuba’s internet. Even UK’s TheGuardian.com recognized the foolishness.

Fidel Castro: Justin Trudeau ridiculed over praise of ‘remarkable leader’

Canadian prime minister, whose father was close to the Cuban revolutionary, raised eyebrows with his eulogy to ‘legendary’ leader

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, has been mocked and criticised over his praise of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

His statement was met with puzzlement and derision by some Americans, including US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who is of Cuban descent.

“Is this a real statement or parody? Because if this is a real statement from the PM of Canada it is shameful and embarrassing,” Rubio tweeted.

The statement spawned the Twitter hashtag ž#TrudeauEulogies, which quickly began trending as people emulated Trudeau’s upbeat tone and lack of criticism.

“While controversial, Darth Vader achieved great heights in space construction and played a formative role in his son’s life,” tweeted @markusoff, riffing on the Star Wars movie villain.

Leftists, various celebrities and other vacuoles lavished their own forms of spittle-chinned bootlicking upon Fidel Castro who — just as Mussolini lovingly kept the Italian trains on time — provided free healthcare for all in Cuba, huzzah huzzah. Insert rim-shot here.

Communism, the ideology embraced by Castro, is responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people.

The UKDailyMail.com nailed it with this article.

$120 million bed-hopping hypocrite: He claimed he lived on $25 a month. But Castro had 20 luxury homes, a private island, an 88ft yacht – and mistresses galore

by Tom Leonard

Fidel Castro the restless revolutionary had no time for pleasure, despising holidays as ‘bourgeois’ and claiming to live in a fisherman’s hut. His only luxury was the cigars that he continually chomped.

Or so he insisted to fellow Cubans who endured decades of abject poverty, crumbling housing and food rationing during his long rule. However, the reality — carefully kept from public consumption thanks to his iron grip on the media and public discourse — was very different.

A prodigious womaniser and food connoisseur who kept some 20 luxurious properties throughout the Caribbean — including a private island he used to visit on his beautiful yacht — Castro was a complete fraud.

The man who spent his life railing against the excesses of capitalism lived like a king — and a very debauched one at that.

Western observers have long suspected that ‘El Comandante’ — The Commander — was siphoning off the proceeds from state-run enterprises, including a small gold mine.

However, when Forbes magazine listed Castro in 2006 as one of the world’s richest ‘kings, queens and dictators’, he angrily insisted he lived on a salary of £20 a month.

Simultaneously, whilst living “la dolce vita,” he ensured that average Cubans did not and, further, is responsible for an estimated 10,000 to 100,000 Cuban deaths.

The Harvard-trained scholar Armando Lago, in his book The Black Book of Communism, first published in French, (1997) then in English 1999, made an attempt to list Castro’s deaths since 1959. So far the deaths of 97,000 persons have been named, each confirmed by at least two sources. Some 30,000 executed by firing squad, 2,000 extra-judicial assassinations, 5,000 deaths in prison due to beating by guards and denial of medical care and 60,000 deaths while trying to escape Cuba by sea. According to Dr. Lago’s and his ongoing-research partner, Cuba Archive President Maria Werlau, 78,000 innocents may have died trying to flee the dictatorship. Another 5,300 are known to have lost their lives fighting communism in the Escambray Mountains (mostly peasant farmers and their children) and at the Bay of Pigs. Another estimated 14,000 Cubans were killed in Fidel’s revolutionary adventures abroad, most notably his dispatch of 50,000 soldiers to Angola in the 1980s to help the Soviet-backed regime fight off the Unita insurgency. Their 2005 total ranges between 90,827 and 102,722 deaths.  The estimates of Cubans killed range from 35,000 to 141,000 (1959-1987) according to and available on the site of R. J. Rummel-University of Hawaii, “Power Kills.”

The thing that so many fail to realize or acknowledge is one of the most fundamental points about Cuba: if it were such a wonderful Communist haven why were so many people willing to flee? No mints on pillows?

Leftists want to idealize and romanticize Fidel Castro, just as they idolize Che Guevara. Some persons simply called them the “lawyer and the doctor.” Just common men. Common men who didn’t mind putting a bullet in your brain pan if you disagreed with them.

fidel-castro-rolex-gmt-master-reference-1675-from-jakes-rolex-worldFidel Castro, the commoner’s guerilla fighter, wears a Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675 on his left wrist. The fashionable “thinking man’s” green-fatigued Rolex owner. Fidel Castro wore a sport Rolex Submariner when he overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista during the Cuban Revolution in 1959. Rolex was also a favorite of Che Guevara.

The Mariel boatlift in 1980 was both an embarrassment to the Castro regime — as 125,000+ Cuban citizens decided to flee — as well as a boon in terms of Castro’s ability to empty his jails, prisons and insane asylums.

Just as Che Guevara was a naked murderer, so was Fidel Castro. Brothers in blood.

Finally: nature abhors a vacuum. With Fidel dead and Raul allegedly stepping down, who is next in line and why?



CBS 60 Minutes crew gets assaulted in Sweden by Muslims

Schadenfreude. I couldn’t think of a more applicable word.

From 710WOR.com:

60 Minutes Goes To Sweden To Show How Wonderful Refugees Are, But Gets Attacked By Refugees During the Piece

First, the glorious video.


When Leftists and “government officials” absolutely insist there is NO such thingie as a “no-go zone” with regard to Islam.

Isn’t it odd how reality somehow manages to bite one on the arse now and then?

Leftist media waltzes into Sweden expecting ponies, purple skies and quiescence, but gets none of that.

Isn’t it odd how things change when it gets personal?



Somali Muslim injures 11 at OSU

osu-knife-attacks-11-28-2016Of course, we already know that Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance, cannot possibly be involved in any way.

From NBCNews.com:

Suspect Identified in Ohio State Attack as Abdul Razak Ali Artan

by Pete Williams, Tom Winter, Tracy Connor & Andrew Blankstein

An Ohio State University student posted a rant shortly before he plowed a car into a campus crowd and stabbed people with a butcher knife in an ambush that ended when a police officer shot him dead, a law enforcement official said.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, wrote on what appears to be his Facebook page that he had reached a “boiling point” and made a reference to “lone wolf attacks.”

“America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah (community). We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that,” the post said.

The suspect was shot and killed by a nearby OSU Police officer, Alan Harujko.

The caller moments later, told the dispatcher that the crisis was over. “I think he is dead. I’m looking at him now. Never mind.”

That is because, literally, a Muslim took a knife to a gunfight. The only person who can stop a person with a knife or a gun is a person with a gun.

Thank you, Second Amendment. And fie on you, Barack Hussein Obama, Leftists and Hillary Rodham Clinton for allowing the importation of more Muslims. To wit:

This event occurs on the heels of ISIS calling for “random knife attacks” in “quiet neighborhoods.”

This was nothing more than a good little Muslim reacting to the clarion call of ISIS’s magazine Rumiyah.

Moron Senator Tim Kaine — former VP candidate under Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tweeted:

tim-kaine-tweet-11-28-2016Gun violence. A “senseless act of gun violence.” My God.

Now, multiply this kind of event a hundred-fold should Obama continue to allow Syrian “refugees” into the United States prior to his well-deserved exit.