A few questions for Hillary, a “woman of the people.”

Hillary Clinton FacialHillary:

How much does a quart of milk cost?
How much does a loaf of bread cost?
How much does a gallon of gas cost?
How much does it cost to subscribe to NetFlix?
What does it cost to change the oil in your car?
What does ground round cost per pound?

She won’t have an answer for any of that.  People who actually have to pay for their lives and aren’t coddled or swaddled by the government will know all those answers.

Hillary hasn’t driven a car herself since the early 90s.  She has had chauffeurs for over 25 years.  Government chauffeurs.

With her ancient face, her little blunted teeth, her poorly applied makeup, her wattled neck, her shakily-applied lipstick.



Hillary arrogant: “I’ll ponder it.”

How much longer can Hillary Clinton avoid pointed questions?

Apparently as long as she continues her naked arrogance and the American Media Maggots choose to shield her.  This exchange between Hillary and Ed Henry (of that Evil Fox News) whom, she knew, wanted to ask a question that was not coated in pillowy, downy soft fabric:

This occurred at a bike shop in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where the dripping condescension could be cut with a knife.

Hillary completely avoids “sit down” interviews.  Further:

Hillary could never survive an interview with a serious journalist who would first, ask pointed questions and, second, hit her with follow-up questions and not allow her simply to pontificate and dodge.

She knows it.

Ed Henry Waits And TweetsEd Henry, who had a room across from Clinton in an Iowa hotel, even “camped out” in hopes of scoring some kind of interaction with the presidential candidate.  No soap.

Henry said:

ED HENRY: We had been through one of these campaign events after another, getting monotonous, one city after another. Roundtables. All candidates, Democrats and Republicans, are able to do their talking points, but we’ve gone 27, 28 days without a question. That’s why I just jumped in. I tried to do it respectfully when there was a pause in what she was saying and politely said, will you take questions from us? She was taking questions from her supporters who lobbed softballs. She eventually, after that funny moment where she said I’m pondering it, she pondered then marched to the back of the room and took five or six questions. 

It’s clear that Hillary’s handlers are keeping her away from any form of a serious interview.  She only speaks to pre-vetted groups who have been forced to give up their cell phones and submitted to screening.

For how long can she be efficiently shielded from actual questions?



Narcing for insults

SNITCHES GET STITCHES“narced” and “narcing” (verb)

To have previously been a ‘narc’ and basically ‘tattled’ on someone

Ex: “That bitch narced on me…not cool.”

At one time, according to Leftists, an extremely uncool thing to do.

Now, it’s a good thing if it involves snitching on people who may have “insulted” someone in college, or an institution of “higher” (particularly in Colorado or Washington) yearning.

Now, from the NationalReview.com:

University Launches Insult-Reporting System That Records Offenders’ Social Security Numbers

by Katherine Timpf

It’s for students’ ‘safety.’

The University of Colorado-Boulder has launched an online system where students can report people who make “hurtful statements” — and it’s so intense that it even asks for offenders’ Social Security numbers. This “Bias Incident Reporting” system is intended to “address the impact of demeaning and hurtful statements as well as acts of intolerance directed towards protected classes,” according to the school’s website.

What did I tell you?  This example hails from Colorado.

Bias reports are evaluated by the school’s “Bias Incident Response Team” which includes representatives from the office of the dean of students, the Office of Victim Assistance, and even the campus police. The reporting form asks for the meanie-head’s name, gender (better get it right!), e-mail, address, date of birth, phone number and student ID number (if the meanie-head is a student) or a Social Security and/or driver’s license number (if the meanie-head is someone else). It includes a link for “pre-authorized users” to obtain this information if they don’t have it, and the school promises to “track” and “document” all of the reports.

Only the BIRT knows.

But wait; what do we know about social security numbers?  Oh yes, that’s right.  Control a SSN and you control or rewrite that person’s life for life.

As in: Identity Theft.

Let us continue, shall we?

The reporting form asks for the meanie-head’s name, gender (better get it right!), e-mail, address, date of birth, phone number and student ID number (if the meanie-head is a student) or a Social Security and/or driver’s license number (if the meanie-head is someone else). It includes a link for “pre-authorized users” to obtain this information if they don’t have it, and the school promises to “track” and “document” all of the reports.

Meaning: we know who you are and where you’ve been and now we know what you say and, moreover, what you think.

The Dream Police are finally here.

And here’s the deal:

UC – Boulder defines a “bias incident” as “any conduct or expression in which an individual or group is intentionally targeted and that demeans, degrades or harasses an individual or group based on the actual or perceived basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation, or political philosophy of another individual or group of individuals.”

Narc your friend, narc your chick, narc your buddy, narc your partner, narc your carpet-muncher, narc anyone.  Destroy on sight.

Then, of course, go back to your dope.

Good luck investigating this bullshit, UoC.

“Proclaimed in the fog of dope, it was.”

Just remember: thousands upon thousands of your darker brethren have been shot and killed for much less.

But hey, who cares?



Oakland schools: blacks can’t be suspended

Because that would be, clearly, racist.

First, from KRON Channel 4, in the San Francisco bay area:

Oakland Schools: Students who act up, mouth off won’t be suspended

by Mario Sevilla

OAKLAND (KRON) — The Oakland Unified School District has approved a controversial move to eliminate kicking students out of school for swearing at teachers and ignoring instructions.

The school board voted unanimously on Wednesday to no longer allow teachers and administrators to suspend students out of class for non-violent offenses.


Civil and child rights advocates have been lobbying for such changes based on statistics showing that minority students are disproportionately punished for disobedience.

One commenter in this article indicated: “Future BART employees.”  Nicely done.

SFGate.com also weighed in:

Oakland to halt school suspensions for willful defiance

by Jill Tucker

Mouthing off in class or failing to follow a teacher’s instructions will no longer lead to suspension in Oakland schools, a ban that will be phased in and be fully in effect just over a year from now, the school board unanimously decided Wednesday night.

Oakland has been criticized for the disproportionate suspensions, leading to an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights and a 2012 voluntary agreement that required the district to employ a range of practices that reduced suspensions. Among them are the district’s Manhood Development classes for African American males as well as restorative justice, which requires victims and offenders to talk about the behavior and ways to address it.

Community activists from the Black Organizing Project, Public Counsel and Californians for Justice, among others, applauded the school board vote, but said more was needed to address the needs of disadvantaged students in the district.

Gosh, I wonder just how many Caucasoids there are in the Oakland School District, vs the number of blacks?

Further, could it possibly be that a “disproportionate” number of blacks are suspended because a higher number of blacks actually misbehave?

All this does is reinforce to persons who don’t need this kind of reinforcement that there are no consequences to actions.  This is the same school district that validated “Ebonics” in 1996.

The clear bigotry of low expectations.