Obama: who needs Article 1 anyway?

Obama Crime Spree PresidencyI’ll just do it all my own self, Mr Obama says.  I shall rule from on high via executive fiat.

Marco Rubio says, “Barack Obama is obsessed with undermining the Second USAmendment.”

Let’s watch Mr Obama’s condescending and tearful lecture to law-abiding Americans, shall we?

Obama wants:

  Licensing requirements for smaller-scale gun sellers.
The hiring of an additional 230 FBI employees to process background checks 24/7
Provisions enabling states to share mental health information
Dollars for research into “gun safety technology.”  I.E., “smart guns”

The truth is that currently 38 states submit less than 80% of their felony convictions into the background check system.  DC won’t even repair the current system.  Now they want to expand it.  Nonsense.  All you have to do is ENFORCE the federal gun laws currently on the books.

This isn’t so much about the “gun control” EO as it is about Mr Obama’s continuing disregard for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Obama American CRAZIESFor the ignorant amongst us — that would include you, Millennials — here is what Article 1 of the US Constitution says.  In a nutshell.

Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress its powers and limits. Congress is the legislative branch of the government, meaning they are the ones to make laws for the United States of America. The article also creates the two sections of Congress, which is called a bicameral legislature.

Meaning: Congress creates laws, not the president.

But here’s the truth: federal firearms convictions under Obama have fallen 15.5% in the past five years, and 34.8% in the past ten years.  Yes, that IS under Mr Obama’s rule.  Those stats are from the Syracuse University TRAC Project.

Meaning: again Mr Obama is two-faced, duplicitous and a LIAR.  He could direct his AGs to go after gun crime tenaciously BUT — here is the further truth — the suspects would be predominantly BLACK and from large urban areas like Detroit, DC, Chicago, Atlanta.  Mr Obama certainly cannot have that.

Sure.  Violent felons and gang members buy all their guns online and in gun stores and at gun shows.  There’s nothing more satisfying to a dealer with an FFL than selling an AK-47 to a tatted-up MS-13 gang member or a frothing nutcase holding a stuffed toy who walks up to their counter.

A further lie: yes, you can purchase a firearm online.  But to whom does it go and where?  Oh yes.  Your local dealer who has an FFL and must then run a background check before physically handing the gun over to you.

Sometimes the FBI and the DOJ actually miss those few felons who attempt to purchase handguns.  That’s not a local problem, that’s a federal problem.  As in: just enforce what’s on the books with more efficiency.

Obama Gun Sales Soar 1-5-2016Plus: now you’re a single mother.  You suffer from post-partum depression.  You want a firearm for protection because your apartment complex is rife with drug dealers and you want to protect your child.  Is your doctor now mandated to contact the FBI?  Under this EO your doctor is mandated to go around HIPAA privacy laws to rat you out.  But who truly is “fit to own a firearm”?  No one in the federal government can answer that question.

Second Amendment Gun NUTSIdeology doesn’t just stop at the Spite House.  It can surely exist in your doctors office.  What will you say?  What can you say?

Further you cannot wrap suicide numbers in with the homicide numbers in terms of “gun violence.”  But of course Mr Obama does that very same thing.  The vast majority of gun deaths stem from suicide.

Gun Crime STATISTICSBackground checks will not solve the issue of gun suicide.  Those who are intent on suicide will simply transition from guns to rocks to pills to knives to state-sponsored death.

Will you “commit” anyone who mentions depression, anxiety, who has talked about giving up?  How will that affect civil liberties?

AGAIN, Republicans miss a golden opportunity to state the OBVIOUS: Mr Obama couldn’t care less about our foundational documents and, instead, issues laws by imperial fiat, completely bypassing an entire THIRD branch of government.

And if you don’t know the three branches of government, then you are a massive part of the problem in America.

Because you are incompetent.



Here’s your Leftist “freedom of speech”

Freedom of Speech, Journalism Professor

This Leftist loon “throwing out” a college journalist isn’t a fellow student.  This is college professor Melissa Click who teaches journalism.  Yep.  Figure that one out.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your “freedom of speech” on US college campuses these days.  Translated: there is no freedom of speech on US college campuses these days.

That face, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of evil, the face of oppression, the raging and insane face of today’s Leftist on your taxpayer-funded college campuses.

It is the face of Melissa Click, assistant professor of mass media at University of Missouri.

She says:

“Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.”

From the NYTimes.com:

‘I Need Some Muscle’: Missouri Activists Block Journalists

COLUMBIA, Mo. — A video that showed University of Missouri protesters restricting a student photographer’s access to a public area of campus on Monday has ignited discussions about press freedom.

Tim Tai, a student photographer on freelance assignment for ESPN, was trying to take photos of a small tent city that protesters had created on a campus quad. Concerned Student 1950, an activist group that formed to push for increased awareness and action around racial issues on campus, did not want reporters near the encampment.

“You need to get out,” Click says.  “No I don’t,” says the male journalist, Mark Schierbecker, lawfully.

He is a student attending that college, on the college campus, on college property.  Just why is it, Leftists, that he needs to leave property that he can lawfully occupy by dint of his position as a student of same?

So here is your “freedom of speech,” Americans, on today’s college campuses.  Campuses that your tax dollars fund.  You pay for Leftists to impede actual freedom of speech.  You do.

He (David Kurpius, Dean of Journalism) also noted that Ms. Click is a faculty member of the communications department, which is separate from the journalism school. He said she holds a “courtesy appointment” with the journalism school that faculty members would take “immediate action” to review.

Even CNN wrote:

Media prof. asks for ‘muscle’ to block student journalist

A Missouri mass media professor is under scrutiny after calling for “muscle” to block out journalists on a public space.

Check their video.

The NY Post says the University of Missouri hosts the world’s worst journalism professor.

The dean of the Missouri School of Journalism on Tuesday lambasted an assistant communications professor and lauded a photojournalism student for their roles in Monday’s viral video showing a confrontation between that student journalist and protesters attempting to block him from shooting photos on a public quad.

The filmed confrontation appeared to show the University of Missouri protesters, including Assistant Professor Melissa Click, engaging in a clear violation of the First Amendment, since the incident occurred in a public space on the campus of a public university.

The truth will out, every once in a while however.

Video can be good or bad.  In this case, video is good.

Oh, one final point.

From the UKDailyMail.com:

Media professor who bullied journalists away from University of Missouri protests resigns from her ‘courtesy’ position at the prestigious journalism school

by Ashley Collman and Kiri Blakeley

  • Melissa Click, an assistant media professor at the University of Missouri, was caught trying to force journalists out of a public protest on Monday

  • On Tuesday, Click apologized for her actions and resigned from her ‘courtesy appointment’ with the School of Journalism

  • While she was previously affiliated with the journalism school, Click was on the faculty of the separate College of Arts and Sciences   

  • The video in question shows Click walking up to a cameraman and yelling that he get off the quad where a group of protesters had camped out

  • She tries to knock down his camera and then says: ‘Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here’ 

  • Click has issued an apology for her behavior saying: ‘I regret the language and strategies I used’ 

Obviously, I am chagrined and disappointed.  I expected better from Leftists.

Uh, no.  I larfed my arse off when Click the Chick got kicked to the curb.



Time to outlaw knives

Edged Weapons Crime


A “mass stabbing” in Yolo County, Fornicalia, injured six persons seriously this past Saturday, the 17th.

From KCRA.com:

6 birthday party guests hurt in Yolo County mass stabbing

by Maneeza Iqbal

MADISON, Calif. (KCRA) —Six people were stabbed during a girl’s birthday party Saturday night in Madison, a town 11 miles west of Woodland, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office.

The band member said two of his band mates were stabbed. A woman who tried to stop the suspect was also hurt. Other witnesses said two of the six victims were airlifted to a hospital.

A machete attack in Stockton then occurred on Sunday the 18th, involving Mel and Big Block Loc, from the StocktonRecord.com:

Man attacked with machetes

STOCKTON — Two men armed with machetes confronted a man just south of downtown Sunday concerning the theft of a bicycle. They assaulted the man, leaving him with a large cut on his head, police reported.

The noon incident occurred in the first block of West Scotts Avenue near South Commerce Street. Police reported the 28-year-old victim was treated at an area hospital for a non-life-threatening wound on his head.

His assailants were both described as men in their 30s. One had dreadlocks and is known as “Mel.” The other suspect is known as “Big Block Loc,” according to police.

There was a second stabbing in Stockton, on Sunday the 18th.  From the StocktonRecord.com:

Man stabbed in neck

STOCKTON — During an early morning altercation Sunday in north Stockton, a 25-year-old man was stabbed in the neck and his attacker was arrested, police reported.

The incident occurred about 5:34 a.m. in the 4400 block of Cotton Court, a short street just north of the Calaveras River off East Bianchi Road east of North El Dorado Street.

The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment of a non-life-threatening stab wound, according to police.

Officers arrested Gregorio Cisneros, 21, on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to a report.

A fourth deadly stabbing occurred in the city of Modesto, on Sunday morning the 18th.  Again, from KCRA.com:

Suspect arrested in fatal Modesto car wash stabbing

by Maneeza Iqbal

MODESTO, Calif. (KCRA) —A man died after he was stabbed Sunday morning at a Modesto car wash, police said.

The 39-year-old man was stabbed multiple times around 11:45 a.m. at the business on Yosemite Boulevard, near Rosina Avenue. Police said the man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died. No other information about the victim was released.

These four separate incidents involving edged weapons in northern Fornicalia, all within a 60-mile radius of Sacramento — the Belly of the Bill Beast — occurred in the span of a single weekend; just two days.  That’s just one 60-mile-radius within roughly one county.  There are 58 counties in Fornicalia.  Multiply this edged weapon activity times 50 states.  Per day.  There are 365 days in a year.  You get the point.  (Sorry.  Couldn’t help that.)

People shouldn’t have to worry about knife attacks.  Clearly the persons using knives against others in violence are mental defectives or abject criminals.

One thing we do know, however, is that there won’t be a state or federal hue and cry to abolish knives or edged weapons, despite the statistics involved.

For example, according to crime statistics from the FBI, knives are consistently used to kill people far more often than rifles are used. Five times as many murders were committed with knives than were committed with rifles last year.  But again, people screaming for knives to be banned over rifles?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Murder rates before and after gun bans?  Guess what?  The rates don’t plummet.  Ask the residents of Baltimore, DC, Detroit, Chicago and even the UK.

Some other interesting statistics.

Murder Victims, by Weapons Used

The following table shows the number and percent of murder victims in the United States by the cause of death. Weapons used or cause of death include guns, stabbing, blunt objects, strangulation, arson, and more.

Weapons used or cause of death
Year Murder
Guns Cutting or
hands, fists,
feet, or pushing
Arson2 All
Total Percent
1965 8,773 5,015 57.2% 2,021 505 894 226 112
1970 13,649 9,039 66.2 2,424 604 1,031 353 198
1975 18,642 12,061 64.7 3,245 1,001 1,646 193 496
1980 21,860 13,650 62.0 4,212 1,094 1,666 291 947
1985 17,545 10,296 58.7 3,694 972 1,491 243 849
1990 20,045 12,847 64.1 3,503 1,075 1,424 287 909
1991 21,676 14,373 66.3 3,430 1,099 1,529 195 847
1992 22,716 15,489 68.2 3,296 1,040 1,445 203 1,043
1993 23,180 16,136 69.6 2,967 1,022 1,482 217 1,168
1994 22,084 15,463 70.0 2,802 912 1,452 196 1,079
1995 20,232 13,790 68.2 2,557 918 1,438 166 968
1996 15,848 10,744 67.8 2,142 733 1,182 151 726
1997 15,289 10,369 67.8 1,963 702 1,187 134 934
2002 14,263 9,528 66.7 1,776 681 954 103 874
2006 14,990 10,177 67.9 1,822 607 833 115 1,128
2007 14,831 10,086 68.0 1,796 647 854 130 1,016
2008 14,224 9,528 66.9 1,888 603 964 85 1,156
2011 12,795 8,653 67.6 1,716 502 751 76 1,009
2012 12,765 8,855 69.4 1,589 518 767 85 951
1. Refers to club, hammer, etc.
2. Before 1973, includes drowning.
3. Includes poison, explosives, unknown, drowning, asphyxiation, narcotics, other means, and weapons not stated.

Source: Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reports for the United States, 1997, 2007 and 2008; Crime in the United States 2011, 2012.

Recently, we’ve all heard that both Obama and Hillary Clinton point to Australia with regard to outright gun confiscation — something they think might be a great idea for the United States despite that pesky and confounding Second Amendment.  They both fail to learn from history.  I call that Historical Alzheimers.

In Australia, it turned out that 640,381 personal firearms were destroyed by the government, costing taxpayers $500 million dollars.

That first year, homicides went up 3.2%.  Armed robberies went up 44%.  In Victoria, homicides utilizing firearms went up 300%.

But here’s the rub, Leftists.  Guess who failed to turn in their guns?  Why yes, morons, the criminals.  That’s their job.  Check the job description.  Then check the definition of the word “criminal.”

I know I should be, but I’m not yet a member of the NRA.  Looks like I’ll be joining this week.  And here’s another odd rub: gun sales the past few months have been skyrocketing.  More weapons in the hands of — gulp! — people who actually qualified for the purchase of their weapons.  Just like the shooter in Roseburg.  Every purchase was lawful and conformed to all regulations.  There’s only one final regulation left.  You know which one.  The ultimate regulation.  I’m sure the Australians were thinking the same thing: “it can’t happen here.”

Marcus Luttreall — the SEAL who wrote the book Lone Survivor, nails my feelings precisely.  I surrender my firearms to no one, man or beast.  And as an Oathkeeper, I have sworn to uphold the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights against all enemies, foreign or domestic.  No one said my oath stopped when I retired after 41 years in law enforcement.

As of last year, there was a 73% opposition to a ban on handguns.  63% of persons said that a home was safer with a firearm present in the home.

This is another Leftist move — and make no mistake, the ultimate wet dream of Leftists is gun confiscation.

I am The Realist.  And make no mistake, the reality is that the phrase “molon labe” has real meaning for me.

Another reason that this government and the UN are in the process of attempting to remove out First Amendment rights — our very right to communicate.  Communication that provides opposition to the defeatist, unsound, illusory, unrealistic, naive and just plain stupid goals of Leftists and this current administration.


Knife Surrender It

Feds want to kill MORE free speech in re GUNS

SLAVES ARE DISARMEDThe federal government wants to regulate, essentially, anything and everything involving humans within its borders.

The Obama Administration now wants to regulate speech about firearms.

From the WashingtonExaminer.com:

NRA: Gun blogs, videos, web forums threatened by new Obama regulation

by Paul Bedard

Commonly used and unregulated internet discussions and videos about guns and ammo could be closed down under rules proposed by the State Department, amounting to a “gag order on firearm-related speech,” the National Rifle Association is warning.

In updating regulations governing international arms sales, State is demanding that anyone who puts technical details about arms and ammo on the web first get the OK from the federal government — or face a fine of up to $1 million and 20 years in jail.

What?  Is the federal government insane?  That would essentially outlaw gun blogs, gun magazines or any discussions about firearms.

Which, of course, would help the Obama Leftist Socialist Organization help to rid Americans of firearms — only so that the Proles, the Groundlings, the Serfs would be disarmed and more easily controlled.

Who would possibly put up with this?  The push is a governmental assault on the First Amendment itself — again, by the Obama Administration.

According to the NRA, that would include blogs and web forums discussing technical details of common guns and ammunition, the type of info gun owners and ammo reloaders trade all the time.

“Gunsmiths, manufacturers, reloaders, and do-it-yourselfers could all find themselves muzzled under the rule and unable to distribute or obtain the information they rely on to conduct these activities,” said the NRA in a blog posting.

Again, all perfectly in keeping with the Obama Administration’s wish to completely disarm the citizens of this nation, a true goal of Leftists globally.

I have always said that when you lose the Second Amendment, you will lose the First Amendment.

In this instance, here is Mr Obama and his Leftists attempting to hobble and denigrate both amendments simultaneously.  I couldn’t possibly have conjured that possible.  Except that, now, I certainly can.  This is certainly nothing if not innovative on behalf of the Obama Left.  With this addition: the prohibition also focuses on the internet as well, and seeks to clamp down on the internet.  Almost a Perfect Trifecta of prohibitive Leftism.

The NRA agrees.

 “This latest regulatory assault, published in the June 3 issue of the Federal Register, is as much an affront to the First Amendment as it is to the Second,” warned the NRA’s lobbying shop. “Your action is urgently needed to ensure that online blogs, videos, and web forums devoted to the technical aspects of firearms and ammunition do not become subject to prior review by State Department bureaucrats before they can be published,” it added.

What could possibly be the reason for eliminating speech about firearms?

At issue is the internet. State is updating International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which implement the federal Arms Export Control Act (AECA). The rules govern everything from guns to strategic bombers.

Please read the rest of the article for the details, because I don’t wish to take Bedard’s writing credit from him.

Never in my 60+ years on this planet have I seen my country’s freedoms so hideously and naked assaulted by my federal government.  I can only conclude one thing: this federal governments ultimately seeks total control and authority over each and every persons within its borders to the point where there can be no pushback, no dissension, no verbal or written disagreement on any level in any venue whatsoever.

For what other purpose would rules and regulations such as this exist?



Vince Vaughn supports the Second Amendment.


Thoughts on Garland

AFDI Garland EventOn Sunday night in Garland, Texas, two avowed Muslim gunmen, at the behest of ISIS (as ISIS is claiming), attempted to kill as many people as possible at the “Draw Muhammad” art contest held at the Curtis Culwell Center.  The center is owned by the Garland Independent School District, which took a huge risk in hosting the event.  I would suggest the risk was worth the exposure.

In response, one Garland Police Department traffic officer shot both gunmen dead with his issue Glock .45 semi-automatic pistol.  A security guard was shot in the leg and was subsequently discharged from the hospital fairly rapidly.

Jihadis 0, Garland PD 2.

Kudos to Garland PD for their response and caretaking of the event.

This “contest” was held at the behest of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, of which Pamela Geller is president.  Pamela Geller has a blog entitled Atlas Shrugs, which she has written for a number of years.  She is considered by some to be a hate monger, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (a hotbed of Leftists in any event) classifies her AFDI as an anti-Muslim hate group.  PayPal has branded her blog a “hate site.”

Pamela Geller is also the executive in charge of the Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), which was instrumental in physically halting the planned Muslim “community center” to be built within short sight of 9/11’s ground zero in New York City.  This was an attempt, by Islam, to show the rest of the world how powerful it is, bringing down the Twin Towers and erecting a monument to Muslims adjacent.

Though things came out relatively well in Garland — who can fail to enjoy the schadenfreude inherent in sending two Jihadis to their virginal rewards — Geller was resultingly excoriated throughout the media and the nation for daring to hold the event at all.

She insists it’s about the First Amendment.

Many, in response, say she needlessly “poked the bear” and should be removed from public view, at the very least.

Others, like ISIS, have now indicated Pamela Geller is on their assassination list.  I’d submit Geller is not shocked to read or hear of this.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem posted:

To our brothers and sisters fighting for the Sake of Allah, we make dua for you and ask Allah to guide your bullets, terrify your enemies, and establish you in the Land. As our noble brother in the Phillipines said in his bayah, “This is the Golden Era, everyone who believes… is running for Shaheed”.

The attack by the Islamic State in America is only the beginning of our efforts to establish a wiliyah in the heart of our enemy. Our aim was the khanzeer Pamela Geller and to show her that we don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter. This will heal the hearts of our brothers and disperse the ones behind her. To those who protect her: this will be your only warning of housing this woman and her circus show. Everyone who houses her events, gives her a platform to spill her filth are legitimate targets. We have been watching closely who was present at this event and the shooter of our brothers. We knew that the target was protected. Our intention was to show how easy we give our lives for the Sake of Allah.

We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire. Out of the 71 trained soldiers 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday, We are increasing in number bithnillah. Of the 15 states, 5 we will name… Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan. The disbelievers who shot our brothers think that you killed someone untrained, nay, they gave you their bodies in plain view because we were watching.

The next six months will be interesting, To our Amir Al Mu’mineen make dua for us and continue your reign, May Allah enoble your face.

To those Death Bastards I respond: may Allah shite on your face.  And by the way, “wiliyah” means an authority.  Islam intends to take over the United States.  It intends to become the sole authority in the United States.  Uber alles.

Please understand: the wonderful thing about Islam is that it tells you precisely what it wants to do and how it means to do it.  You have to simply take them at their word.  Americans are stupid enough not to get the message.  I believe Geller understands the message.  Last time I checked, Geller isn’t packing.  She isn’t looking for people to kill.

AmjemISIS says they have 71 soldiers in 15 of our states already.  Frankly, I don’t doubt it; all they’d have had to do is get their ankles slightly moist, as our southern border — courtesy of Mr Obama — is wide open.

That said, where is it that I happen to stand?  A number of people have asked, via phone calls and texts and Twitter and emails.  They have said: “where is your post about Garland?”

So: here it is.

For me, it’s pretty simple.  I stand for the First Amendment.  And I stand for the Second Amendment as, without it, there would be and will be no First Amendment.

As an aside, that is why Leftists are doing their very level best to gut the Second Amendment, by attacking private firearm and ammunition ownership on every level, non-stop.

People — WesternersGOWPs — say we must take the “high ground” with regard to Islam and the kid-gloved handling of same.

I say: Muslims, Islamists, respect nothing but strength and iron will.  Anything less invites attack, which is why Islam attacked Bill Clinton and attacked America again under Bush.  Because there was no significant response.  Clinton had the opportunity to eliminate OBL and passed.  Islam learned: Paper Tiger.  Islam isn’t stupid.

Does no one realize that Islam was created by men, is lorded by men, commanded by men, directed by men, and barbaric men respect nothing but raw, naked strength?  Women mean little in Islam; they are chattel.  Islam had its birth in the Middle East, in a challenging physical environment where only the strong survived.  Islam had its birth in tribes, in nomads, in bedouins.  Western culture isn’t thinking like Muslims; it’s thinking like GOWPs who wish to sit down at an ebon table and have a quiet tea over logical issues.

That’s not how Islam thinks.

Americans think differently.  As well they should.

Any American is free to draw any damned thing they want at any time and in any venue.  That is why we exist as a nation, why our forebears fought in WWII, and why this nation was founded.  Our precious American flag is stepped on and burned.  But do we shoot those persons in the head?  Are we to be more offended by persons who draw cartoons than those who burn our flag?  Nobody tells us what we can draw.  Nobody tells us what we can say.  We are Americans.

To me, the ability to conduct Free Speech, anywhere, at any time, in these United States, is paramount.

The First Amendment exists not to protect pablum speech, milquetoast speech, convivial speech.  It exists to protect challenging speech.  The protection of the First Amendment was hard-fought, and it needs to protected by every fiber of our collective bodies.

People accuse: Pamela Geller was trying to be provocative.  She was trying to make a point.

I readily admit: yes she was.

Islam Death CultAnd she drew Islam into the spotlight, for those sufficiently cognizant to realize that Islam isn’t a religion, it isn’t a race, it is nothing more than a Death Cult.

She makes her point here:

Even Chris Cuomo, of all people, took the challenge:

In a discussion on the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest, Cuomo said to CNN Political Commentator Marc Lamont Hill, “Here’s the criticism on your side is that the left is afraid of saying anything offensive about Islam. You don’t feel like that about Christianity. You attack the Catholic Church all the time.”

Hill responded that this is “different,” because “when you have a critique of the Catholic Church, you say ‘the Catholic Church is x’, that’s a critical analysis. If you say ‘Islam has some issues with patriarch or Islam has some issues with sexuality,’ I think that’s also appropriate. But drawing the Prophet Mohammed for the sole purpose of violating something that is a principle –”

Cuomo interjected, “but you wouldn’t punish somebody for Piss Christ, you wouldn’t do it, but you won’t put, on the media pictures of Mohammed because you don’t want to upset Islam, but you’ll put pictures of Piss Christ.”

Here’s the difference between Christianity and Islam: Christians won’t kill you for the slightest perceived offense.

I stand with Pamela Geller.