3D printers and “gun control”

And a nice “plus” for home-grown gun aficionados.

First, are you aware of what a 3D printer is?

A nice video here regarding a specific printer:

Another 3D printer video here, which provides more overall and in-depth explanations:

3D printers are not new, but are just now starting to make some inroads into the mainstream of digital thought because, previously, these machines were horrendously expensive.  Now, their prices have lowered to the point where individuals can purchase their own.

With that in mind, HotAir.com offers the following:

Video: How 3-D printers will make magazine-capacity limits obsolete

posted at 4:01 pm on February 19, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

I’ll admit to being a rube about 3-D printing technology, and its implications for issues like gun control and other kinds of restrictive laws on devices, so this video from the Washington Post is an eye-opener for me.  Travis Lerol builds a receiver for his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in the convenience of his own home, or at least the casing for it; some of the other components have to be bought separately.  None of those are restricted — yet, anyway — and the only issue preventing people from creating their own high-capacity magazines for their firearms is just the need for a design:

3D printing is much like having a small, personal factory in your own home.  An interesting video below:

American ingenuity, I submit.  Printable gun magazines, perhaps?

An important point: a 3D printer’s result is no better than the material utilized in the creation.  Now: predominantly plastics, resins and composites under heat.  How much would you trust this?  Are there better materials extant?

Do the Logical Extension: how much longer before this technology is captured and throttled and regulated and licensed by the US Federal Government?

You tell me.