Obama: who needs Article 1 anyway?

Obama Crime Spree PresidencyI’ll just do it all my own self, Mr Obama says.  I shall rule from on high via executive fiat.

Marco Rubio says, “Barack Obama is obsessed with undermining the Second USAmendment.”

Let’s watch Mr Obama’s condescending and tearful lecture to law-abiding Americans, shall we?

Obama wants:

  Licensing requirements for smaller-scale gun sellers.
The hiring of an additional 230 FBI employees to process background checks 24/7
Provisions enabling states to share mental health information
Dollars for research into “gun safety technology.”  I.E., “smart guns”

The truth is that currently 38 states submit less than 80% of their felony convictions into the background check system.  DC won’t even repair the current system.  Now they want to expand it.  Nonsense.  All you have to do is ENFORCE the federal gun laws currently on the books.

This isn’t so much about the “gun control” EO as it is about Mr Obama’s continuing disregard for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Obama American CRAZIESFor the ignorant amongst us — that would include you, Millennials — here is what Article 1 of the US Constitution says.  In a nutshell.

Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress its powers and limits. Congress is the legislative branch of the government, meaning they are the ones to make laws for the United States of America. The article also creates the two sections of Congress, which is called a bicameral legislature.

Meaning: Congress creates laws, not the president.

But here’s the truth: federal firearms convictions under Obama have fallen 15.5% in the past five years, and 34.8% in the past ten years.  Yes, that IS under Mr Obama’s rule.  Those stats are from the Syracuse University TRAC Project.

Meaning: again Mr Obama is two-faced, duplicitous and a LIAR.  He could direct his AGs to go after gun crime tenaciously BUT — here is the further truth — the suspects would be predominantly BLACK and from large urban areas like Detroit, DC, Chicago, Atlanta.  Mr Obama certainly cannot have that.

Sure.  Violent felons and gang members buy all their guns online and in gun stores and at gun shows.  There’s nothing more satisfying to a dealer with an FFL than selling an AK-47 to a tatted-up MS-13 gang member or a frothing nutcase holding a stuffed toy who walks up to their counter.

A further lie: yes, you can purchase a firearm online.  But to whom does it go and where?  Oh yes.  Your local dealer who has an FFL and must then run a background check before physically handing the gun over to you.

Sometimes the FBI and the DOJ actually miss those few felons who attempt to purchase handguns.  That’s not a local problem, that’s a federal problem.  As in: just enforce what’s on the books with more efficiency.

Obama Gun Sales Soar 1-5-2016Plus: now you’re a single mother.  You suffer from post-partum depression.  You want a firearm for protection because your apartment complex is rife with drug dealers and you want to protect your child.  Is your doctor now mandated to contact the FBI?  Under this EO your doctor is mandated to go around HIPAA privacy laws to rat you out.  But who truly is “fit to own a firearm”?  No one in the federal government can answer that question.

Second Amendment Gun NUTSIdeology doesn’t just stop at the Spite House.  It can surely exist in your doctors office.  What will you say?  What can you say?

Further you cannot wrap suicide numbers in with the homicide numbers in terms of “gun violence.”  But of course Mr Obama does that very same thing.  The vast majority of gun deaths stem from suicide.

Gun Crime STATISTICSBackground checks will not solve the issue of gun suicide.  Those who are intent on suicide will simply transition from guns to rocks to pills to knives to state-sponsored death.

Will you “commit” anyone who mentions depression, anxiety, who has talked about giving up?  How will that affect civil liberties?

AGAIN, Republicans miss a golden opportunity to state the OBVIOUS: Mr Obama couldn’t care less about our foundational documents and, instead, issues laws by imperial fiat, completely bypassing an entire THIRD branch of government.

And if you don’t know the three branches of government, then you are a massive part of the problem in America.

Because you are incompetent.



New confiscatory CA gun law as of 2016

California State FlagThe DailyCaller.com seems to think so.  As does the WashingtonTimes.com.

I have some very salient comments to add after these pull quotes.

California law allowing seizure of guns without notice begins Jan. 1

by Andrew Blake

Gun control legislation going into effect in California next week will allow authorities to seize a person’s weapons for 21 days if a judge determines there is potential for violence.

Proposed in the wake of a deadly May 2014 shooting rampage by Elliot Rodger, the bill provides family members with a means of having an emergency “gun violence restraining order” imposed against a loved one if they can convince a judge that this person’s possession of a firearm “poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself or another by having in his or her custody or control.”

“The law gives us a vehicle to cause the person to surrender their weapons, to have a time out, if you will,” Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michael Moore told a local NPR affiliate. “It allows further examination of the person’s mental state.”


DailyCaller.com wrote:

AB1014 was passed last year in the wake of 2014’s Isla Vista shooting, where teenager Elliot Rodger went on a rampage near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, killing six people along with himself.


The new law is intended to stop such a situation from re-occurring. Under the law, a judge has the power to grant a restraining order telling police to seize a person’s guns, based solely on accounts from family members or police that the person is poses an imminent danger to others. The restraining order can be granted without the affected person knowing it exists or being allowed time to contest it.

Once granted, police can use the restraining order to confiscate all of a person’s guns and ammunition, and the person is also barred from buying or possessing guns and ammo for the duration of the order. A full court hearing must then be heard within three weeks. At that hearing, a judge will be able to extend the restraining order for an entire year.

My interjection:

That is not unprecedented in Fornicalia.  As a peace officer, if I made a detention under 5150 W&I and determined that someone fell under those parameters, I could legally confiscate their guns on that call.

5150(a) When a person, as a result of a mental health disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled, a peace officer, professional person in charge of a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment, member of the attending staff, as defined by regulation, of a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment, designated members of a mobile crisis team, or professional person designated by the county may, upon probable cause, take, or cause to be taken, the person into custody for a period of up to 72 hours for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention, or placement for evaluation and treatment in a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment and approved by the State Department of Health Care Services. At a minimum, assessment, as defined in Section 5150.4, and evaluation, as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 5008, shall be conducted and provided on an ongoing basis. Crisis intervention, as defined in subdivision (e) of Section 5008, may be provided concurrently with assessment, evaluation, or any other service.

When I made a commitment under 5150 W&I, I was legally bound to inquire about firearms in the affected household and then book them for safekeeping when they were brought to my attention.  My failure to do that would have resulted in my receipt of discipline, at minimum.  Once the commitment was accepted, should that occur, the firearms per Cal DOJ were not to be returned for a period of five years.  One can petition the local court in which the guns or deadly weapons were confiscated.  California section 5250 W&I (Welfare & Institutions code) deals with firearms following a 5150 W&I hold being placed.  I was very careful when placing said holds and sometimes refused to make them against the wishes of family members — who could have an agenda.

In the new instance, however, under AB 1014, weapons can be confiscated in lieu of a 5150 hold and the injection of law enforcement in an emergency situation.  I only found myself involved, as a law enforcement officer, in an emergency call.  Here is the very important caveat:

Practically, this means once you are his with the restraining order you will never own a firearm again for the rest of your life and the ones the police take from you will never be returned. Is any California judge going to lift the restraining order and take the risk that at some later point you may be involved in a shooting of some kind? No.

So, do you, the subject of such an action have the right to be notified that such an allegation has been made against you? Do you have to right to contest their application? Can you contest the ability of the state, without anything approaching probably cause, to have you hauled in for “mental evaluation?” (Why is it that totalitarian regimes invariably use the mental health system to deal with dissidents and non-conformists?) Nope.

How will you find out? When a SWAT team shows up at your door to take your weapons and cart you off for a mental health evaluation.

Beware.  It is, after all, Fornicalia.  And there is a reason I call it that.

More is coming, America.

In 2016.

Obama will issue his imperial executive gun orders in just a few more days.


Obama Gun ConfiscationP.S.

After I installed Ad-Blocker software on my confuser, Life got so much better for me when I went to various sites.  My computer would scream in pain as it found itself stymied by advertisements on various sites.  The Daily Caller site was one of the worstNow I can actually link DailyCaller without crashing my confuser.

Time to outlaw knives

Edged Weapons Crime


A “mass stabbing” in Yolo County, Fornicalia, injured six persons seriously this past Saturday, the 17th.

From KCRA.com:

6 birthday party guests hurt in Yolo County mass stabbing

by Maneeza Iqbal

MADISON, Calif. (KCRA) —Six people were stabbed during a girl’s birthday party Saturday night in Madison, a town 11 miles west of Woodland, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office.

The band member said two of his band mates were stabbed. A woman who tried to stop the suspect was also hurt. Other witnesses said two of the six victims were airlifted to a hospital.

A machete attack in Stockton then occurred on Sunday the 18th, involving Mel and Big Block Loc, from the StocktonRecord.com:

Man attacked with machetes

STOCKTON — Two men armed with machetes confronted a man just south of downtown Sunday concerning the theft of a bicycle. They assaulted the man, leaving him with a large cut on his head, police reported.

The noon incident occurred in the first block of West Scotts Avenue near South Commerce Street. Police reported the 28-year-old victim was treated at an area hospital for a non-life-threatening wound on his head.

His assailants were both described as men in their 30s. One had dreadlocks and is known as “Mel.” The other suspect is known as “Big Block Loc,” according to police.

There was a second stabbing in Stockton, on Sunday the 18th.  From the StocktonRecord.com:

Man stabbed in neck

STOCKTON — During an early morning altercation Sunday in north Stockton, a 25-year-old man was stabbed in the neck and his attacker was arrested, police reported.

The incident occurred about 5:34 a.m. in the 4400 block of Cotton Court, a short street just north of the Calaveras River off East Bianchi Road east of North El Dorado Street.

The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment of a non-life-threatening stab wound, according to police.

Officers arrested Gregorio Cisneros, 21, on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to a report.

A fourth deadly stabbing occurred in the city of Modesto, on Sunday morning the 18th.  Again, from KCRA.com:

Suspect arrested in fatal Modesto car wash stabbing

by Maneeza Iqbal

MODESTO, Calif. (KCRA) —A man died after he was stabbed Sunday morning at a Modesto car wash, police said.

The 39-year-old man was stabbed multiple times around 11:45 a.m. at the business on Yosemite Boulevard, near Rosina Avenue. Police said the man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died. No other information about the victim was released.

These four separate incidents involving edged weapons in northern Fornicalia, all within a 60-mile radius of Sacramento — the Belly of the Bill Beast — occurred in the span of a single weekend; just two days.  That’s just one 60-mile-radius within roughly one county.  There are 58 counties in Fornicalia.  Multiply this edged weapon activity times 50 states.  Per day.  There are 365 days in a year.  You get the point.  (Sorry.  Couldn’t help that.)

People shouldn’t have to worry about knife attacks.  Clearly the persons using knives against others in violence are mental defectives or abject criminals.

One thing we do know, however, is that there won’t be a state or federal hue and cry to abolish knives or edged weapons, despite the statistics involved.

For example, according to crime statistics from the FBI, knives are consistently used to kill people far more often than rifles are used. Five times as many murders were committed with knives than were committed with rifles last year.  But again, people screaming for knives to be banned over rifles?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Murder rates before and after gun bans?  Guess what?  The rates don’t plummet.  Ask the residents of Baltimore, DC, Detroit, Chicago and even the UK.

Some other interesting statistics.

Murder Victims, by Weapons Used

The following table shows the number and percent of murder victims in the United States by the cause of death. Weapons used or cause of death include guns, stabbing, blunt objects, strangulation, arson, and more.

Weapons used or cause of death
Year Murder
Guns Cutting or
hands, fists,
feet, or pushing
Arson2 All
Total Percent
1965 8,773 5,015 57.2% 2,021 505 894 226 112
1970 13,649 9,039 66.2 2,424 604 1,031 353 198
1975 18,642 12,061 64.7 3,245 1,001 1,646 193 496
1980 21,860 13,650 62.0 4,212 1,094 1,666 291 947
1985 17,545 10,296 58.7 3,694 972 1,491 243 849
1990 20,045 12,847 64.1 3,503 1,075 1,424 287 909
1991 21,676 14,373 66.3 3,430 1,099 1,529 195 847
1992 22,716 15,489 68.2 3,296 1,040 1,445 203 1,043
1993 23,180 16,136 69.6 2,967 1,022 1,482 217 1,168
1994 22,084 15,463 70.0 2,802 912 1,452 196 1,079
1995 20,232 13,790 68.2 2,557 918 1,438 166 968
1996 15,848 10,744 67.8 2,142 733 1,182 151 726
1997 15,289 10,369 67.8 1,963 702 1,187 134 934
2002 14,263 9,528 66.7 1,776 681 954 103 874
2006 14,990 10,177 67.9 1,822 607 833 115 1,128
2007 14,831 10,086 68.0 1,796 647 854 130 1,016
2008 14,224 9,528 66.9 1,888 603 964 85 1,156
2011 12,795 8,653 67.6 1,716 502 751 76 1,009
2012 12,765 8,855 69.4 1,589 518 767 85 951
1. Refers to club, hammer, etc.
2. Before 1973, includes drowning.
3. Includes poison, explosives, unknown, drowning, asphyxiation, narcotics, other means, and weapons not stated.

Source: Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reports for the United States, 1997, 2007 and 2008; Crime in the United States 2011, 2012.

Recently, we’ve all heard that both Obama and Hillary Clinton point to Australia with regard to outright gun confiscation — something they think might be a great idea for the United States despite that pesky and confounding Second Amendment.  They both fail to learn from history.  I call that Historical Alzheimers.

In Australia, it turned out that 640,381 personal firearms were destroyed by the government, costing taxpayers $500 million dollars.

That first year, homicides went up 3.2%.  Armed robberies went up 44%.  In Victoria, homicides utilizing firearms went up 300%.

But here’s the rub, Leftists.  Guess who failed to turn in their guns?  Why yes, morons, the criminals.  That’s their job.  Check the job description.  Then check the definition of the word “criminal.”

I know I should be, but I’m not yet a member of the NRA.  Looks like I’ll be joining this week.  And here’s another odd rub: gun sales the past few months have been skyrocketing.  More weapons in the hands of — gulp! — people who actually qualified for the purchase of their weapons.  Just like the shooter in Roseburg.  Every purchase was lawful and conformed to all regulations.  There’s only one final regulation left.  You know which one.  The ultimate regulation.  I’m sure the Australians were thinking the same thing: “it can’t happen here.”

Marcus Luttreall — the SEAL who wrote the book Lone Survivor, nails my feelings precisely.  I surrender my firearms to no one, man or beast.  And as an Oathkeeper, I have sworn to uphold the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights against all enemies, foreign or domestic.  No one said my oath stopped when I retired after 41 years in law enforcement.

As of last year, there was a 73% opposition to a ban on handguns.  63% of persons said that a home was safer with a firearm present in the home.

This is another Leftist move — and make no mistake, the ultimate wet dream of Leftists is gun confiscation.

I am The Realist.  And make no mistake, the reality is that the phrase “molon labe” has real meaning for me.

Another reason that this government and the UN are in the process of attempting to remove out First Amendment rights — our very right to communicate.  Communication that provides opposition to the defeatist, unsound, illusory, unrealistic, naive and just plain stupid goals of Leftists and this current administration.


Knife Surrender It

One armed school that does it right

Second Amendment School SignAs I wrote here, it is time for this blog to take a different tack into the wind.

It is time, in my estimation, to become more strident.  More insistive.  More raucous, grating, shrill.

Because it’s far past time to support what’s right, what’s proper, what’s logical, what’s cogent, what’s proportional, and consider what I call the Logical Extension.

And that’s why you need to know about the Garden Valley School in Idaho.

Because if you’re an armed intruder and aim to harm their kids, they’ll cap your ass.

Demorats, Leftists, Progressives and Obama want “more gun control.”  Despite the fact that all of the weapons involved in the Roseburg school shooting were acquired legally in every way.  So what other kinds or types of gun control can be acquired?

Any and all gun control proposals yet submitted would not have prevented the Roseburg shooting.

Except for two.  Only two.

  1. Guns on campus — eliminating “gun free zones,” and
  2. Complete and utter gun confiscation

What happens when Option One is considered?

And that is where we now check in with the the Garden Valley School in Idaho.

[There isn’t a whit of Constitutionality in the bulk of things that are proposed by Obama and Leftists and Demorats and Progressives.]

Further, this is every Leftist’s nightmare and can easily cause either spontaneous combustion or a cardiac infarction.  That a school should actually embrace firearms for defensive purposes.

From the NYDailyNews.com:

by Nicole Hensley

A school isolated by Idaho’s vast landscape has armed members of its faculty with four rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammo fearing a gun attack.

It’s the best security precautions Garden Valley School officials say they can offer 200 of its students in the case of an armed attack since first responders could be at least a half hour away, according to a local report.

Signs will warn dangerous intruders that the tiny elementary, middle and high school “is armed” and they will be met with force while awaiting the nearest law enforcement agency, the Boise County Sheriff’s Office, which is a 50-mile drive from the school and based in Boise.

Clearly, cause for PSH amongst Leftists.  Continuing, from the IdahoStatesman.com:

Guns installed at isolated Garden Valley School District in effort to deter would-be attackers

by Jennifer Swindell

The isolated Garden Valley School District says it has taken steps to protect its K-12 school by training staff to use the guns in response to an active shooter.

Citing safety reasons, Superintendent Marc Gee won’t say how many guns and safes were installed or where they are located. This summer, the district will post signs warning that the school building has firearms and educators are prepared to defend against violent intruders.

“I can say that we consulted with our certified trainer and legal counsel on the number of and appropriate model of firearms for our situation and we followed those recommendations,” he said.

Garden Valley, a rural district about 60 miles north of Boise, doesn’t have a resource officer on campus. The county’s 11 deputies cover the Garden Valley, Horseshoe Bend and Basin school districts and nearly 2,000 square miles. Boise County has about 7,000 residents.

“Garden Valley is in a unique circumstance,” Boise County Sheriff Ben Roeber said. “Where they are located geographically, we don’t have the staffing size to where we can guarantee safety. The school, knowing they were facing response times of up to 45 minutes, started seeking out different ideas and different options.”

This is called “doing the obvious.”  This is called protecting kids.  This is called making a decision, taking a stand, and not letting unicorns and pink ponies make decisions that adults should be making.

This is called not letting politics get in the way between the safety of kids and a mentally unbalanced criminal.

Unlike Demorats, Leftists, Progressives.  Who couldn’t care less how many children die for their cause, just to prove a point.



Coverage and emphasis UP, not gun crime

Guns Just In CaseThe thing I find particularly frustrating about the ongoing gun control and Second Amendment argument involves the clear lack of facts in the discussion.  With 41 years of law enforcement experience I have seen crime at its peak and at its zenith.  At this point, crime in America peaked in 1991 — oddly enough, when I was a Detective in the Robbery Bureau.  It was nothing for me to carry a monthly caseload of 40 to 50 reports, and there were five other detectives in the unit with a similar caseload.

Since then, the gun homicide rate has gone down 49%.

Despite national attention to the issue of firearm violence, most Americans are unaware that gun crime is lower today than it was two decades ago. According to a new Pew Research Center survey, today 56% of Americans believe gun crime is higher than 20 years ago and only 12% think it is lower.

With that in mind, a brave criminologist dares to speak the truth.  From, of all places, USAToday.com:

James Alan Fox: Umpqua shooting – a tragedy, not a trend

Another mass shooting sears deep into our collective consciousness, but it is hype and hysteria on the rise, not violence.

by James Alan Fox

Another mass shooting sears deep into the collective consciousness of the American people. Another school — this time a community college in an otherwise peaceful town in rural Oregon — is devastated by a young man taking aim at students trapped in classrooms. Nine are murdered, and many others wounded, before the gunman is killed in a shootout with the police.

Within a few hours, President Obama appeared before the camera, reinforcing the notion that America is under siege. “Somehow this has become routine,” noted Obama with obvious emotion. “The reporting is routine.”

Mr Fox writes with insight and truth:

Although the sense of urgency may be overstated, Obama is certainly correct about the almost formulaic media response. The Oregon shooting had countless news outlets flooding the airwaves and the Internet with questionable statistics on the incidence of mass shootings along with sidebar listings of the deadliest shooting sprees in U.S. history. In the usual rush to offer up some breaking information, news reports were embellished with unconfirmed details about the massacre and the assailant that did little but fuel a contagion of fear.

It is this PSH (Pants-Shitting Hysteria) — ginned up by Leftists — which has a distinct purpose.

Further adding to the state of alarm and confusion, headlines featured scary yet conflicting statistics from various sources. By reducing the standard threshold in defining a mass shooting (four or more killed by gunfire, not including the perpetrator), the incidence can reach incredible proportions. For example, the “Mass Shooting Tracker” website redefines a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people (including the assailant) are shot, but not necessarily killed. By this criterion, there have been nearly 300 thus far this year.

Mr Fox nails the truth in his final paragraph.

According to a careful analysis of data on mass shootings (using the widely accepted definition of at least four killed), the Congressional Research Service found that there are, on average, just over 20 incidents annually. More important, the increase in cases, if there was one at all, is negligible. Indeed, the only genuine increase is in hype and hysteria.

With all that, why the Leftist emphasis on gun control?  To what point or end?  There is only one conclusion to draw.

In fact, the New York Daily News demands that the US State Department categorize the NRA as a terrorist organization:

On October 3–two days after a gunman killed 10 at the gun free facilities on the Umpqua Community College campus–the New York Daily News called for the U.S. State Department to designate the National Rifle Association (NRA) a “terrorist organization.”

They based this request on their belief that national security faces a greater threat from armed citizens than from “foreign terrorists,” and they singled out the NRA as the bulwark preserving citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. They suggested, “The NRA should take its rightful place on the State Department list of terrorist organizations, because its influence is more of an immediate threat to the lives of our citizens than foreign terrorists.”

Does that mean that blacks, no matter where they are in the US, are also part of a “terrorist organization”?  That would only be fair.  Because this past weekend in Chicago:

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) – At least eight people have been wounded in shootings across the city since Friday night.

Simultaneously, again in Chicago, as Texas Fred so cogently points out:

Nearly 75 people reportedly overdosed on dangerous narcotics, possibly heroin laced with painkiller fentanyl, in Chicago over a three-day span, according to city health and fire officials.

Just one city.  Just one weekend.  No mention of this by the American Media Maggots.  No mention of this by our Racist In Chief.  There is only one conclusion to draw.

Of course, this is insanity writ large for that Leftist Dogma media outlet to .  For one, the NRA would have to be “state sponsored” to qualify.

No mention is made that the children, teachers, and students shot in schools were shot in gun free zones by gunmen who knew their victims could not return fire. Moreover, no utterance given to the fact that the NRA was a leading voice in calling for a change in the gun free policies following the heinous attack on Sandy Hook–they wanted laws changed so teachers could quit begging for their lives and start keeping a gun close at hand with which to defend their lives and the lives of their students.

Why no consideration for the obvious immediate solution?  There is only one conclusion to draw.  If the school shootings stop, the best leverage Democrats and the American Media Maggots have to pass gun control vanishes.  Poof.

Second Amendment School SignTherefore, students and teachers cannot be allowed to defend themselves.  Let the bodies hit the floor.  Because the mental defectives are still out there.

Whites (except this past shooter who was of a mixed-race, white/black, from the UK — who CNN is portraying as white) involved in shootings need to be classified as terrorists.  Blacks involved in a continuing series of non-stop killings of blacks in large Demorat-controlled cities are not.  They’re not mentioned.  It’s as if the fact that Chicago is having its deadliest murder month in over a decade — well, that just doesn’t exist.  Yes.  59 murders of blacks by blacks in one month.

I do not see Mr Obama or any Leftist or Demorat pointing fingers at blacks for shooting blacks, children and infants.  I don’t see any mention of this at all.

Then there is the issue of mental defectives.

Unfortunately, Reagan brought the issue of shutting down the bulk of mental hospitals in California to the forefront; he began diverting funding. The trend continued because Leftists believed each “sanitarium” was a cesspool of horror. The bottom line is that when you remove these institutions, the mentally defective live on the streets, commit crimes, and stay with their parents or isolate themselves, often refusing to take medications or remaining entirely unprescribed.

And here’s the nasty fact no one wants to address: left to themselves, absent firearms, they would resort to vehicles to kill others, clubs, rocks, knives, machetes, crossbows, garrotes, acids and the like. Because they are mentally defective.

Many of these people are only treated in jails and prisons because they have already offended. As there was little available for them on the street. And trust me, mental treatment in jail is barely plugging a huge hole in the hull. The ship is still sinking.

Some of these people will never be “brought back.” Some of these people are not even remotely treatable. But because we, societally, have determined that we won’t warehouse those who really shouldn’t walk the streets, they walk the streets. They live with their parents, with family members who may be afraid of them themselves.

The firearm is just a TOOL. Remove that one TOOL from the toolbelt of the mentally unhinged and defective, they will find ANOTHER tool to replace it of equal or higher offense.

But the issue becomes the tool, not the organic human being.

There is only one conclusion to draw.

Leftists, Obama and Demorats wish to completely disarm the citizens of the United States of America.

So what’s the next step?

An Obama Executive Order.  Gun control by fiat.