Note to Speaker Paul Ryan: ____ YOU

Paul Ryan That's Not Who We AreYou are dead to me.  The GOP establishment is dead to me.

I am sorry I had to create such a vulgar title for this post, but I am done.

Ladies and gentlemen, the GOP are working hand-in-hand with Leftists to bring down this nation.


Paul Ryan Tells Sean Hannity He Will Not Support Any Cuts To Muslim Immigration: ‘That’s Not Who We Are’

by Julia Hahn

House Speaker Paul Ryan is ruling out making any cuts to Muslim immigration.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Ryan declared that considering an applicant’s religion would not be “appropriate” and would be fundamentally un-American— insisting “that’s not who we are.”

“Un-American,” Speaker Ryan?  Because I and others like me are concerned for the safety of our families, our children, our future?  Because we don’t want what is occurring to Europe — tearing its culture apart — to occur on our soil?

That makes me “un-American” Speaker Ryan?

“Well, first of all, I don’t think a religious test is appropriate. That’s not who we are,” said Ryan.

By declaring that it would not be “proper” or “appropriate” for the United States to consider the religion of a visa applicant— or whether the applicant supports Sharia law or Muslim theocracy— Ryan is effectively suggesting that the United States should not be allowed to select whom we admit based on likelihood of assimilation.

Mr Ryan, goodbye to you sir.  You are an intelligent man, you have vast budgetary skills, but I now question every decision you make because it is clear that political correctness is primary in your thinking.

And I am “un-American.”

After serving my various communities and country by working in law enforcement for 41 years, sacrificing one marriage, working all shifts, working holidays, having very little of what most persons would call a “normal life” during my working years (as I am now retired) — after all that sacrifice, obeying all the rules, being a good citizen, paying copious amounts of taxes — I am now “un-American.”

Mr Obama has stated that, by September, he will bring 10,000 Syrian “refugees” into the US under his resettlement plan.  So far, 2265 have been admitted according to State Department statistics.

On Monday of this week, 225 Syrian “refugees” were admitted into the US by the State Department.  That is a record for single day admits.  The standard rate is roughly 10 per day.  Under Mr Obama’s plan, the vetting isn’t occurring fast enough.  So, of course, you know that corners will be cut because of the political push from DC.  FBI Director James Comey has already said that there are no real elements in place in order to properly and safely vet Syrian “refugees,” yet here we are.

Let’s also examine the State Department’s own statistics.  Of those almost 2,300 Syrian “refugees” admitted, 2,200 are Sunni Muslim, 27 are unspecified Muslim, 17 are Shiite Muslim and 4 are Christian.  You are already setting up another conflict within our borders of Sunni vs Shiite.

Where are these “refugees” going to find jobs?  Actual Americans are having one helluva time trying to find jobs due to the regulations that DC is placing upon businesses with the minimum wage issue, ObamaKare, overtime pay and taxes.

Who is going to pay for these extra mouths to feed and house?  Local governments are already stretched.  Look at Europe.  Do we learn nothing from Europe?  Can we not see what the Muslim hordes have done to Europe, to most every country in the EU?  Can we not see that

WHY is this a priority for the Obama Administration now?  Why aren’t we putting the safety and security of Americans first?  It would appear to me, for example, that we have enough illegal Mexicans burning the US flag and waving Mexican flags.

Paul Ryan, there is NO “right” to emigrate to the United States.  It is our country,  We get to choose who comes in.  We get to choose.

Breitbart summarizes:

Regardless, every year, under Ryan’s vision the United States can expect to continue to bring in two Muslim migrants for every one Iowa Republican primary voter. According to Pew, by 2040, the United States’ Muslim population is expected to surpass the nation’s Jewish population. It is unlikely that the Muslim migrants brought in under the nation’s current federal policy will support Ryan’s limited government platform as only 11% of U.S. Muslim, according to Pew, are Republican or lean-Republican. Ryan’s continued support for the visa gusher, however, is consistent with his past statements on the matter.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, read the entire article in order to understand just precisely why it is that I am incensed.

This is a clash of cultures, no more, no less.