Hello and goodbye to Art Bell


Art Bell's Dark MatterI used to listen to Art Bell (now 68) when I worked graves in Patrol, or occasionally to and from work on other shifts.  He primarily left terrestrial radio in 2007.

Now, Art Bell has returned with his show “Dark Matter” — one week ago — and is now only heard on Sirius XM radio.

Art Bell’s website indicates he broadcasts Monday through Thursday, starting at 7 PM Pacific.

Seeing that, I thought it would be a simple matter of visiting Mr Bell’s website and clicking on some kind of streaming audio link.

Not hardly.  Here is where the website indicates you should — can only — listen to Art Bell.

First, disabuse yourself of any of that “free” stuff.  You’ll not be listening over the internet — unless you wish to either purchase one of three Sirius radios from $57 to $80 (plus subscription), or specifically, from his website:

These are 2 ways to listen to Art Bell on SiriusXM radio, with a Satellite radio receiver, or on your computer or mobile device via the Internet, or both. Either one will also allow you to listen to many other SiriusXM channels. So the cost of a monthly subscription is spread across many other potential programming choices. The cheaper $14.49 a month “Select” subscription will include the channel Art Bell is broadcasting on, among others.

You want to listen to Art Bell?  At minimum, it’s $14.49 per month.  That’s $174 a year.

And so, with that, I say hello to Art Bell.

More pointedly, I say, goodbye to Art Bell.

You ain’t worth that much.