Leftists run the platforms

But they don’t run me.

I am sorry to hear of this.

Today, however, it’s what you get when you are Conservative or have a message that pushes back against Leftist norms in any fashion whatsoever.

The translation is this: Leftists run media. Realize it. Process it. Understand its ramifications — and they are multiple. In many ways this was an absolutely brilliant strategy not unlike fire stations vs police stations.

Those who know this paradigm will know of what I speak. The preternatural brilliance thereof.

They are in the process of harshing the mediums, but they cannot eliminate the messages. It will turn out that Marshall McLuhan was egregiously wrong, not just a tad bit wrong.

Even the typesetters fucked things up. How’s that for Chance Theory?

Is McLuhan right? Where is the emPHAsis now? Why is it important or is it important?

I think you know the answer.

But what occurs when a particular mindset controls not only all the messages.  .  .

But the mediums as well?

I submit: it’s time for conflagration.



Unbridled and rampant US media bias

Keep this video; you’re going to want to reference it in the future. It’s the video I wish I had made in which the widespread abuses of power and privilege are immured for all to see.

Eight minutes. Please watch it all.

I’d say that Paul Watson has pretty much summarized the American Media Maggots, the Demorats, Leftists and Progressives in one video. God bless cameras and recorders.

Couldn’t have done it better myself.