BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, Tuesday, August 1st, 2017, with guests Dan Butcher and Kari Baxter Donovan

Broadcasting behind enemy lines in Occupied Fornicalia from the Belly of the Beast, the Bill Mill in Sacramento, Fornicalia, I proffer my thanks to the SHR Media Network for allowing me to broadcast in their studio and over their air twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as appear on the Sack Heads Radio Show™ each Wednesday evening.

Fig. 1: Dan Butcher.

For the first half hour we spoke to Dan Butcher, media owner, mogul extraordinaire, who is bringing his radio show back again on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays, produced by SHR Media, 10 PM Central, 11 PM Eastern, 8 PM Pacific. However, High Plains Talk Radio is shutting down as is High Plains TV. Some shows will be funneled over to the SHR Media Network so that they may continue. Go to to catch more of Dan Butcher — and this Friday may be a full two hours of open lines with Dan!

Fig. 2: Kari Baxter Donovan.

For the next hour-and-a-half we carried on with Kari Baxter Donovan, the East Coast Political Goddess, and became informed on all things political in the east and northeast.

Please note: I didn’t play one audio cut Tuesday night — there was just great talk — and had the time of my life with Dan and Kari!

Tonight in the Saloon:

  • Dan Butcher and BZ talk intro music;
  • Space invaders: when people talk to you 8″ from your face;
  • Fornicalia wants to secede from the union; it needs 585,000 signatures for ballot;
  • The show turned to Texas, then became Texas Talk, Rattler Talk and Snake Talk;
  • Texans are unique; they are proud of their state like most no other state;
  • The chatroom rocked and rolled during the entire show, my thanks to you all!
  • Rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, water moccasins, bull snakes that actually eat bulls;
  • Dan responds to the Sally Hernandez throwdown; the Leftists may be coming;
  • Loved it when Texas Governor Rick Perry poached businesses from California;
  • Kari Baxter Donovan weighed in with her articles;
  • Particularly the situation involving triple-amputee & his lack of medical care;
  • It was a great show; you can’t pass this one up, folks!

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Remember, this Thursday’s show will feature our extraordinarily illuminating guest, the Underground Professor, Constitutional scholar Dr Michael Jones.

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