BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, Tuesday, November 7th, 2017: Electoral College Special with Dr Michael Jones

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I called this show the Electoral College Special because The Underground Professor, Dr Michael Jones himself (his BlogTalk Radio page is here), was sufficiently kind to devote 1.5 hours on the show to explain, in depth, the reasons behind the Electoral College, its history, its elements and its fundamental fairness.

The show was the result, in essence, of commenters to this blog post about Leftists and Hillary Clinton wishing to eliminate the Electoral College wholesale because, after all, it didn’t suit them with regard to Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.

It seemed to suit them just fine, however, under Barack Hussein Obama, when he took the Electoral College in 2008 with 365 electoral votes and again in 2012 with 332 electoral votes. How odd.

As clearly illustrated by the photograph, Dr Jones and I are brothers from another mother. As was once emphasized to me, I am not overweight, I am merely undertall. Dr Jones received the height in the family, quite sadly. Or I was raised on Jupiter.

Tonight in the Saloon:

  • Angel is the bartendress and she pours with the best of ’em;
  • It’s finally cold in Sacratomato, Fornicalia; an inch of rain and 60-degrees in Tejas;
  • Texas has its own electrical grid, independent from the rest of the United States;
  • Texas has the bulk of refinery capacity in the US on the Chemical Coast;
  • Trump wants to build a wall; most Texans think the wall should be along Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico; they can wait and then buy the US back 10¢ on $1;
  • Where are the coolest places in Texas? The panhandle;
  • Dr Jones thinks Texas should reclaim Imperial Texas before James Polk took all the land from Texas; Texas sold land to the US and originally covered Colorado and Wyoming;
  • We learn about Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is the best;
  • A reminder of the separation of powers; we have a Constitutionally-federated Republic;
  • The Sovereign are an emotional group to be swayed by events, so the separation of powers occurred and a limitation of the powers of the Sovereign;
  • Senators are now de facto supernumeraries of the state;
  • The Electoral College limits the Sovereign and spreads out our power;
  • The first thing we should fear is too much power, even if it is “ourselves;”
  • We transitioned over to VA issues; the government is not our god;
  • Dr Jones speculates: under the Obama Admin the VA was ordered not to comply with reporting laws in re veterans, to create fear and chaos and then the loss of rights and freedoms; “the people” will then beg for and demand “protection;”
  • We learn that the VA asks questions about alcohol, drugs and guns;
  • “They’re trying to peg vets as PTSD and enable firearm removal;”
  • Dr Jones admits he has to “cut back on the porn;”
  • The VA is assigning a clerk to control & “help” elder veterans “pay their bills;”
  • We find: the VA demands you vacate your rights to benefits or comply;
  • Could you not consider elder abuse in terms of the VA’s treatment of its elderly veterans and demands placed upon them?
  • Do you want to continue your benefits? You must continue to take orders;
  • Is the VA picking on WWII vets because they cannot defend themselves?
  • MindWorm: anaconda; MindWorm: Dr Michael Jones;
  • People piling up in coastal cities do in fact have more power than others in presidential elections;
  • Demography does in fact have a serious impact on votes and politics;
  • Future of the Electoral College? It’s doomed;
  • Ultimate goal? The peaceful transformation of government from one administration to the next;
  • You cannot put the genie back in the bottle; the demography has been so ultimately changed and purposefully so;
  • The Demorats want to be elected in perpetuity;
  • “Wonky” is in fact a technical term when you lose internet;
  • ESPN is bleeding MORE employees, dollars and advertisers;
  • And much more buttery political goodness;
  • More to come; please listen, watch, and partake of the chat room.

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