“I could never handle crosswinds,” Pt II

Just as last week I featured a series of harrowing crosswind landings of commercial aircraft at Dusseldorf Airport in Deutschland, here I present something quite equally harrowing for the five hundred persons inside that thin aluminum tube.

The crosswind landing of an Emirates Airbus A380-800 at, again, Dusseldorf.

Remember folks, the pilot in an A380 doesn’t have the advantage of a yoke to grasp as on a Boeing; he’s holding your life in his left hand via a side joystick.  Even worse if he’s right-handed.  Plus, the pilot landed late on a soaked runway, hence the clouds of mist from the thrust reversers.



Where is the airport?

Paro Bhutan Airport Landing, Cockpit Interior

Video from the interior of an Airbus A319, the craft is going to land at Paro, Bhutan.  Early in the video you can see the Jeppesen chart for Paro clipped to the window ledge of the pilot.  Final approach includes a very low hard right, then an even lower hard left.  All planes must perform a 180-degree pivot at the end of the runway to acquire the terminal.

My question early on: where is the airport?