Before you don that costume

Halloween CartoonPlease be mindful of what your Halloween costume may mean to others, and how it may possibly offend people.

That’s the message this Halloween.

Halloween Costume OffensiveFrom

College posts contact info of 5 officials standing by to tell students if their costume’s offensive

by Deion Kathawa

Think your Halloween costume might be culturally insensitive?

If you’re a student at State University of New York at Geneseo, all you’d have to do is email or call the no less than FIVE campus officials whose phone numbers and email addresses have been hung around campus on posters titled “Halloween checklist: Is Your Costume Offensive? Check yourself and check your friends.”

Frankly, if you’re even remotely concerned, this says more about you than anything else ever could.

“Unsure if your costume might be offensive,” the poster asks. “Don’t be scared to ask questions.”

Students can call for approval of their Halloween costumes, fulfilling their social justice quota for the day, before they go out and get so drunk that not a single person will either remember or care whether or not their “Pochahottie” getup furthered the systemic marginalization of Native Americans.

The campus seems keen on grooming Orwellian 1984-style Thought Police informants, ready to sell out their friends for a feel-good confession to Big Brother.

Ain’t that what’s so grand about colleges and universities these days, boys and girls?

A few scant notes from BZ:

  1. Real men and women don’t give a fuck if their costumes are “culturally insensitive”
  2. Colleges are now populated by hordes of male pussies and domineering women
  3. See #1 and #2 above

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