Who is violent? The Left, of course

A gentle, loving reminder.

And yes, there was violence on both sides in Charlottesville. You would be blind not to see it.



The Trump Derangement Syndrome of John Lewis

Representative John Lewis (D-GA), believes that Trump is an illegitimate president-elect, despite the election, despite the electoral college, and despite Vice President Joe Biden’s declaration that the election is over and Donald Trump won.

From the WashingtonPost.com:

John Lewis doesn’t think Donald Trump is a legitimate president

by Aaron Blake

For the first time, a leading Democrat has called into question Donald Trump’s legitimacy as president.

Rep. John Lewis, a Democratic congressman from Georgia and civil-rights icon, told NBC’s Chuck Todd in an interview for Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that he believes Russia’s alleged hacking aimed at helping Trump in the 2016 race makes Trump an illegitimate president.

Asked whether he would forge a relationship with President-elect Trump, Lewis said, “It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president.”

He added: “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.” Lewis called it a “conspiracy” and added: “That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not the open democratic process.”

TDS doesn’t stop there. Former press secretary for Hillary Clinton, Brian Fallon, in an interview with CNN, also said Trump isn’t legitimate.

“Every day there are new developments, new shoes dropping so to speak that call into question the legitimacy of his win.”

Just as Obama has defecated on America in his last days, the Demorats and Leftists are leaving as many of their own proverbial land mines in the way of Donald Trump quite purposefully.

The conflict will not diminish. Demorats are seeing to that.

Note to the GOP: you’d best get your arses together and support Trump’s work.

Having Paul Ryan say on Friday that Trump’s lobbying ban is “dangerous” tells me that he too has sloshed down too much of the DC fruity juice.

Be very careful, Paul Ryan and the GOP.



Guess who may be coming to dinner?

JOE BIDEN to Run for PresidentYes, our favorite sayer of malaprops and other verbal gaffes and goodies.

Last night’s (Thursday) debate has the DNC scared for Hillary Clinton.

So, with that and following a new poll showing Hillary Clinton taking a serious nosedive, Bill Bartmann (he runs an Oklahoma financial services company), the creator of “Draft Biden,” sent out an email to Demorats saying:

I would urge all of you to join me in ‘keeping our powder dry’ until we see if for the good of the party and the country we should resurrect the Draft Biden movement.  We cannot afford to lose the White House.

Hold your horses right there buddy.

This could change things.

If it turns out Hillary is not The One for the Demorats, the political gloves may in fact be off.  Should she replay 2008 and is no longer in favor, just think:. when the political prairie winds turn, might the DOJ truly begin to consider accepting the recommendation of an indictment from Director Comey’s FBI?  Will Obama kick her to the curb?  There is no love lost, you know, between the Obamas and the Clintons.

Just asking a question.



Biden says no

Joe Biden Pointing AgainAnd I must say, I am surprised.

I had thought he would run.

From AP.org:

VP Joe Biden says he will not run for president in 2016

by Josh Lederman

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden will not run for president in 2016, he said Wednesday, ending a months-long flirtation with a third White House campaign and setting him on a glide path toward the end of his decades-long political career.

Biden’s decision finalizes the Democratic field of White House candidates and bolsters Hillary Rodham Clinton’s standing as the front-runner by sparing her a challenge from the popular vice president.

Yes, people were saying Biden couldn’t win.  People said Biden would proffer a treasure trove of “Bidenisms” and video that would be played endlessly, including that of Biden asking the man in the wheelchair to stand up for recognition.

The real reason I think Biden didn’t run?  Final consultation with Barack Hussein Obama.

Translated: the Hillary Factor.  If Biden were to step in, some elements fear the Hillary Scorched Earth Policy.  She would pull out some of the worst incidents and positions of the Obama Administration and use those against Biden to get elected.  She would attempt to distance herself from Obama and Biden.  She would reveal the Emperor as he is: naked and ImperialObama certainly cannot condone that or allow it to be illuminated.

Finally: I think it means Hillary won’t be indicted.  Reading between the lines, you see.

In a way, sad.  I would love to have seen the fireballs and thunderstorms.



Joe Biden is IN?

Joe Biden Pointing AgainLet’s run through the theories.

1 Joe Biden is IN

The most obvious theory for Biden running, even as late as this, is that Hillary Clinton is unelectable or may even face indictment of some sort for her involvement in the email scandal that she only brought upon herself.  This may source from some kind of “insider information” possessed by the DNC or the Spite House regarding Hillary’s future viability as a candidate.  They may know something the public does not.  Hillary has not one but two substantial albatrosses about her neck: Benghazi and her server.  Of the two, I’d wager the most likely negative outcome would be from the FBI email investigation.

Some people ask about the cash aspect.  But if Hillary is swept aside, the organization and funding once funneled to Hillary could be shuttled to Slow Joe from the DNC.  Joe Biden just might be the Spite House Plan B in all its hair-plugged fleshy splendor.  The support of Obama could make a huge monetary difference, as I suspect Joe wants to continue what Obama has already installed in place.  Or so Obama may believe.

A new CNN/ORC poll, in terms of Demorat presidential favorability, indicates that Joe Biden pulls 51%, Hillary 46%, Sanders 41%, O’Malley 14%, Webb 14% and Chafee 7%.

Additionally, most everyone knows there is no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas.  The blood is thick and turpid.  This naturally stems from Hillary running against Obama in 2008.  Apparently Hillary walked into the Spite House and asked for the dogs to Kabuki Theatrebe called off entirely.  They were not called off entirely.

That Obama spoke somewhat negatively about the FBI investigation was pure Kabuki Theater.  He did it to appease the Hillary contingent.

Hillary is much more of a Centrist.  She will bend to the prevailing Political Prairie Winds.  She learned that from Willie J.  What is Biden?  The VP.  Obama’s VP.

2 Joe Biden is OUT

Some analysts ask: what’s in it for Joe?  Some analysts say that it’s nothing more than a “Republican plot” to muddy the waters.  Yes, those insanely paranoid Leftist analysts.

The theory goes that Biden has run before and not done well.  And where is his financing right now?  His cash?  Some say the DNC knows Biden can’t pull a sufficient amount of cash at the last second.

Hillary GlassesFurther, it appears that Obama is doing his public best to try to shield Hillary Clinton, minimizing the importance of her emails.  This, of course, pissed off the FBI and Director James Comey, and it put him in a political jackpot.

It is said that Biden has been decked with the same dreck as Obama because of his position.  He is too closely aligned to Obama whereas Hillary is a bit further away, at least now.

Can Biden actually win?  Not many people think he can.  He will play for the Emotive Factor regarding his son Beau, and the deaths of wife and daughter he lost in 1972.  Yes, both tragedies.  But can emotions carry him to the White House over a Republican?  Some say Biden could win the Demorat nomination.  But he couldn’t win against the GOP.

And: just how Left is Joe Biden?  Can he run against a Bernie Sanders and cast aside the appeal of Sanders?  Because the Corporatist aspect of the DNC won’t allow Sanders to win.  He kills cash.  The DNC can’t afford their cash to be killed.  Biden needs to, therefore, win.  But can he, against Sanders?  It is theorized that Hillary can.

Then there are the many resplendent “Bidenisms” and the many hours of glorious YouTube material provided us over the years, including asking the crippled man in the wheelchair to stand up.  Ooopsie.

Then there is the Hillary Factor.  If Biden were to step in, some elements fear the Hillary Scorched Earth Policy.  She would pull out some of the worst incidents and positions of the Obama Administration and use those against Biden to get elected.  She would attempt to distance herself from Obama and Biden.  She would reveal the Emperor as he is: naked and ImperialObama certainly cannot condone that or allow it to be illuminated.

Plots, subplots and sub-subplots.

So what do you think?

Is Biden in or out?

I’ll take that bet.

Biden is in.

That’s how electable and huggly-snuggly is Hillary.