BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show, Tuesday, December 5th, with special guest Dan Butcher

Featuring Right thinking from a left brain, doing the job the American Media Maggots won’t, embracing ubiquitous, sagacious perspicacity and broadcasting behind enemy lines in Occupied Fornicalia from the veritable Belly of the Beast, the Bill Mill in Sacramento, Fornicalia, I continue to proffer my thanks to the SHR Media Network for allowing me to utilize their studio and hijack their air twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, thanks to my shameless contract, as well as appear on the Sack Heads Radio Show each Wednesday evening.

Dan Butcher, as he is wont to do, jumped into the Saloon with both feet for both hours and I was happy to have him. Tuesdays with Dan are something I enjoy remarkably.

Our topics included:

  • It’s Weather Chat with Dan and BZ;
  • Snow in Texas? Are you kidding me?
  • Wildfire burns in Ventura County, 50,000 acres burned, I-5 closed at Santa Clarita;
  • Millennials, 18-to-29, now the biggest voting group in US — are 2-to-1 Demorat;
  • Millennials more inclined to give away personal freedoms than GenZ’rs;
  • Disney to purchase Fox company;
  • Dan Butcher: Breitbart news to snap up Fox News if Disney takes the movie side?
  • Mercury Arts and Mark Levin?
  • Officer Ken Copeland of the San Marcos PD, Texas, killed during warrant service;
  • The Ferguson Effect, and the impact on law enforcement by Barack Obama;
  • The “not guilty of murder” verdict on Kate Steinle’s murder trial;
  • Homeless vet given funeral by high school kids;
  • The movie “Wonder” is in fact wonderful;
  • “Movie Talk” with Dan and BZ;
  • US will recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital;
  • What do we do with North Korea as we stand on the precipice of war?
  • Lindsay Graham to Americans in South Korea: get out;
  • Russia sends fuel to North Korea;
  • Your [White] DNA is an abomination; Rudy Martinez is an abject racist;
  • SCOTUS examines the gay/baker case;
  • Thanks to Dan Butcher for a great evening of radio!

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Kenny Baker, R2D2, passes at age 81

Kenny Baker As R2D2For those of us of a certain age, who first saw Star Wars introduced to us by way of a long, scrolling explanation at the beginning of the film followed by the seemingly unending bottom of a massive space ship, another era ends for us.

The man who was the character R2D2 from the Star Wars films, Kenny Baker, has passed in England at the age of 81.


Kenny Baker, Star Wars R2-D2 actor, dies aged 81

Baker made his name as the robot in the first Star Wars film in 1977 alongside Anthony Daniels’s C-3PO character.

Star Wars creator George Lucas paid tribute to a “real gentleman” and Mark Hamill – Luke Skywalker in the films – said he had lost “a lifelong friend”.

Born in Birmingham, Baker’s other films include Time Bandits and Flash Gordon.

After starring in the original Star Wars film he went on to appear in the sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and the three prequels between 1999 and 2005.

He later appeared at Star Wars fan conventions across the world.

Baker’s agent Johnny Mans said the actor had been ill for a couple of years.

He said: “Kenny was truly a great friend, one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet, and a fabulous and talented performer.”

Mans described him as “a one-off” saying he would “never forget the laughs we shared over the years”.

“He will be sadly missed,” he added.

Indeed he will because, as R2D2, that character will always be remembered, as with the humanity that Kenny Baker brought to the role.

Baker’s nephew, Drew Myerscough, said he had cared for Baker for “eight or nine years” after he developed respiratory problems.

He said his uncle, who lived in Preston, had a passion for wildlife documentaries and had “a liking for lasagne”.

“He was just a normal, down-to-earth, regular guy that enjoyed life,” he told the BBC.

He said the pair “rarely” discussed Star Wars, but added: “His fans worldwide kept him going and he loved nothing more than going to conventions and meeting everybody – it really gave him that extra lease of life.”

Go with God, Kenny Baker.  You brought joy to, literally, millions.