Amnesty to American murderers


Islam -- Religion of PeaceYou read that title correctly.

Plus, the US is going to purposely provide amnesty to Syrian “refugees” — but it’s only going to be “temporary.”

When have you ever known any federal government program to be temporary?

From the

DHS grants Syrians temporary amnesty

by Stephen Dinan

Homeland Security granted a new temporary amnesty Monday to more than 8,000 Syrians living in the U.S. right now, saying they can remain for up to 18 months longer no matter what their legal status.

Secretary Jeh Johnson issued “temporary protected status” to Syrians, saying that if they are in the U.S. as of Monday and continue to reside here permanently, they can apply for work permits and other documents to remain and live in the U.S. without fear of being ousted.

His order applies to some 5,800 Syrians who were granted status under a 2012 TPS program, and 2,500 new arrivals who don’t have a more permanent status here.

“Syria’s lengthy civil conflict has resulted in high levels of food insecurity, limited access to water and medical care, and massive destruction of Syria’s infrastructure. Attacks against civilians, the use of chemical weapons and irregular warfare tactics, as well as forced conscription and use of child soldiers have intensified the humanitarian crisis,” Mr. Johnson said in announcing the new program.

Those eligible for TPS include any Syrian illegal immigrants who have managed to sneak into or remain in the U.S. beyond their visa expirations over the past four years.

ISIS, of course, remains committed to inserting itself into Syrian “refugees” everywhere in order to inculcate itself into the local populations.  Their motives are not what one would call beneficial to the populations affected.

Perhaps the Obama Administration and good old Jeh (is that pronounced “je”?) Johnson might want to read a bit of their own Leftist American Media Maggot press — such as Newsweek — where it illustrates how and why ISIS infiltrates the Syrian “refugee” masses.

The additional truth you won’t read in the AMM is that a full third of Syrian “refugees” are ISIS sympathizers, and 13% support ISIS.

Also squashed by the AMM is the salient fact that, already in the United States, a majority of Muslims — 51% — favor Sharia Law over any other form of law to include state and federal.

51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia; 60% of young Muslims more loyal to Islam than to U.S.

Let’s also read from the

Merkel on the ropes: Thousands of German protesters take to the streets saying she ‘Must Go’ and a key coalition ally withdraws support to open-door immigration policy after terror attacks

by James Dunn

  • Thousands to gather in towns and cities across Germany today at 3pm
  • They are calling for her resignation over open door immigration policy
  • Comes after four brutal attacks leaving nearly a dozen dead in one week
  • Three of the attackers were among 1.1million who entered as refugees 

Merkel’s premiership is hanging by a thread today as thousands gathered to call for her resignation while a key political ally dramatically withdrew his support over immigration policy. 

More than 5,000 protested in Berlin and thousands more throughout Germany over the ‘open-door’ policy that many have blamed for four brutal terrorist attacks that left 13 dead over the last month.

The Chancellor faced a fresh wave of fury after it emerged that two recent terror attacks and a third killing were carried out by men who entered the country as refugees.

The UK’s Brexit was, yes, a statement about economic rules and regulations, but it was also a statement made by the populace that they recognize they have lost control over their sovereignty, their dignity, their destiny, and their culture.  Those who voted for Brexit had had enough of Cameron, Merkel and their ilk, and drew the line at seeing their cities and towns turned from that of UK history and pride to that of Muslim sinkholes.  They were tired of their own culture held beneath that of Islam and the political fear that was concomitant.

Despite these figures and despite the fact that Europe is recoiling and reeling from mass importation of Muslims — and the Brexit — the US continues to learn nothing from recent history much less that of any greater length.

So what does this have to do with the title of my post?  After all, isn’t that just a bit cruel and over-the-top?

Not at all, ladies and gentlemen.  I submit that the US has a sufficient problem with the Muslims already extant; witness the recent events in Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga.  Go here for the rather lengthy list of Muslims killing citizens in the US.

It’s no wonder Germans are protesting the Muslim invasion — and make no mistake, it is in fact a Muslim invasion aided and abetted by Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, as she doubles down on stupid and dangerous.  From

Angela Merkel defends Germany’s refugee policy after attacks

Angela Merkel has delivered a staunch defence of her open-door policy towards refugees, insisting she feels no guilt over a series of violent attacks in Germany and was right to allow hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees to arrive last summer.

“A rejection of the humanitarian stance we took could have led to even worse consequences,” the German chancellor said, adding that the assailants “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.”

You and a few others may reject the limitation of the purposeful importation of more and more Muslim “refugees” into your country there by dint of extension, all of Europe — but there are many who are tired of your willingness to let whatever guilt exists in your steaming brain, Angela Merkel,  There is already a move afoot to impeach Merkel.

What the title of my post means is this: these are the future murderers of American citizens on behalf of and in the name of Islam.

It’s clear Obama and Merkel have the same goals in mind — a flooding of their countries with Muslim immigrants — but for different reasons.  And it is only the Atlantic Ocean keeping Mr Obama from completely duplicating the efforts of Merkel here in the United States.  No matter, the outcomes will be identical.  They will both be responsible for the murder of their own sovereign citizens at the hands of Muslims.

I can only think of one word at this point: treasonous.



Brexit: Islam says NO, they LIKE the UK malleable

Islam and LeftistsFrom

EXCLUSIVE: Notorious Anjem Choudary Backs ‘Remain’ – Says EU Courts Are Softer On His Islamist Friends

by Liam Deacon and Raheem Kassam

British hate preacher Anjem Choudary – who is currently facing charges of supporting Islamic State – has told Breitbart London that he thinks the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union (EU).

“If you want my view on it, I think Britain will be worse off,” Mr. Choudary (pictured above) told Breitbart London.

“I think that [leaving the EU] is something that is probably not in our advantage from a Muslim perspective,” he added.

For shame that the UK would consider something not to the advantage of Islam.

He has praised 9/11 terrorists as “magnificent martyrs”, wants to see “Sharia dominate the world”, the “flag of Sharia” fly over Parliament, and advocates a so-called caliphate. He said of the EU:

“With all the security implications, you know, while the rest of the world is trying to unite together with common purpose, this is not the time from a security perspective to be isolating.

He also stressed that “it is not allowed” for Muslims to participate or vote in the referendum, as sovereignty ultimately belongs to Allah rather that the EU, UK or any earthly government.

“When one takes a vote one is legislating one way or another, and we don’t believe that legislation is for human beings to make. As Muslims, we just implement the divine laws, not decide what they should be,” he said.

And if that isn’t sufficient reinforcement for breaking the EU back into its own original component parts, I don’t know what is.



The Dalai Lama is correct

Dalai LamaFrom

Dalai Lama Warns Against Taking Too Many Migrants, Arab Domination: ‘Migrants Should Return’

by Raheem Kassam

The Dalai Lama has said there are too many migrants pouring into Europe, warning against the continent becoming Arabised, and claiming the solution is the eventual repatriation of migrants.

Agence France-Presse has reported that the leader of Tibetan Buddhism said: “When we look at the face of each refugee, but especially those of the children and women, we feel their suffering, and a human being who has a better situation in life has the responsibility to help them.

“But on the other hand, there are too many at the moment… Europe, Germany in particular, cannot become an Arab country, Germany is Germany”.

“There are so many that in practice it becomes difficult.”

The Dalai Lama added that “from a moral point of view too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily”.

Even the Dalai Lama knows that every country has a right to its own sovereignty, to self determination, to its own borders and culture.

He is completely correct when he says:

“The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.”

‘Taking in a few thousand refugees is wonderful but in the meantime you have to think about a long term solution too – through development and education in these Muslim countries.”

Now, if we could only convince Mr Obama here in the US, and the GOWPs of Europe.



Yes, I know Cassius Clay died.  Not important to me.


Europe: lock the border, it’s LESS EXPENSIVE

Syrian Refugees In Greece, Port of LesbosWait!


As documented in

Study: Border Controls Cheaper Than Mass Immigration

by Nick Hallett

Restoring full passport and security checks between European Union (EU) nations would be more cost effective than allowing the migrant crisis to continue indefinitely, a German economic institute has said.

Stop right there.

Isn’t that an excellent argument for the dissolution of the European Union itself?

The Munich-based Ifo institute said the reinstating border controls could reduce the EU’s economic output by 0.19 to 0.47 per cent each year, equivalent to €26.65 to €65.8 billion.

However, Gabriel Felbermayr, head of Ifo, said that these costs would be “just a small part of the amount that would be caused by uncontrolled mass immigration.”

One of the countries that has been worst affected by the ongoing migrant crisis is Sweden, which will likely need to spend around 600 billion kroner to fund last year’s immigration levels.

Stockholm University Associate Professor Jan Tullberg factored in the costs of extra policing and higher benefits along with the immediate costs of receiving so many migrants, and found that the Swedish state will have to spend some 580 billion kroner (£48.3 billion) on these new Swedes from now until the time they either leave the country or die.

Europeans are on a cusp.

A cusp of doom.  On the cusp of whether or not their culture will survive an inundation by other cultures who will 1) not assimilate and 2) have radically different values.


On that same note, in the US, from Pew Research Center polls taken March 17th – 27th of this year:

FAVOR THE WALL          34%


FAVOR THE WALL          63%


FAVOR THE WALL          13%

A wall on our border with Mexico would save hundreds of lives, perhaps even thousands of lives, here in the US and Mexico.

It would save lives in the US by keeping illegals from murdering lawful American citizens.

It would save lives in Mexico by keeping coyotes from taking advantage of those persons crossing who are murdered and, by those attempting to cross who are unprepared.

That doesn’t even take into account the drug trafficking. And the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of American lives ruined because of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin manufactured and then transported by the Mexican cartels in to the US.

Israel built the wall between itself and the “Palestinian Authority” and it works.

But now we’re not much interested in that?

Can we learn from Europe?

Will we learn from Europe?



EU on the brink of migration collapse

Syrian Refugees In Greece, Port of Lesbos

Syrian refugees, Port of Lesbos, Greece.

The EU, European Union, is on the brink of total collapse and chaos.

So says the migration commissioner.


Ten days to save EU migration system: commissioner

Brussels (AFP) – The EU has until a March 7 summit with Turkey to curb the number of migrants coming to Europe or else the bloc’s migration system might “completely break down”, migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said Thursday.

“In the next 10 days, we need tangible and clear results on the ground. Otherwise there is a risk that the whole system will completely break down,” Avramopoulos told a press conference after interior ministers dealing with the crisis met in Brussels.

Syrian Refugee Migration SURGE MAPBut who will listen?

Will the GOWPs of the EU listen?

Is UK Prime Minister David Cameron listening?  He thinks Britain needs very much to remain in the EU.

At odds with Cameron is Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London — who thinks a Brexit is just what the doctor ordered.

The migration crisis is just one aspect of the UK’s problems, but it’s not just a United Kingdom problem but a German problem, a Greek problem, an Italian problem and overall a European Union problem.

Advanced, mostly, by Deutschland’s Angela Merkel — who opened her guilty WWII GOWP arms to the flood of Syrians which then, by extension, meant everyone else from North Africa and parts farther.

Ten day, then.  What could happen in ten days?

A breakdown.  A complete and utter breakdown — think Cloward-Piven Strategy — of the western European system on most every level you can imagine.  Fiscal, societal, physical, you name it.

And so when the EU system breaks, what else tends to break?

That’s right, the markets.  EU markets, Japanese markets and of course the US stock market.

Buckle up.