UK police run from Muslims

This is likely one of the most embarrassing videos I’ve seen in quite some time.

Watch it and decide for yourself. It depicts UK police running from yelling Muslims carrying signs and shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Actions such as this do nothing but embolden the Muslim elements in UK cities. Cowardice in the face of Islam is like staring into the eyes of a junkyard dog. Islam respects nothing but the proverbial “strong horse” as practiced in the Middle East. As with any bully Muslims feed and grow on this kind of spineless behavior.

UK, you are in serious, serious trouble if these are the people allegedly “protecting” you. You purposely fail to arm your police forces with the most basic of self defense tools to include large batons, chemical weapons and quite necessary firearms. Each officer must now be armed. To not do so in these times, in the face of Islamic terror, is unconscionable.



Please read the following two books if you truly wish to understand the mindset of Islam in the Middle East.


Tommy Robinson vs Piers Morgan

Watch and then answer: who “wins”? Or, perhaps, more importantly, who allows whom to speak despite the fact that Tommy Robinson is a “guest” on Good Morning Britain.

Tommy Robinson, by the way, is former leader of the English Defense League, a group standing up to the steamrollering affects of Islam in the United Kingdom.

Morgan hates to lose an argument and strangely enough has no reply to the very specific individuals names, circumstances and instances cited by Robinson in concert with the mosque in question and Islam. When Robinson hones in on his point he is cut off by Morgan who raises his vocal volume and changes questions. This is nothing more than a base hatchet job exposed. Embarrassing to say the least.

This is what passes for discourse in the UK now, a once proud nation toppled, like many other GOWP-helmed Western nations, by political correctness, guilt and fear. These sentiments and positions have bled over into the very forces that would literally and physically defend the UK to include its military forces and civilian law enforcement. To even attempt to discuss the issue results in labeling, derision and worse, perhaps even charges and prosecution.

An example is this: EDL Radio, the internet broadcasting of the English Defense League, originates in the United States because to do otherwise — having it originate in the UK — would draw, at minimum, not just fire and hatred but the potential for complete censorship and/or formal charges of hate speech.

Why? Because GOWPs (Guilty Overeducated White Persons), Leftists, Progressives and the like cannot deal with the truth when it clashes against their worldview. Statistics and truth must inherently take a back seat to emotion and victimhood.


Report: Islamists from Across Europe Moving to UK for ‘Freedom’ to Practice Radical Islam

by Virginia Hale

A growing number of radical Muslims are flocking to move from France to Britain, where generous welfare payments, lack of scrutiny from the authorities, and the ease with which families can practice strict Islam have earned the UK a reputation as a halal paradise for Salafists who are unable to secure visas for Saudi Arabia.

Why might that be?

But for Salafists wanting to live in accordance with strict Islamic teachings, “there is nothing easier for [Muslims with European passports] than to settle in Britain” where there is “a generous welfare package, public services delivered free, plenty of available work, and all with no visa or residence permit required”. according to L’Obs.

Leftists have conveniently lost sight of the fact that the UK is now home to 23,000 Jihadists whose mindset doesn’t favor the United Kingdom or Western civilization in the slightest.

Leftists have lost sight of the fact that the UK’s hands-off policy to Salifists and other Muslim hardliners is inviting not fewer but greater amounts of actual terrorists and Jihadis

Leftists have lost sight of the fact that hate crimes against Jews are rocketing up and cannot possibly understand why UK citizens feel as if they have their literal backs against the wall whilst their neighborhoods are being transformed into enclaves of Muslims where UK citizens are not only not welcome but face the real chance of violence against them. Official Home Office documents quote statistics but purposely fail to list in these news releases the actual breakdown of those impacted, such as Jews, Muslims, etc.

Here’s the deal: this interview is not unlike Wikileaks. People aren’t shouting from the rooftops that Wikileaks publishes false material. The same here. If Robinson were full of utter shite Morgan would gladly have let Robinson tighten the verbal noose unrestrained. An accomplished interviewer would have done straight so. This speaks, of course, more about Morgan than it does Robinson. And about the truth.

It should come as no shock that the video has been removed around any number of social media sites. Why might that be, do you suppose?

Until they are axed, two additional videos are available on YouTube of the “interview,” Part One and Part Two.

We’ll see how long these stand before being removed from the internet.



7 killed, 48+ injured in Muslim attack on Londoners

And this is the third UK terror attack by Muslims in less than three months.


UK police investigate third terror attack in three months

by Alasdair Sandford

British authorities are investigating the third major terror attack in the UK in under three months.

Seven people were killed and nearly 50 injured in a series of coordinated attacks in London on Saturday night.

In March five people were killed in a car and knife attack near Parliament in London, and two weeks ago 22 people died in a suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester.

But after this what will the British authorities die? You and I both know: effectively nothing. There will be rhetoric and perhaps a bit of bombast but there will be no fundamental changes to the way the UK addresses Muslim killers and terrorists.

Firearms, for example, will not be roundly issued to their police forces. One might refer to the classic Lt General Russel Honore quote that Britons are “stuck on stupid.”

Stupid, in terms of not addressing the Muslim people living in enclaves in London and throughout other UK cities, attracted there specifically because of UK’s lack of addressing the issues. From

Report: Islamists from Across Europe Moving to UK for ‘Freedom’ to Practice Radical Islam

by Virginia Hale

A growing number of radical Muslims are flocking to move from France to Britain, where generous welfare payments, lack of scrutiny from the authorities, and the ease with which families can practice strict Islam have earned the UK a reputation as a halal paradise for Salafists who are unable to secure visas for Saudi Arabia.

Freedom, yes, there you go. For Muslims. Not for Britons.

French newspaper L’Obs reports that Small Heath, a neighbourhood of Birmingham where 95 per cent of residents practise Islam, is one of the most popular spots for French Muslims seeking a new home where women can wear the full face veil. The garment has been banned since 2010 in France.

Translated: evil France for being so judgmental. Good and progressive UK for being so accepting and cosmopolitan.

Life in the area is “cool” for Muslims, she said, telling L’Obs how there are single sex gymnasiums and pool schedules with segregated swimming, that shops contain prayer rooms and how, in hospitals, women can ask to be seen by a female doctor.

Another reason the pair settled in Small Heath was to “blend in with the masses”, Dounia said. A big draw of the UK for Muslims seeking to leave France, L’Obs reports, is the lack of scrutiny in comparison to France and other countries in Europe, where security services often closely monitor Salafists.

Translated: the UK caters to Muslims much more conveniently than does France. But listen to this. It just gets better.

And schools played a large part in Hussein’s decision to move to Britain with his family, too, reporting they fled “the homosexual propaganda” in French state schools.

“I wanted my wife to be able to wear the veil, and for the children to get an education in keeping with our values,” he said. “This gay marriage. How can we accept that?”

In Western cultures, that would yield the clear label of “homophobia” according to Leftists. Oddly enough I find a dearth of Leftists saying this of Islam. This is a real head-scratcher, is it not?

Asked why Sharia-seeking Salafists in France move to Britain rather than a Muslim country, Paris emigrant Hassan told L’Obs that whilst a move to Saudi Arabia would be “ideal”, the country makes it difficult for families to get work or visas.

“We are caught in the crossfire, Europe does not like us, but we are not really welcome [in the Gulf states] either,” he said. “They say to you, ‘Go home, brother. You have nothing to do here.’”

Are we not told that Muslims want nothing but to become part of a country, to assimilate, to become productive citizens who are not a burden on the host country? Of course. Every Leftist would tell you so. Then there’s this.

But for Salafists wanting to live in accordance with strict Islamic teachings, “there is nothing easier for [Muslims with European passports] than to settle in Britain” where there is “a generous welfare package, public services delivered free, plenty of available work, and all with no visa or residence permit required”. according to L’Obs.

I suppose I’m bigfooting my own kicker by writing this so soon, but the above is one of the primary reasons for what the UK is experiencing. And for that, the UK is paying a most serious price.

And perhaps an immediate political one as well.

There’s a funny thing coming up this week on Thursday the 8th in the UK, however, called a general election. The biggest bone of contention was Brexit. Now it’s going to be terror.

It’s the ruling Conservatives in the guise of Theresa May as current PM since July of 2016, and the opposing Labor party in the guise of Jeremy Corbyn. There is allegedly only a single point difference between the two. Corbyn, since the most recent attacks in London, has been pointing out that May in her 6-year tenure as Home Secretary made cuts in policing, the intimation being that’s the chief reason UK finds itself in its predicament.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn used the massacre as a pretext to call on May to resign. His point: as Home Secretary between 2010 and 2016, before she became Prime Minister, May reduced the number of British police officers by 20,000, as part of the Conservative government’s cost-cutting.

Again, like Brexit and like our presidential election, do the polls have a thing to do with reality? As far as Britons are concerned, does Islam have anything to do with terror?

Former Muslim extremist Maajid Nawaz spoke to Martha MacCallum.

Charles Krauthammer also weighs in.

Even London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, seems to have thrown up his hands and said this is the new normal. There’s nothing we can do about it, if we wish to be sufficiently enlightened and progressive. That’s how living in a big city goes these days. Get used to it. Translated: in the Big Picture, you will be sacrificed on the altar of Political Correctness as well you should be.

Katie Hopkins begs to differ, and properly so.

But wait. There’s more. And perhaps there is more insight as to the clear linkage between Islam and Leftists. At a Hillsdale College speech, Ben Shapiro bats the issue right out of the park.

Think not, however, that mainstreaming Islam isn’t happening here and now in the United States. This parent from San Diego has an issue.

Muslims are “rising,” as they say. They know it and they recognize Western weakness when they see it. If there is one thing about Islam it’s this: they are never shy about what they want and how they mean to achieve. Witness.

Attempts are not just occurring in the UK and Europe. Here in the US this recent article proved that Islam is continuing to work against Americans. From

Minneapolis: 2 Muslims Arrested After Police Find Bomb-Making Materials, Weapons in SUV

It all started with a complaint over littering – and ended with two men arrested and the discovery of an arsenal of guns and bomb-making devices by Minneapolis police. Now, local authorities have flagged the arrests for review by the Department of Homeland Security.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS spoke with the man who called police to the scene. He asked us not to use his name because he doesn’t want any more attention than what he’s already received. He said he walked by a parked SUV near the intersection of North 44th Avenue and Humboldt Avenue North the evening of May 11 when he said he saw someone throw food wrappers out of a vehicle window onto the ground.

Of course there is more, yes? It’s Islam, after all.

He said the two men in the car started fighting with him after he asked them to clean up the trash, and he paused to get the vehicle’s license plate number. The man said he called 911 after the men got out of the car and indicated they had guns.

“It caused me to be on alert,” he said. “What’s really going on here?”

Court documents reveal the responding officers found a hand grenade, handgun, assault rifles, magazines and a large quantity of ammunition inside the SUV. The documents also indicate officers found cellphones, computers and electronics equipment, including drone parts, which the bomb squad determined could be used to build a bomb.

No problem, though. This has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Right? Just ask Islam. We don’t need a travel stay. We don’t need any time for reflection. We don’t need any reflection regarding Islam. We just need to accept it.

Wait. Wasn’t at least one of the suspects in the most recent London attack a “refugee“? Because, to date, all we’ve heard primarily from the American Media Maggots and from UK authorities is that the bulk of those Muslim terrorists responsible are nothing more than “lone wolves.”

Except that wouldn’t be true. One was a “refugee.” Which speaks to US President Donald Trump’s advocated “travel stay.” Oh, and this: ISIS has claimed responsibility. And it wasn’t a single “lone wolf,” obviously.


by Paul Joseph Watson

Was shown in documentary praying next to Islamist flag

One of the terrorists who carried out Saturday night’s deadly rampage in London arrived in the UK as a refugee with his Pakistani parents.

“27-year-old Khuram Shazad Butt came to Britain as a child when his parents sought asylum from Pakistan,” reports Sky News.

Manchester bomber Salman Ramadan Abedi was also the son of “refugees” who arrived from Libya.

Butt also held misogynistic views, although don’t expect feminists to be kick up a fuss about it.

“One woman, who didn’t want to be named, said he stared angrily whenever he saw women cycling on the estate. She described it as “sinister” and “sexist”.”

Watson nails it here.

The fact is that at the bare minimum there are 3,000 such individuals roaming the UK who will never be arrested or deported for their jihadist views because Britain is a country where being politically correct is deemed to be more important than stopping terrorism.

Watson also says:

Refugees were responsible for other attacks. writes:

Six of the Jihadis Involved in Paris Attacks Entered Europe as ‘Refugees’

by Virginia Hale

Surviving Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam helped at least 10 Islamic State fighters enter Belgium as “refugees” through the Balkan route, local media reported Friday.

Of these, six went on to participate in the terror attacks which struck Paris last November, and four were involved in the coordinated suicide bombings that hit Brussels in March. The two attacks left 215 people dead, and wounded hundreds more.

According to a programme set to air on the Flemish VTN television station on Sunday, Abdeslam personally brought at least 10 jihadis to Belgium in a rental car.

Picking the terrorists up in Hungary, where they had arrived from Syria amid hordes of “refugees” during the height of last year’s migrant crisis, Abdeslam drove the extremists to Western Europe.

Jihadists aren’t stupid; they know precisely what they’re doing.

On top of the six Islamic State fighters known to have been escorted by the Belgium-born terrorist, Reuters yesterday reported that 90 more Syria-trained jihadis are thought to have entered Europe via the refugee route.

But even so, Euro authorities continue to cover up the truth about Islam.

Earlier this year, the French government was accused of covering up the jihadis’ barbaric torture of victims of the November attacks. Critics claimed that information, which suggested the terrorists castrated, disembowelled, beheaded, and gouged the eyes out of victims, was suppressed so as to minimise public outrage.

Covering up the truth about Islam. Censoring and removal of expressions of opinions.

But wait. The buttery Islamic goodness marches on.


Two “blasts” sparked panic among tourists amassed outside Notre Dame

French police have shot a man outside the Notre Dame in Paris after he tried to attack them with a hammer, according to local media.

The main square has been evacuated and that a police operation is underway.

Two “blasts” sparked panic among tourists amassed outside Notre Dame. A man was then seen “lying on the ground inert”, according to a journalist with France Info who works by the cathedral.

And this, in Toronto, Canada.


Swung golf club at employees and a customer and pulled out a knife while uttering threats…

A Toronto woman has been charged after a suspect masked with an ISIS bandana allegedly swung a golf club at store employees while screaming threats and Islamic chants on Saturday afternoon at the same time that a terrorist rampage occurred in London.

Sources told the Toronto Sun that a woman entered Cedarbrae Mall in Scarborough and then the Canadian Tire store, where she walked to the paint section.

She ranted “Allahu Akbar” – God is great – before swinging a golf club at employees, sources said. The woman was restrained by several employees, who allegedly found a knife on her.

Christopher Hitchens, an avowed Atheist, took Islam to task here.

We’ve seen what happens in a free society that values guilt over self-defense. That is not a formula for the continuation of a country much less Western culture.

It’s going to get much, much worse before it gets better.

Ladies and gentlemen, you may be hearing this louder and more stringently in a neighborhood near you very soon, if not already in your neighborhood.

Islam means “submission.”

And it means for you to submit.



Austria bends to Islam

Islam does not bend to Austria.

How daft, shallow and capitulative. First, watch the video.

I particularly enjoyed the young Caucasoid female Vienna Polizei smiling for photos with the young Caucasoid female citizen who seems to be so terribly pleased to be the recipient of the device, as though it her were her own personal IUD against assault from both sperm and “refugees.”

Police spokesperson Paul Eidenberger explained that the alarm is meant for women “so that possible danger situations can be cleared at the beginning.” He added that “Of course it is not coincidence that we are doing this on New Year’s Eve. [This is] Because of what happened last year on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, the abuse, the sexual-abuse.”

Here’s a novel idea: provide a sufficient number of Polizei in order to protect your women so that they don’t have to resort to a bit of plastic for comfort. Be seen. Have a massive presence. Make arrests. Make many public arrests. Then start massive deportations of any of the detritus causing problems or committing crimes. There’s a start. Do your jobs.

Is it true that Austrian Polizei cannot seem to do their jobs? Or is it true that certain administrative personnel or politicians do not want the line-level troops doing their jobs because it might be seen as judgmental, harsh or impolitically correct?

Stop a moment and think of the implications, what this says to the Austrian people.

Which is why I say and continue to say: it doesn’t matter if there are Syrian women and children perishing in the Middle East. Simply because there is civil war in the Middle East, the Western world, Austria or the United States is not the panacea to the globe.

It cannot afford to be psychically, physically or budgetarily. Our resources and our lands are finite. We cannot save the entire planet.

No more “Syrian refugees” to the US, no more illegal immigrants to the US. It is time to hit the PAUSE button in order to assess our national damage and plan for our own sovereign future.

When the US is weak, the rest of the planet suffers.



CBS 60 Minutes crew gets assaulted in Sweden by Muslims

Schadenfreude. I couldn’t think of a more applicable word.


60 Minutes Goes To Sweden To Show How Wonderful Refugees Are, But Gets Attacked By Refugees During the Piece

First, the glorious video.


When Leftists and “government officials” absolutely insist there is NO such thingie as a “no-go zone” with regard to Islam.

Isn’t it odd how reality somehow manages to bite one on the arse now and then?

Leftist media waltzes into Sweden expecting ponies, purple skies and quiescence, but gets none of that.

Isn’t it odd how things change when it gets personal?