Article 50 triggered: Brexit truly begins

As opposed to all of the forces aligned against the very concept of Brexit itself by most every monied and arrogantly-assumptive elitist in Europe, a very critical step to the UK removing itself from the European Union begins.

From the

Brexit trigger approved as UK parliament approves Article 50

Parliament has given its approval for Prime Minister Theresa May to start Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, even as Scotland signalled its opposition by announcing plans for a fresh independence vote.

The House of Lords rejected a last-ditch attempt to amend a bill empowering Mrs May to begin Brexit, paving the way for it to become law as early as Tuesday.

Let me be blunt: this exists as a dagger to the heart of the Caucasoid GOWPs extant throughout the European Union whose life revolves only but about the One World Barbecue.

Just as Chuck Schumer is currently weakening America in order to provide more power to the Demorats by refusing to approve the final cabinet positions and appointments of President Trump, the Caucasoid GOWPs of the EU have done their level best to weaken Europe by trying to obstruct Brexit with all their might. Both are maliciously destructive, purposefully so.

The prime minister could then trigger Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty at any time, starting two years of talks that will end with Britain becoming the first country to leave the bloc.

Mrs May’s spokesman sought to play down speculation that she would send her notification letter to the European Council on Tuesday, when the bill is expected to receive royal assent from the Queen.

But if independence is the issue, so it is “locally.”

But the prospect of an imminent start to Brexit was enough to push the nationalist devolved government in Scotland into calling for a new independence referendum.

For those ignorant of geography or history, let’s not forget that England is on an island, and so is Ireland. Scotland exists on the northern portion of the island. I apologize if I insult the older readers amongst us, but newer readers have no idea what is the United Kingdom.

For his service to country and courage in the face of overwhelming odds, Nigel Farage should be knighted.

Steve Hilton, former Senior Advisor to David Cameron, proposed a series of questions to be considered for roughly every bill or movement in any government:

  • Should the federal government be involved in this at all?
  • Is it a function of government and is it really necessary?
  • Should we be doing this at the federal level?
  • Power and accountability should be placed in the hands of persons in local communities in terms of decision-making, not larger government

Additionally, I would — as the Bloviating Zeppelin for the US — add these critical questions and qualifiers:

  • Is it Constitutional?
  • Is it fiscally prudent?
  • How will it be funded?
  • Does it add to the deficit?
  • Does it reduce or enhance freedoms?
  • Does it enhance or diminish US sovereignty and power?

I can guarantee you this: the instigation for Brexit revolves around the perceived and actual loss of control forced upon the EU client states by Brussels and, to an equal or greater degree, by Angela Merkel’s insistence that the EU be overwhelmed by Muslims who have no intention of assimilation whatsoever.

  • Borders
  • Language
  • Culture

You couldn’t see this coming, could you, elitists?

No. Because they couldn’t understand that, after a period of time, the proles, the serfs, the groundlings, the commoners — they sometimes come to their senses.

When they do, they are not pleased.



After Brexit, Frexit?

Have the French finally had enough of jumping whenever Brussels or Merkel demands? Because it is, frankly, Brussels and Merkel who have determined the recent path of France.

First, Angela Merkel’s importation policy of illegals has not only inundated her country to the tune of one million+ Muslim “refugees” who are assimilating not unlike oil and water, but the flood has turned Paris and other cities into nightly displays of carbeques, riots, disturbances and increased crime — also creating actual “no-go” zones in France.

Folks, an important clue and safety tip from me to you: If you’re planning on seeing wonderful, beautiful Paris, you’d best cancel your rather expensive vacation, save your cash, and visit the downtown area of your nearest high-density, high-rise, low-footprint urban rat cage. You’ll see the same thing and at a fraction of the cost. You’re welcome.

The French are also tired of having their culture eradicated and enclaves formed by Muslim migrants.

There are those who, after Brexit, think that Italy or France will be next to step out of the European Union.

Italy already defeated a referendum about constitutional reform proposals that would transfer power from regions to the centralized Italian government. In other words, it was a Leftist power grab by former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi which would have removed checks and balances from the system. The power to block or revise legislation or even unseat a government would be been removed by Renzi.

The proposal failed at vote and, as promised if it failed, Renzi resigned.

Bottom line. What caused Italian voters to rebuke Renzi’s proposals? A crap economy and the flood of tens of thousands of migrants into Italy. Italian voters could see they were losing the country and losing the capability to keep what is their Italian culture and their Italian history.

At the time, around the middle of December, I said and wrote that likely Italy would attempt to exit the EU next and then possibly France. I also said that if France managed to leave, the rest of the European Union would essentially break apart like a dried leaf.

From the

FIRST BREXIT, NOW FREXIT: Brussels insider claims France WILL be next to leave EU

by Zoie O/Brien 

EXCLUSIVE: FRANCE will be the next member state to abandon the European Union, a Brussels insider has claimed.

Support for the bloc is declining across many of the 28-member-states with referendums and elections opening up across the continent.

Referendums have rocked the EU over the last few months with the British Brexit, the Dutch refusing an EU treaty with Ukraine and the coming votes in Italy and Hungary.

While each vote has been on a separate issue, the common consensus is voters are really using the ballot box to make clear their views on the European Union.

And, the prognosis for Brussels is not good.

Follow me please. I’m going somewhere with it.

(Hungarian MEP György Schöpflin) said: “If you are looking for a country to leave (the EU) look at France.

“In Hungary support for the European Union is at around 65 per cent – in France it is around 40, and it is low in Italy as well.

“We want a European Union that is ready to listen. They are not ready to listen and they are going their own way.

The UK started with Nigel Farage’s Brexit — still highly contested — and now appears to be moving towards Italy examining its own ejection from the European Union.

Is there already a ground level movement to have France leave the EU? From

Le Pen Hits back at Hollande’s anti-Populist NYE Speech: ‘After Trump, Brexit, the French Want Independence’

by Victoria Friedman

François Hollande denounced populism and nationalism ahead of upcoming French presidential elections, but Marine Le Pen hit back saying after Trump and Brexit, the French share the worldwide “aspiration for independence” in the fight against globalism.

In his New Year’s Eve address, President Hollande, who earlier in December said that he will not be seeking reelection in 2017, alluded to Front National candidate Le Pen when he warned against what he called “rising extremism,” citing Brexit in the U.K. and the election of Donald J. Trump in the U.S.

And therein lies the link. The commonalities are the rise of Donald Trump, the fall of the establishment or status quo on both political sides in the United States and, across the pond, the fall of the Leftist establishment by way of Brexit.

Leftists were, frankly, totally gobsmacked when Trump gained momentum despite every attempt by the Demorats, Leftists, social media, collusion by the American Media Maggots, DNC and much cheating along the way. Frustration grew as Trump became stronger and stronger. It was — and hate to use this term — a “populist wave.”

Simultaneously, sensing the time was right, Nigel Farage assembled the political components to push for and achieve UK’s Brexit. But please note there is a unifying commonality between all of these things: the creation of Donald Trump, the success of Brexit, the rumblings of Italy and, now, France.

The commonality is the standardization of the responses and pushback by Leftist elites to each and every one of those situations. It all went something like this.

Nominal Leftist bleats: it’s nothing but ill-informed populism run rampant with Islamophobia, driven by irrational xenophobia, because all the commoners, proles, groundlings and serfs well and truly do not know what is best for them whilst the Leftist Elites most certainly do. Commoners lack the brainulal horsepower to consider the greater overarching umbrella and must be convinced to properly and rightly concede power to a higher, more all-knowing singular authority

Taxpayers are finally beginning to awaken to their being fleeced by big governments globally, run by Leftist Elites who wish to ultimately answer to no one or nothing. Populism cannot be tolerated because it portends a diminishment of their centralized mastery, challenges their authority, and blinkers their chances to make even larger and farther-reaching power grabs for complete and utter dominance.

The Leftists in Europe aren’t backing down. There is a push for this:

Under the radical proposals, EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. 

This is what, ultimately, Leftists in the US would also like to see. A proverbial One World Barbecue. But that is precisely what the vote for Brexit was about: removal of centralization in Brussels and the ability of those who pay taxes in the UK to hold elected persons responsible — as opposed to those unelected few many hundreds of miles away.

The excuses of the Leftist elites are like a company saying “you’re not buying our product, so it must be the consumer’s fault.”

The elephant in the room on both sides of the Atlantic was also the corruptive forces of unbridled migration and immigration. People are sick of it. They don’t want to see their cultures disappear.

There will be another country to leave the EU. Will it be Italy or will it be France?


If the Brits have “Brexit,” then how about Departugal?  Italeave?  Fruckoff?  Czechout?  Oustria?  Finish?  Slovlong?  Latervia?  Byegium?  Leaving only Germlonely?


EU firearm sales skyrocket

When applicable.

Question: why might that be?


Austrian Gun Sales Quadruple as Migrant Crime Rises

by AWR Hawkins

Gun sales in Austria have “quadrupled” as citizens of that nation seek to secure means of self-defense in response to the “immigrant crisis” that has enveloped Europe.

Earlier in 2016, the crisis led Austria to “began limiting the number of asylum applications it would receive.” But gun sales began to skyrocket prior to this move being made.

According to The Local, the number of weapons permits issued  in Vienna and Styria in particular in September 2015 more than “quadrupled in November (2015).” This is an indicator of the number of Austrians seeking out firearms for self-defense.

And the increased demand for firearms has continued. On December 18, 2016, the UK’s Express reported that Jeffrey Pang—an employee of Joh Springer’s, Austria’s oldest gun store—said the buying “surge in firearm sales coincided with reports of robberies, rapes and break-ins since the migrant crisis began.” He added, “Following the rise in attacks, customers want pepper sprays, combat training, small concealed carry weapons.”

Then there’s the issue of the so-called “Second Amendment” in Europe. Because Europeans are now wishing they had their own 2nd.

And there are four major firearms manufacturers in Austria — one extremely major.

Company Country
Achleitner Fahrzeugbau Austria
Diamond Aircraft Industries Austria
Fuchs Fine Guns Austria
Glock Ges.m.b.H. (Glock) Austria

The key paragraph:

“Ten years ago, it was no problem to go running in the park or go home by metro,” Anna said. “But not now, I don’t feel safe anymore. I never thought about having to defend myself; I did not think it was necessary. But I felt myself as a foreigner in my own country.”

Why might that be?

Yes. Why might that be?



Italy down; France next?

italy-five-star-movement-beppe-grilloI stated last Monday on Ken McClenton’s The Exceptional Conservative Show that if Italy rebuked Leftist government proposals it would be on its way to its own “Italexit,” and, should that occur then France would be next. I also stated that if France slapped Leftist values and went forward with its own “Frexit” then the EU was well and truly done, no matter what Germany or Brussels did.

Guess what?

Italy slapped the shite out of its own Leftist government on Sunday. Renzi is not long for his position. From

Renzi facing exit as polls point to Italy referendum defeat

by Angus MacKinnon

Rome (AFP) – Matteo Renzi’s time as Italy’s prime minister appeared to be over Sunday as exit polls indicated voters had overwhelmingly rejected constitutional reform proposals on which he had staked his future.

The reformist premier had vowed to quit if he lost the vote on proposals to streamline parliament and the first exit polls indicated he had been left with little other option.

Polls for national broadcaster Rai and the La7 television channel both called the vote decisively for the No camp. Their surveys put the winning margin at an average of 56.7 percent to 43.3.

But what were these so-called “proposals” on which Italy was voting?

The main opposition parties went into the vote insisting that there should be early elections if the proposals — curtailing the size and powers of Italy’s Senate and transferring powers from regions to the national government — were defeated.

Opposition parties denounced the proposed amendments to the 68-year-old constitution as dangerous for democracy because they would have removed important checks and balances on executive power.

The chamber would also have been stripped of most of its powers to block and revise legislation, and to unseat governments.

Read that correctly. Translated: the proposals were a naked power grab by the Italian government to remove whatever independence and authority local regions may have yet remaining because — as we all realize — any massive, centralized government knows much better than any individual how that person must live his or her life.

The bottom line concerns by voters were these:

Spearheaded by the populist Five Star Movement, the biggest rival to Renzi’s Democratic party, the “No” campaign also capitalised on Renzi’s declining popularity, a sluggish economy and the problems caused by tens of thousands of migrants arriving in Italy from Africa.

Say, might we have heard similar concerns expressed somewhere else quite recently?

Let’s talk specifics and reality.

The Italian government can’t pay its debt. Their budget deficit is growing. “The EU Fiscal Compact requires Italy to run budget surpluses large enough to cut its debt ratio by 3.6% of GDP every year for 20 years.” Really? You’d then best get ready, Brussels, to kick most everyone out of your blessed European Union and watch it crumble with those My Little Pony, purple-skied wishes.

The Italian banks are damned near bankrupt. Can they write down any of their bad debt? Negative, Will Robinson, because their capital ratios are already abysmally low.

Italy has an official unemployment rate of 11.4% meaning, of course, the actual unemployment rate is much higher due to persons who have stopped looking for jobs altogether. Just like the US. Just like any other country. Those figures are never collected or reported. But wait until you see these figures: “the youth unemployment rate is 65% in Calabria, 56% in Siciliy and 53% in Campania.”

Furthermore: “Industrial output has dropped by 35% since 2008, and investment by 59%.”

Stand by for the nominal Leftist bleats: it was nothing but ill-informed populism run rampant with Islamophobia, driven by irrational xenophobia, because all the commoners, proles, groundlings and serfs well and truly do not know what is best for them. And the Leftist Elites most certainly do. Blah blah blah. Rentoon rentoon rentoon.

These are indeed “interesting times” according to the Chinese saying. “Populism” is on the rise, no doubt — though I dislike that term. What I prefer to say is this: taxpayers are finally beginning to awaken to their being fleeced by big governments globally, run by Leftist Elites who wish to ultimately answer to no one or nothing. Populism cannot be tolerated because it portends a diminishment of their centralized mastery, challenges their authority, and blinkers their chances to make even larger and farther-reaching power grabs for complete and utter dominance.

That cannot stand. The unwashed masses must be put down, and quickly.

Yes, as Frank Underwood says, the money is fine and dandy.

But ultimately, it’s about the power.



From this photograph, who is still standing?

leftist-leadersCorrect. Angela Merkel. Cameron, Obama, Hollande and Renzi gone or going. Anticipate that there will be massive pressure on Merkel from Leftists to continue living the definition of insanity, and that she will push back in ways heretofore yet unseen.


Merkel: you must elect me again


Barack Hussein Obama “manspreading” before German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a clear attempt to sexually manipulate and oppress her.

No one knows the precise attribution, but the definition of insanity continues to logically be “doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Hello, calling Angela Merkel.


Merkel to seek fourth term to defend threatened ‘values’

by Deborah Cole

Berlin (AFP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday she would seek a fourth term in elections next year to defend democratic principles in the face of looming threats at home and abroad.

Angela, the only looming threat to your country is — wait for ityou.

Predicting her toughest campaign to date, Merkel said the forces of populism as well as the uncertainty created by poll triumphs for Brexit and Donald Trump meant she had a “duty to serve my country”.

Translated: she is compelled to double-down on stupid because of the incessantly-pounding waves of pushback she is receiving regarding her philosophy and policies.

“We are facing struggles in Europe and internationally for our values and our interests and, simply put, for our way of life,” Merkel, 62, told reporters at the headquarters of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.

Well, Merkel got that right. Germans are indeed struggling for their values and their interests and way of life. Because you, Merkel, have shot down whatever values once existed a few years ago by allowing your country to be flooded with Muslims who have as much interest in assimilation as the average nematode. Or Muslim.

“This election will be more difficult than any before it, at least not since national reunification” in 1990, she added, citing a strong “polarisation of our society”.

Merkel, the EU’s longest serving leader, said she had “endlessly” weighed her choice and knew that in “distinctly difficult, even insecure times”, many leaders were looking to her as a source of stability.

Leftist GOWP “leaders” looked to her as a source of stability whilst the bulk of the German populace recognize that she is the opposite. She is a guilty follower of Leftist themes.

Please allow me to cut to the proverbial chase. Merkel is, in her mind, doing nothing more than atoning for the abominations of her country in WWII. The “sins of the father” and all. Except that her “atonements” are affecting all of Europe. For that matter, all of Western Civilization.

Let us not forget Deutschland was re-united in 1990 because of the massive ministrations and spending of Ronald Wilson Reagan, who also managed to emasculate and destroy the USSR which — oddly enough — is now known only as Russia.

Please see THE THREAT by Andrew Cockburn.

So, Angela Merkel, to whom do you owe your ability to speak as you do, the freedom to run as you please? Yes, that would be Ronald Wilson Reagan.

You seek to tear down your country, however, just as did Adolf Hitler before you. And for that, it is worth weeping.

Your Leftist leanings precede you.

angela-merkel-naturalistAngela Merkel (L), naturalist.

Never heard of this, never seen the photograph — though had its equivalent existed of, say Reagan or Trump, it would have been plastered across the media for months or years? True, all of that. One must recognize the real Angela Merkel.

“Merkel is the answer to the populism of our time,” said Saxony state premier Stanislaw Tillich of the CDU, welcoming her candidacy.

“She is basically the anti-Trump,” he told the newspaper group Redaktionsnetzwerk.

Whether she is or not — in the light of Brexit — remains to be seen.

Merkel is the person who kept Germany entrenched in capitalism and, is now, easily the world’s most powerful woman, raised under Communism and, as some see, the de facto leader of the EU. Except that her “values” caught up to her, as she originally said in 2010.

“A multicultural society in Germany had “utterly failed”,[49] stating that: “The concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it” does not work[50] and “we feel attached to the Christian concept of mankind, that is what defines us. Anyone who doesn’t accept that is in the wrong place here.”[51] She continued to say that immigrants should integrate and adopt Germany’s culture and values. This has added to a growing debate within Germany[52] on the levels of immigration, its effect on Germany and the degree to which Muslim immigrants have integrated into German society.

In short, “multi-kulti” was a failure, as I covered here in 2010.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “lmmigrants should learn to speak German.”

What happened?

I submit: she met with the Dalai Lama and her guilt grew beyond human ken. “Deutschland muss bussen.”

Germany slaveringly responded to Brussels.