Sources: Obama went outside US to surveil Trump


The Justice Department on Monday asked lawmakers for more time to gather evidence related to President Trump’s claim that former President Obama ordered wiretaps on Trump Tower’s phones during last year’s presidential campaign.

The House Intelligence Committee said it would give the Justice Department until March 20 to comply.

Current and former administration officials have been unable to provide any evidence of the Obama administration wiretapping Trump Tower, yet the president’s aides have been reluctant to publicly contradict their boss.

I wrote at length about the situation here, on March 6th. Other sources have confirmed the allegation.

Continuing, there are additional sources tending to lend credence to the wiretapping, as revealed by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Napolitano said, “[T]hree intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA. He didn’t use the CIA. He didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use Department of Justice. He used GCHQ. What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database. So by simply having two people go to them saying, ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving president-elect Trump,’ he’s able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this.”

One video I was told to watch was this, wherein Mark Levin sets an argument for the wiretapping of Trump.

Senator Rand Paul also happens to think it would have been relatively easy to wiretap Donald Trump.

I’d like to make this point obvious for those who may not know. The days of trying to access some kind of big closet or room with lots of copper connectors are over. You no longer have to physically access that room covertly and then attach any number of alligator clips and check your buttset. Most phone systems in business and agencies run VOIP, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Right. The internet. Go figure.

Folks, this is not yet done, not by a long shot.



Source: Obama White House did have Trump campaign wiretapped

So Mr Obama, while a sitting president, had Trump Tower bugged and surveilled whilst he still sat in the Oval Office?

Impossible, the Demorats and American Media Maggots bleat.

I say: show me the proof that Mr Obama did not do that. Tables turned. Just like “the Russians.”

After all, Mr Obama has an historic pattern of bugging and surveilling the offices and technology of sitting presidents. Why not an individual running for US president? Too far fetched?

What about Mr Obama attempting to undermine and influence the elections in Israel, because he didn’t want to see Benjamin Netanyahu elected? It seems to me the Obama administration was playing politics with a presidential election.

What about Jason Chaffetz who, during the Obama administration, had Secret Service agents combing through his personal records in a politically-driven revenge attack?

What about James Rosen, an American journalist, who had his emails and calls on roughly 20 phones exposed as a result of Obama’s minion, Eric Holder? Obama claimed he never ordered surveillance on any American citizen — but Holder wouldn’t have conducted something of this import without keeping his melanin-related BFF updated.

We know, via Wikileaks, that Obama did in fact surveil and violate the rights and privacy of American journalists. Here is a copy of a search warrant indicating so.

Wait. How about this set of Obama wiretaps?

WikiLeaks released the following list on February 23rd of Obama Administration wire taps:

* The US National Security Agency bugged a private climate change strategy meeting; between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin;
* Obama bugged Chief of Staff of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for long term interception targetting his Swiss phone;
* Obama singled out the Director of the Rules Division of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Johann Human, and targetted his Swiss phone for long term interception;
* Obama stole sensitive Italian diplomatic cables detailing how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implored Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to help patch up his relationship with US President Barack Obama, who was refusing to talk to Netanyahu;
* Obama intercepted top EU and Japanese trade ministers discussing their secret strategy and red lines to stop the US “extort[ing]” them at the WTO Doha arounds (the talks subsequently collapsed);
* Obama explicitly targeted five other top EU economic officials for long term interception, including their French, Austrian and Belgium phone numbers;
* Obama explicitly targetted the phones of Italy’s ambassador to NATO and other top Italian officials for long term interception; and
* Obama intercepted details of a critical private meeting between then French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Merkel and Berluscon, where the latter was told the Italian banking system was ready to “pop like a cork”.

In addition to the above list we also know now that Obama wire tapped various individuals in the US media that were reporting information not flattering to the Obama Administration.  It is widely known that Obama’s Justice Department targeted journalists with wiretaps in 2013:

* In 2013 the liberal Washington Post expressed outrage after the revelation that the Justice Department had investigated the newsgathering activities of a Fox News reporter as a potential crime in a probe of classified leaks.  The reporter, Fox News’ James Rosen and his family, were part of an investigation into government officials anonymously leaking information to journalists. Rosen was not charged but his movements and actions were tracked.
* Also in 2013, members of the Associated Press were also a target of the surveillance.  The ultra liberal New Yorker even noted that “In moderate and liberal circles, at least, the phone-records scandal, partly because it involves the dear old A.P. and partly because it raises anew the specter of Big Brother, may well present the most serious threat to Obama’s reputation.”
* Reporter Sharyl Attkisson said in 2014 that her personal computer and CBS laptop were hacked after she began filing stories about Benghazi that were unflattering to the Obama administration.  A source who checked her laptop said the hacker used spyware “proprietary to a government agency,” according to an article in the New York Post.

Hell, the CIA spied on the United States SENATE under Barack Hussein Obama:

All Obama’s oppressive actions seem to be forgiven. Yet, now all the Demorats and American Media Maggots require to elevate an allegation to a fact, if it concerns President Trump, conservatives or the GOP is.  .  .

The slightest of suppositions.

The official response of Obama, by former spokesman Kevin Lewis?

“A cardinal rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice. As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

What Lewis doesn’t do, however, is offer that same level of denial regarding the FBI or the DOJ. What Lewis specifically didn’t do is unequivocally state that Obama did not have Donald Trump tapped. It’s a proverbial non-denial denial. Gorgeous. Further, do you think Obama was so laissez-faire about his administration that he was unaware of what was occurring around him at all times? I do not.

On Sunday during Meet The Press, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI, a position above the CIA Director) James Clapper stated no agency operating under him — including the FBI — wiretapped the Trump concerns. Clapper added: “to my knowledge.” Equivocation.

Let us not forget this is the same James Clapper who lied nakedly to all of America when he testified under oath that the NSA never collected phone data on millions of Americans — when in fact the NSA Hoovered personal data like a baleen whale with krill. Clapper massages his pate and says “not wittingly.” Edward Snowden proved that Clapper was lying his political ass off.

But are these mere suppositions of wiretapping?


Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle spoke to a left-leaning journalist named Cathy Areu on Saturday the 4th, who told Guilfoyle that a source inside the White House said, about the tap:

There were concerns that Trump and his surrogates may have been colluding with the Russians as a possible bargaining chip to influence the election. Therefore a wiretap was conducted.

Areu’s female source said she was unsure who secured the warrant, but that it was granted. Areu said her female Obama administration source stated:

“The intelligence community did its due diligence given the threat of the Russian influence. The (Obama) White House was aware of it.”

Meaning two critically important thingies:

  • 1. The wiretap occurred, and
  • 2. The president had to know.

Let me repeat that at the risk of becoming a member of the Department of Redundancy Dept:

“The (Obama) White House was aware of it.”

Says the source.

Because, after all, we don’t need anything more to substantiate an allegation of corruption or abuse against President Trump other than an “unnamed source,” do we? Of course not. Turnabout is fair play.

Also: there was in fact a FISA request by the Obama Administration in June of 2016 and then in October of 2016, to monitor communications involving Donald Trump, not yet president-elect.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton remarks to Fox’s Eric Shawn that James Comey should have been removed as FBI Director. I stated that myself back on February 17th: Trump should have ripped James Comey out of the FBI by his roots because Comey would do nothing but provide heartache. James Comey is a prevaricating hack whose opinions fluctuate with the prevailing political prairie winds. Let’s listen.

This is the same James Comey who didn’t wish to assist Sean Spicer in knocking down the Trump/Russia stories, but now wants the DOJ to bail his own ass out and dispute Trump’s claims of wiretapping. Comey wants what’s convenient for him when it’s convenient for him yet, when pressed with the job of simply moving a case over to the DOJ — with regard to the recommendation of an indictment for Hillary Clinton — Comey made a flawed, politically-based and self-serving decision. James Comey has no fidelity, no bravery, no integrity.

Who to replace the bereft-of-courage James Comey? Might I suggest John Bolton? Rudy Giuliani? Perhaps even Sheriff David Clarke? One does not have to be an attorney to be director. One must only have a keen managerial skill, fortitude and reverence for the law as opposed to naked politics.

Judge Andrew Napolitano reveals an important aspect of Obama’s presidential power.

“Because of the unique interpretation of a Ronald Reagan executive order, 13222, and because of the language in the USA Freedom Act, the successor to much of the FISA law, NSA now has the ability to capture in real time the digital copies of everybody’s phone calls. Everybody, cell and landline, everybody’s keystroke, mobile device and desktop.”

“All digital information going over fiber optics, into the US, out of the US or within the US. NSA works for the President. If the President asks for a transcribed copy of any of that, they’ll give it to him. As well, the FISA statute says in it, ‘not withstanding all of the rules above and below.’ The President of the United States can order surveillance on any person in the United States in conjunction with a certificate or a certification filed by the Attorney General.”

Napolitano admits that it’s legal but not constitutional from his point of view, describing it as “profoundly unconstitutional but it is legal because the statute says it. So think about this, if you’re Barack Obama and you have the ability by making a phone call to hear what Donald Trump is saying, are you going to bother with trying to get a warrant? Why would you get the warrant?”

National security expert Jim Hanson stated:

“The bottom line is, they did wiretap Trump Tower. They tapped a server they thought was communicating somehow with Russia. This is a legitimate charge and we need a serious investigation.”

Former Bush AG Mike Mukasey believes Trump is correct about the tapping, as does former NSA employee/whistleblower William Binney, who stated:

Asked whether he believes the NSA is tapping Trump, Binney replied: “Absolutely. How did they get the phone call between the president and the president of Australia? Or the one that he made with Mexico? Those are not targeted foreigners.”

Corey Lewandowski asserts the Obama administration wiretapped then-sitting Senator Jeff Sessions in 2016.

Please consider: how did anyone know the context of Michael Flynn’s phone calls from the Trump tower absent a wiretap? How did anyone know the context of President Trump’s phone calls to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull absent a wiretap?


The shoe is now on the other foot with regard to the Demorats, Leftists, American Media Maggots and, more pointedly, on Barack Hussein Obama.

All of this is occurring predominantly because President Trump fundamentally threatens the sinecure of all the DC bureaucrats making bank on jobs that produce nothing but yield financial splendor and fiscal independence for life. Mel Brooks, from the film Blazing Saddles, sums it up best.

In the midst of an incredibly-serious election, to wiretap the communications of the leading Republican candidate for President of the United States?

Remember, Captain Kirk’s last words on film were: “Oh my.”



Who says the actors responsible for the wiretapping went through a FISA court anyway?


Obama spits in the face of all Jews

It has taken me a good 24 hours, since appearing on Ken McClenton’s radio show Monday night (please see his The Exceptional Conservative site here), to calm down sufficiently to craft this post. I vacillated back and forth a number of times; do I take the high road? Do I mince words? Do I attempt to remain as diplomatic as possible? Or do I provide my opinion in a completely unexpurgated fashion?

I have decided to be as gracious as I have been for the eight years under the most Leftist and authoritarian United States regime in my seven decades on the planet.

Historically, the US had a 30-year tradition of supporting Israel at the UN. With one resolution the United States has cast Israel to the proverbial curb.

“Friends don’t take friends to the security council.” — Benjamin Netanyahu

A “no” vote from the US was a vote to stop the resolution. The US abstained. Let’s get some background. From

U.S. abstains on U.N. vote condemning Israeli settlements

by Doug Stanglin

In an unprecedented diplomatic rebuke of Israel, the United States abstained Friday on a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements, allowing the highly charged measure to pass.

The resolution was approved 14-0 with the one abstention. The vote was greeted with loud applause in the packed Security Council chamber.

Because the UN then and now has historically been aligned against Israel.

The measure demands Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.” It declares the establishment of settlements by Israel has “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.”

In abstaining, the U.S. brushed aside calls for a veto by president-elect Donald Trumpwho, in an unprecedented move, managed to delay the vote a day by weighing in with Egypt, the initial sponsor of the resolution.

To continue:

The American Jewish Congress also expressed dismay with the move.

“In the strongest terms possible, the American Jewish Congress is deeply disappointed with the Obama administration for shamefully abstaining on today’s anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution,” the group said in a statement. “By the U.S. abstaining, President Obama abandoned long standing American foreign policy of vetoing one-sided resolutions against Israel at the United Nations, and in doing so, he steps away from his presidency, turning his back on the unbreakable bond with our great ally Israel.”

Even worse, the US Ambassador to Israel, Ron Dermer, says that Barack Hussein Obama is behind the resolution. From

Israel’s U.S. Ambassador: Obama Administration Behind United Nations Gang Up Against Israel

by Jeff Poor

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” Israel Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer told fill-in co-host Don Lemon that the Obama administration was responsible for a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemned some Israeli settlement construction to be adopted last week.

In that vote, the United States abstained. Dermer argued that despite that abstention, it was the Obama administration that orchestrated the vote, calling it “outrageous” and “shameful.”

Let’s watch the video. Please notice that Don Lemon cuts Dermer off.

Then let us note the input of Charles Krauthammer, not the most consistently-reliable supporter of Donald Trump.

John Bolton has said “I cannot think of a worse way for the Obama administration to go out. It’s a needless tragedy and reflects Obama’s sick ideology.” Obama still has two additional weeks to disadvantage Israel. His abstention, representing the United States, only gives rise to the empowerment of anti-Israel forces. As an aside, I believe the Trump administration has made a grievous error by not acquiring the services of John Bolton in any was possible.

The United States funds a full quarter of the UN every year, to the tune of $8 billion dollars in “mandatory payments.” The rest of the planet contributes when it feels so motivated. Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Meh. The truth is this: the United States — meaning YOU, the American Taxpayer — supports the United Nations, pays for the upkeep of the building, security, and provides budgetary patches when other nations find themselves “hard pressed.”

In other words, we pay for other nations to excoriate us, vote against us, rail against us, with little if any benefit to us. You. Me. We pay for that. We pay for that.

This was what some quantify as a “gratuitous act” by Barack Obama. I say it is this: a final act by a lame-duck president that speaks to his core values because, for once, he absolutely answers to no one for anything and has a last-chance gasp to express his disdain for Israel with no repercussions whatsoever.

Is the UN completely irrelevant when, for example, New Zealand votes in favor?

Bolton says that US contributions to the UN should be voluntary and not assessed or mandatory.

I couldn’t agree more.

Israeli President Netanyahu has declared that he is not going for the proverbial “two-state solution” with the Palestinians. Instead, he said he will re-assess Israel’s relationship with the UN, to include funding issues. For decades, Israel has pursued a policy of constructing Jewish settlements on territory including the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem which was captured by Israel in the 1967 war with its Arab neighbors, also called the Six Day War. Egypt, Jordan and Syrian forces along with those of Iraq, Kuwait and Algeria were on the cusp of an Israeli invasion; Israel, vastly outnumbered, conducted air strikes and gained tactical advantage.

John Kerry, in response to negative comments and feedback from the abstention, said

“The truth is that trends on the ground, violence, terrorism, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation, they are combining to destroy hopes for peace on both sides and increasingly cementing any reversible — an irreversible one state reality that most people do not actually want.

Today, there are a similar number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea. They have a choice. They can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. But here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both. And it won’t ever really be at peace.

Moreover, the Palestinians will never fully realize their vast potential in a homeland of their own with a one state solution.”

According to Kerry, it is Israel’s duty to create the “Palestinian State” by giving up its own home soil and it is every bit arrogant to declare in a Stentorian voice that “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, not both.”

What of those massive Muslim states surrounding the miniscule Israel? Why is it they cannot find it within themselves to donate land to their Muslim brethren? Why is it Israel’s “duty”? Easy answer: anything to hurt the nation of Israel; anything to hurt or help eliminate the Jews.

Obama continues his haughty talk at the end of his presidency. If you recall, some persons were intimating that Barack Hussein Obama would do his best to enable a third term — illegal, of course, under the 22nd Amendment. He has as much said he’d hold sway, stemming from his Monday comments (“I could have won a third term”) that, had he run for a third term, he would be president now. The naked arrogance of his statement is stunning. Specifically:

I’m confident that if I — if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it. I know that in conversations that I’ve had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is a good one.

Not only is that a direct slap in the face to Hillary Rodham Clinton (essentially set up as Obama’s proxy), whom Obama typified as “the most qualified presidential candidate ever,” but it also flies against actual facts. Under Obama, the American voter has consistently rejected the stance of the Demorats (including Mr Obama) for the past eight years by (2008 to 2016) as they lost 63 seats in the House and 10 seats in the Senate. Let that sink into your Mark I, Model I Brain Housing Group for a moment or three.

Barack Hussein Obama created Bernie Sanders and Donald John Trump. And those states Trump won would have been the same states won under an Obama candidacy. All the people who were confident of an “Obama win over Trump,” if you didn’t predict the Trump victory and what did happen, you’d fail at what would have occurred. Cake? Eating it?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Republicans (from 2008 to 2016) gained 900+ seats in state legislatures, along with 12 governorships across the US — meaning that 2/3rds of the governors in the nation are now Republicans.

Further, Mr Obama can be proud of the fact that in his “home town,” run by Leftist Demorat Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago boasts a wonderful 770 homicides to date as opposed to 492 in 2015. Go team! Let’s not only conduct what amounts to genocide on black babies by way of abortion, let’s also try to kill the bulk of young black males in Leftist urban rat cages. Good times. One reminder: Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Chicago’s Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, wants even more restrictions. Because what you’ve done to date has been effective?

Yes, that clearly indicates the wide-ranging success of Barack Hussein Obama and obvious support for his plans and policies. The Demorat party is in weaker shape now than it has been since the Depression in the late 20s.

Hmm. Kind of like current US military forces.

Obama ran on being a “middle-of-the-roader” and turned out to be anything but. Those of us, like myself, who took the time to examine Obama’s formative years knew this was untrue. Obama’s “legacy” and “signature” piece of legislation, ObamaKare, is about to be revisited and changed markedly.

Then there’s this, a third of the Senate will be up for election in two years — and the heavy majority of them are Demorat seats. They involve states where Trump either won or won big.

Worse yet, the Demorats are deflecting. Their loss to — my God, Donald Trump of all people — is due to hacked elections, the Russians, “fake news,” too much Fox News exposure, tidal pull, sunspots, delayed borborygmus, paint thinner and women hating women. Everything except the truth: Hillary Clinton was the worst possible candidate at the worst possible time. Again, see my comment above: my God, Donald Trump beat her for Christ’s sake.

Bill Clinton sat center-left and was successful. The Demorats have moved left and now resolve to — what? Correct. Move further left. I’d now like to introduce you to the definition of insanity, thank you.

Why did Obama do this? For three reasons. Number one, he is clearly anti-Israel. Number two, he greatly dislikes Benjamin Netanyahu. And finally, because he can and because, as a lame duck, there will be no repercussions.


Barack Hussein Obama, this is your legacy: you are completely reprehensible.