The UK: upset about halal meat and, foundationally, recognizing its ultimate Islamic downfall

Halal Meat UKHowever: the United Kingdom brought it on itself.

Because it became populated with GOWPs  –  which I term as Guilty Overeducated White People.

And as the UK is a Westernized nation, what happens there may likely occur here because of a scheme called “drift.”

The Spectator says:

I refuse to buy meat from supermarkets until they ban halal slaughter

There is a view, prevalent among a sizeable minority of people in this country, and particularly within the angry, fat and drunk white underclass, that one day very soon the green flag of Islam will fly above Westminster and Britain will have become a Muslim country, by stealth.

Imagine that.

Sometimes Life is actually simple.



Pregnant Muslim woman to be hanged for marrying Christian man in Sudan

Sudan Woman Faces HangingCan’t leave the Islamic faith or you shall die.

And in the meantime Leftists are mute and there are — oddly enough — no hashtags from the First Lady about it.  She is remarkably silent on the matter.  Why is that?


This Is the Pregnant Woman Sudan Wants to Hang for Marrying a Christian

by Lama Hasan

Lawyers for a pregnant Sudanese woman plan to appeal an Islamic judge’s decision that she be flogged with 100 lashes and then be hanged for marrying a Christian man and converting.

Amnesty International and Western embassies are expressing alarm over the harsh sentence meted out to Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, who is eight months pregnant.

So far the only concession granted by the Islamic court is to wait until Ishag gives birth before carrying out the sentence.

The judge told Ishaq, “We gave you three days to recant, but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged to death.” Officially her crime is apostasy.

Ishaq replied, “I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy.”

And here is the convoluted thinking:

The judge also ruled that her marriage to a Christian man was invalid and not recognized under Islamic law, which means that she had committed adultery. He ordered her to be flogged for that alleged offense.

Ah, the understanding, considerate, non-judgmental, inclusive and loving embrace of Islam, as currently practiced today.  “Islam is as Islam does.”



The Honor Diaries: how Islam kills and mutilates women

A point that Leftists nationally — and female Leftists in particular — very pointedly AVOID because they are primarily cowardsCowards.  Womens’ advocacy groups avoid conflict with Islam like the plague — though it is Islam that treats women like dogs, like property, and worse.  The Honor Diaries:

And I’m tired of glossing over the abrogations of Islam.

Honor killings, genital mutilation and more.

Let us not forget this photograph:

Bibi Aishi Taliban Removed Her NoseAh, the loving and understanding embrace of Islam via the Taliban.

But if you’re a Muslim and you liked that above photo, you’ll absolutely rave over this:

FGM - Female Infant and Razor BladeI hope that photograph makes you wince.  Yes, that is a commercial and unsterilized razor blade held in the hand of a Muslim.  Because I say and will always say: “Islam is as Islam does.”

Give me one justification for a clitorectomy.  Andclitorectomies applied not just to infants but to juveniles and teens.  With the most immoral and prehistoric tools possible.

Does that make you “uncomfortable” and make you “doubt my sources”?  Then go do a search of your own.  You will find much worse.  And close up.  Much, much more close up.

If Islam wants to “clean up its act,” then those who commit tragedies and abhorrent acts in the name of Islam need to stop.  But they won’t.  Simple as that.

Because as far as they are concerned, they have faith on their side.

A final note: one woman who is speaking up against honor killings and forced marriages and genital mutilation at the hand of Muslim males is Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  She writes of Boko Haram here.

Let me further refresh your memories.

This is the same woman that Brandeis University banned from speaking at its site.  The Economist wrote:

EARLIER this month Brandeis University rescinded its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born women’s rights activist, saying its officials had not been fully aware of some her more scathing remarks on Islam. Conservatives have accused Brandeis of muzzling Ms Hirsi Ali and bowing to Muslim pressure groups. Liberals have wondered how the university could possibly have overlooked Ms Hirsi Ali’s condemnations, not just of radical Islam, but of Islam as such. At the risk of coming off as a postmodern multi-culti squish, it seems to me that this discussion suffers from a lack of cultural context—but not the cultural context you’re thinking of. The way Ms Hirsi Ali talks about Islam strikes American liberals as strangely intolerant, but it has its roots in the prevailing discourse on religious freedom and Islam in the country where Ms Hirsi Ali first began seriously tackling these issues: the Netherlands.

That said, even The Economist was wrong.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali knows which side of Islam gets portrayed and which side gets buried.

Imagine that.  A woman sensitive to death and mutilation.  Because she’s seen it and experienced it.



Malaysian Flight MH370′s two clues: Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, and First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid

From the UKMailOnline:

Flight 370 1Question to my readers: where do the greatest number of Muslims live?  Answer: Indonesia.  Check the headline.  The loving understanding of Islam.  A final tidbit: the pilot’s wife and children moved out of their home the day before the MH370 incident.



Flight 370 2


Muslims on Mars:

From the

Muslims ‘warned in Fatwa not to live on Mars’

Fatwa reportedly issued warning Muslims not to make ‘hazardous trip’ to live on Mars

6:22PM GMT 19 Feb 2014

And there you have it.  All the intelligence that’s fit to print about Islam.