Islam in the UK

Take a peek at this British video.

Listen carefully to the words and actions of the Muslims involved.  Listen very carefully.

This is how far Islam has corrupted the UK, and UK GOWPs — Guilty Overeducated White Persons — are afraid to levy opinions and thoughts about what is good and what is Evil.  And Islam is evil.  Let there be no doubt.  This woman in the video has seen so, personally.

“Go put some clothes on.  You look naked.”

Does she?

“The law of the land is Islamic.  If it is not Islamic they can go to hell.”

“Non-Muslims are destined for the hellfire.”

“You’re destined for the hellfire unless you change.”

Islam is as Islam does.

I have made and embraced that statement for at least a decade.  To me it means this:

For all the violence and terrible deaths conducted on the quite clear and unequivocal behalf of Islam, let us make but one substitute.

Let us substitute the word, for example, “Catholic” for the words “Muslim” or “Islam.”

What would have happened had the slightest fraction of the deaths at the hand of Islam been conducted, say, in the name of Catholicism?

You and I both know that answer.

Catholics would have been excoriated and even hunted down physically.  There would have been deaths, churches burned, priests and nuns killed on the spot.  There would have been absolutely no tolerance for a fraction of deaths conducted in the name of Catholicism.  Instead, the reverse is true; Protestants are being specifically targeted by Muslims.

Let UK be the clarion call to wake up about the true nature of Islam.  Islam is what it does; therefore it is naught but a death cult.



Muslim woman smacks male Imam on TV

As well she should.  First, the video:

Then, a bit of transcript, so all may see what an arrogant prick Hani Al-Siba’i truly is:

Al-Siba’i: “What kind of behavior is this?!”

Karaki: “Please don’t get all worked up. We respect you and know you want to give a complete answer. Unfortunately, we have limited time –”

Al-Sibai: “I agreed with Mr. Ibrahim Harbi –”

Karaki: “Fine, go on. They’ve given us more time.”

Al-Siba’i: “I agreed with him that you wouldn’t cut me off.”

Karaki: “Enough with that, go on –”

Al-Siba’i: “You think you’re so high and mighty?!”

Karaki: “Go on, but do not call me names.”

Al-Siba’i: “I am serving the idea in which I believe.”

Karaki: “In this studio, I run the show. For your own benefit, I’m telling you that we are running out of time. If you are going to elaborate so much, we won’t have time for other questions. If we start discussing history, we won’t have enough time for our topic. Now, it’s up to you. If we have time, you will answer all the questions, but I will be the one to decide.”

Al-Siba’i: “You can decide as much as you like, but I will do whatever I want.”

Karaki: “Okay, let us hear your answer. Let’s get back to the topic rather than waste time arguing.”

Al-Siba’i: “Are you done? Shut up so I can talk. I am talking so that people can understand – ”

Karaki: “How can a respected sheikh like yourself tell a TV host to shut up?!”

Al-Siba’i: “I am respected whether you like it or not –”

Karaki: “Enough. Let’s wrap this up.”

Al-Siba’i: “It’s beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman who – ”

Karaki: “Just one second. Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over.”

Mutual respect — of women — by a Muslim male and specifically an Imam?

Perish the thought.



Ah Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance

Walid Shoebat brings us this video shot in Iraq — you know, the country that Mr Obama absolutely insisted we leave — of an 11-year-old boy executed by Iranian-backed Iraqi militia:

What could an 11-year-old have done that warranted such treatment?

Under Islam, perhaps he drew a cartoon.  Perhaps he said something wrong.

After, the screams of “Allahu Akhbar.”  God is great.  “God” apparently wields AK-47s.

A highly-important paragraph in the story:

The Iraqi government is so vulnerable at this point that it has little choice but to turn to Iran which, unlike the US, has people on the front lines in Iraq.

Ah, Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance.

Open your eyes, America.

Islam is a barbaric death cult.



Here’s your loving Islam in Australia

204233-a-rioter-smashes-a-police-window-in-the-islamic-riots-in-sydney-cbdAh, Islam, the religion of peace, tolerance, non-violence.


Islamists Demand Australian Senator ‘Introduce Sharia Law’ or Be Beheaded

by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Yesterday, terrorists threatened to “behead” Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie if she did not help “introduce sharia law in Australia.”

To her credit, Lambie had recently called for the introduction of the death penalty for terrorists and had been quoted as saying: “If you don’t like our Australian law… then pack your bags and… leave. We will never bow down to sharia law.”

The police do not yet know whether this death threat was sent by Jihadists or by opponents of a planned mosque.

 Australia is part of the core group coalition against ISIS, which consists of the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Poland, and Denmark.

And here’s the history in Australia — a history you might think left Australia alone, but no.

Jihad has been building for years in Australia. In 1998, a Sydney police station was shot at by four Arabs. In 2004, a Lebanese-Australian told a reporter that he “wanted to undertake a terror attack in Sydney in the name of Islam.”

According to Australian terrorism researcher Andrew Zammitt, in 2003, thirteen Melbourne men and nine Sydney men were arrested and charged with forming two different cells to prepare attacks. Eighteen were convicted. These arrests suggested that Australians had become “newly radicalized” post 9/11.

In 2005, hundreds of Australian women at the beach were harassed by angry, offended Muslims. Two hundred such men thereafter smashed hundreds of cars and windows, bashed several people and threatened women with rape.

In the summer of 2014, when Israel was self-defensively trying to eradicate the diabolical terror tunnels in Gaza, a convoy of cars drove through Sydney, brandishing the black flag of ISIS. Some chanted: “Jew and Christian will not stand. You can never stop Islam.”

Does this mark the point with which Australia will begin to take a more active role in squashing Islamists in that country?

Mark my words.  The stories are coming and not stopping.  One more:

“I have had many Arab patients. I tell them I am German. Many praised me because Hitler was German and did ‘such a great job with the Jews.’ At a clinic, a Muslim reception clerk often greeted me with Heil Hitler, arm extended, and a smile. He thought I was an Aryan German. A young man, whom Australian Jews had helped, confided in me, saying that ‘Islam is going to take over the world as the fastest growing religion. Even in Australia.’ One of my Australian patients complained that he was harassed and bullied on the street by Arabs, shouting, ‘we are going to take over your f**king country.’ Someone who had been a member of Hezbollah, wanted me to write a letter for him to the Prime Minister so he would not be deported. When I declined, he grabbed me by the neck and threatened me.”

I wrote two years ago that I saw a young female in a Full Beekeeper’s costume in the Barnes & Noble bookstore (now closed) in Elk Grove, CA.

Islam is here in the United States and it is not a peaceful religion as practiced.  Islam is as Islam does, no more, no less.  Those practicioners of Islam who do not or have not or refuse to kill know full well that there are others who will, in their name and in the name of their shared religion.

Islam You Deserve To KnowHere is a sign I saw adjacent Highway 99, there in Elk Grove.  Islam, making inroads into my neighborhoods.  Another attempt to “normalize” Islam.

A religion that is far from normal.  A religion that is, in truth, nothing more than a death cult.

Islam = Borg.

Convert or die.