Steven Gern USMC takes his stand against Islam

You may remember this man from his rather insightful video included with my post regarding Trump’s travel stay and Judge Robart.

He said this in February.

The video subsequently went viral and he was simultaneously excoriated. Gern spoke from the heart.

He lost his job. He had to regroup. Mentally. He had to adjust. Shift gears. Ask himself: where am I, and where do I want to do now?

I believe he has sorted himself out. With reality.

And with regard to Islam.

I submit that we as a nation need likewise to sort ourselves out. And listen to him.



Rio Olympics: more Muslim barbarity

In a sport steeped in tradition and honor for your opponent, judo, you can clearly see the disdain for said honor and tradition displayed below.

This is none other than a Muslim who, upon losing to an Israeli, could not find it within himself to bow or shake hands with the man who bested him.

Again, take a good look at Islam.