Rio Olympics: more Muslim barbarity

In a sport steeped in tradition and honor for your opponent, judo, you can clearly see the disdain for said honor and tradition displayed below.

This is none other than a Muslim who, upon losing to an Israeli, could not find it within himself to bow or shake hands with the man who bested him.

Again, take a good look at Islam.



All you need are mittens and a handbag

If only we’d known this simple trick in the United States, think of how many people we could have saved from the brutal act of rape.

No, what you are about to see is not a prank, it is not a joke, it is not meant to entertain or make you smile.  Please watch.

If you hadn’t seen it, you wouldn’t have believed it.  That was an entirely serious video played on television and created by the Finnish government in order to reduce the number of rapes committed by Muslim invaders.

Yes, the government of Finland, consisting of what I term GOWPs, truly believes that, essentially, a pair of mittens, a handbag and a stern look will stop most rapists.

Leftists and Socialists and Europeans: upon just what fucking planet are you living?

You’re not just ignorant morons, you’re dangerous ignorant morons.



I truly apologize to ignorant morons.


Muslim barbarity in German public pools

Muslims Require NO BUTT TOUCHING SignTranslated: Merkel’s loving Muslims shit and jerked off into German public pools in front of men, women and children..  Then molested young girls in the locker rooms.


REPORT: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi, Defecated Into Kid’s Pool, Invaded Girls Changing Rooms

by Oliver Lane

A German swimming bath has banned migrants from entering the premises after a group of men went on an obscene rampage, laughing in the faces of pool staff when challenged about their grotesque behaviour.

A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi. In separate incidents other groups of migrants were caught “contaminating” the children’t training pool by “emptying their bowels in the water”, and sexually assaulting other bathers, reports Bild.

This behaviour in Zwickau is not by any means unique in Germany. Breitbart London has reported on a number of sex attacks on children in swimming baths over the past week, with girls as young as 11 and boys as young as three being targeted by migrant gangs. On one occasion in Munich, a pair of young girls enjoying the waterslide at their local pool were groped, “allegedly under their bathing suits”, “and possibly raped” by a gang of “refugees”.

Merkel Killed GermanyIn my opinion Chancellor Angela Merkel has doomed all of Germany and is in the process of turning it into an Islamic cesspool of hate, barbarity and repression of its citizens — where Muslims will be favored over its native citizens.  This has already occurred, as Germany is evicting its citizens from their homes to make way for the “refugees,” that one act in itself an abomination.

It is certain that Merkel is a GOWP, but one of the highest order and clearly possessing the ability to execute irreparable damage to Germany.  I believe she is doing this as she feels she must make amends for Germany’s conduct in World War II.  Germans looked in their 1945 mirror and saw a nation of murderers.  Merkel must continue to atone, she believes.  She has thusly doomed Germany and, by extension, the rest of Europe is similarly threatened.

As such, orders from the chancellery are to lie to the German people about the facts of the Muslim rape epidemic.  Guilty apologists for Islam say the rapes are mere cultural misunderstandings.  In Sweden, 77% of the rapes are now committed by 2% of the Muslim male population.  It’s known that Muslim rapists prefer blondes.  Grade school girls in Germany are told to “cover up lest they offend the delicate sensibilities of easily-offended new Muslim “refugees.”

That is all very comforting and assuaging to know when your daughter is raped due to a “cultural “misunderstanding.”   It’s the victim’s fault, not the attacker’s.

Demography is prophecy, and Merkel has, by dint of increasing the number of Muslims in Germany, changed the entire look and demographics of her nation.  History is soon to mean little in Germany unless that country can entirely stop the flood of invading — yes, I said invading — Muslims.  Islam isn’t just a religion, it is a culture and way of life that impacts through every aspect of his ardent supporters.

GOWPs and Leftists/Progressives believe that all cultures are the same and that all persons essentially think alike.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The Muslim “refugees” from Syria and other location possess

One commenter from the Breitbart article wrote quite cogently:

So what did you expect to happen? It’s like inviting a couple dozen Los Angeles street gang members to your daughter’s graduation party and being shocked when they smoke dope, feel up the girls and get into gunfights on your front lawn.

There will be little if any assimilation into the German/Western culture because there is no desire to assimilate.  The Islamic faith by itself mandates that.  The value systems are at polar opposites though there are common similarities: people know how and what they can get away with.  The “refugees” know weakness when they see it.  What Germans originally envisioned as kindness, tolerance and acceptance is translated to weakness, faults and deficiences, the Achilles heel of German and Western nations.  Their job via Islam is to take advantage of the situations they encounter, as nothing is as noble or strong as Islam.

Muslim Bacha Bazi BoysIslam is itself a culture greatly revolving around sex; the promised 72 virgins upon martyrdom; the bacha bazi boys wearing makeup, Muslim males told to enjoy young boys in the absence of women; sex with boys under 18 isn’t considered homosexuality; the rampant misogyny of Islam where women are chattel and subject to genital mutilation, stoning and honor killings.  I could go on.

Muslim Bacha Bazi Boy Being KissedMake no mistake, were Muslims to do this in American public venues, there would be some seriously injured “refugees.”  And if Muslim “refugee” invaders were to roam in groups in the cities or towns of America groping our wives, mothers or daughters, there would be shot and stabbed Muslims.  There would be rapidly-organized posses of armed American citizens hunting for suspects.  Frankly, when that behavior comes here — not if, but when — I submit you will see precisely that kind of reaction by husbands, fathers, sons and boyfriends.  And I would understand that conduct.

This is simply too much.  It is too much for civilized cultures to tolerate the incivil actions of persons who have allegedly come to host countries for asylum and assistance.

There has to be a line drawn.  I can only hope it gets drawn soon, and that “refugees,” Syrian or otherwise, are kept from being imported into this country because, if that occurs, you will see those actions delineated above duplicated here.

Which is why I say: NO SYRIAN “REFUGEES” IN AMERICA.  None.  Not women.  Not children.  None.  They need to stay in the own countries.  They and other nations are better served that way.

Europe exists now to be an example from which we must all learn.


Muslims No Beating Children Muslims No Grab Ass

Muslim: “women in Europe deserve it”

Islam Helped by GOWP Leftist WomanDeserve what?

Being molested and/or raped on the streets and alleys of Europe.

And no, I’m not kidding.

And yes, GOWPs (Guilty Overeducated White Persons) overseas are telling women to cover up and that it’s their fault for tempting these poor refugees from other countries, who simply need to be understood.

Muslim Imam Women Deserve to be RapedAn imam in Cologne, Germany, Sami Abu-Yusuf, at the Salafist mosque, says “if they (women) walk around half naked and use perfume things can happen.  A man, a woman, it’s like putting oil on a fire.”

If only Western Civilization had known this earlier, think of all the rapes we could have prevented.

First question popping into my head?  Where are all the feminists, outraged at this man’s comments?  Not just locally or nationally, but globally?  The answer is: cowering in their kitchens.  Feminists only attack those physically or primarily mentally weaker than they are — those who fear being labeled.  Muslims couldn’t care less what women think; they freely kill and mutilate women by the bushel, daily.  Feminists don’t attack Muslims because they know Muslim men will kill them; perhaps even institutionally-brainwashed Muslim women as well.

Of course, that isn’t limited to feminisnts; MINOs are this way also: Muslims In Name Only.  You know, the so-called “moderate Muslims.”

Always good to excuse assaults on women by Muslims.  Women, realize: you are a legitimate target by Muslim refugees.

Conventional GOWP wisdom is that these occurrences are merely a few statistical aberrations.  From

Cologne Imam: Girls Were Raped Because They Were Half Naked And Wore Perfume

by Oliver Lane

Warning women against “adding fuel to the fire”, the Imam of a Salafist Cologne mosque has said the victims of the New Year’s Eve attacks in that city were themselves responsible for their sex assault, by dressing inappropriately and wearing perfume.

Explaining in the view of Salafist Islam why hundreds of women found themselves groped, sexually assaulted and in some cases raped by gangs of migrant men in cities across Germany the Imam said: “the events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire”.

Sami Abu-Yusuf is the Imam of the Al Tawheed mosque in Cologne’s Kalk neighbourhood, just one of thousands of such establishments practising in converted residential, retail, and industrial properties serving the booming Muslim population of Europe. The mosque, which is named as preaching the fundamentalist Salafist creed of Islam was raided by counter terror officers in 2004.

The emergence of Salafism in Europe is a major concern for security services, as it considers itself the most pure, and original form of Islam and tries to obey the commands of the Koran literally. Breitbart London has reported at length recently on the extremist activities of Salafist Muslims in Germany, from mass-riots in which hundreds of men armed with kebab skewers, knives, and iron bars clashed with police and Kurds on the streets of Hamburg, to their recruiting strategies, preying on newly arrived migrants.

Which is why I say: NO SYRIAN “REFUGEES” IN AMERICA.  None.  Not women.  Not children.  None.  Europe exists now to be an example from which we must all learn.

Conventional GOWP Wisdom is that, under the guise of “multiculturism,” all cultures are equal and, as long as they are different, most cultures are actually better than those of Caucasoids.  The truth is that cultures are in fact different, not all think alike, and some cultures — like Islam — are barbaric and based upon violence and subsumation.

This is an excellent lesson for the US to learn, as I indicated.

Because: Germany is lost.  There is no regaining her back the way she was.  All the rest of Europe is on the cusp of being lost.

We cannot allow that to occur here.