BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, “The Aftermath,” Thursday, May 25th, 2017, featuring guest/author Jim Curtis

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Our special guest on the show was veteran and author J.L. “Jim” Curtis from, Jim’s author page on describes him this way:

JL Curtis was born in Louisiana in 1951 and was raised in the Ark-La-Tex area. He began his education with guns at age eight with a SAA and a Grandfather that had carried one for ‘work’. He began competitive shooting in the 1970s, an interest he still pursues time permitting. He is a retired Naval Flight Officer, having spent 22 years serving his country, an NRA instructor, a retired engineer in the defense industry, and now a starving author. He lives in North Texas, He currently has two series in work. The Grey Man, a Texas based current fiction series revolving around LEOs and Marines. And the Rimworld Series, started with a short story that was an Amazon Best Seller for five days after its release.

I’ve read Jim’s work, I purchased all of his books (as you can see above) and I believe in his writing. For those who enjoy military/law enforcement-oriented books, Jim’s THE GREY MAN series is highly recommended. For those of a sci-fi bent, Jim’s newest book (the beginning of a series) RIMWORLD: Into The Green will please those of a more realistic science fiction nature. Either way you can’t go wrong with a Jim Curtis book. I’m a reprobate bastard so I like the actual printed books that I can hold in my fetid paws.

You can (heavy sigh) acquire his books on Kindle as well. If you must. Harumph.

Tonight in the Saloon:

  • We speak to veteran and author Jim Curtis;
  • White Mamba dislikes my bartender Flakbait; guess who’s serving tonight?
  • Another Bolivian time check;
  • Another great chat roll; thanks to Mary Brockman for bringing the horde with her;
  • BZ chickens out on activating the live video stream; cowardly indeed;
  • Alan Dershowitz writes about terrorism; he’s absolutely correct. Why did it take a Leftist attorney to write a piece that should have been penned by Republicans?
  • Euro Leftists snicker at Trump whilst he calls on them to pay their “fair share.” This is a slap in the face to EVERY American Taxpayer; you are EXPECTED to pony your cash up for your Euro betters you dumpy proles, groundlings, commoners, serfs, US trash; I wonder why you’re not speaking GERMAN today, eh wot?
  • Only 5 of the 28 NATO countries are contributing their contractual 2% GDP to help out NATO; it’s the US that mostly funds NATO as it does with the United Nations;
  • Estonia and Poland are meeting their NATO obligations; France, Germany, Belgium are not even pretending to do so;
  • It’s the AMERICAN TAXPAYER who is getting boned by the entitled European Elite cock gobblers who DEMAND that you pony up your cash;
  • The EU proves BZ’s Criminal Axiom is now applicable to Europe: “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine unless you have the strength to keep it”;
  • Europe to American Taxpayers: get going. Harder work and more of it;
  • BZ wants to set up more author interviews in the future to include CJ Box, Brad Thor and perhaps even Joseph Wambaugh, my personal hero from the 1970s;
  • Trey Gowdy: surveillance programs will not be reauthorized until answers are given;
  • President Trump: leakers will be prosecuted. The NYT has now decided to jeopardize the security relationships between the US and foreign powers;
  • Lou Dobbs: we are at war;
  • Too many Republicans are EstabliHacks and kissing the arses of Demorats;
  • Virginia Trump travel stay issued from the 4th DCA;
  • Muslims are now determining the “fake law” for the United States;
  • Minnesota wavers on FGM; “I guess it might not be all that bad”;

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Jim Curtis reminds us, by the way:

In honor of Memorial Day, the entire Grey Man series will be on sale starting Friday, the 26th, ending on the 30th. Get them early for the deeper discount.

Go here for the discount.

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Obama: comparing ISIS to the Crusades

Obama continually — as do other Islam apologists — conflates and compares ISIS to the Crusades.  As in: Islam vs Christianity, with Christianity the abject and utterly violent loser and Evildoer in the equation.

This specious argument couldn’t be more wrong.

Megyn Kelly weighs in:

After that, this video in a more concise version:

And finally, the full 22 minute video:

They are right.  Words matter.  And when Obama speaks before any group and there are TelePrompters involved, the words Mr Obama speaks have been vetted and parsed and sifted with the greatest amount of care possible.  When he says this, he means this.

Which is why when Obama refers to “people (who) committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” he’s speaking about Christians in the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

This age-old saw is the first trotted out by Muslim apologists.  The major historical problem people don’t much seem to consider is: the Crusades occurred 800 years ago, and the inquisition was 600 years ago.

Since then, the blood and death and violence involving religion has been at the hands of Muslims, in the name of Islam.  Not Christianity.

Charles Krauthammer said:

“Everything he does is to minimize what’s happening, to hold us back and to essentially deny the gravity of what’s happening. That’s why today he had to compare it to the Crusades and to the Inquisition, which is simply astonishing. Mr. President, the Crusades were 800 years ago, and the Inquisition 500 years ago. What’s happening right now is not Christians on the march. It is radical Islam.”

“The only reason Obama got involved with ISIS in the first place was precisely the public reaction to the video beheading of the two Americans,” said Krauthammer. “If that hadn’t happened, he never would have stirred himself.”

Mr Krauthammer is entirely correct.

Obama still can’t say “Islamic terror.”  And ISIL is not Islamic, according to Mr Obama.



Islam: moderates or not?

Meaning, as I wrote, do we fundamentally have Islam wrong?

I think we do.

Are so-called “Islamists” in the majority or are so-called “moderates”?

Let’s watch:

Any conclusions one can draw?  Something similar to my core phrase, “Islam is as Islam does”?

Clearly, yes.  Over 50% of Muslims on the planet are not “moderate” but are in fact radical.  This goes against the meme of the “good moderate and peaceful Muslim.”

“Moderate Muslims” are, frankly, a statistical myth.  Thank you, Ben Shapiro.



Western civilization has Islam wrong:

KoranAbsolutely correct.

Western civilization and nations have Islam completely wrong, as Islam has been telling you for quite some time.

It isn’t Islamists that aren’t following the Quran.

It’s so-called “moderate Muslims.”

Ponder that for a moment.

Then read “Why Islam Creates Monsters.”



Why Islam creates monsters

Suicide of the WestThe following may well be the most insightful, thought-provoking and illuminating article you will read this year.  And it answers so many questions asked by so many people — yet — will likely be predominantly unread by the very groups of persons who most need its information.

Please, take the ten or fifteen minutes it requires to completely read the article.  At the end, you will come to understand the various aspects of Islam and how they meld into the religion (not really just a religion) and are applied by its adherents around the planet, and not just the Middle East.

The article, by Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels, is entitled “Why Islam Creates Monsters” and provides an examination of Islam not from a political viewpoint, but that of a psychiatric and cultural background.

An excellent Q&A with Sennels is here — as well as his article “Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences” — both being highly recommended reading.

Please read all three and you’ll be provided answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself recently.  Questions Leftists and our president aren’t asking and apparently don’t wish to pose.  Perhaps with fear of the answers themselves?

And you’ll come to understand my viewpoint on Islam as well.


Islamic State & Islam