BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

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If I sounded a bit rushed and flustered at the beginning of the Saloon, now you know why. Not happy, but made it work.

Tonight in the Saloon we discussed:

  • General George Smith Patton addresses the troops;
  • Damn, it’s hot in the studio again; the official SHR lava lamp is still lighted;
  • President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey; I give background;
  • The chatroom fills out; Conservative LA visits the chatroom briefly; thanks for that;
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs the sanctuary city bill, Leftists go insane;
  • Emmanuel Macron beats Marine Le Pen; France has a new president;
  • France decides it wants the status quo and continues to embrace multi-kulti;
  • Germany’s Angela Merkel larfs maniacally as she is now the official French President By Proxy;

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Merkel: you must elect me again


Barack Hussein Obama “manspreading” before German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a clear attempt to sexually manipulate and oppress her.

No one knows the precise attribution, but the definition of insanity continues to logically be “doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Hello, calling Angela Merkel.


Merkel to seek fourth term to defend threatened ‘values’

by Deborah Cole

Berlin (AFP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday she would seek a fourth term in elections next year to defend democratic principles in the face of looming threats at home and abroad.

Angela, the only looming threat to your country is — wait for ityou.

Predicting her toughest campaign to date, Merkel said the forces of populism as well as the uncertainty created by poll triumphs for Brexit and Donald Trump meant she had a “duty to serve my country”.

Translated: she is compelled to double-down on stupid because of the incessantly-pounding waves of pushback she is receiving regarding her philosophy and policies.

“We are facing struggles in Europe and internationally for our values and our interests and, simply put, for our way of life,” Merkel, 62, told reporters at the headquarters of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.

Well, Merkel got that right. Germans are indeed struggling for their values and their interests and way of life. Because you, Merkel, have shot down whatever values once existed a few years ago by allowing your country to be flooded with Muslims who have as much interest in assimilation as the average nematode. Or Muslim.

“This election will be more difficult than any before it, at least not since national reunification” in 1990, she added, citing a strong “polarisation of our society”.

Merkel, the EU’s longest serving leader, said she had “endlessly” weighed her choice and knew that in “distinctly difficult, even insecure times”, many leaders were looking to her as a source of stability.

Leftist GOWP “leaders” looked to her as a source of stability whilst the bulk of the German populace recognize that she is the opposite. She is a guilty follower of Leftist themes.

Please allow me to cut to the proverbial chase. Merkel is, in her mind, doing nothing more than atoning for the abominations of her country in WWII. The “sins of the father” and all. Except that her “atonements” are affecting all of Europe. For that matter, all of Western Civilization.

Let us not forget Deutschland was re-united in 1990 because of the massive ministrations and spending of Ronald Wilson Reagan, who also managed to emasculate and destroy the USSR which — oddly enough — is now known only as Russia.

Please see THE THREAT by Andrew Cockburn.

So, Angela Merkel, to whom do you owe your ability to speak as you do, the freedom to run as you please? Yes, that would be Ronald Wilson Reagan.

You seek to tear down your country, however, just as did Adolf Hitler before you. And for that, it is worth weeping.

Your Leftist leanings precede you.

angela-merkel-naturalistAngela Merkel (L), naturalist.

Never heard of this, never seen the photograph — though had its equivalent existed of, say Reagan or Trump, it would have been plastered across the media for months or years? True, all of that. One must recognize the real Angela Merkel.

“Merkel is the answer to the populism of our time,” said Saxony state premier Stanislaw Tillich of the CDU, welcoming her candidacy.

“She is basically the anti-Trump,” he told the newspaper group Redaktionsnetzwerk.

Whether she is or not — in the light of Brexit — remains to be seen.

Merkel is the person who kept Germany entrenched in capitalism and, is now, easily the world’s most powerful woman, raised under Communism and, as some see, the de facto leader of the EU. Except that her “values” caught up to her, as she originally said in 2010.

“A multicultural society in Germany had “utterly failed”,[49] stating that: “The concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it” does not work[50] and “we feel attached to the Christian concept of mankind, that is what defines us. Anyone who doesn’t accept that is in the wrong place here.”[51] She continued to say that immigrants should integrate and adopt Germany’s culture and values. This has added to a growing debate within Germany[52] on the levels of immigration, its effect on Germany and the degree to which Muslim immigrants have integrated into German society.

In short, “multi-kulti” was a failure, as I covered here in 2010.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “lmmigrants should learn to speak German.”

What happened?

I submit: she met with the Dalai Lama and her guilt grew beyond human ken. “Deutschland muss bussen.”

Germany slaveringly responded to Brussels.



Europe: beginning to see the light?

Islam -- Tyranny, EnforcementPerhaps no, perhaps so?

From the

‘Germans have had enough of this’ Polish experts blast Merkel & claim Europe ‘is dead’

by Charlie Peat

EUROPE is “at the end of its existence” following a summer of terror and the EU’s free movement policy, an ex-Polish counter-terror officer has warned.

Former Central Bureau of Investigation officer Jacek Wrona gave a damning forecast about the future of Europe, claiming people have lost faith in the political system.

Speaking on a Polish chat show, he said: “The worst problem for the police service is political correctness.

Hit pause for a moment.

That’s not just a problem for European police services, it’s a problem for US law enforcement as well.  Already law enforcement in the US has hedged its bet before coming out and stating the obvious about various political issues.  Law enforcement is certainly not immune from various cowardly administrators.  They are people, after all.

Wrona was joined by military history academic Dr Rafal Brzeski who blasted Angela Merkel in the wake of a spate of terror attacks in Germany.

He said: “The Germans have had enough of this, which does not mean the government has had enough. These are two different approaches”.

The scathing attack comes as thousands of people took to the streets of Berlin to protests against the German Chancellor’s open door policy.

Merkel Must Go“Merkel must go” and “Queen of the smugglers” were just a few of the signs seen at a recent Berlin rally last week.

Crowds gathered in Washington Square on Saturday and vented their fury at Merkel’s leadership of the country.

Holding banners reading “Merkel must go” and “The queen of smugglers. Merkel must leave”, crowds flocked to the public square while the hashtag #Merkelmussweg is being used by protesters online.

Five attacks have taken place in Germany since July 18, leavingt 15 people dead, including four attackers, and dozens injured.

Will Europe learn?  Time will tell.  But read that last sentence, above, again.

Clearly, the US and the current administration learn nothing from history — even recent history displayed in front of their faces.  It will take the deaths of more Americans to try to convince Leftists and Demorats otherwise.

Blood will flow.



Muslim barbarity in German public pools

Muslims Require NO BUTT TOUCHING SignTranslated: Merkel’s loving Muslims shit and jerked off into German public pools in front of men, women and children..  Then molested young girls in the locker rooms.


REPORT: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi, Defecated Into Kid’s Pool, Invaded Girls Changing Rooms

by Oliver Lane

A German swimming bath has banned migrants from entering the premises after a group of men went on an obscene rampage, laughing in the faces of pool staff when challenged about their grotesque behaviour.

A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi. In separate incidents other groups of migrants were caught “contaminating” the children’t training pool by “emptying their bowels in the water”, and sexually assaulting other bathers, reports Bild.

This behaviour in Zwickau is not by any means unique in Germany. Breitbart London has reported on a number of sex attacks on children in swimming baths over the past week, with girls as young as 11 and boys as young as three being targeted by migrant gangs. On one occasion in Munich, a pair of young girls enjoying the waterslide at their local pool were groped, “allegedly under their bathing suits”, “and possibly raped” by a gang of “refugees”.

Merkel Killed GermanyIn my opinion Chancellor Angela Merkel has doomed all of Germany and is in the process of turning it into an Islamic cesspool of hate, barbarity and repression of its citizens — where Muslims will be favored over its native citizens.  This has already occurred, as Germany is evicting its citizens from their homes to make way for the “refugees,” that one act in itself an abomination.

It is certain that Merkel is a GOWP, but one of the highest order and clearly possessing the ability to execute irreparable damage to Germany.  I believe she is doing this as she feels she must make amends for Germany’s conduct in World War II.  Germans looked in their 1945 mirror and saw a nation of murderers.  Merkel must continue to atone, she believes.  She has thusly doomed Germany and, by extension, the rest of Europe is similarly threatened.

As such, orders from the chancellery are to lie to the German people about the facts of the Muslim rape epidemic.  Guilty apologists for Islam say the rapes are mere cultural misunderstandings.  In Sweden, 77% of the rapes are now committed by 2% of the Muslim male population.  It’s known that Muslim rapists prefer blondes.  Grade school girls in Germany are told to “cover up lest they offend the delicate sensibilities of easily-offended new Muslim “refugees.”

That is all very comforting and assuaging to know when your daughter is raped due to a “cultural “misunderstanding.”   It’s the victim’s fault, not the attacker’s.

Demography is prophecy, and Merkel has, by dint of increasing the number of Muslims in Germany, changed the entire look and demographics of her nation.  History is soon to mean little in Germany unless that country can entirely stop the flood of invading — yes, I said invading — Muslims.  Islam isn’t just a religion, it is a culture and way of life that impacts through every aspect of his ardent supporters.

GOWPs and Leftists/Progressives believe that all cultures are the same and that all persons essentially think alike.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The Muslim “refugees” from Syria and other location possess

One commenter from the Breitbart article wrote quite cogently:

So what did you expect to happen? It’s like inviting a couple dozen Los Angeles street gang members to your daughter’s graduation party and being shocked when they smoke dope, feel up the girls and get into gunfights on your front lawn.

There will be little if any assimilation into the German/Western culture because there is no desire to assimilate.  The Islamic faith by itself mandates that.  The value systems are at polar opposites though there are common similarities: people know how and what they can get away with.  The “refugees” know weakness when they see it.  What Germans originally envisioned as kindness, tolerance and acceptance is translated to weakness, faults and deficiences, the Achilles heel of German and Western nations.  Their job via Islam is to take advantage of the situations they encounter, as nothing is as noble or strong as Islam.

Muslim Bacha Bazi BoysIslam is itself a culture greatly revolving around sex; the promised 72 virgins upon martyrdom; the bacha bazi boys wearing makeup, Muslim males told to enjoy young boys in the absence of women; sex with boys under 18 isn’t considered homosexuality; the rampant misogyny of Islam where women are chattel and subject to genital mutilation, stoning and honor killings.  I could go on.

Muslim Bacha Bazi Boy Being KissedMake no mistake, were Muslims to do this in American public venues, there would be some seriously injured “refugees.”  And if Muslim “refugee” invaders were to roam in groups in the cities or towns of America groping our wives, mothers or daughters, there would be shot and stabbed Muslims.  There would be rapidly-organized posses of armed American citizens hunting for suspects.  Frankly, when that behavior comes here — not if, but when — I submit you will see precisely that kind of reaction by husbands, fathers, sons and boyfriends.  And I would understand that conduct.

This is simply too much.  It is too much for civilized cultures to tolerate the incivil actions of persons who have allegedly come to host countries for asylum and assistance.

There has to be a line drawn.  I can only hope it gets drawn soon, and that “refugees,” Syrian or otherwise, are kept from being imported into this country because, if that occurs, you will see those actions delineated above duplicated here.

Which is why I say: NO SYRIAN “REFUGEES” IN AMERICA.  None.  Not women.  Not children.  None.  They need to stay in the own countries.  They and other nations are better served that way.

Europe exists now to be an example from which we must all learn.


Muslims No Beating Children Muslims No Grab Ass

When you lose your borders

When we lose our borders, we get what is occurring now next to our border in Mexico.  You get Mexican cartel gunmen murdering people in broad daylight.  You get this.

LZ 1 LZ 2 LZ 3

Mexican authorities continue to look into the kidnapping that led to a firefight that killed five Los Zetas cartel members and one Mexican soldier.  Sad.  That was at one time a very nice Lincoln Navigator with beautiful leather.  The equivalent of a Mexican hoopti.

When you lose your borders, you lose your sovereignty.  Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Demorats wish to enable that to occur even faster, by granting illegal invaders rights to ObamaKare.  She said so, specifically, in Tuesday night’s Demorat debate.  Most of the Demorat contingent tried to more of a Leftist than the next — with the exception of Jim Webb, who graduated from the naval academy, first in his class, served in the Marine Corps and, further, was Secretary of the Navy.  He received the Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts.  Then you have Socialist Bernie Sanders, a “conscientious objector” during Vietnam who wants to be Commander In Chief of the US military.  Can you imagine?

When you value illegals over your own countrymen, you lose your country, your sovereignty, your identity as a nation.  Go see Sicario and try not to be even more resolute that our borders absolutely must be shut and controlled.  In the meantime, an illegal alien who was deported (and came back) has raped a sleeping woman in Chicago.

Just as is happening in Europe now.  People in Europe are being removed from their own homes in order to accommodate the “refugees” from Syria.

It has been proven that the so-called “refugees” from Syria aren’t necessarily that.  The bulk of them are economic “refugees” who are taking advantage of the offer of Euro Free Cheese provided by EuroGOWPs.

The Swiss are starting to push back against the migrant crisis, and Sweden is in political turmoil over the migrant crisis and the number of “refugees” in their nation.

“Refugee” criminals are now so brazen, knowing German police will do nothing, that they have taken to social media posing with stolen property.

In Germany, 1 in 3 citizens want Angela Merkel to resign over her “open arms” refugee policy.  “Easy access” and Free Cheese are the obvious attractions for migrants.

Let’s be frank.  Europe is doomed.  Its overall visage has been fundamentally changed overnight and there is no going back.  Each country receiving Syrian “refugees” and ISIS elements (oh yes, there are ISIS elements embedded in the flood — just look at how many young males, the perfect age for soldiers, are in the throng) will not be able to turn back that clock.Syrians Fleeing From ISISCheck the photographs.  Do the research yourself.

Europe is broken.  Islam has thundered into most every country there.  This is purposeful but it is also the result of the US taking no stance and “leading from behind.”  A vacuum was created.  Putin decided to fill it, along with Islam.

This is what you get when your country is run by GOWPs of all makes and models.  Marseilles is 90% Muslim, the UK is going, as is Germany, Sweden, Switzerland.  Islam is larfing its arse off.  Islam plays Long Ball, ladies and gentlemen.

The US — though divided from that problem by the Atlantic — has its own obvious border problems.  Also taken advantage-of by Muslim elements who only must get their ankles damp.

When you lose your borders, you lose your individuality, your language, your culture, your sovereignty, everything good that was the core of your country.  Europe is learning that lesson now and so are we.

Take a peek at the photos above once more.  This is what you will begin to see inside the US in a very short time.  On American streets.  We could have stopped it but decided, politically, not to.  Just as Mexican cartels assassinate police officers, attorneys, journalists, politicians and judges in Mexico, so may they begin to do so here.

Stand by for even more terrible consequences.


Syrian Muslim Refugees