Boots on the ground against ISIS?

Check this out:

General Martin E. Dempsey, Charmain of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responds to Senator Lindsay Graham in a senate hearing.

Question: will Obama actually commit to boots on the ground again in the Middle East?

Yes?  No?  He has in fact ordered boots on the ground, but not with regard to ISIS.  Instead, with regard to Ebola.  A laudable idea; expose our 3,000 warriors to a disease with a 90% fatality rate.

Boots on the ground?

His generals say so.  He says no.  Mr Obama is quite insistent about this.

Hello?  (taps microphone)



ISIS: “A very significant counter-terror operation”

According to Secretary of State John Friggin’ Kerry, it is not a war.

Repeat: it is not a war.

And this, yes, on the heels of Mr Obama on Wednesday night saying that “ISIL is not Islamic.”  And then turning right around and becoming another War President, in direct contravention of his Nobel Peace Prize which — oddly enough — the committee quietly asked he return.  I’ll wager you never heard of that, due to the ministrations of the American Media Maggots.

Mixed messages, America?

And Obama was only forced into his current political tack because two American journalistas were beheaded quite publicly on video.  Politics again, and that pesky technology stuff.  Damn the inconvenience.



Once again, Mr Obama ruling by fiat

Obama Imperial Congress Won't ActAs far as Mr Obama is concerned, who needs Congress?  He certainly doesn’t.

From the

Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions

WASHINGTON — When President Obama announced in June that he planned to bypass congressional gridlock and overhaul the nation’s immigration system on his own, he did so in a most public way: a speech in the White House Rose Garden.

Since then, the process of drafting what will likely be the only significant immigration changes of his presidency — and his most consequential use of executive power — has been conducted almost entirely behind closed doors, where lobbyists and interest groups invited to the White House are making their case out of public view.

Mr. Obama’s increasingly expansive appetite for the use of unilateral action on issues including immigration, tax policy and gay rights has emboldened activists and businesses to flock to the administration with their policy wish lists.

It also has opened the president, already facing charges of executive overreach, to criticism that he is presiding over opaque policy-making, with the potential to reward political backers at the expense of other interests, including some on the losing side who are threatening to sue.

“Opaque policy-making” from the individual who swore to make his administration the most transparent in history?

On that note of “transparency,” the Washington Times writes:

Obama admin thwarting release of public data under FOIA, lawsuit charges

by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

The administration that vowed to be the most transparent in history now must defend itself against a federal lawsuit accusing it of thwarting the release of public information. It’s a case that could reveal just how much politics influences the processing of Freedom of Information Act requests, especially when such releases could embarrass the president.

The civic watchdog group Cause of Action on Monday sued the Obama administration, claiming that presidential attorneys have interfered improperly in the release of public documents under the landmark FOIA law in an effort to curb the release of derogatory information about the White House.

This is the most opaque administration in years and the American Media Maggots, like the boot-licking pussies they are, continue to go to great lengths to cover up Mr Obama’s crap in the cat box.

The problem is, it still smells.

I guess they’ll have to resort to clothes-pins next.