Obama targets Syrian oil fields for air strikes

ISIS AirstrikesAnd this from the Enviro-Friendly President?

From CNN.com, of all places:

Pentagon: New airstrikes target refineries used by ISIS in Syria

by Chelsea J. Carter, Barbara Starr and Gul Tuysuz

Washington (CNN)U.S. and coalition warplanes pounded ISIS positions in eastern Syria on Wednesday, targeting what a Pentagon official described as mobile oil refineries being used by the so-called Islamic State terror group.

The latest round of airstrikes were aimed at cutting off money flowing to ISIS, which makes up to $2 million a day from oil produced by the refineries, Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, told CNN.

Fighter jets from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates flew alongside U.S. aircraft during the operation, hitting 12 locations, Kirby said.

The airstrikes came just hours after U.S. President Barack Obama called for united action to confront ISIS, also referred to as ISIL.

Mr Obama has now bombed seven countries.  That is more than G.W. Bush.  That should make all Obaka Supporters so proud.  Pride in a man who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.  And then was asked to return same.  Which he did not.

Nine wars now, Mr Obama?

And pride in a man who apparently supports the bombing of points to include oil sites.

Oil Fields BombedThere couldn’t possibly be anything LESS Enviro-Friendly than bombing an oil field, unless you believe that BP possesses its own air force.

And yet, despite this:

Bachmann Pull Their PassportMr Obaka does not make this embracement.  He couldn’t care less.  His priority includes the raping of our earth via military bombing of susceptible oil fields.

A despoiler of the environment?

A spiller of oil?

An igniter of chaos?

Thy name is Barack Hussein Obama.



Boots on the ground against ISIS?

Check this out:

General Martin E. Dempsey, Charmain of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responds to Senator Lindsay Graham in a senate hearing.

Question: will Obama actually commit to boots on the ground again in the Middle East?

Yes?  No?  He has in fact ordered boots on the ground, but not with regard to ISIS.  Instead, with regard to Ebola.  A laudable idea; expose our 3,000 warriors to a disease with a 90% fatality rate.

Boots on the ground?

His generals say so.  He says no.  Mr Obama is quite insistent about this.

Hello?  (taps microphone)