A summary of the Chattanooga murders

From Tomi Lahren of the One America News Network.  Play it and see what you think.

I submit she is spot on.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it would appear Donald Trump declared that flags on all of his properties would be flown at half staff in honor of the four Marines and one sailor killed in the Chattanooga murders at the recruiting centers.  At the time of Trump’s directive, flags were flying at full staff over the White House on Tuesday.

Hours later, Obama ordered the flag to be lowered to half staff over the White House and other federal buildings — a full five days following the terrible event.

Only after a Republican presidential candidate acted did Obama show the first bit of respect for his fallen troops.

When gay marriage was upheld by SCOTUS, Obama wasted no time whatsoever in turning the White House into a rainbow.

In the case of the flags, Obama was motivated solely by the potential political fallout had he continued to ignore their deaths.  Trump beat him to it and that couldn’t stand.

This quisling cannot leave the presidency soon enough.



H/T to Frank, and thanks.


Obama: change we can believe in

Obama Change We Can Believe InToo much of the Obama Administration has consisted of navel-gazing, then and now.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses, Kabuki Theater for the ignorant.



Obama’s Middle East policy:

And that’s why I love Obama political cartoons.

Obama Middle East PolicyBecause humor isn’t funny unless it’s based in fact.

And Obama cannot even name those responsible for terror.  He lives in a world of purple skies and unicorns and My Little Pony.