Drudge hints: Condi Rice for Romney’s VP?

Admittedly, I failed to see this coming.

I would have enjoyed perhaps Tom McClintock, Paul Ryan, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal or any number of other young guns. I did not see the possibility of Condoleezza Rice being considered. I thought she had made her prior refusals quite clear — but that was — as we may all recall — for the presidential spot, not VP.

That said, I’d take Rice over any number of inept, staid, corrupt, decrepit “Old Republicans” one molecule away from their brethren and sistren across the aisle.

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal writes — as many people inherently know but mostly refuse to verbalize — that Obama “seems to view politics as his weary duty, something he had to do on his way to greatness.” And that Condi Rice would be a “brilliant choice” as VP.

Even Limbaugh wonders: “Condi?”

Let me get the obvious up front and out of the way. She is more “black” than Obama — because that actually matters to some blacks. [That’s a massive topic for another day. –BZ] She is more educated than Obama. She has infinitely more experience than Obama as the 66th Secretary of State under Bush. She was a poli-sci professor at Stanford, Bush’s National Security Advisor in his first term and is, well, female. She had to overcome incredible obstacles in her way. She is a concert-level pianist. Under Wikepedia:

Rice was a Democrat until 1982, when she changed her political affiliation to Republican, in part because she disagreed with the foreign policy of Democratic President Jimmy Carter,[16][17] and because of the influence of her father, who was Republican. As she told the 2000 Republican National Convention, “My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did.”[18]

Imagine that. Those evil Republicans.

Any thoughts?


Here is Condoleezza Rice as portrayed by the loving, accepting, tolerant, understanding, sensitive, inclusive and benevolent Leftists/Demorats:

Because, after all, that’s what you do to a black female in Modern Day Demorat America who isn’t an immediate adherent of your Leftist philosophy. Ruin her.

If you’re a black, you’re a Demorat. If you aren’t, you’re a traitor and slated for despicable ruination.

Condi Rice thinks that anyone with their pants below their underwear looks ludicrous.