Tuesday: a traveling day for BZ

Today — as incongruent as it may seem — my wife and I are traveling from the Mendocino coast back to my aerie in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Because I will be occupied by driving, I won’t be able to blog about the election today, until perhaps much later after I get home.

In the meantime, I have but this to submit:

A photo from a point somewhere within my general mountain locale.

Couldn’t quite tell you where this may be.  Ahem.

But it certainly represents my true feelings today, Obama Removal Day.




Obama Ends Campaign in Half-Empty Arena

From Breitbart.com:

President Obama’s big rally tonight (Monday night – BZ) turned out to be just like his first, opening salvo of the 2012 campaign: a half-empty arena in Ohio. According to RealClearPolitics’ Scott Conroy, there were “empty seats scattered around the upper-level of Nationwide Arena … Four years ago, after all, Obama was easily filling venues larger than that …” The event even featured Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z, and Obama still couldn’t fill it out.

This photograph immediately comes to my mind:

Ladies and gentlemen, think of it, the ramifications of it all:

– Even with the White House Bully Pulpit
– Even with the Demorats controlling the Senate
– Even with the might of the entire DEM/MSM behind him
– Even with the sound of his voice on TV and radio literally every day
– Even with the guilt of Caucasoids nationally

Mr Obama is still not walking away with the race.

Against Mitt Romney, for God’s sake!

Tomorrow: there’s a surprise in every package.




Third & final presidential debate: Obama v Romney, Monday, 10-22-12

The debate can be watched here via livestream, at ABC/YahooNews.

This debate is being held at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.  Instead of walking about, the candidates will be seated.  Bob Schieffer is the moderator.

The format calls for six 15-minute segments, each devoted to one international topic.  The topics, chosen by Bob Schieffer, are:

America’s role in the world.
• Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan.
• Red lines – Israel and Iran.
• The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism, Part 1.
• The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism, Part 2.
• The rise of China and tomorrow’s world.

In the two-minute introduction, I recommend that Romney ignore Mr Obama entirely and, instead, lay out his plan for America’s foreign policy and why it’s inherently superior to that of Mr Obama.  Mr Romney needs to get on top of his details and lay them out immediately.

It’s time to not just act “presidential” but be presidential.

This post will be updated as the debate occurs.


“Attacking me is not an agenda.  Attacking me does not stem the tide of violence.”  YES, Mr Romney, that is TRUE!

Physically, Obama sits his neck down and scowls.  This won’t play well with women or those who are sensitive to body/head/neck language.

Romney is being quite restrained.  There is little over-riding.

Obama doesn’t look good by interrupting when Romney does not.

Romney: “Number one I get rid of is ObamaKare.  And we get rid of them.”

YES.  Sir, YES!

Romney: “And because states run these programs more efficiently.”

YES.  Sir, YES!

Romney: “The president hasn’t balanced a budget yet.”  YES!

Romney: “Our navy is the smallest since 1917.”

Obama goes with technology.  Romney goes with logic.  Blue water navy vs littoral navy.  It still doesn’t work.  Canoes vs destroyers.

However: one F-22 Raptor does not = 22 Migs.

By this time, Romney’s blinks in repose are in keeping with most every other person.

Romney: “We will have Israel’s back.”  YES.

Romney: “And then the president began with an Apology Tour.”  YES!

Romney: “It’s expected for a president to show strength from the very beginning.”  YES!

Romney: “And by the way, you skipped Israel.  And they noticed that you skipped Israel.”  YES!

Schieffer tried to pull some rugs from under Romney.  And he wasn’t having it.

Romney: “I don’t see our influence growing around the world.  I see our influence receding.”

Obama goes — of course — with the PERSONAL capture of Osama bin Laden.  As if HE “captured” OBL.  I knew he would go there.

So far Romney is too much the kind individual.  That doesn’t play with another who works with fire and lava and brimstone.

Overall, this was a very measured debate.  No one much over-rided Bob Schieffer.  I don’t much know why that was.  Was it because they were seated?  Was it because they were in their third debate?  Was it because Schieffer was more physically and intuitively mellow than the two priors?

Position on the use of drones?  Proper.  We need to have a much more comprehensive strategy for dealing with the Middle East.

So far: Romney has AVOIDED mentioning Benghazi!  This was a target-rich environment, Mr Romney!  What part of “Obama was stupid” did you NOT conceive — ??

Romney didn’t interrupt.  He didn’t insist.  That’s how you lose presidential elections, sir.

Romney: “I will label China a currency manipulator.  But you’ve got to play by the rules.”

Obama: “You invested in jobs that were shipped overseas.”  And so did you, Mr Obama, if you had stock in ANY one of the major investment firms from the United States.  Because you can’t be truthful.

In conclusion, I believe that Mitt Romney was WAY more kind than he needed to be.

“Attacking me is not an agenda for acquiring more jobs for this country.”

Obama smiled with the mention of Solyndra.  Like the lying sack of shit that he IS.

Closing statements:

Mr Obama has a plan: WHAT THE HELL IS IT?

Obama: “We bounce back because of our character.”  Meaning: it’s all on the American Taxpayer.

Romney: “America is going to come back.  And that means a president who can come across the aisle.  Washington is broken.”  And I agree.

Will the REAL Mitt Romney PLEASE come out — ??

“Go vote.  It makes you feel big and strong.”