Tavis Smiley reveals he’s an imbecile

Jejune is too kind. He’s a moron.

Mr Smiley, possessor of a show (unsurprisingly) on PBS, said this, the past week, of Christianity vs Islam whilst speaking with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. (Somali-born Dutch-American activist, feminist, author, and former Dutch politician. She actively opposes honor violence, child marriage and female genital mutilation.)

“Oh, Christians, every day, people walk into post offices, they walk into schools, that’s what Columbine is – I could do this all day long. There are so many more examples of Christians – and I happen to be a Christian. That’s back to this notion of your idealizing Christianity in my mind, to my read. There are so many more examples, Ayaan, of Christians who do that than you could ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that inside this country, where you live and work.”

The video is below.

  • Name for me, please, Mr Smiley, one Christian person in the US who walked into a post office and blew themselves up.
  • Name for me, please, Mr Smiley, one Christian person in the US who walked into a school and blew themselves up.
  • Name for me, please, Mr Smiley, one Christian person anywhere in the US who blew themselves up. Just one. Please.

You mentioned Columbine. Neither Eric Harris nor Dylan Klebold, who killed 13 and injured 21, indicated that they both killed in the name of Christianity. The opposite is in fact true.

They were anti-Christian, and clearly expressed that. They asked one Christ-follower, just before they murdered her, “Do you believe in God?” Upon her ‘Yes’ answer, they said “Why?” and then shot her.

Actually, given that Columbine murderers Harris and Klebold were into the ‘Goth’ culture, I cannot help wondering whether they at least flirted with the opposite (e.g. the occultic or satanic).

Give me even one US incident, Tavis Smiley, of any individual or series of individuals blowing themselves up, committing suicide, in the name of Christianity. One. Give one example. Provide verifiable evidence.

There are zero in the past 100 years.

Yes, since 1977 there have been 8 US murders targeting abortion centers in what most would say is in the name of Christianity — but even then not all were professed Christians. People mention Eric Rudolph and Scott Roeder. Heinous. But the total is still 8. They are pikers compared to, say, Major Nidal Hasan who, in 2009 killed 13 people and injured 30 specifically in the name of Islam. In one event. In the name of Islam. “Allahu Akhbar” is called a clue.

Because people were afraid of being labeled as Islamophobic, Major Hasan’s Islamic violent rhetoric was purposely overlooked. Because of fear. List for me even one example of people failing to report individuals because of fear of Christianity. One. Just one. Due to “Christianophobia.”

Let’s go to the facts.

  • Americans killed in the name of Islam on 9-11-2001: 2,996.
  • Muslims in America killed in revenge: 1.
  • Since 9/11, an additional 150 Americans have been killed in 52 separate acts of deadly Islamic terror or Islam-related honor killing in the United States.

Something tells me that Muslims may be just a bit more touchy and violent than Christians in the US. Something tells me the score is akin to 3,146 vs 8.

Thanks for the lies, Tavis Smiley.

You may now go back to your sycophantic NPR adherents who enjoy your Emo views.



FBI Kabuki Theater

Or Theater of the Absurd.

Kabuki TheatreTake your pick.

In any event, there was an atrocious — I can think of no other word — catastrophe of potentially global implications that occurred in San Bernardino.  This video perhaps illustrates things at their base.

The media was given whole hog access to the terrorist base camp.

And the media just how happened to have had those things opened up to reporters?

As these photos would illustrate?

San Berdoo Scene, AMM In Suspect's Apartment

San Berdoo Scene 2And moreover, why?

Breitbart.com took the obvious bent.

The DailyWire also illustrates:

This Is The Most Insane Thing You Have Ever Seen on Live TV. Seriously. What The Actual F***?

by Ben Shapiro

The media are jackals.

The feds are incompetent.

We’re completely screwed.

That’s the only message we can take from the media’s three-hour tour of the San Bernardino terrorists’ apartment. On Friday, at media request, the landlord of the apartment pried off a board covering the door with a crowbar, and the media, in all of their vulpine glory, rushed forward to feast on material evidence in a terrorism investigation.

That heads are not yet rolling — at least in public — astounds and amazes me.

San Berdoo Scene 3Because mostly all month I have been extolling the independence and competency of FBI Director James Comey, whom I’ve quantified as one of the best directors to sit at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue in some time.

One reporter wrote:

I don’t see any fingerprint dust on the walls where they went in there and checked for fingerprints for other people that might have been connected with these two. You’ve got documents laying all over the place; you’ve got shredded documents…You have passports, you’ve got drivers’ licenses — now you have thousands of fingerprints all over inside this crime scene…I am so shocked, I cannot believe it.

San Berdoo Scene 4Now?  After this?

This is a clusterfuck of staggering proportions.

The UKDailyMail.com reveals:

San Bernardino police defend themselves after terrorists’ landlord allows media unfettered access inside their apartment – but MSNBC apologizes for airing it live

by Chris Spargo

  • The media was allowed unsupervised access into the home of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik on Friday

  • During their live broadcast, MSNBC showed identification cards that should not have been made public

  • ‘We regret that we briefly showed images of photographs and identification cards that should not have been aired without review,’ said MSNBC 

  • The San Bernardino police said it was still an active crime scene Friday morning, but the FBI later said that was not the case 

  • ‘If the police are watching this, they better be on their way down there to stop this from happening,’ said law enforcement specialist Harry Houck 

  • He also noted that it appeared the apartment had at no point been dusted for fingerprints based on what he was seeing 

I most definitely have a “take” on this, and it isn’t against the San Bernardino Police Department.  I find the FBI wholly at fault.  Having worked for the federal system and with local law enforcement for 41 years (and retiring only 5 months ago), here’s why:

The FBI determined the San Bernardino shootings were acts of terror.  Once the names of the suspects were released, anyone with half a nerve ganglion knew it was terror committed in the name of Islam.  It was personal, yes, because of where and whom the suspects targeted, but still Islamic terror, homegrown.

Because of that determination, any and all crime scenes become the charge of the overarching element — terror — and that means the FBI is charged with handling the case, from the crime scenes to the processing and the jurisdictional provenance.

San Berdoo Scene 5Yes, local law enforcement agencies were the first responders, but the FBI is tasked with taking the case, organizing it, investigating it, providing updates to the AG and ultimately to a courtroom should the fact pattern and future discoveries lead there.  It is not impossible the two Muslim suspects were assisted in some fashion and that their plans included any number of soft targets in Southern California.

In other words, the crime scene at the house, in my opinion, wasn’t the San Bernardino Police Department’s baby to rock.  It was the FBI because they will have ultimate authority in terms of potential prosecutions or developments in the future.

Because, physically, the house was within the limits of the City of Redlands.

But I can only conjure a short list of alternatives for this cock-up.

  1. No communications.  The FBI failed to communicate its needs to the other agencies involved.  It wouldn’t be the first time.
  2. Lack of monitoring.  The FBI failed to monitor what was occurring on their crime scene.
  3. A phone call from DC.  The Obama administration is clearly Muslim-friendly.
  4. Overall incompetence or indifference.

No matter, it is CSI Copwork 101 that, in a high-stakes case involving the death of a human being, particularly one of such criticality, you process the scene with unwavering detail, you take everything (because in the early portion of any given case you never truly know where the case will go or what piece of evidence will gain even more importance), nothing remains, because — once released — you can never re-live that scene again.  It will never be the same.

You would never, ever, ever leave any bit of indicia behind at a crime scene of this significance because, as a defense attorney, if and when it comes to that, I will tear you a new asshole on the stand and make you look the complete SCOAMF; a Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure.

This is not a small problem; this is potentially a catastrophic problem.  I can’t help siding with Michael Patrick Tracy on this one.

When the American Media Maggots stop to wonder why they were let into a particular scene, you know you have an issue.