Article 50 triggered: Brexit truly begins

As opposed to all of the forces aligned against the very concept of Brexit itself by most every monied and arrogantly-assumptive elitist in Europe, a very critical step to the UK removing itself from the European Union begins.

From the

Brexit trigger approved as UK parliament approves Article 50

Parliament has given its approval for Prime Minister Theresa May to start Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, even as Scotland signalled its opposition by announcing plans for a fresh independence vote.

The House of Lords rejected a last-ditch attempt to amend a bill empowering Mrs May to begin Brexit, paving the way for it to become law as early as Tuesday.

Let me be blunt: this exists as a dagger to the heart of the Caucasoid GOWPs extant throughout the European Union whose life revolves only but about the One World Barbecue.

Just as Chuck Schumer is currently weakening America in order to provide more power to the Demorats by refusing to approve the final cabinet positions and appointments of President Trump, the Caucasoid GOWPs of the EU have done their level best to weaken Europe by trying to obstruct Brexit with all their might. Both are maliciously destructive, purposefully so.

The prime minister could then trigger Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty at any time, starting two years of talks that will end with Britain becoming the first country to leave the bloc.

Mrs May’s spokesman sought to play down speculation that she would send her notification letter to the European Council on Tuesday, when the bill is expected to receive royal assent from the Queen.

But if independence is the issue, so it is “locally.”

But the prospect of an imminent start to Brexit was enough to push the nationalist devolved government in Scotland into calling for a new independence referendum.

For those ignorant of geography or history, let’s not forget that England is on an island, and so is Ireland. Scotland exists on the northern portion of the island. I apologize if I insult the older readers amongst us, but newer readers have no idea what is the United Kingdom.

For his service to country and courage in the face of overwhelming odds, Nigel Farage should be knighted.

Steve Hilton, former Senior Advisor to David Cameron, proposed a series of questions to be considered for roughly every bill or movement in any government:

  • Should the federal government be involved in this at all?
  • Is it a function of government and is it really necessary?
  • Should we be doing this at the federal level?
  • Power and accountability should be placed in the hands of persons in local communities in terms of decision-making, not larger government

Additionally, I would — as the Bloviating Zeppelin for the US — add these critical questions and qualifiers:

  • Is it Constitutional?
  • Is it fiscally prudent?
  • How will it be funded?
  • Does it add to the deficit?
  • Does it reduce or enhance freedoms?
  • Does it enhance or diminish US sovereignty and power?

I can guarantee you this: the instigation for Brexit revolves around the perceived and actual loss of control forced upon the EU client states by Brussels and, to an equal or greater degree, by Angela Merkel’s insistence that the EU be overwhelmed by Muslims who have no intention of assimilation whatsoever.

  • Borders
  • Language
  • Culture

You couldn’t see this coming, could you, elitists?

No. Because they couldn’t understand that, after a period of time, the proles, the serfs, the groundlings, the commoners — they sometimes come to their senses.

When they do, they are not pleased.



ISIS: the “JV Team” beheads another American; what NOW, Mr Obama?

Once again, as I’ve written too many times to count, Mr Obama is “concerned” and is “monitoring.”  Translated: Mr Obama chooses to do nothing.

The evidence:

This on the heels of the beheading of American journalist James Foley, apparently by the same ISIS knife-wielding man, UK-educated and Islamist-bred “Jihadi John.”  A man who is apparently right-handed (because his shoulder holster is under his left arm) and yet wields a knife left handed.

James Foley Beheading by ISISBut let’s go back a tad bit, shall we, when Mr Obama called ISIS the “JV Team.”

For a so-called “Junior Varsity” team, ISIS seems to have steam-rollered its way through the Middle East quite handily since June.  Obama said:

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama told Remnick. “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”

ISIS: the JV team, as per Barack Hussein Obama.  Nah, nothing to see here — move along, move along.  .  .

All things considered, what is Mr Obama’s response to ISIS and to the myriad abrogations and slaughterings?

Yes: “monitoring” and “concern.”

Meanwhile, UK’s PM David Cameron has taken a clear and obvious tack with regard to Islamic terror — precisely what Mr Obama has not.

David Cameron, British PM, plans new laws to tackle terrorism threat

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he’ll introduce new laws to combat terror suspects, pledging to seize passports to fight what he described as an extremist threat more dangerous than any previously seen.

Cameron told reporters that while the Taliban facilitated al-Qaeda terrorism, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria group is “effectively a state run by terrorists.”

Is the UK finally beginning to recognize what has been under its very nose for many years now?  Perhaps it is.

The UK has an actual leader.  The US has no leader.

ISIS members are here.  ISIS members are in this country.  They were either here and turned by events — or they simply got their ankles wet by crossing the Rio Grande on our southern border with every other useless Mexican invader.  Except that Mexicans aren’t yet interested in blowing the lungs out of our children with a nicely placed Semtex charge.

Perhaps it’s time for some visual reminders in re ISIS and Islam:

ISIS - Beheaded by ISISJust another severed day with ISIS.

ISIS - Beheading of Syrian Christian from MaaloulaBeheading of Christian Syrian.

ISIS - Beheadings in SyriaBeheadings in Syria.  Nice touch with the western hoodie.

ISIS - Christian Child Beheaded in SyriaChristian child beheaded.  Was she actually Christian?  ISIS couldn’t care less.

ISIS - Christians CrucifiedChristians crucified.

What now, Mr Obama?

What’s your plan?

Or will you simply acquiesce and be “concerned” and “monitoring”?