Trump is weaponizing “Merry Christmas”

Now it’s time to simply laugh our collective arses off at Leftists. With each passing day they prove more ludicrous and dispensable.

We know that Christmas is under assault. Christian values are under assault. We know that “being a good person” is under assault. Consideration is under assault. Rudeness is becoming the norm predominantly because so many people are self-centered and narcissistic — as exemplified by none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, Leftists are simply being risible.

From (you know, that fine, credible source of Leftist news):

Donald Trump Is Trying to Take Ownership of the Phrase Merry Christmas

by Ben Mathis-Lilley

So now the phrase Merry Christmas, thanks to the long-running far-right “War on Christmas” conspiracy theory—which was invented by the white-nationalist John Birch Society in 1959—has been officially weaponized into the partisan slogan of a president elected on a wave of hateful rhetoric about, among others, refugees.

Truly, it’s what a Middle Eastern Jew who was born in a barn because no one else would take his parents in would have wanted.

Right. The intimation here is that Donald Trump is too Christian, too religious (as he, in one photo, is surrounded by six Christmas trees) and, simultaneously a racist — as goes the reference to John Birch. It’s all, you see, a Christmas “conspiracy theory.”

The sad thing for Leftists is that I have a memory, I have experienced the US for 60+ years, I have internet access and I know Christmas has been denigrated to the point where it’s nothing like it was in the 50s, 60s or even the 70s. Every seasonal commercial at Christmas had specific references to Christmas. Now? It’s just the “holidays.” The increasingly-Leftist culture has systematically pushed the word Christmas to the point where to hear it is to be the exception and not the rule. says there is no evidence whatsoever of any sort of “attack on Christmas,” that it’s simply some convenient “conspiracy theory” by conservatives. Here, then, are just a smattering of specific references with attributions:

Those citations are just from my blog.

As a refresher, because this is where the Left gets their foundational declaration that Donald Trump is racist, let’s review what he originally said about Mexico and the border. Here is the precise quote.

When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically.

The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.

Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people.

It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably— probably— from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.

Donald Trump did not say that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals as has been stated again and again by the American Media Maggots. Yet massive evidence does exist of illegal Mexicans and others as criminals and rapists, not to mention the fiscal drain that illegals are on state and federal budgets.

The latest statistics provided by the Fake News Outlet CNN in 2015 — and I will go with these to be gracious — indicate there are 11.2 million illegals in the US. 177,960 of those were deported. 121 illegals were released from immigration custody who were charged with murder between 2010 and 2014. 73,665 illegals are in state and federal prisons.

CNN and Leftists would have you believe — using their own statistics — that 121 lawful American citizens killed by illegals is inconsequential.

I submit: it’s the very number of persons we could have done much more to stop. I’d wager the family of Katie Steinle would agree, as their daughter’s killer had been deported on five prior occasions. Further, the US spent $1.87 BILLION dollars in 2014 to incarcerate illegal immigrant criminals. Illegal immigrant incarceration rates are greatly under-represented.

The discrepancy seems to be this: Donald Trump appears to support America. He also seems to support the application of border law.

So: Donald Trump “weaponizing” Christmas?

Leftists continuing to prove: M O R O N S.



Cloned USBP Chevy Tahoe stopped

USBP Chevy Tahoe ClonedFrom

Illegal Aliens Busted in Cloned Border Patrol Vehicle

by Bob Price

Human smugglers carrying 12 illegal aliens were captured north of Laredo in a cloned U.S. Border Patrol vehicle.

The incident happened on Interstate 35 at mile marker 65 near the town of Cotulla. That would be located nearly seventy miles into Texas. A border patrol agent became suspicious of the cloned vehicle while he was following it, Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas while acting in his capacity as president of the National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455. After stopping the suspicious vehicle the driver was arrested and the agent found 12 illegal aliens stuffed inside the Chevy Tahoe that had been painted with Border Patrol vehicle markings.

The vehicle was painted to look like a Tahoe regularly used by the U.S. Border Patrol. It did not have any overhead lights normally found on the vehicles. It did; however, have a light bar mounted on the dashboard and the rear view mirror had been removed. It appears the rear seats may have been removed in order to stuff more people into the vehicle.

Here’s an interesting point: Leftists say that more Mexicans are self-deporting themselves than ever before and that, overall, fewer persons are coming over the southern border illegally.  That’s their meme and they’re sticking to it.

The truth, however, is the precise reverse.  What’s actually occurring is that the Obama Administration is deporting fewer illegals than the US has in a decade.

Moreover, the numbers are actually increasing.

Many of these illegals are kids and young people buttressed by the belief — a true belief — that the US is overlooking illegal crossings.

And what of this stat?  Mexico deports more people than we do?


Shocking Statistic: Mexico Deports More Illegals Than The US Does

by Elizabeth Dickerson

As the United States’ borders have become weaker in recent years, the southernmost Mexican border has become more fortified than our border along Mexico. In fact, the border along the southern portion of Mexico is so much stronger than ours that Mexico is now beating the U.S. at deporting people from the borders.

Is anyone here shocked?



USBP Chevy Tahoe Stopped & Cloned

Sanctuary City SF Sheriff voted OUT

SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi OUT With XFORMER San Francisco County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi wasn’t a cop anyway.  He was a Leftist poseur who donned a law enforcement uniform in order to further his own perverse Leftist agendas because he could.  And shamed the uniform itself during his ridiculous rule.  He also has the blood of Kate Steinle on his hands.

Now he’s gone.  The citizens of San Francisco voted him out, and a former SFSO Chief Deputy Sheriff named Vicki Hennessy is in.  Even SF voters can act like a broken clock now and then.

Let’s recall: Ross Mirkarimi was the co-founder of the Green Party of Fornicalia.  His claim to fame as a SF Supervisor was to ban plastic bags.  He introduced legislation to legalize marijuana.  He wanted to ban smoking on golf courses.  He introduced the re-naming of Eddy Street to Marcus Garvey Way, because he knew the name change would convince SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Cool Goateeblack residents to stay in the city despite cost of living increases.  He wanted reparations for SF blacks displaced in the 1960s when the Fillmore District was mostly torn down.

Mirkarimi was a heavy advocate of gun control despite the fact that he owned firearms.  One happy note: he had those firearms confiscated, and was convicted of false imprisonment stemming from a domestic violence call where he was initially charged with battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness.  Good times, eh Ross?  Smack the ol’ wife around, get convicted of false imprisonment and then “somehow” manage to get that conviction expunged?  Good times, eh Ross?  Read about that here.  His firearm was given back due to a plea bargain.  He was Sheriff, after all.

Except for this: if me or any other LEO in Fornicalia were convicted for any domestic-violence-related charge, we would be mandated to forfeit our firearms under Fornicalia law, which in turn means we would forfeit our jobs.

Mirkarimi also had his license suspended when he was involved in an accident with his official County of San Francisco vehicle and did not report the accident to DMV as required by law.  Oddly enough, his county G-ride got repaired.  Imagine that.

Sort of a clue: Mirkarimi did not receive an endorsement from the SF Deputy Sheriff’s Association when he ran for Sheriff.

Finally, if you recall, it was the agenda and directives of Ross Mirkarimi that resulted in the needless death of Kate Steinle on SFs’ Pier 14.  The illegal Mexican suspect had been deported five times.  Despite that, it was the policy of the SFSO — under Mirkarimi — that illegals should not be held.  SFSO asked for the Mexican suspect to be transferred to their agency so that they could free him.

Sanctuary-Cities-CartoonI wrote that San Francisco helped to kill Kate Steinle here.

I wrote that Mirkarimi was personally complicit here.

Ross Mirkarimi, go back to smoking your bags of dope, your fairies, pink ponies, unicorns and purple skies.

One further suggestion: stay the FUCK out of law enforcement.



California bans “Redskins”

California Thought Police-ALet the navel-gazing continue unabated.

Nope, can’t use that name, wouldn’t be prudent.  Might offend actual humans with what persons call red skins.  Though Caucasoids appear to have white skins, asians something of yellow skins and blacks black skin.  What a shock.


California bans use of ‘Redskins’ as school mascot or team name

by David Siders

Amid national debate about the use of a term many critics call outdated and offensive, Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed legislation banning the use of “Redskins” as a school mascot or team name.

The “Redskins” bill’s enactment comes 11 years after then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed similar legislation. Brown signed the bill without comment.

In the meantime, however, businesses continue to flee Fornicalia, Fornicalia continues to embrace illegal invaders and Sanctuary Cities though those illegal citizens keep racking up the body points, fires ravage the state because state regulations have disallowed the harvesting of downed or dead trees and the deadfall is truly frightening, and there are no plans in place to buttress and support Fornicalia’s water system as our drought worsens.  And just like the federal government, Fornicalia politicians seem to think cash to pay for their pink ponies and unicorns appears out of thin air.  Translated: the people left in Fornicalia who actually pay taxes.

That Redskin naming thingie, that’s so terribly important.  Deck chairs, anyone?  The blue one goes right over there.  Look; it’s got Jerry’s name right on the back.

Oh, how this state does so very much deserve to crash.

You Leftist swine.



Over a third of jobs gone in 20 years

McDonald's Ordering KioskBecause of technology.

The initial focus of job elimination will be on unskilled workers primarily because of the recent insistence on a minimum “living wage” of $15 for jobs that were never meant to be anything more than entry-level introductory jobs.

One of the first targeted forms of job elimination will be at what are termed “fast food” type restaurants, where a kiosk can somewhat readily streamline the ordering process.  Whereas a human employee once touched the CHEESEBURGER icon, you will be able to do that yourself.  These various kiosks are already in operation in Europe and here in the US.  McDonalds readily admits they are a response to $15 minimum wage demands.

Of course, there will be “unforeseen consequences” to this wage increase demand — that I readily and easily foresee.  More on that in a moment.

From the

Robots are going to steal the jobs of chefs, salespeople and models, researchers say as they unveil full list of likely robot professions

by Andrew Griffin

Scientists have created a huge, in-depth analysis of what jobs are under threat from robots — with salesmen, chefs and even models all in the firing line.

Researchers have assembled a full list of all the things that robots are good and bad at, and so what jobs they are likely to take. In all, about 35 per cent of jobs are likely to have been taken on by robots in the next 20 years, the researchers said.

Some professions — such as therapists, personal trainers and teachers — are safe from the coming robot apocalypse. But those that require repetitive skills, the manipulation of data or manual entering of information could see their jobs taken away.

The first question you must ask: is this me?  If you have one of those delineated jobs, that means you likely inhabit an unskilled or semi-skilled job that isn’t long for this earth.

That also means you need to refocus your attention on upgrading your job skills or perhaps moving into a different job altogether.

Cops and firefighters, you’re somewhat safe for now.  But many more Intersection lights and speed cams are coming.  Some people want to eliminate the police traffic stop altogether, as well as pursuits.

Some traits don’t immediately lend themselves to a robotic takeover.

Those traits include creative endeavours, such as writing, entrepreneurship or scientific discovery.

Will or can a robot take your job?  Find out here.

For the time being, jobs that demand a high degree of human interaction are safe.

But that brings us back to unskilled and/or repetitive jobs.

Like those that illegal aliens used to fill — and jobs the likes of which are being eliminated due to, in Fornicalia, the drought — and in other places by the more rapid introduction of various forms of technology because of increased business costs.

In other words, the argument supporters of illegal Mexican (and other) invaders make on behalf of those invaders — that they do jobs others won’t or can’t — isn’t holding water any more.  A greater number of jobs in the agricultural or various service fields are being mechanized.  This isn’t speculation; it’s occurring right now.

Therefore, the “need” for more illegal immigrants in order to fill the increasing number of unskilled jobs is a specious one at best, more and more unnecessary with each and every passing week and month.

For real Americans, the writing is on the wall: adapt and educate yourself or become superfluous.

For illegals, we don’t need your unskilled labor.  We don’t have enough room to accommodate the unskilled true American citizens in the labor force already.

Which translates to: illegal invaders these days mean only to acquire their portions of American Free Cheese, their own piece of the Entitlement Pie.

Their future is to take and not to produce.

Adding unskilled Syrians who bring only more Islam to the equation?

That is stupidity beyond stupidity.