FIRST BOX OFFICE: Anti-Obama Movie #1


FRIDAY 2 PM: The anti-Obama movie 2016 Obama’s America went into wider release around America today and is opening right now in first place at the domestic box office. That’s quite a feat since the Rocky Mountain Pictures political documentary is still playing in only 1,090 North American theaters – or about 1/3 as many theaters as big-budget actioner The Expendables 2 (3,355 theaters). But these political documentaries like faith-based films are frontloaded. The Stallone picture from Millenium/Lionsgate is still expected to end the weekend #1 and should top the box office tonight. And, based on matinee trends, 2016 Obama’s America looks to gross $1.2M-$1.7M Friday for a $3.7M-$5.0M weekend. But right now it has grossed $700,000 today compared to $300,000 for The Expendables 2. Its new cume after this weekend could make it the #1 conservative documentary (ahead of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’s $7.7M). The success of the anti-Obama pic is based on big pre-sales leading into the Republican National Convention August 27-30, and exhibitors are reporting busloads of filmgoers arriving at theaters around the country in pre-organized trips. It also employed much of the same marketing techniques used to garner attention and support for faith-based films, understandable since the audience is overlapping. Its campaign included advertising nationally over the past two weeks on talk radio and cable news channels including Fox News Channel, A&E, History and MSNBC.

You HEAR or READ of this on the DEM/MSM?

Of course not.  It’s the job of the DEM/MSM to cover Mr Obama’s ass and purposely bury any and all negative stories about him that are directly or indirectly related.

Because the DEM/MSM is saying that the only poll that counts is the “likeability” factor of Mr Obama vs Mr Romney.  Not the actual polls which indicate the percentile of persons who will vote for one or the other.  Where Romney comes out ahead.

My admonition to ALL of my BZ readers?

Spend money, go and SEE2016” and follow this action up with a vote for Romney – Ryan.




Paul Ryan has already gone up against Obama budgetarily — and WON

Here’s a bit of the truth that comes back to haunt:

Anyone remember Paul Ryan’s budget that managed to pass the House?

Then went on to the Senate?

Anyone remember: Ryan’s budget acquired 41 votes in the Senate — not far from half.

Anyone remember: what happened to Obama’s budget in the Senate?

Oh, that’s right: 0 votes — not ONE Demorat voted for his budget.  Even the UAW advocated against Mr Obama’s budget.

Score: Ryan 41, Obama 0.

And, oh yeah: Demorats own the Senate.

Video indicators on Ryan’s budget:

So who has a better grasp of reality: Paul Ryan in his instigation, or Mr Obama?

You know my answer to that.


This is the worst “recovery” in 75 years.


Obama: time to re-think his VP?

At this point, the DEM/SM, Leftists and Demorats are experiencing what I term Advanced PSH.*

It seems that Mr Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as Vice President has them soiling any amount of personal bits of clothing and linens.

As I wrote on the blog of Texas Fred:

“Expect ALL stops to be pulled, all bomb bay doors to be opened, all knives to be thrown and all ordnance to be dropped.

It is WAR.”

And so it is.  Expect the most ludicrous and revulsive of items to be alleged and repeated again and again by the sycophants and minions of Obaka:

That said, I can’t help but wonder: what will Obama do to “shift gears,” so to speak?

As in: is the vice presidency on the table?

Is Joe Biden on the table?

As a replaced supplicant: might it possibly be Hillary Clinton?

Would Obama even remotely deign to elevate the crafty Hillary Clinton to such a level?

Or would he conjure that Hillary, as VP, could somehow manage to benefit from a “strange” bathtub accident for Barry?

Biden, truthfully, has difficulty pulling on his own shorts in the morning.  Is that what Barry ultimately wants?

Thoughts?  Opinions?


*Pants-Shitting Hysteria



The hits just keep on coming: Hollywood weighs in on Paul Ryan


Eva Longoria: “Romney’s VP pick voted against equal pay for women and repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We can’t go backward.”

Olivia Wilde: “Two R’s won’t make it right. Romney/Ryan are Wrong for America.”

Jared Leto: “Today Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan, who wants to cut Pell Grant scholarships for nearly 10 million students!”

Michael Ian Black: “Romney/Ryan = same initials as Ronald Reagan. THINK ABOUT IT!!!”

Andy Richter: “I think saying “worst recovery in 70 years” is kinda cute. Doesn’t at all beg the phrase “worst recession in 70 years.”

Kal Penn: “This is awful. I was hoping it would be Jindal so I could play him in a HBO movie”

Michael Moore: “Channeling Bush, war supporters/military dodgers Romney and Ryan insult those who served by using battleship as their prop.”

Rupert Murdoch: “Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice.”

Russell Simmons: “MItt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people…”

You would expect no less, would you?

These people, frankly, are so out-of-touch as to be almost pitied.

With their wealth, they can literally afford, however, to be stupid.