Obama appoints callow anti-gun youngster as national Surgeon General

Vivek Murthy SGAnd a perfect appointment it is for you, sir, and perfectly in keeping with your anti-American bias.

From the NationalJournal.com:

Senate Confirms Gun Control Advocate as Surgeon General

by Sarah Mimms

The Senate narrowly confirmed a new surgeon general whose nomination was delayed for months in a fight over his comments alleging that guns are public health issue. The confirmation represents a victory for gun control advocates, even as recent polling has shown Americans moving in the other direction toward gun-rights protections.

The Senate’s 51-43 vote confirming Massachusetts Doctor Vivek Murthy to be the next surgeon general underscores divisions in Congress over gun control and the unwillingness of many members, particularly moderate Democrats, to stand out on the issue.

Another “bite me” from the outgoing Leftist Senate, akin to Feinstein’s release of the so-called Demorat-crafted-only “torture report.”  Vivek Murthy is perfectly in keeping, at 37, with Mr Obama’s diminishment of America.

Get prepared for your doctor’s insistence upon questioning you regarding firearms in your household — if it hasn’t yet occurred.

If my doctor deigns to go there, he will be the recipient of a brusque answer he won’t care for — but proffered in as much a dismissive and disrespectful manner as I can possibly submit.

Because it isn’t any of his or her business.



Allowing the law to work isn’t sufficient for the Racist-In-Chief

Mr Obama has proven that statement correct — regarding the border in just one example — time and again.  Mr Obama in His Imperial Majestic Might decrees just which laws make sense and which laws he can abrogate with impunity.

Obama Executive Powers GraphicHis executive decision regarding the border was just one major case in point.  What he doesn’t care for, he re-creates or ignores.  But the law, for an alleged “constitutional scholar” such as Mr Obama, exists only for the convenience of himself.  The law, truly, is for the “little people” to obey, not someone as swooping and magnificently gifted as Mr Obama.

The grand jury has spoken in St Louis County, Missouri.  Mr Obama cannot abide by that decision and it sticks in his craw — just as the Simpson decision stuck in the craw of much of America.  OJ AcquittalBut there was no rioting on the part of Caucasoids; there was jubilance in the streets on behalf of quite a number of blacks.  The division was clear: jury nullification was an expected prop to pull out when necessary and racist Caucasoids could go straight to Hell, hoisted as they were on the petard of their own smarmy “rule of law.”

Law spoke last Monday and the Obama Spite House wasn’t having it.  Prior to the decision Mr Obama and Mr Holder sent — quite literally — hundreds of FBI agents to Ferguson and the surrounding area.  Their job was not to buttress local law enforcement for anticipated riots or backstop the national guard in order to keep local residents and property safe.  Oh no.  The FBI wouldn’t deign to dirty its hands in such a manner; that’s not its job.

The FBI was sent to Ferguson in order to begin preliminary investigations into the application of a 42 USC 1983 action against now-resigned Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson personally, and to determine if the Ferguson Police Department is in itself inherently racist requiring either dismantling, federal monitoring via order or takeover by another agency.

The law spoke and Mr Obama isn’t having it.

As the UKDailyMailonline writes:

The White House is pushing a new torrent of public messages about the death of Brown, a young black man, at the hands of white officer Darren Wilson.


President Barack Obama will meet with controversial black pastor and MSNBC host Al Sharpton on Monday at the White House, and plans to issue a $263 million executive order putting body-worn cameras in more U.S. police departments in response to the August police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Meetings with cabinet officials, with a group of ‘young local and national civil rights leaders,’ and with top law enforcement officials are on the president’s official Monday schedule.

Right.  Just as Mr Obama met with Sgt James Crowley during the “Beer Summit” where Obama had already declared the officer and the department involved as “acting stupidly” before all the facts were in.

Why all this?  Easy answer: because Obama believes the law is wrong and he is going to punish Wilson and punish Ferguson PD, the facts be damned.

Because he can.  And make no mistake: he will.

As I wrote on November 15th (well worth reading for a summary), I am tired of blacks playing the “race card” when it is politically expedient.  It is a wolf’s cry that diminishes true racism.  Racism that can be bidirectional as well — that too few will call.  But I will.  I am beyond tired of being stereotyped as a racist because I am conveniently Caucasoid, male, older and worse yet, a cop.  I am tired of being told that only Caucasoids can be racist when, in fact, there are multiple continuing examples of racism by a group of persons whom many believe, by dint of melanin count, cannot be racist.  And that is crap is well.

True equality runs both ways.  And until it does and the bullshit hypocrisy stops, I shall continue to provide pushback when and how I deem fit.

The more Obama and Holder and the AMM write and talk speciously and skew facts, the more I shall provide pushback.  Because the media and Obama and Holder just happened to get the facts wrong a number of times, and certainly wrong with regard to Ferguson — but that didn’t stop them from disseminating an incorrect meme far and wide that resulted in Ferguson businesses torched and demolished.

Gosh, that almost sounds a tad bit like Benghazi, doesn’t it?

Mr Obama, have you no shame?



Monday: Ferguson grand jury in?

PULL UP YOUR PANTSSt Louis County has promised local law enforcement a 48-hour “heads-up” prior to the official release of its grand jury results regarding prosecution of former Ferguson Police Department (MO) Officer Dennis Wilson, whose likeness I shall not post here.  The media already has a sufficient number of photographs of Officer Wilson and his home with its address and surrounding neighborhood.

In the meantime, as I write this ahead (it is Sunday night at roughly 9 PM Pacific), Ferguson is already at a boil — certainly not assisted by the loving New Black Panthers and the overall delay of the decision.

It’s as if the blacks extant cannot wait to riot and cork off.  Frankly, I believe that to be true, no matter the decision.

Further, a young black Marine says: pull your damned pants up.

A challenge unaccepted and refuted in Ferguson, Missouri.

PreparationIs this what preparation looks like in Ferguson?

Ferguson MO MessagePants up.  Yeah.  Right.



LAWLESSNESS: Obama does away with the Legislative branch of the US government

Obama and Audacity of Hope Quote IllegalsWith a stroke of His Imperial Pen, Mr Obama has shredded the US Constitution and driven the United States towards the realm of any given pathetic banana republic.  Perhaps Mr Obama is simply trying to create more stars and bars upon the epaulets of his faux uniform.

Obama DictatorUnlawfully and unconstitutionally, Mr Obama has decided unilaterally that he can create his own nation-changing law and bypass Congress entirely — which means he has completely done away with a full third of foundational American government.  For those requiring a reminder, the three branches are: Executive, Judicial and Legislative.  Mr Obama has kicked aside the Legislative branch: the US Congress.

This is a day of infamy.  A day of Constitutional infamy.

What will this do?  It will incentivize people from far away — think Central America and South America, like the children a few months ago — to attempt to invade our southern border.  Some will come from the north and some from our lateral coasts.

“The problem is the central attribute you have to have as any leader, in any walk of life and certainly in government is trust,” Ron Fournier of the National Journal said. “This president has destroyed the credibility of his administration himself and government itself.”

Hugh Hewitt said that condescension is the proper response to Mr Obama’s executive order.  And I would tend to agree.  What is not warranted is any kind of reaction to include either a “shutdown of government” or an “impeachment.”  That would be playing right into the seriously stupid hands of Leftists.

That said, I don’t trust the GOP to not be stupid.  I wish I were more assured of a proper GOP response.

An edict such as this, no matter its name, is a precedent set that few people will want.  It is a precedent that can be referred-to in the future by future presidents.  Republican presidents.  Actions presidents take, unhalted, do nothing but provide fodder for more power-taking in the future.  Demorats fail to see and understand this concept.  They apparently can only think of the here and now.  This is nullification of laws and an essential re-writing of laws.  By one man.

Leftists “justify” Obama’s actions by pointing to Ronald Reagan, who they say created his own Executive Order with regard to immigrants.  And that is completely INcorrect.  Please see this very important article by Gabriel Malor.

This nation has checks and balances for a reason.  There can never be an Imperial President.  There can never be a monarch in the United States of America.  However, when Leftists and Demorats set a precedent, they fail to realize that a reverse precedent can thusly be set.  A presidential temper tantrum cannot and should not set precedent but it appears to be.  Where is his stated authority for this?

Which means: what if a president decided to turn a blind eye to lynching homosexuals?  What if a president decided to declare no borders?  What if a president decided to declare drugs fully lawful?

What if this president sets precedent for the reverse?


What if this means Americans can pick and choose which laws THEY wish to obey and which laws they wish to disregard. Goose/gander.



Demorats and Leftists and parts of the GOP tried to bury us Conservatives.  They didn’t realize: we are seeds.

Immigration and invasion:

Immigration and Invasion