Super Tuesday: make or break

John Kasich What He Really WantsThis Super Tuesday it’s make or break time for two people.

Marco Rubio has to win Florida.  It’s his state after all.  He’s their senator.

John Kasich has to win Ohio.  It’s his state after all.  He’s their governor.

Ted Cruz already won his state, Texas.

In order to win Ohio, however, John Kasich has taken to Hispandering, saying that it’s wrong for our Border Patrol agents to do their jobs and send illegals back.  Kasich wants the Mexican vote and will do anything for it.  Read what he said yesterday, here, with regard to his desire for amnesty within 100 days of his administration.

In the meantime, some people may not be happy about that.  Like, say, the mothers of victims killed at the hands of illegals.

Grieving Mom Responds To Kasich’s Amnesty-In-100-Days Pledge: Visit Grave Of My Murdered Child

by Julia Hahn

“It’s all so senseless,” Maureen Maloney said of the death of countless Americans at the hands of illegal aliens.

Maloney’s 23 year-old son Matthew was hit by a repeat-offending illegal alien drunk driver. Although Matthew survived the initial crash, he died as he was subsequently dragged a quarter of a mile—caught in the wheel well of the illegal alien’s pick up truck— as the alien sought to flee the crime scene. “Witnesses who saw [Matthew] pinned screaming under the truck ran out and pounded on the vehicle, crying out to the driver who kept going…'[Matthew] was alive for a good portion of it,’” wrote one report from the time.

“Somebody needs to start putting American lives first. Somebody has to take care of the people that are in this country legally,” Maloney declared.

Guess what?

That won’t be John Kasich.



Kasich Hispandering: illegals get amnesty in 100 days if you vote for me!

And the GOP decides to shoot itself in the foot once again, as if it didn’t have enough problems already.

Ohio Governor John Kasich wants amnesty for illegals within the first 100 days of his administration.

Because, after all:

John Kasich Goes All In For Amnesty: Illegals ‘Made In The Image Of The Lord’

by Julia Hahn

With Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential hopes diminishing as his personal demons catch up with him—from his relationship with billionaire Norman Braman to his role in pushing Obama’s amnesty—the donor class seems to be turning its eyes to John Kasich’s last stand in Ohio.

1) “God Bless” Illegal Immigrants

2) “I couldn’t imagine” enforcing our current immigration laws: “That is not… the kind of values that we believe in.”

3) Kasich likened deporting the illegal population to Japanese internment camps

4) Illegal immigrants “are some of the hardest-working, God-fearing, family-oriented people you can ever meet.”

5) Allowing ICE officers to do their jobs is not “humane” 

6) America can’t deport illegal immigrants because they are “made in the image of the Lord” 

7) Kasich has called for implementing an open borders-style policy where workers can come and go as they please.

8) Kasich would enact amnesty within his first 100 days.

9) America shouldn’t address ending birthright citizenship because it’s “dividing people”

10) Illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay because “they’re here”

So, let me get this right, John Kasich.

Enforcing our laws “isn’t nice.  It’s not humane.”

How about this then, sir?  How about I decide to pick and choose — just like you and the federal governmentwhich laws I wish to obey because, bottom line, no matter what, I “mean well”?

If I “work hard” just like illegals, I should be able to, say, decide to not pay my taxes, right?.  That’s a federal law.  Illegals are breaking a federal law.  PLUS, only 55% of Americans pay taxes.  45% do not.  Many illegals not only do not pay taxes, they receive refunds from the federal government.  I can only conclude I am a dim-witted moron because I’m stupid enough to pay for the federal government to screw me.

Lawbreakers don’t pay or obey.  Why should I?

John Kasich, you unabashed DOLT.

Kasich, I disliked you anyway — but NOW you may as well simply change your (R) to a (D).  You are dead to me, and the GOP is moribund.

THIS is why Trump is resonating.



When you lose your borders

When we lose our borders, we get what is occurring now next to our border in Mexico.  You get Mexican cartel gunmen murdering people in broad daylight.  You get this.

LZ 1 LZ 2 LZ 3

Mexican authorities continue to look into the kidnapping that led to a firefight that killed five Los Zetas cartel members and one Mexican soldier.  Sad.  That was at one time a very nice Lincoln Navigator with beautiful leather.  The equivalent of a Mexican hoopti.

When you lose your borders, you lose your sovereignty.  Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Demorats wish to enable that to occur even faster, by granting illegal invaders rights to ObamaKare.  She said so, specifically, in Tuesday night’s Demorat debate.  Most of the Demorat contingent tried to more of a Leftist than the next — with the exception of Jim Webb, who graduated from the naval academy, first in his class, served in the Marine Corps and, further, was Secretary of the Navy.  He received the Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts.  Then you have Socialist Bernie Sanders, a “conscientious objector” during Vietnam who wants to be Commander In Chief of the US military.  Can you imagine?

When you value illegals over your own countrymen, you lose your country, your sovereignty, your identity as a nation.  Go see Sicario and try not to be even more resolute that our borders absolutely must be shut and controlled.  In the meantime, an illegal alien who was deported (and came back) has raped a sleeping woman in Chicago.

Just as is happening in Europe now.  People in Europe are being removed from their own homes in order to accommodate the “refugees” from Syria.

It has been proven that the so-called “refugees” from Syria aren’t necessarily that.  The bulk of them are economic “refugees” who are taking advantage of the offer of Euro Free Cheese provided by EuroGOWPs.

The Swiss are starting to push back against the migrant crisis, and Sweden is in political turmoil over the migrant crisis and the number of “refugees” in their nation.

“Refugee” criminals are now so brazen, knowing German police will do nothing, that they have taken to social media posing with stolen property.

In Germany, 1 in 3 citizens want Angela Merkel to resign over her “open arms” refugee policy.  “Easy access” and Free Cheese are the obvious attractions for migrants.

Let’s be frank.  Europe is doomed.  Its overall visage has been fundamentally changed overnight and there is no going back.  Each country receiving Syrian “refugees” and ISIS elements (oh yes, there are ISIS elements embedded in the flood — just look at how many young males, the perfect age for soldiers, are in the throng) will not be able to turn back that clock.Syrians Fleeing From ISISCheck the photographs.  Do the research yourself.

Europe is broken.  Islam has thundered into most every country there.  This is purposeful but it is also the result of the US taking no stance and “leading from behind.”  A vacuum was created.  Putin decided to fill it, along with Islam.

This is what you get when your country is run by GOWPs of all makes and models.  Marseilles is 90% Muslim, the UK is going, as is Germany, Sweden, Switzerland.  Islam is larfing its arse off.  Islam plays Long Ball, ladies and gentlemen.

The US — though divided from that problem by the Atlantic — has its own obvious border problems.  Also taken advantage-of by Muslim elements who only must get their ankles damp.

When you lose your borders, you lose your individuality, your language, your culture, your sovereignty, everything good that was the core of your country.  Europe is learning that lesson now and so are we.

Take a peek at the photos above once more.  This is what you will begin to see inside the US in a very short time.  On American streets.  We could have stopped it but decided, politically, not to.  Just as Mexican cartels assassinate police officers, attorneys, journalists, politicians and judges in Mexico, so may they begin to do so here.

Stand by for even more terrible consequences.


Syrian Muslim Refugees