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Yes, correct, after a full week in Las Vegas at the Paris Resort for the 2017 Freedom Fest’s gala 10th anniversary, BZ is back broadcasting behind enemy lines in Occupied Fornicalia, a mere three miles from the veritable Belly of the Beast, the proverbial Bill Mill itself, Leftist Central, Sacramento.

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Sack Heads Shaun and ol’ BZ following their interview of Salem Radio’s Sage from South Central, Larry Elder. You can hear all of the SHR Media Network interviews from Freedom Fest right here on Spreaker.


BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, “The Aftermath,” with special guest Dr Michael Jones

Otherwise known as The Underground Professor.

My thanks to the SHR Media Network for allowing me to broadcast in their studio and over their air twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as appear on the Sack Heads Radio Show™ each Wednesday evening.

The Underground Professor, Dr Michael Jones, graced us with his presence as we heard much about his background and his extensive education. Raconteur, reprobate, Constitutional scholar extraordinaire and frequently mistaken as my personal stand-in (Or am I his stand-in? I can never remember.), Dr Jones will, with crossed phalanges and baited breath (mackerel, at last check) be a recurring guest here at the Saloon every Thursday when we require studious examination of various Constitutional and government issues.

With specialties in history and philosophy, Dr Jones brings some erudition to the show and finally classes up the joint.

I am greatly looking forward to his academic and cerebral input on weighty matters of the day and — trust me — I hope to learn every bit as much as you about our founding documents, their intent and application historically and today, good or bad.

Frankly, I think this will be a great opportunity for all of us to learn what we really need to know about the United States of America.

Tonight in the Saloon:

  • Uh-oh; the SHR Media site and its server were hacked;
  • Luckily, Techno-God Dan Butcher had backed up the SHR Media website;
  • SHR goes to Las Vegas next week for the 10th Anniversary of Freedom Fest;
  • A female SJW cries over, well, Trump — and it’s hysterical; let’s larf at Leftists;
  • DACA consequences unforeseen which were completely foreseeable;
  • Rep Gutierrez accuses DHS Secretary Kelly of obeying the law; and so what?
  • You want immigration laws changed, Leftists? Run them through Congress;
  • “It’s out of my hands” Gutierrez says, meaning: Kelly is another obedient Kraut;
  • Dr Jones reveals he worked for the Electronic Security Command in the USAF;
  • The Roswell Connection between Dr Jones and BZ; what really occurred?
  • We know: the Greatest Generation will never say;
  • Dr Jones’s great uncle was the first policeman on the Roswell scene;
  • My father was also assigned to Roswell in 1947 via the USAAF;
  • Dr Jones was a military brat who spoke English and Japanese;
  • His mother was a star in Japanese movies and his father was an F-105 pilot;
  • He moved to Long Island, New Jersey, and to Texas; a Texan ever since;
  • Dr Jones flew in RC-135s in ELINT status during the Cold War;
  • EOBs and the Wild Weasels in order to figure out an order of battle;
  • Ronald Reagan pinned an Air Medal on Dr Jones but it’s classified;
  • Korea’s KAL Flight 007 shot down by Russia may have been.  .  .
  • Dr Jones moved from the RC-135 to the EC-130H, the Jammers;
  • In Desert Storm Dr Jones helped to shut down the Republican Guard;
  • Dr Jones racked up degrees in political science, government history;
  • Constitutional Expert would be the proper appellation.
  • Dr Jones is also an ordained minister, and is an Anglican;
  • He also has two Fatwas against him; go figure!
  • The Professor started NICE: National Institute of Constitutional Exploration;
  • Dr Jones has agreed to be here in the Saloon every Thursday!
  • Finally: Mayor Bill de Blasio proves once again he despises his NYPD.

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US Kabuki Theater Pt VIII:

This is the continuation of a series of posts dealing with issues where some individuals in the United States government are attempting to hold at least a portion of the rest of the federal government accountable and responsible for its actions and inactions. The public displays we find, however, are not unlike the most bizarre of Kabuki Theater or Theater of the Absurd.

Here, the late Justice Antonin Scalia speaks with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday regarding originalism, textualism, purposivism and gun control.

This is just 1/9th of 1/3rd of our government confirming and upholding our basic freedoms. Further, let me state: this is the best of our government in action. Our government at work. What we pay it to do.

Please remember, ladies and gentlemen, these are your federal tax dollars either

  1. At work, or
  2. Pissed away with abandon

More to come.



Obama: who needs Article 1 anyway?

Obama Crime Spree PresidencyI’ll just do it all my own self, Mr Obama says.  I shall rule from on high via executive fiat.

Marco Rubio says, “Barack Obama is obsessed with undermining the Second USAmendment.”

Let’s watch Mr Obama’s condescending and tearful lecture to law-abiding Americans, shall we?

Obama wants:

  Licensing requirements for smaller-scale gun sellers.
The hiring of an additional 230 FBI employees to process background checks 24/7
Provisions enabling states to share mental health information
Dollars for research into “gun safety technology.”  I.E., “smart guns”

The truth is that currently 38 states submit less than 80% of their felony convictions into the background check system.  DC won’t even repair the current system.  Now they want to expand it.  Nonsense.  All you have to do is ENFORCE the federal gun laws currently on the books.

This isn’t so much about the “gun control” EO as it is about Mr Obama’s continuing disregard for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Obama American CRAZIESFor the ignorant amongst us — that would include you, Millennials — here is what Article 1 of the US Constitution says.  In a nutshell.

Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress its powers and limits. Congress is the legislative branch of the government, meaning they are the ones to make laws for the United States of America. The article also creates the two sections of Congress, which is called a bicameral legislature.

Meaning: Congress creates laws, not the president.

But here’s the truth: federal firearms convictions under Obama have fallen 15.5% in the past five years, and 34.8% in the past ten years.  Yes, that IS under Mr Obama’s rule.  Those stats are from the Syracuse University TRAC Project.

Meaning: again Mr Obama is two-faced, duplicitous and a LIAR.  He could direct his AGs to go after gun crime tenaciously BUT — here is the further truth — the suspects would be predominantly BLACK and from large urban areas like Detroit, DC, Chicago, Atlanta.  Mr Obama certainly cannot have that.

Sure.  Violent felons and gang members buy all their guns online and in gun stores and at gun shows.  There’s nothing more satisfying to a dealer with an FFL than selling an AK-47 to a tatted-up MS-13 gang member or a frothing nutcase holding a stuffed toy who walks up to their counter.

A further lie: yes, you can purchase a firearm online.  But to whom does it go and where?  Oh yes.  Your local dealer who has an FFL and must then run a background check before physically handing the gun over to you.

Sometimes the FBI and the DOJ actually miss those few felons who attempt to purchase handguns.  That’s not a local problem, that’s a federal problem.  As in: just enforce what’s on the books with more efficiency.

Obama Gun Sales Soar 1-5-2016Plus: now you’re a single mother.  You suffer from post-partum depression.  You want a firearm for protection because your apartment complex is rife with drug dealers and you want to protect your child.  Is your doctor now mandated to contact the FBI?  Under this EO your doctor is mandated to go around HIPAA privacy laws to rat you out.  But who truly is “fit to own a firearm”?  No one in the federal government can answer that question.

Second Amendment Gun NUTSIdeology doesn’t just stop at the Spite House.  It can surely exist in your doctors office.  What will you say?  What can you say?

Further you cannot wrap suicide numbers in with the homicide numbers in terms of “gun violence.”  But of course Mr Obama does that very same thing.  The vast majority of gun deaths stem from suicide.

Gun Crime STATISTICSBackground checks will not solve the issue of gun suicide.  Those who are intent on suicide will simply transition from guns to rocks to pills to knives to state-sponsored death.

Will you “commit” anyone who mentions depression, anxiety, who has talked about giving up?  How will that affect civil liberties?

AGAIN, Republicans miss a golden opportunity to state the OBVIOUS: Mr Obama couldn’t care less about our foundational documents and, instead, issues laws by imperial fiat, completely bypassing an entire THIRD branch of government.

And if you don’t know the three branches of government, then you are a massive part of the problem in America.

Because you are incompetent.



When troops SHOULDN’T follow their “leaders”


Under Leftist regimes, such as today’s under Mr Obama (and please notice, significantly, since 2008, I have never successively linked in my blog the words “Obama” and “President”), the military is nothing but a useful mule or tool for various forms of societal change.

The Left, frankly, despises and disdains the militaryall its members, its leaders, its troops — unless and until it can be corrupted for use regarding a societal, global — and not a national DEFENSE — issue.

There is a reason that a greater number of military officers have voluntarily left or been forced to leave under this administration than most any other.

There is a reason that military chaplains — save those of Islam — have been under attack under this administration than any other.

As Jeff Fuller writes at

Why troops avoid a fight

Soldiers won’t follow clueless leaders into battles they can’t win

by Jeff Fuller

What does this experience (as delineated in the article if you click it above) offer to those clever, young staffers crafting military tactics and rules of engagement in the White House National Security Council (NSC) for our military units in Iraq and Syria?

Do not expect any military unit, especially a bunch of Iraqi Sunni soldiers led by corrupt Shiite officers, to risk their lives in a fight against ISIS fighters. They will not. And neither would many American troops without effective leaders, adequate weapons, communications, Medevac and close air support, and a fighting chance to win.

A more important paragraph:

But at some point up the chain of command, they have general officers who risked their lives in combat in the past but will not speak truth to the young NSC staffers who set the currently amateurish rules of engagement, define the limits of military power and craft empty speeches in which President Obama declares with a straight face that our goal is to degrade and defeat ISIS.

In other words: our troops are beginning to discriminate and separate the lies from the truths, the wheat from the chaff.  Because their most intimate posteriors are now “on the line.”  A further lesson from history:

As someone who cares deeply for our country and still carries grenade fragments from battle, I can only hope that at some point, our troops will be able to say that their senior military leaders choose the truth over political and career expediency. In Vietnam, much of the foolishness was generated by military officers who either never understood battle or had forgotten its lessons. Now this Peter Principle tendency has been exacerbated by the youngsters who rule the NSC.

To the military: for whom will you die and when, if ever, will you draw the line?

Having written that, there is a serious lesson to be learned — also — by the LE Sheepdogs of this nation:


I learned quite a number of things in my 41 years of service to civilian law enforcement.  As a Sergeant for a major LE agency on the Left Coast, and having served as my department’s Rangemaster and EVOC Supervisor (and a number of other specialized positions, with another separate three state and federal agencies), I learned that there is a vast chasm between what one says and what one does.  I learned to respect a few ranks but not to respect the persons wearing those ranks because altogether too many of them were corrupt and violated their own oaths — yet were promoted still because of nepotism or melanin or their ability to don the requisite knee pads required for a sundry of appointments and coronations.  They too often spoke one line and physically violated another.  And trust me: cops can sense the stinking bullshit of hypocrites from miles away.  Verbal detritus does not a leader make.

I learned from my SBSLI class that dissent is a good thing.  Dissent was certainly required in this circumstance.

And dissent will become a major, a huge issue in the future of the military and civilian law enforcement.  That is to say: the Sheepdogs.

Just what is a Sheepdog?  I am a long-time Sheepdog, far beyond the years where most average Sheepdogs quit.  I am also a Silverback, far beyond the years where most others with less stamina (or more sense) quit.

That said, what might be a common denominator between military and civilian LE “leaders”?

I say this: there are way too many “test takers” and “test passers.”  There are “managers” who can sort out widgets and beans and push paper, but there is a dearth of true “leaders of men.”  Managers are good with paper and bits and bytes.  Leaders are good with people.  Actual humans.

I am convinced of the incontrovertible: leaders are born.  They cannot be “made.”  Persons either possess “leadership skills” or they do not.  You can see and acknowledge a true “leader” from elementary school right up through college and beyond.  One cannot “teach” what is truly the unteachable: leadership.  True leadership.

And true leadership is this: if I asked my troops to do “X,” would they do it for me?  If another Sergeant asked, would they do it for them?  A true leader gets things done not when he or she demands, but when he or she “suggests” or asks.  Or even by a mere presence, subsumed.  But in the crucible of extremis, would my troops do what I asked?  Frankly, I’d like to think they would if, for no other reason, than how I treated them under “normal.”  They would know that I readily recognize the difference between “standard” and “critical.”


My point being:

In the not too terribly distant future, military troops and civilian LE troops are going to have to make a terrible and critical decision.

Will they follow their so-called “leaders”?

At this point, I would suggest: you should weigh that decision very carefully because many of your “superiors” and “leaders” are neither superior nor leaders.

I suspect and submit that you already know who it is that you would follow, and who it is that you would not.  Those who are — in the colloquial — “full of shit” and those who are not.  Those who treated you with inherent respect, did not take advantage of you, did not make you the butt of jokes, did not rule their rank over you, those who were firm, fair and consistent.  You knew you would encounter the same person over any number of days, and not Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde.

The person who said, if they were “disappointed” in you, you would have a serious internal speech with yourself to the point of questioning your entire ethos.

I was once told, by an ancient and doddering Sergeant in my department many years ago, that one must only do three things to have a successful career: 1) Do you job, 2) Tell the truth, and 3) Don’t be malicious.

It would seem that too many of our so-called “leaders” violate one or more of those aspects on a continuing basis.  Some seem to get promoted for it.

If you think — after all of this — that I’m leading up to something, you would be correct.

A country that allows political hacks to set military operations policy has lost its way. And we are lost, for sure.”  — Lt. Col. Jeff Fuller

“God bless America, the finest experimental nation ever created at the hands of Mortal Men.”— BZ

So I said back in 2006.

The point is this.  At some time, there will be upheaval in the US.  It’s just going to occur, plain and simple.  America cannot keep on its current path of unsustainable spending and philosophy.  There is only so much cash and good will to be found in the American Taxpayer — who foots the bill for not only the United States but much of the rest of the planet as well, in terms of largesse to other countries.

When that crash comes — and I do not know when or how it will manifest itself — there must be in the military and civilian LE spheres those who will truly honor their oaths.  They must truly be Oathkeepers.  They must respect the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Bottom line: there will come a time when soldiers in the military and law enforcement officers must follow their conscience and their oaths, because their leaders are going to order them to abrogate law.

It’s coming.

They must be prepared.