Obama an “empty suit” — even Progressives agree now

Obama & a Little FascismFrom CommonDreams.org, a “Progressive” organ for the Left, “Building Progressive Community”:

What the Hell is Barack Obama’s Presidency For?

His ascent to power had meaning, but now his interventions are too rare and too piecemeal to constitute a narrative

Barack Obama has now been in power for longer than Johnson was, and the question remains: “What the hell’s his presidency for?” His second term has been characterised by a profound sense of drift in principle and policy. While posing as the ally of the immigrant he is deporting people at a faster clip than any of his predecessors; while claiming to be a supporter of labour he’s championing trade deals that will undercut American jobs and wages. In December, even as he pursued one whistleblower, Edward Snowden and kept another, Chelsea Manning, incarcerated, he told the crowd at Nelson Mandela’s funeral: “There are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba’s struggle for freedom, but do not tolerate dissent from their own people.

If there was a plot, he’s lost it. If there was a point, few can remember it. If he had a big idea, he shrank it. If there’s a moral compass powerful enough to guide such contradictions to more consistent waters, it is in urgent need of being reset.

Call me wacky, but I suspect the only plot possessed by Obama was to “fundamentally transform America.”  He’s been doing an admirable job of same.

And yet, as I have out-pointed numerous times, Mr Obama is insufficiently left for the Left.

Still and all, I tend to find this rather amusing.


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Information about Obamacare:

Obama’s approval ratings are at 37%.

When 5 million Americans have lost their doctors and their plans, Americans are not amused.  That small white letter arrived in numerous households.

Further, another promise from Mr Obama:

Lowering the premiums per family, $2,500 per year. A promise broken again.

Recently, some polling numbers:

- 55% disapprove of the way Mr Obama is handling his job;
- 52% have an unfavorable impression of Mr Obama;
- 57% oppose Obamacare;
- 65% oppose the individual mandate;
- 71% want to delay the Affordable Care Act;

These numbers are from the Washington Post-ABC News poll, November 14th – 17th.

Gallup then weighs in, November 7th to 10th:

“Is the government responsible for healthcare?”

NO  = 56%
YES = 42%

Additionally, the New York Post is reporting that the Census Bureau may have fabricated unemployment figures during the last presidential election.  As in: purposely pulling those numbers down.  If the unemployment numbers were deliberately manipulated for an election, there should be major political consequences, possibly even criminal consequences.

Up to a HUNDRED MILLION insurance policies could be canceled between now and next year.  Those covered by employers will be SACRIFICED in 2014.  Like ME.  The population of the United States is, by the way, 310 million.

That means: a THIRD of Americans will have their healthcare slaughtered.

No repercussions?




Obamacare: what next?

ObamaKare 5Here, Megyn Kelly interviews Brit Hume:

“What we’re discovering is that buying insurance is a little more complicated than we thought.”

– Barack Hussein Obama


This is the same man declared to be the smartest, most insightful person in politics today?  The man whose legacy, as he wishes, is Obamacare?  And because it’s his “showpiece” we’re to believe he had no idea that Americans would lose their coverage?  We’re to believe he had no idea how “complicated” is the purchase of health insurance?  Who had no idea the website was tanking because it had a political “go” date instead of an “it’s ready” date?

This is the same man who demanded insurance carriers conform to Obamacare, and now demands the insurance carriers not conform to Obamacare.  The same man who can, by dint of a verbal decree, change the ACA as he wishes, at the drop of a hat.

This is the same man who proclaimed that the insurance policies you once had were crap, were junk, were harmful, were dangerous — and now, wants you to have those same policies BACK?  Does anyone think that insurance carriers are focused and/or concerned about retrograding?  Does anyone think that insurance carriers can change the policies, in 30 days, that it took them 3.5 years to re-craft?

What the hell?

“When your enemy is on fire, don’t just stand around and watch, throw some gasoline on him.” ~ Andrea Tantaros on The Five

And with that, there you go.

A naked takeover of 1/6th of the entire national US economy at the behest of all the Demorats and none of the Republicans.

Obamacare came by Dictatorial Fiat, then and now.  Mr Obama has NO Constitutional authority to make ANY of these changes.

Obama’s sycophants think there’s still really nothing very much wrong.  Check Debbie Wasserman Schultz here.

I wrap up today’s insanity with the comment from another insane person, Nancy Pelosi, who told us we had to pass the ACA so we could know what was in it.  Pelosi said “I’ve never met anyone who liked their insurance plan.”

Of course.  That’s certainly justification for forcing, now, millions of Americans off their current health plans.

I could never, in a thousand years, have written fiction like this.  Except that it’s not fiction.  It’s happening.



“Democratic Unity On Obamacare Is Collapsing”

Obama DictatorFrom the BusinessInsider.com:

Nov. 13, 2013, 10:35 AM

Another non-red state Democrat — this time Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) has signed on to become a co-sponsor on legislation from Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) that would require insurance companies to continue offering their existing health care plans.

Really?  Can we believe this?

Merkley joins Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) as surprise, bright-blue state Democrats that have become co-sponsors of the bill over the past day. Together, they amount to the most high-profile non-red state Democrats to buck party lines on the Affordable Care Act. 

Feinstein?  Actually turning against the Demorats?

Among other things, the “Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act” would “grandfather” in all health insurance plans that existed as of Dec. 31, 2013, not March 23, 2010, and force insurance companies to continue to offer a number of plans that they have been forced to cancel under the Affordable Care Act. 

Landrieu’s bill goes even further than one proposed in the House by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), which would allow insurers to grandfather in plans that existed as of Jan. 1, 2013. The Landrieu bill would force insurance companies to grandfather in those plans.

A very telling paragraph in the story:

The other co-sponsors of the bill are red-state Democratic Sens. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), and Mark Pryor (D-Ark.). Like those three (but not Feinstein) Merkley is up for re-election next year. 

Ah.  There we go.  The re-election cat is stuck in the toilet.

Cat ToiletIt’s political.  It’s about a re-election.  It’s about not sounding as stupid as the rest of the Demorats sounded whilst embracing Obamacare in a wondrously-cuddly fashion.

It’s about not sounding as STUPID as Nancy Pelosi sounded whilst bleating this bit of lying trauma:

Because, frankly, in the history of America, no other single individual has a verified quote that can be immured as that idiotic.  And that’s a lot of history, ladies and gentlemen.

The White House and Senate Democratic leadership have not offered specific comment on Landrieu’s bill.

But let’s briefly examine the proposed bill for a moment, shall we?

Please allow me to posit the obvious, following The Logical Extension.

If people can keep their current policies, and the doctors they like, then what’s the point of having ANY portion of ObamaCare continue at all?

Let’s throw aside the curtains and remove the shadows.

Obama and his Leftists want to totally tank this country and then start over.  They want to ruin its economy, its standing, its power, and transfer that power to themselves beginning with — the government.

I ask: is the worm beginning to turn?