Voter fraud? Of course not. Unless you’re talking about California

Amongst other states. This is just the beginning. And why is it only fraud for the Left? That’s a toughie to suss out, isn’t it? A real forehead-slapper, eh wot?

First, from

Judicial Watch Warns California: 11 Counties Have More Voters than Voting-Age Citizens

by Joel B Pollak

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, has sent a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on behalf of the Election Integrity Project, noting that there are 11 counties in the state with more registered voters, and alleging that the state may be out of compliance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

The letter contains a threat to sue the Secretary of State if Padilla does not remove from the rolls “persons who have become ineligible to vote by reason of death, change in residence, or a disqualifying criminal conviction, and to remove noncitizens who have registered to vote unlawfully.” It gives Padilla 14 days to respond, and 90 days to correct alleged violations of the law.

“This is not the voter fraud you’re looking for,” Demorats insist nationally.

Wait now, just wait. Hold up on that car wash. wrote:

California Voter Rolls a Joke Say Judicial Watch, Election Integrity Project

by Jeff Powers

In a letter dated August 1, 2017 and sent to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, Judicial Watch is demanding the state clean up its voter rolls.

In cooperation with the Election Integrity Project, Judicial Watch contends the state of California is in violation of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) as they claim “eleven counties in California have more registered voters than citizen voting age population calculated by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011-2015 American Community Survey.”

The NVRA requires states to conduct reasonable list maintenance to maintain an accurate record of eligible voters for federal elections.

Eleven counties? Which ones?

  • Imperial (102%)
  • Lassen (102%)
  • Los Angeles (112%)
  • Monterey (104%)
  • San Diego (138%)
  • San Francisco (114%)
  • San Mateo (111%)
  • Santa Cruz (109%)
  • Solano (111%)
  • Stanislaus (102%)
  • Yolo (110%)

I wonder, just wonder, to which party most of those counties slant? It is Fornicalia, after all.

A copy of the letter sent by Judicial Watch to California Secretary of State is here.

Voter fraud favoring Demorats and Leftists simply doesn’t exist, as we all know. Yet:

No voter fraud here.

No electronic voter fraud here.

No voter fraud here.

No biased voter fraud here in favor of Demorats.

No voter fraud here.

No voter fraud here.

No voter fraud here.

No voter fraud here for Eric Holder.

No voter fraud here.

I’m running out of space and motivation. The examples are endless.

I think you Grok the picture.



Illegal alien convicted in Kansas for voter fraud

Finally. Common sense is coming back.

From the

Secretary of State Kris Kobach announces first conviction of noncitizen voting in Kansas

by Hunter Woodall

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said Wednesday that he has obtained his first conviction of a person who illegally voted in a Kansas election without being a U.S. citizen.

Kobach, who has advised President Donald Trump on immigration and voter fraud, said that Victor David Garcia Bebek has pleaded guilty to voter fraud.

Kobach, a Republican, is the only secretary of state in the country with the authority to prosecute voter fraud.

Why is that? Who determines this?

“No matter how many cases we prosecute the political left will always whine that there’s not enough cases to justify protecting our elections in this way,” Kobach said in a phone interview. “That’s absurd.”

The conviction of Bebek was the eighth for Kobach since he gained the authority to prosecute voter fraud in 2015, his office said.

“Political left.” Kobach is quite astute. And precise.

“This conviction shows how important prosecutorial authority is,” Kobach said.

Bebek will be on unsupervised probation for up to three years and pay a fine of $5,000, according to a statement from Kobach’s office.

Kobach found that Bebek illegally voted three times: in a 2012 special election and the 2012 and 2014 general elections. He was a Peruvian national at the time who voted in Sedgwick County, according to Kobach.

What I discovered is that Kansas Secretary of State Kobach acquired the authority to do so when Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill in 2015 providing Kobach that power.

Kobach has continued to defend the state’s voting laws, which requires photo identification and forces new Kansas voters to prove they are U.S. citizens if they register using the state’s voting form.

Everyone knows, however, that requiring photo ID to vote is discriminatory and diminishes the ability of minorities to vote because they can’t figure out how to acquire identification. Mostly impoverished blacks. Right? Of course. Voter ID laws are discriminatory.

That’s what Leftists believe. What do American blacks in Berserkeley, Fornicalia believe?

Wait. Why is it that I had to try like hell to find a video on YouTube, that veritable bastion of Leftist dogma, stating that voter ID was outright racist? Don’t take my word for it. Go to YouTube, enter VOTER ID LAWS RACIST and see what you get.

You must ask yourself one very basic and fundamental question when dealing with voter fraud and/or illegal voting.

Why would you not want to prosecute these cases?

Voter fraud fundamentally undermines the confidence America has in one of our most basic rights, that of one person/one vote. The ability to have our voices heard properly and, more important, reflected accurately.

Leftist responses might be something on the order of “doing so produces a ‘chilling affect’ on those least represented in society.’ ”

To that I would say, in my most strident voice: yep. That’s exactly what I want. A chilling affect so that potential fraudsters think twice.

So: why would you not want to prosecute these cases?

Because the bulk of voter fraud occurs on behalf of the Demorats via Leftists and illegals.

Think about it.

If it were the other way around, Demorats and Leftists would be shouting from the mountaintops that we must have voter ID laws nationally.

You’re welcome.



Shall we talk about voter fraud?

Yes, we shall.

How odd that fraud only seems to benefit the Demorats. That actually makes me think: might it be purposeful?

Let’s start with New York and voting machines:

As Donald Trump says, “rigging the election.” But wait; the American Media Maggots assure us unequivocally that the election is not rigged and it’s all in our minds. Besides, if there were actual evidence it wasn’t acquired “fairly.” Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Let’s move on to Texas, where we can clearly see that public employees, those persons who are paid by taxpayers, don’t want to answer any questions whatsoever about possible voter fraud and refuse to be held accountable, particularly in light that Texas voting machines appear to be “magically” switching Trump votes to Hillary Clinton. You know, I think I’m starting to identify a pattern here.

Apparently this government official, Keith Ingram, the Texas Director of Elections, doesn’t believe voter fraud actually exists. Nor does he either want to answer any questions or be held accountable in any way. Those pesky civilians, always badgering us poor government officials and asking that we do our jobs responsibly and answer to those who pay our salaries. Oh wait, maybe voter fraud does occur, as cautioned by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

texas-voter-fraudLet us transition to voter machines again.

Once more, with enthusiasm. Another miraculous change. Is it co-inky-dink?

There is video evidence of Barack Hussein Obama lying, of Hillary Rodham Clinton lying, and James Comey. When you cannot get the truth from DC, from the DOJ, from the FBI, from Congress — where do you go?

I too wrote about Barack Hussein Obama sending and receiving emails from Hillary’s private server — under an alias which, to me, proves consciousness of guilt — as being one of the reasons Obama absolutely must keep HRC from the focus of any negative press or prosecution.

The saddest thing of all?

These are only the videos that I managed to collect in the course of one hour, on one day.



Voter fraud: 1 in 8

demorat-voter-fraud-cartoonThe Pew Research Center report recently made a shocking discovery.

And that is:

ONE in EIGHT voter registrations in the United States is significantly inaccurate or no longer valid. That amounts to — wait for it — EIGHTEEN MILLION people. Plus another FOUR MILLION people ineligible or dead voters on the rolls.

Let that seep into your brainulus for a moment or three.

What is the population of the United States? That would be 318 million persons.

Frankly, it makes me wonder how my mother and father are voting right now. Oh right; my mother died in 2002 and my father in 2009.

When Donald Trump states “the election is rigged” — considering all that has been revealed recently — could that be the actual understatement of understatements?

Go to my posts here and here for verification.

At worst, ponder the Broken Clock Theory.

At the most obvious, consider that, as of Tuesday, because of two James O’Keefe Project Veritas videos, there have been at least four firings or resignations of Leftists directly due to PV’s revelations. Just on Tuesday.

The collusion and corruption is absolutely unprecedented. “Homeland Security” shouldn’t be running national elections. Because of having input into thousands of elections, one corrupter would have to influence only only venue instead of many. Entirely too tempting.

That mentioned, I will always despise George Bush for creating “Homeland Security” in the first place. All you had to do, George, is DEMAND that all the alphabet agencies play nice amongst themselves or you’d cut their funds.

The “Bully Pulpit.” Who had it, GW?

One must “repair” voting discrepancies at the state and county level, since it’s not a federal issue. Oh yes; unless certain personnel make it a federal issue. Except that Patrick Kennedy of the State Department was offering a federal bribe, a “quid pro quo” if you will, to FBI agents for key postings — to look the other way in DNC and HRC investigations.

Don’t quote to me statistics or political incidents from the 1800s. Yes, politics was rough then. What they didn’t have is the digital age where hacking can be done by, literally, jammie-wearing, thumb-sucking, T-ball, PlaySkool Leftists sitting in their parents’ basements.

But perhaps the key question might be: can the DC swamp actually be drained? I make this analogy because, originally, the White House was constructed in a swamp that is now termed a “tidal plain.” Right. Word pablum.

And the actual overarching question that no one is addressing?

The largest hard fiscal “re-set” in the history of America and possibly the world is looming.

Despite all the massive forces arrayed against one of the THE worst Republican candidates in history, HRC officially stands at 45% to DT’s 39%. To me, that bespeaks volumes, absolute volumes.

Hillary can’t break 47%. Despite the incredible and staggering amount of illegal and adverse and biased ramparts behind her. And ALL of the American Media Maggots. 278 contiguous days without hosting an actual open press conference?

Trump is up 38 to 31 with Independents.

I still believe there are any number of Americans who are quiet, who won’t make themselves known, who — on any number of sexual, melanin levels — wait until they take that moment to step into a booth.

We can choose to devolve or evolve.

The corruption is widespread and systemic.

I ask each and every one of you #NeverTrump ‘ers: In 2020, just who is your perfect candidate of choice, The One who is so incredibly a savior and for whom you are so willing to sacrifice four to eight years? Why are they perfect? And why are they more important then than now?

I’m waiting.



You can’t trust Hillary; can you even trust the vote?

Hacking Voting Systems in USThis week I showed you two examples of Hillary voter fraud, here and here.

I showed you how Google skews search results in order to protect Hillary Clinton.

Now, the FBI says our election systems have been hacked.

From the

Hackers attack Arizona and Illinois election computer systems

by Geoff Dyer

The FBI is investigating the suspected hacking of the election computer systems in at least two US states by a foreign agent and has warned other states to watch out for potential intrusions.

Officials in Arizona and Illinois confirmed that their systems had been the subject of cyber attacks in July, with information about as many as 200,000 voters hacked in Illinois.

The intrusion comes after the alleged Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee which led to the leak of thousands of emails discussing the election campaign.

The warning by the FBI has highlighted concerns that the computer systems that are now central to the infrastructure of managing elections in the US could be vulnerable to hacking, including by foreign actors.

The Washington Post points out:

Until now, countries such as Russia and China have shown little interest in voting systems in the United States. But experts said that if a foreign government gained the ability to tamper with voter data — for instance by deleting registration records — such a hack could cast doubt on the legitimacy of U.S. elections.

The DNC, as we already know, was penetrated and hacked by Russians.  This resulted in the “stepping down” (firing) of Debbie Wassermann Schultz as DNC chair and the subsequent rapid hiring of DWS by Hillary Clinton in order to more closely keep Hillary’s secrets secret — as in, emails.

Politico emphasizes that the hacking in Arizona and Illinois is no laughing matter.

One person who works with state election officials called the FBI’s memo “completely unprecedented.”

“There’s never been an alert like that before that we know of,” said the person, who requested anonymity to discuss sensitive intergovernmental conversations.

Cory Bennett and Eric Geller rightly point out:

While such thefts could be the work of ordinary criminals, these same experts explained that Russian cyber gangs often act at the behest of the Kremlin, either directly or indirectly. In exchange, these groups receive immunity from prosecution and “maintain their untouchable status,” said Kellermann, of Cybersecurity Strategic Ventures.

If this is indeed the case with the recent intrusions of state voter registration databases, Kellermann believes the suspected campaign to undermine the U.S. election process is “reaching a tipping point.”

“It’s high time that the U.S. government took off its own gloves,” he said.

Translated: it’s past time to begin hacking the shite out of anyone who is found doing this to the United States.

A very simple point: it is rather clear this scheme won’t occur under Obama and likely not under Hillary Clinton or any other Leftist Demorat who believes in extending hands across the water in grand Chamberlain-like conciliatory gestures of pants-shitting hysteria in fear of offending other countries.

I say: time for good old paper ballots nationally.



In case you think this is much ado about nothing, cast your eyes upon this from CBS: