BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, Tuesday: not the 4th of July show you anticipated

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Instead of the standard fare for a July 4th show, I woke up with a new impetus and a new take on this date in history.

Tonight in the Saloon:

  • The fabulous Reaver of Common Sense, Jersey Joe, is my new SHR lead-in show;
  • This is the 4th of July show you hadn’t wanted to hear but needed to hear;
  • President Trump: our rights are given to us by God;
  • Obama’s Pastor, Jeremiah Wright says: “God damn America”;
  • Who keeps me up at night? Brain-glazingly stupid American voters;
  • Leftists & Obama damn our extreme nationalism;
  • Leftists: 4th of July be damned; it’s time for outright Socialism;
  • Obama: we must accept constraints;
  • Obama: we must give up some freedom of action;
  • Obama: ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs;
  • Obama: we must bind ourselves to international rules;
  • Obama: the order of progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign;
  • Phil Schlaumberg: the last man killed at Iwo Jima at the end of the war;
  • Jerry Yellin served in WWII, one of 16 million;
  • Lt Col Dave Grossman: Sheepdogs vs Sheep vs Wolves

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No freedom of speech for cops

PPB, ORI retired a few months ago after having 41 years in law enforcement, working for the FBI, being a sworn US Marshal, and serving two local Fornicalia agencies.  If I had a son or daughter considering law enforcement I’d tell them to look elsewhere and to become a nurse, a plumber, an electrical contractor, mechanic, electrical engineer or programmer — a job that cannot readily be replaced by a robot.  And I’d stay away from law enforcement because more and more the job involves politics not service, and you have fewer rights than the citizens you serve.  That trend is growing, not receding.

Including freedom of speech.

People eschewing law enforcement will occur in any event, because Millennials are not used to or desire to serve, sacrifice or have their freedoms of speech curtailed.  The small group of Millennials who do understand about sacrifice and service for a higher goal or greater good are former military personnel — but their ranks are thinning as well.


Portland police officer removed from street after Twitter message about Black Lives Matter

by Maxine Bernstein

A Portland police officer who wrote a Twitter message complaining that he’d be stuck late at work Friday night “to babysit these fools,” referring to a planned Black Lives Matter-Not Black Friday march at Lloyd Center, has been taken off the street while an internal investigation proceeds.

Portland police Acting Chief Donna Henderson, filling in for Chief Larry O’Dea who is off until next week, announced the investigation Tuesday afternoon in a news release.

“I am highly offended, and I think other people should be,” said Teressa Raiford, a community activist involved in Don’t Shoot Portland. “I think it’s very unprofessional, especially someone in his position.”

Officer John Hurlman, a 24-year bureau veteran, removed the post from his Twitter feed, but a screen shot was caught by others.

His message read, “Black Lives Matter is planning to protest at Lloyd Center on black Friday. Oh joy, stuck late again at work to babysit these fools.”

Damn that officer for daring to state the obvious.  BLM activists are fools because black lives don’t matterYou may care to read this link, as well as this and this and this for my reasoning.

Further, the story doesn’t immediately reveal this salient fact: the officer produced that message on his own time, off duty, with his own account and not utilizing government resources.

But because of the community it serves, the ball-less Portland Police Bureau circled its own little Leftist wagons and, realizing that if a sympathetic take wasn’t promptly expressed, the BLM activists would soon be torching the sycophantic little purple-skied territory of Portland itself.  Precisely because BLM “activists” couldn’t give a fuck.  It ain’t their property they’d burn and loot and destroy.  BLM “activists” enjoy embracing lies for the “common good” of themselves only.

It is interesting, however, to read some of the comments below the article I linked, which include some of the following:

Why aren’t black lives matter going door to door where black people live spreading their message not to kill black people?

So does this mean if a neo-nazi group were to march, only those police officers who agree with the neo nazi’s could work the neo-nazi march that day?  

Oh yes, such a peaceful community group that chants:”What do we want, dead cops, when do we want ’em. NOW!” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”

Nothing like stomping on the man’s First Amendment Rights…  What’s next from the “Thought Police”?  Lie detector tests for anybody accused of having an alternative viewpoint or perspective contrary to the Left’s?  Give me a break… 

You are assuming that somebody being called a fool should lose their job?  Does that mean I should lose my job by calling you an idiot?  Just trying to understand your perspective of justice and equality…

Office Hurlman was correct in his personal opinion description of  BLM as fools, and I would submit that the even bigger fool is acting like a moron chief Donna Henderson.  Calling someone a fool is speech protected by the 1st ammendment.  The officer did not threaten or encourage any one to threaten or harm anyone.  The Portland PD admin is wrong on this one and should publicly admit such.

So I guess you feel that the officer has to take responsibility for expressing a personal opinion on a personal twitter account? A personal opinion that did not threaten anyone?  Is that what you are trying to say?  If so, you are one misguided soul.

These comments mostly reflect a rational response to ridiculous political correctness being exercised by the Portland police chief. The sane ones among us look at the BLM fools and state the obvious. The BLM fools falsely perpetuate the myth that Michael Ferguson had his “hands up” when he was killed, when the forensic evidence shows he did not. Even the Obama administration’s Justice Department investigation concluded he was justifiably killed by a police officer defending his life. But the BLM fools refuse to believe it and agitate for the sake of agitating. They, and you by extension, can’t be reasoned with. You’re too blinded by your grievance ideology.

There are more than 1,000 additional comments.

I spoke over the air earlier this week on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show to retired Congressman John Campbell (R, CA, 45th & 48th Dist) who was admirably filling in for Mr Hewitt.  The topic concerned the rise of homicide rates and overall crime in major cities and elsewhere.

I indicated there were any number of factors for this rise, but one of the major factors now is the lack of what law enforcement calls “self-initiated activity,” which translates to getting in there, digging, knowing your beat, district, precinct, area, community, and seriously working it.  Looking for crime, turning over the rocks and getting actively involved.  In other words, proactive vs reactive law enforcement.

Certainly, cops won’t shirk their calls for service.  Whenever the laptop or terminal beeps, or the radio beckons, cops will attend to their assignments.  But once there, it exists in their minds that they too could be another Darren Wilson.  Being “right” isn’t enough.  Being “lawful” isn’t enough.  And what law enforcement, the public and courts will soon realize: having a video body-cam isn’t enough.  Video is another tool — it is not the end-all panacea just as having the melanin-count match the neighborhood isn’t an end-all panacea.  Just ask Baltimore or New York or Chicago or LA, some of the most mixed race departments across the nation if not the planet.

Cops talk about officer survival.  The mindset that, “no matter what happens to me, I will prevail during a given critical incident.  I will survive to see another call, to help my partner, to see my family and fight another day.”

A few years ago in 2009 and 2010, besides officer survival my deputies faced budgetary survival.  My department eliminated over two-hundred deputy positions.

Cops are having to additionally consider political and career survival.

They are having to ask: just how deep into this call do I want to go?  Just how far do I want to dig into my beat or district or precinct?  Particularly in terms of political survival or career, officers are now asking: what is my career worth?  Where is the line where I’ll even remotely consider jeopardizing my family’s future?  The security of my wife or husband, my children, my retirement?

Even more important to officers is this: does my department have my back if I acted in good faith and within the “reasonable officer” mantra?

Darren Wilson was proven correct, he was completely acquitted on any number of levels by any number of investigative resources and separate agencies including — literally — one hundred FBI agents swarming over Ferguson and the case itself.

Yet Darren Wilson had to physically leave his department, had to take his family and physically leave the town where he was employed and, truly, will forever be unemployable by any law enforcement agency in the US.  He and his family received very serious death threats and his department had little interest in supporting or providing security for him.

You ask why crimes, homicides and the like are starting to increase?  The so-called “Ferguson Effect” is most definitely a factor no matter what any police administrator or spokesperson says.  I know this because my own deputies tell me so.  Quietly.  They are constantly having to weigh these thoughts on their calls.  They are doing the “balance test.”  How do I do my job while not jeopardizing myself, family or future?

And that is the truth.

Portland, Oregon is certainly the locus of Leftist thought in Oregon, right there with Seattle, and the Portland PB isn’t radically different from the Leftards it protects.

Ladies and gentlemen, Leftists, Demorats and Progressives alike, if you don’t like cops — they’re too judgmental — but instead wish to be involved in a Robocop future, monitored and arrested by mechanicals, you are well on your way.  You won’t care for it one bit when the human element is eliminated.  You can’t argue or reason with a robot.

Perhaps you’d just care to do away with your civilian police protection altogether.  Make sure, however, that if this is your choice you likewise surrender all your firearms, defensive or offensive materials such as slingshots, baseball bats, rocks and any sort of edged weapon.  Hell, any weapon whatsoever.  Live by your code.  Be honest and live your honesty.  Mark or placard your car, your house, your apartment, your tent as a WEAPONS FREE ZONE.  Be proud of your philosophies and take a real stand.  Show some courage.

There is a problem however: when you have fewer and fewer persons who desire to be Sheepdogs, your society is in greater and greater jeopardy from within and without.  Because the wolves, you ignorant and complacent sheep, are not reducing their numbers.

Your job is already being targeted for elimination by robots, Mr and Ms Millennial.  Your life, property and sense of security is already being target by criminals whose philosophy is generally “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine unless you have the strength to stop me.”  Gosh.  Just like Islamists or China or Russia.  Or any bully.

You think that won’t or can’t happen?  Just you watch.



Officer John Hurlman, an extremely interesting article about freedom of speech and police officers can be found here, at the FraternalOrderof

You may find it handy and applicable.  You also might wish to click here and here.


GOWPs in LeftyLand

GOWP LeftThink

Figure 1: GOWP (Guilty Overeducated White Person), one each, female, with dreadlocks. Note superior smirk. Knows how your life should be run, better than you.

I own an elitist German car.  Ask any Leftist.  I had just gotten back into said car after having rolled into the local Mendocino market for groceries and snark. When I got into the car I slammed the door with a tad bit more enthusiasm than customary.  My wife asked “what’s wrong?”  She’s prescient that way.

Mendocino, for the uninitiated, is Leftist Central for Mendocino County which, by extension, is pretty much LC for Fornicalia.  Bernie Sanders signs are everywhere.  The young kids wear dreadlocks and hang around Moody’s Organic Coffee Bar.  Uh yeah.  The kids are Caucasoids.  Occasionally an errant young black male makes his way through and is kindly asked to leave the town by its elders.  They have to retain its detached unicorn-and-pink-pony-filled artsy-fartsy air, you see.  As a result, no thump car, hoopti or black gangbanger with shit-stained underwear exposed in sight.  Mendocino has standards.

Samsung Note 4, 11-10-2014 198Let’s back up a moment.  My wife and I like to vacation by the ocean.  We live in Occupied Fornicalia so that means the Pacific Ocean.  We stay anywhere from Morro Bay in the south up to Eureka in the north.  And points beyond.  For the past two weeks we have been staying in a cottage in Mendocino.  We don’t do motels any more because we don’t much like the public, she and I.  We are both in love with each other that way.  We like to rent cottages and condos and homes.  Something with a full kitchen, big bed, Jacuzzi and a great view.

Occasionally one must needs make a shopping trip.  That happened last night at the store mentioned in the very first paragraph.  And from here the story unfolds.

There is one check stand open.  I am fifth in line with a few things in my hands.  A “few things” because I’ve forgotten my personal shopping bag.  Yes, Mendocino is one of those Leftist towns that has done away with horrible, repressive and environment-killing plastic bags.  You either bring your own or you can pay for a paper bag.  I don’t “pay” for bags.

My “bag” is a large red plastic laundry tub that I carry into a store and shove ahead of me because it mostly doesn’t fit in the aisles and it takes up altogether too much space at checkout.  Some persons have accused me of attempting to make a statement.  I disagree.  I simply find the tub practical.  Who knows just how much stuff you’re going to purchase with each market visit?  I don’t.  I want to be prepared.  I’m just not prepared today.

The guy before me has one of the small wheeled shopping carts favorited by this market.  The checker rings up his stuff, he leaves, the cart is first in line now, about even with the checker.  Three people are behind.  I am now fourth in line.  The three people behind the cart don’t move.  They seem perplexed.  Do we move the cart?  The checker should move the cart.  We shouldn’t move the cart.  We can’t touch it, it isn’t ours.  Will someone think us pushy if we touch the cart and move it out of the way?  The checker is quiet.  The three ahead of me are quiet.  It’s a standoff.  Cart vs GOWP.  At this point the cart is winning.  I can almost hear the gears grinding in the skulls of the three Leftist ‘tards before me.  I can see word balloons above their heads filled with “What do I do?” and “I don’t want to appear to be hasty.” and “What will others think if I make a decision here?”

The cart, however, still keeps winning.

BZ couldn’t take it anymore.  He tapped his Inner Sheepdog.

I stepped in front of all three, shoved the cart brusquely (I like that word) to the left, grabbed three of the wide, hard plastic separators that delineate people’s stuff on the grocery belt, and slapped them down.  “You put your shit here,” I said to the first person.  “You put your shit here,” I said to the second person.  “And you put your shit here,” I said to the third.

All three did as I said.  The checker checked.  The patrons paid.  No one said a word.  A second line was opened.  No one said a word there either.  Customers near the checkout area were quiet as they walked by.  I decided to pay in cash.  “Jesus, you pussies,” I mumbled.  “Get a fucking life.  Make a decision.”  I left the store.  I didn’t get into a Prius.

I’m sure my “performance” was talked about after I left.  They surely didn’t and wouldn’t have the guts to do so in the minute.

Leftist Mendocino, Sphere of GOWP Insanity

Figure 2: Mendocino, CA, Leftist Central for Occupied Fornicalia. Beautiful but insane.

So there you have it.  GOWPs in their finest hour.  Shocked, I tell you.  I shocked them all.  Frankly, I would like to have been a fly on the wall for the next half hour.

I feel sorry for the Mendocino County Sheriff Department deputies — the Sheepdogs — who have to respond to calls for “my dealer has been selling me inferior weed.”  Or most any other call for service in Mendocino.  Beautiful area.  Stupid sheep.

Luckily for Mendocino, wolves not allowed.




As I write this, the door to the outside deck is open.  It is raining in Mendocino and I can hear the drops hitting the skylight overhead.  I can also hear the waves crashing outside near the headlands.  The Jacuzzi is running and the fireplace crackling.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.


This resonates:

Armed Forces - CowardCouldn’t pass up the graphic.  It’s completely correct.

I point to Michael Moore and Seth Rogan.  Cowards both.



Michelle Obama defends ‘American Sniper’ at veterans event

Props where props are due.

This time, to Michelle Obama.


First lady Michelle Obama urged Hollywood to give a more accurate portrayal of veterans and defended the Oscar-nominated “American Sniper,” which has received criticism for its depiction of war.

Bradley Cooper, who is nominated for best actor for his portrayal of the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, joined Obama and media heavyweights in Washington, D.C., on Friday to launch “6 Certified” with representatives from Warner Bros., National Geographic Channels and the Producers Guild of America.

The initiative will allow TV shows and films to display an onscreen badge that tells viewers the show they’re watching has been certified by the group Got Your 6, which derives its name from military slang for “I’ve got your back.” To be approved, the film or show must cast a veteran, tell a veteran story, have a story written by a veteran or use veterans as resources.

“We hope our country will welcome back our veterans — not by setting them apart but by fully integrating them into the fabric of our communities,” Mrs. Obama said.

You know what?

God bless you for that, Michelle.