The Seventh Arrow

It is my pleasure to feature a new voice here at Bloviating Zeppelin.  He is called The Seventh Arrow, and has a unique and distinct take on law enforcement in America.

SEVENTH ARROW Masthead ReferenceYou may reach him on Twitter, @TheSeventhArrow.  He describes himself as a current law enforcement officer with over 14 years of experience, a literary scholar, conservative, photographer, family man and father.

He writes as follows:

Is the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization or do they just support terrorism? What is the difference between the BLM movement and the Taliban? Consider the following and reflect. Look at “18 U.S. Code 2331” defining terrorism, of which I will summarize a portion:

” (Terrorism) (A) involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State;
(B) appear to be intended—
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping;”

Now that we have the legal definition, what is the difference between what happened in Dallas, Texas on July 7th, 2016 and what happened in San Bernardino on December 2nd of 2015?

One similarity is they are both acts of terrorism in one form or another. I will let you compare or contrast other similarities — but know our “leaders” do not care for the word “terrorist,” so you won’t hear it from them.

I have the following message for anyone who would support terrorism in this country in ignorance as opposed to malice. In the latter instance I have nothing to say which you would understand. For the ignorant I can only hope that you temporarily break ignorance and hear my words for what they are. If you support the Black Lives Matter movement, listen carefully.

Despite what passive news media shares with you, be diligent in your logic. Regardless of what any of your supposed leaders tell you,  understand the situation for yourself. Do not March like a lamb to the slaughter of truth. Elevate yourself, separate from evil and Join America. Remove yourself from the terrorist notions which are destroying this country.



I hope he will continue to return to Bloviating Zeppelin and provide us with his insight.



TX Deputy Goforth “deserved it”

Monica FoyHere’s what I’d like: one day, in the near future, the ignorant, ill-educated naive female above, Monica Foy, will require some kind of emergency assistance requiring police response and not receive it.  She’ll have to deal with the situation herself.  She’ll either survive or she won’t.  I’d like her to receive the same kind of concern and consideration from the suspect that she wanted for the slain Deputy Darren Goforth.

Here’s what likely will happen: needing some kind of assistance, Foy will come across one of her local cops or perhaps will already have called for help.  A law enforcement officer will respond, may or may not recognize her, and will conduct themselves appropriately attempting to assist her no matter the issue.

Simply because that’s what cops do.

Why the contempt for Monica Foy?

Would it be this, below?

Monica Foy TweetFrom

Slain Cop Deserved Execution and Had ‘Creepy Perv Eyes,’ Says #BlackLivesMatter Supporter

by Brandon Darby

Houston area #BlackLivesMatter supporter Monica Foy took to Twitter to insist that slain Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth deserved to be executed and implied his “creepy perv eyes” were somehow justification for why he was shot from behind and then had a 15-round magazine unloaded into his lifeless body. Foy lives in the Woodlands, just north of Houston, Texas.

It has now become cool and hip to wish cops dead.  Black Lives Matter gave us an example below:

The odd thing is, those persons who so willingly join Black Lives Matter who themselves are not black, lack the clear skills to defend themselves in case of some sort of emergent event.  As I wrote only a few days ago,

What I wonder is this: if Obama, Leftists and Progressives hate cops, and Obama, Leftists, Progressives and Demorats hate guns — you may as well include our military too — then what or who is left to protect the citizens of the United States?

Good intentions?  Kind words?

The United Nations?

If anyone attends or lives near Sam Houston University, stop by and say hello to Monica Foy.  Wish her well.  For me.



Again, “minorities” being racist: black brunch

[I use quotation marks above because, in Occupied Fornicalia, Caucasoids like myself   are now the statistical minority.BZ]

Servative, Black BrunchSeems that, on Twitter, the phrase “black brunch” is popular.  I had to ask @Servative just what “black brunch” is.  He referred me to this post on Twitchy, and also to this web site, the  That site indicates you can download “black brunch” here in PDF format.  I advise that you do so, in order to understand what’s before us all.

Protesting isn’t un-American.  Protesting is important and has its place in a polite society.  But logical protestation doesn’t include burning buidlings, blocking freeways and streets, rioting, walking into businesses and declaring all Caucasoids within as racist or promoting lingo and phrases that are just flat factually incorrect such as “hands up don’t shoot.”

Michael Brown wasn’t interested in keeping his hands up; he was interested in disarming and charging Officer Darren Wilson.

And Eric Garner wasn’t killed with some stupid “choke hold.”  He died due to positional asphyxia and his poor health, morbid obesity and high blood pressure.  And, oh yeah: committing a crime.  Just like Michael Brown.

Remove the crime and you remove law enforcement involvement.

Had these two individuals not chosen to involve themselves in crime, they would not have been encountered by law enforcement.  It isn’t simpler than that.

“Black brunch” also gets down to this, courtesy of Twitter:

Attention White ManAttention White Man 1Guess if Caucasoids are involved, there is no excuse for being Evil and Guilty.

Except that I am neither evil nor guilty.  By now Leftists should Grok that I don’t succumb to GOWP ploys.  I am invulnerable to same.

Because, frankly, this kind of puerile jejune shite doesn’t play with me, as I know my history.  I know that my forebears fought for the blue.  I have the family pocket watch from the 1800s to prove it, ensconced in a tasteful glass display case given to me by my father and his father before him and his father’s brother before him.  As well as his discharge papers from the blue.

Illiterate persons reading my blog won’t have a clue as to what I wrote in the above paragraph — and that would include the bulk of Leftists and “minorities” today.

I couldn’t care less.  Facts and history are on my side.

Black Brunch Chinese FemaleThe ridiculous Leftist bullshite continues.  Seems like statistics — if one but deems to look for same — would conclude blacks are conducting their own personal pogrom via black gangs.  They don’t need Caucasoids to assist; they’re doing a fine job themselves.

Black Brunch - Berserkeley iPhone StoreMy Caucasoid brain isn’t melting; it’s merely considering the pentasolum of facts, logic, common sense, rationality and proportion.  And I’m sure iPhone customers shouted, hooted and clapped in response to this chick as they tried to purchase Apple products produced by oppressed Chinese workers paid a few cents a day on behalf of Leftists worldwide who absolutely can not do without their iPhones of the newest bent.

Black Brunch for GOWPsCaucasoids have even attempted to guilt fellow Caucsoids.

Millennial Caucasoids must STAND in “deference” and “solidarity.”  Leftist Caucasoids must do so by wrote and training.

Tweet From WaziMillennials are Leftists in training.  Forget about those Millennials sufficiently stupid to have served in the American military.  They’re missing limbs anyway and don’t deserve Leftist attention.

GOWP PushbackThere was a semblance of pushback, but it didn’t amount to much considering guilt hammered into Caucasoids by education.

Leftis GuiltThe Leftist Guilt didn’t stop.

Caucasoid & ProudBut imagine if Caucasoids declared certain streets to be theirs, under the title of “Caucasoid and Proud”?

GOWP Pushback BusinessYeah, I didn’t think so.

Black Brunch FemaleShe shows about as much interest in this stupid topic as I would.  Get me my entree or shut the fuck up and expect me to never come back to your business.

Limp White WomenAnd apparently limp East Coast Leftist White Women broke down everywhere in the face of a melanin count even remotely greater than theirs.  Tears all asunder.

This is BZ.  Yes, I would eat as you “named off” your “dead roll.”  Try naming off the dead Americans who gave their lives for you in World War II.

Black Brunch Caucasoids EatOh yeah, right, that doesn’t count.  More Evil Dead Caucasoids.

White RacisimTo Leftists: you’re nothing but a do-nothing Leftist suck-up on US gubmint welfare.  You produce nothing and you mean nothing.

The Logical Extension: so-called “Black Brunch” produces nothing and means nothing.