Smashing cop cars is legitimate

Baltimore Cop Car Smashed

A disenfranchised and aggrieved young black male, having found his “space to destroy” courtesy of the Mayor Hyphenate, does in fact destroy a new $29,000 Chevrolet Caprice Baltimore PD vehicle which, with complete upfitting, costs $36,000.  Prepare to pay up big time, all you Baltimoreans.

So says Benji Hart of Salon Magazine:

Baltimore’s violent protesters are right: Smashing police cars is a legitimate political strategy

It’s crucial to see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy. If it fails to win people over it’s a futile tactic

by Benji Hart

As a nation, we fail to comprehend Black political strategy in much the same way we fail to recognize the value of Black life.

And right off the bat I have a few immediate comments for Mr Hart.

Baltimore Cop Car Smashed By More

More disenfranchised and aggrieved young black males, having witnessed the grand fun of the first disenfranchised and aggrieved young black male, decide to partake in the joy of demolishing the same unfortunate Baltimore PD Chevrolet Caprice.

First, smashing police cars is a tactic for those who don’t have to ultimately pay for those cop cars.  Welfare drones such as the thuggish imbeciles portrayed above surely worry not about taxes or having to fund the local government because, in a fashionable reversal, the government funds them.

So for people with no literal investment in a thing, such as that lonely cop car (and many more like that one), it is incredibly easy to destroy.  They didn’t pay for it and ne’er shall they pay for its replacement — which will be more expensive than the original.

Second, please allow me to inject a shocking shard of common sense at this point, common sense that very, very few people seem willing or sufficiently courageous to say or write: I will value black life when black life values itself.  Until then, meh.

Baltimore is controlled by blacks.  90% of those killed in Baltimore are black.  90% of the suspects of those murders are black.  90% of those arrested for robbery are black.  85% of all arrested in Baltimore are black.  Black black black.  As Ray Nagin said, “chocolate.”

Inner city hood rats like the ones displayed above are endemic throughout urban areas of all major American cities — and that brings us to an incredibly important question.

Just who runs the governments of these major American cities, rife with thugs the likes of which are illustrated above in full riotous action?

Why yes, that would be Leftists and Demorats.

And just who has failed these thugs and inner city denizens?  Is it the police, who have no say in the society in which they must operate?  Is it the citizens themselves?  To a point, yes.  But not with ultimate responsibility.

Who has truly failed these inner city denizens?

It is the same Leftists and Demorats who run the governments of these cities.

Kevin Williamson just Tweeted that “Baltimore is the Left fighting the Left over the failed policies of the Left.”

Kevin D Williamson[Kevin D. Williamson, a black man, has his excellent article here, about Baltimore and its riots.]

And that is entirely correct.

We see ghettos and crime and absent parents where we should see communities actively struggling against mental health crises and premeditated economic exploitation. And when we see police cars being smashed and corporate property being destroyed, we should see reasonable responses to generations of extreme state violence, and logical decisions about what kind of actions yield the desired political results.

“Corporate property being destroyed.”  Of course.  Because there are corporate businesses on every street corner in Baltimore, owned by giant conglomerates thousands of miles away.  Except: that is predominantly bullshit.  Most of the businesses impacted were small and personally/locally owned.  Sure, CVS is a “corporation.”  But it also employed local people who depended on that CVS for a paycheck.

I’m overwhelmed by the pervasive slandering of protesters in Baltimore this weekend for not remaining peaceful. The bad-apple rhetoric would have us believe that most Baltimore protesters are demonstrating the right way—as is their constitutional right—and only a few are disrupting the peace, giving the movement a bad name.

Of course.  Calling a thug a thug is slander, as we watch selfsame thugs act thuggishly and brutalize local businesses, looting, burning.  Clearly, yes, according to Leftists, calling a criminal a criminal is slanderous labeling of the worst degree.

I do not advocate non-violence—particularly in a moment like the one we currently face. In the spirit and words of militant Black and Brown feminist movements from around the globe, I believe it is crucial that we see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy.

“I do not advocate non-violence.”

A wonderful thing, Benji Hart.  Perhaps your very own neighborhood and even your apartment building might be caught up in the next flash-burning of a major city.  I can only hope.  Then and only then might you begin to realize that violence — as you have clearly advocated — has consequences.

You Leftist loon.



Speaking of Leftist Loons, the Left is excoriating Whole Foods because they deigned to feed National Guardsmen called into Baltimore.  Horrible!  Heinous!  Feeding sandwiches to the enemy!

Baltimore Angry Black LadyThank goodness Urban Intelligentsia like @AngryBlackLady get to weigh in on Whole Foods being kind.  Damn them for being kind.  Do I sense a Leftist boycott in the offing?


Baltimore Extracting A Wounded OfficerBaltimore PD extracting a wounded officer.

Baltimore Fire Dept ResponseBaltimore Fire Department response to a burning building.

Baltimore Rioters Using Stolen Cop EqpmtDisenfranchised and aggrieved young black males use stolen Baltimore Police Department equipment against them.

Baltimore Youths RocksDisenfranchised and aggrieved very very young black youths picking up rocks to hurl.

Baltimore PD Van BurningA little torch job on a valuable $50,000 police van.  No problem.  #spacetodestroy

Baltimore FD RespondingBaltimore FD attempting to save a building in the city.

Baltimore Black Moron On CarA disenfranchised and aggrieved young black male stands atop a burned vehicle, akin to a trophy in his “space to destroy” courtesy of the Mayor Hyphenate.


Again, “minorities” being racist: black brunch

[I use quotation marks above because, in Occupied Fornicalia, Caucasoids like myself   are now the statistical minority.BZ]

Servative, Black BrunchSeems that, on Twitter, the phrase “black brunch” is popular.  I had to ask @Servative just what “black brunch” is.  He referred me to this post on Twitchy, and also to this web site, the  That site indicates you can download “black brunch” here in PDF format.  I advise that you do so, in order to understand what’s before us all.

Protesting isn’t un-American.  Protesting is important and has its place in a polite society.  But logical protestation doesn’t include burning buidlings, blocking freeways and streets, rioting, walking into businesses and declaring all Caucasoids within as racist or promoting lingo and phrases that are just flat factually incorrect such as “hands up don’t shoot.”

Michael Brown wasn’t interested in keeping his hands up; he was interested in disarming and charging Officer Darren Wilson.

And Eric Garner wasn’t killed with some stupid “choke hold.”  He died due to positional asphyxia and his poor health, morbid obesity and high blood pressure.  And, oh yeah: committing a crime.  Just like Michael Brown.

Remove the crime and you remove law enforcement involvement.

Had these two individuals not chosen to involve themselves in crime, they would not have been encountered by law enforcement.  It isn’t simpler than that.

“Black brunch” also gets down to this, courtesy of Twitter:

Attention White ManAttention White Man 1Guess if Caucasoids are involved, there is no excuse for being Evil and Guilty.

Except that I am neither evil nor guilty.  By now Leftists should Grok that I don’t succumb to GOWP ploys.  I am invulnerable to same.

Because, frankly, this kind of puerile jejune shite doesn’t play with me, as I know my history.  I know that my forebears fought for the blue.  I have the family pocket watch from the 1800s to prove it, ensconced in a tasteful glass display case given to me by my father and his father before him and his father’s brother before him.  As well as his discharge papers from the blue.

Illiterate persons reading my blog won’t have a clue as to what I wrote in the above paragraph — and that would include the bulk of Leftists and “minorities” today.

I couldn’t care less.  Facts and history are on my side.

Black Brunch Chinese FemaleThe ridiculous Leftist bullshite continues.  Seems like statistics — if one but deems to look for same — would conclude blacks are conducting their own personal pogrom via black gangs.  They don’t need Caucasoids to assist; they’re doing a fine job themselves.

Black Brunch - Berserkeley iPhone StoreMy Caucasoid brain isn’t melting; it’s merely considering the pentasolum of facts, logic, common sense, rationality and proportion.  And I’m sure iPhone customers shouted, hooted and clapped in response to this chick as they tried to purchase Apple products produced by oppressed Chinese workers paid a few cents a day on behalf of Leftists worldwide who absolutely can not do without their iPhones of the newest bent.

Black Brunch for GOWPsCaucasoids have even attempted to guilt fellow Caucsoids.

Millennial Caucasoids must STAND in “deference” and “solidarity.”  Leftist Caucasoids must do so by wrote and training.

Tweet From WaziMillennials are Leftists in training.  Forget about those Millennials sufficiently stupid to have served in the American military.  They’re missing limbs anyway and don’t deserve Leftist attention.

GOWP PushbackThere was a semblance of pushback, but it didn’t amount to much considering guilt hammered into Caucasoids by education.

Leftis GuiltThe Leftist Guilt didn’t stop.

Caucasoid & ProudBut imagine if Caucasoids declared certain streets to be theirs, under the title of “Caucasoid and Proud”?

GOWP Pushback BusinessYeah, I didn’t think so.

Black Brunch FemaleShe shows about as much interest in this stupid topic as I would.  Get me my entree or shut the fuck up and expect me to never come back to your business.

Limp White WomenAnd apparently limp East Coast Leftist White Women broke down everywhere in the face of a melanin count even remotely greater than theirs.  Tears all asunder.

This is BZ.  Yes, I would eat as you “named off” your “dead roll.”  Try naming off the dead Americans who gave their lives for you in World War II.

Black Brunch Caucasoids EatOh yeah, right, that doesn’t count.  More Evil Dead Caucasoids.

White RacisimTo Leftists: you’re nothing but a do-nothing Leftist suck-up on US gubmint welfare.  You produce nothing and you mean nothing.

The Logical Extension: so-called “Black Brunch” produces nothing and means nothing.



OJ’s acquittal and subsequent riots:

OJ AcquittalCan you recall the massive Caucasoid riots?

Uh.  Nope.



Monday: Ferguson grand jury in?

PULL UP YOUR PANTSSt Louis County has promised local law enforcement a 48-hour “heads-up” prior to the official release of its grand jury results regarding prosecution of former Ferguson Police Department (MO) Officer Dennis Wilson, whose likeness I shall not post here.  The media already has a sufficient number of photographs of Officer Wilson and his home with its address and surrounding neighborhood.

In the meantime, as I write this ahead (it is Sunday night at roughly 9 PM Pacific), Ferguson is already at a boil — certainly not assisted by the loving New Black Panthers and the overall delay of the decision.

It’s as if the blacks extant cannot wait to riot and cork off.  Frankly, I believe that to be true, no matter the decision.

Further, a young black Marine says: pull your damned pants up.

A challenge unaccepted and refuted in Ferguson, Missouri.

PreparationIs this what preparation looks like in Ferguson?

Ferguson MO MessagePants up.  Yeah.  Right.