Reflections on Orlando: we’re not learning

Muslim Kills 49 Orlando Gay ClubApologies for the lack of current posts. Personal issues. — BZ ]

The US is not learning from the radical wave of Islam that is thundering across Europe right now and, of course, it is having its own effects here.

I’m referencing the San Bernardino shootings from December of last year by Muslims and most recently the Orlando gay bar mass shooting on Saturday night/Sunday morning in Florida.  This Islamic fuck — whose name isn’t warranted printing here on my blog — now holds the “record” for the number of persons killed in one US mass shooting, at 49 murdered and 53 wounded.  (Except for Antietam, where roughly 22,000 persons were killed in one day, American vs American, and perhaps Wounded Knee.)

The wife of this piece of shit was a clear accomplice and should be charged as a co-conspirator to murder.  She knew that, on June 4th and 5th, he purchased a 9mm handgun and an AR-15 rifle.  She knew how false he was.  Of what his dogma truly consisted.  You cannot live together and now know, unless you are continents away.  They were not.  She knew his heart.  She knew what he was.  And what he wasn’t.  Specifically, she knew about the attack.

Oh, but wait.  It was not an AR-15 the Islamic fuck possessed.  It was a Sig Sauer MCX carbine which shares no major parts with an AR-15.  At all.  The MCX also  Of course, how can you fault the American Media Maggots?  Everything, as you well know, is an AR-15.  This is no mistake, naturally.  This is called a narrative.


And like good anti-gun Lefitsts, everything evil must be an AR-15.  Therefore the ammunition for AR-15s must be eliminated as well.

Clue into this, Leftists: again, like the bulk of most recent shootings in the US, he was in compliance with the current gun laws for the area.  Further, he was a security operator for a company that held a contract with the federal government.  He not only had to pass local security laws for possession of various weapons — as a security operator that guarded federal facilities — but had to pass federal background checks.

And did.

Further, the FBI conducted two separate investigations into the suspect.  They found nothing.  They cleared him.  They met with him three times.

We — the United States — we are not learning.

The Muslim fuck was working for a multi-national security company that employs about 625,000 people with many contracts to the US federal government.  A “security company” can range from someone guarding a parking lot to persons providing specialized security for special ops American forces on the ground — as with those highlighted in the “13 Hours of Benghazi.

With these contracts, the federal government required a security backgrounding of every employee.  Both sides failed to report.  The Muslim fuck had two gun licenses.  One was for the rifle — the “AR-15” — and it is unlikely he would have acquired these licenses had his employer known of the FBI investigation.  They proscribe even “contact” with the FBI.

AR6[ Hillary Clinton, as an aside, is wrong again as the bint she is.  The “AR-15” she falsely said was involved is not a “weapon of war.”  It is a rifle.  It shoots semi-automatically.  It is in fact used by hunters.  What she really objects to, like most Leftists, is that it has odd bits and angles that make it, with its black color, appear to be completely sinister in their over-imaginative minds. ]

The FBI concluded it lacked sufficient evidence to go forward with even what they call a “preliminary investigation.”  But whatever they found out about him, they should have told his employer.  In that they failed.

Let me repeat for the abundant Leftists amongst you here and now: the Islamic fuck Omar Mateen (okay, sorry) passed every background check required by the state and by the federal government.  He was never “institutionalized” as well.  But there’s more; just wait a few paragraphs.

Captain Obvious: the bar was a “No Gun Zone.”  Right.  Larfs all around.  But nothing works against a gun like?  Right.  Another gun.

Columbine, Newtown.  All of these mass killings took place where the government prohibited people from protecting themselves.  A “gun free zone” is like shooting fish in a barrel.  Gays or not.

A LE axiom: when an assailant is confronted sooner rather than later, lives are saved.  Period.

Leftists immediately jumped to gun control.  And the American Media Maggots helped to buttress that so-called “argument.”

There was no call from the Oval Office to Orlando.  Party politics.  Leftist Obaka to Republican Governor Rick Scott.  Didn’t happen.

There is no doubt that the Muslim fuck was motivated by Islam.  His father was a supporter of the Taliban.  The Muslim fuck himself cheered when planes struck the WTC on 9/11.  Inspire magazine exists to, eh, “inspire” after all.

On the other hand, it could be clear that the Muslim fuck was sexually confounded.  He could have been trying to resolve various homosexual issues that he finally applied to the Pulse gay bar.

I suspect there were a number of motivators of the Muslim fuck.

I suspect that he was conflicted with his own personal sexuality.  I suspect that he realized the inherent conflict that exists in the Middle East — a conflict that very few persons seem willing to address in the Western Media.  That is to say, the conflict that exists between small boys and older men.

In the ME form of Islam it does not seem to be disagreeable that small boys are penetrated anally for sexual satisfaction.

US soldiers in ME assignments realize this rather rapidly: “women are for procreation, and boys are for fun.”

That brings us to the “bacha bazi” dancing boys.  Click at your own disgust.

Muslim Bacha Bazi BoysThe secret shame of Afghanistan’s bacha bazi ‘dancing boys’ who are made to dress like little girls, then abused by paedophiles

  • Bacha bazi, meaning ‘boy play’, is a tradition found across Afghanistan, where boys dress as women and perform

  • But these boys, some as young as 10, are also sexually abused by the men – passed around after the parties

  • The stigma of having been a ‘bacha bereesh’ sees the victims shunned by their families and society

  • However, ‘owning’ more than one boy is seen as a display of both power and wealth among some Afghan war lords

  • See full news coverage and stories from Afghanistan at 

For some deviant reason, in the ME form of Islam, this is not considered a form of pederasty.  Only when one transitions from boys to men is buggery considered verboten by Islam.  And by that the Islamic fuck found himself conflicted.  He was not attracted by boys.

He liked men.  He hated America.  He may have been spurned in conflict of his religion.  It only takes one blowjob to make someone a “homosexual.”  And that appellation of “homosexual” is completely unacceptable in Islam.

As a conflicted homosexual, to attack a gay bar would solve the bulk of his problems.  It would resolve his unstated sexuality, and it would place him into a place of importance within Islam.  Let’s kill gays.

But instead of Islam or violence or philosophy, instead, according to Obama and his sycophants, it’s all about guns.

If guns were the issue, then what about Belgium?  What about France?  What about the UK?  What about California?  These locations all have the strictest gun control imaginable.  California has the strongest, most constrictive laws on the books of any state — and they are creating even more.

And yet it’s about the tools and not about the root cause.

To Leftists: let there be no mistake.  Barack Hussein Obama has drawn the battle lines between Islam and gays.

Guess what?  Islam wins.

“Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes; and there has in all ages been a disastrous alliance between abnormal innocence and abnormal sin.”
— G.K. Chesterton


The most immediate goal of Leftists now?  To eliminate those weapons which have detachable magazines.

Trust me.


Shariah-compliant US government award favors Muslims

Islam and CoexistenceEveryone said, “no, it can’t happen here.  Clearly BZ, you are a racist.”

As if Islam were a “race,” you blithering idiots.  Islam isn’t just a religion, it’s a culture, an all-encompassing way of life that goes far beyond just a religion.  That is why Islam is so incredibly permeating and simultaneously dangerous.

I have been sent emails and had comments submitted to the blog (seldom published, due to the wonderful screening system of WordPress) telling me I was alternately racist, sexist, or was going to be converted or “removed.”  An Islamic euphemism for being “killed.”  You know, that inconvenient death thingie.

All due to, of course, my stance on Islam.  Because I expose the truth of Islam.  The truth becomes: “Islam is as Islam does.”  Not what people think Islam is or what it means, but what is actually perpetrated at the hands of Islam.

Muslims Prepare to Kill Coptic ChristiansDo you think for one minute, for example, that if twenty-one Muslims in orange jumpsuits were lined up on a beach in Italy and various Catholic verses read in Latin over those persons — who were subsequently beheaded on video whilst the leader extolled the virtues of Catholicism and excoriated those who disbelieved — that the world would debate at its leisure over whether they were truly beheaded on behalf of Catholicism?

What if this video was entitled “A message signed with blood to the nation of the scimitar”?  What if, in the video, the Catholics said “and we will conquer Mecca”?

[YouTube has since deleted the Message Signed With Blood video, as it would be biased to show Islam as it truly exists.  Instead, go here and click the video on the web page.]

And what if that rite were carried out numerous times, daily, throughout the globe?  What do you think the world’s opinion would be of Catholicism?  Of Christianity?  All prayers would be banned, priests injured or killed, churches razed, a pogrom of massive proportions in every country.  People wouldn’t be calmly discussing the issue over steaming cups of coffee.  There would instead be demands for action and in many cases there would be terrible violent retribution and death.

“No BZ, that can’t happen here, you racist,” it was written to me.  Then said to me later by an acquaintance who no longer reads my blog because I’m such a, well, racist.  You blithering idiot.  (His statement revealed much more about him than it did about me.)

Right.  It can’t happen here.

From the

EEOC wins discrimination case for Muslims fired for not delivering beer

by Sean Higgins

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission won $240,000 in damages for two Muslim truck drivers after it sued their former employer for religious discrimination for firing the drivers for refusing to make beer deliveries.

The EEOC said that Star Transport Inc., a trucking company based in Morton, Ill., violated their religious rights by refusing to accommodate their objections to delivering alcoholic beverages.

“EEOC is proud to support the rights of workers to equal treatment in the workplace without having to sacrifice their religious beliefs or practices,” EEOC General Counsel David Lopez announced Thursday. “This is fundamental to the American principles of religious freedom and tolerance.”

How odd that, when dealing with Christianity however, there is little if any religious freedom or tolerance.  Ask Kim Davis at her county clerk’s office.  Ask Bremerton, WA Assistant Coach Joe Kennedy who’s about to be fired for kneeling at the 50-yard line and praying post-game.  Ask the Christian people who didn’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding and were fined $135,000.  On and on it goes.

The case involved Star Transport’s firing of drivers Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulshale, both of Somali heritage, in 2009 after they refused to make beer deliveries for the company, citing their adherence to Islamic law. For devout Muslims, consuming or even being in contact with any alcoholic beverage is prohibited.

Let’s look up Star Transport Incorporated, of Morton, Illinois, shall we?  It seems that its site, http”//, no longer functions.  Star Transport appears to have closed.  Its gates are locked and only one truck is present.  The phone is unanswered.  I know.  I called.  Now, 25 persons in Morton are without jobs.  One guess as to why, possibly, that may be?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Its a win/win.  Our friendly federal government, proud at having sued Star Transport, got to also ramp up its welfare, foodstamp and EBT rolls with more persons shoved out of a job.

We can — and must — accommodate Muslims, the ruling says.  But we don’t have to reciprocate and accommodate Christians in any manner whatsoever.

One very basic reason?

A Christian won’t behead you or shoot you if he or she loses their job or can’t pray or must bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Pretty simple, really.

It can happen here and it is happening here.

Your federal government is favoring Muslims over Christians.  it is literally picking religious sides.

Ah, good to know your federal tax dollars are being being spent to ensure the US is Shariah-compliant.

We loves us some Muzzies.



Houston: immerse your kids in Islam

People said: “no, it won’t happen here.  No one believes that Sharia Law is coming to the US or that Islam is the bogey-man.”

Excepe that, 1) yes it is and, 2) yes it is, and 3) open your eyes.  Islam is as Islam does.

Direct from Houston, Texas, what one would consider to be something of a conservative state:

Houston district opens ‘Arabic Immersion School’ to create ‘global citizens’

by Victor Skinner

HOUSTON – About 130 Houston student will attend a new Arabic immersion school next year, where they will learn to speak Arabic as they learn “to be truly global citizens.”

“With kids who learn Arabic, as a parent you’re going to set them up for success, as a teacher you’re going to challenge them to do the best they can, but that skill of learning Arabic and being fluent in it really can be life-changing for a Houston kid,” Kate Adams, the principal of Houston Independent School District’s Arabic Immersion Magnet School, told Houston Public Media.

Yes, you too need to have your impressionable child immersed in Islam, Muslim philosophy and the Koran. Your child needs to learn all about the religion of peace and tolerance.  How its adherents fly American aircraft into American buildings and kill 3,000 people.  How the religion of peace and tolerance enslaves women and young girls, rapes boys, performs genital mutilation

Better yet, let’s start our own burgeoning series of Madrasas, beginning with Houston itself.

Wait, are there already Madrasas located in the United States?  The answer to that would be yes, there are.  And specifically in HoustonWahabbism, anyone?

Do you think this is a coincidence?

“In addition to the students being fully functionally bilingual in Arabic and English, the bigger goal for me is that I want our students to be truly global citizens,” she said. “And so that doesn’t just mean language fluency or cultural fluency. It’s kind of how you look at the world and how you interact with the world.”

In other words, possessing empathy for those who would behead us for portraying a picture of Mohammad, or beheading innocent children?

You knew this was coming:

(A mother, Amy) Crouser read out loud one of the negative comments about the school she found online: “Let’s see, ‘Gee, what could possibly go wrong with this scenario? Why not just pack the kids up and send them off to an ISIS training camps? This is a very sad idea.’”

“They’re not even based on facts. It’s totally fear-ridden comments. I mean, the thing is that Arabic does not equal Islam and Islam does not equal terrorism, so to say that is bigoted and it’s bullying in my book,” she said.

Of course!  Arabic does not equal Islam.  Arabic equals Buddhism, or perhaps — better yet — Christianity.  Just try proselytizing with regard to Christianity in any Middle Eastern country and note the reception you acquire.  If you keep your head, that is.

Thank goodness we have progressed to the point where stating facts is “bullying.”  How refreshing to see and know the understanding miens of those who embrace Islam.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, if you are embracing the teaching of Arabic immersion, you are likewise embracing Islam in its current ultra-violent fashion whether you are sufficiently intelligent to realize this fact or not.



Here’s your loving Islam in Australia

204233-a-rioter-smashes-a-police-window-in-the-islamic-riots-in-sydney-cbdAh, Islam, the religion of peace, tolerance, non-violence.


Islamists Demand Australian Senator ‘Introduce Sharia Law’ or Be Beheaded

by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Yesterday, terrorists threatened to “behead” Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie if she did not help “introduce sharia law in Australia.”

To her credit, Lambie had recently called for the introduction of the death penalty for terrorists and had been quoted as saying: “If you don’t like our Australian law… then pack your bags and… leave. We will never bow down to sharia law.”

The police do not yet know whether this death threat was sent by Jihadists or by opponents of a planned mosque.

 Australia is part of the core group coalition against ISIS, which consists of the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Poland, and Denmark.

And here’s the history in Australia — a history you might think left Australia alone, but no.

Jihad has been building for years in Australia. In 1998, a Sydney police station was shot at by four Arabs. In 2004, a Lebanese-Australian told a reporter that he “wanted to undertake a terror attack in Sydney in the name of Islam.”

According to Australian terrorism researcher Andrew Zammitt, in 2003, thirteen Melbourne men and nine Sydney men were arrested and charged with forming two different cells to prepare attacks. Eighteen were convicted. These arrests suggested that Australians had become “newly radicalized” post 9/11.

In 2005, hundreds of Australian women at the beach were harassed by angry, offended Muslims. Two hundred such men thereafter smashed hundreds of cars and windows, bashed several people and threatened women with rape.

In the summer of 2014, when Israel was self-defensively trying to eradicate the diabolical terror tunnels in Gaza, a convoy of cars drove through Sydney, brandishing the black flag of ISIS. Some chanted: “Jew and Christian will not stand. You can never stop Islam.”

Does this mark the point with which Australia will begin to take a more active role in squashing Islamists in that country?

Mark my words.  The stories are coming and not stopping.  One more:

“I have had many Arab patients. I tell them I am German. Many praised me because Hitler was German and did ‘such a great job with the Jews.’ At a clinic, a Muslim reception clerk often greeted me with Heil Hitler, arm extended, and a smile. He thought I was an Aryan German. A young man, whom Australian Jews had helped, confided in me, saying that ‘Islam is going to take over the world as the fastest growing religion. Even in Australia.’ One of my Australian patients complained that he was harassed and bullied on the street by Arabs, shouting, ‘we are going to take over your f**king country.’ Someone who had been a member of Hezbollah, wanted me to write a letter for him to the Prime Minister so he would not be deported. When I declined, he grabbed me by the neck and threatened me.”

I wrote two years ago that I saw a young female in a Full Beekeeper’s costume in the Barnes & Noble bookstore (now closed) in Elk Grove, CA.

Islam is here in the United States and it is not a peaceful religion as practiced.  Islam is as Islam does, no more, no less.  Those practicioners of Islam who do not or have not or refuse to kill know full well that there are others who will, in their name and in the name of their shared religion.

Islam You Deserve To KnowHere is a sign I saw adjacent Highway 99, there in Elk Grove.  Islam, making inroads into my neighborhoods.  Another attempt to “normalize” Islam.

A religion that is far from normal.  A religion that is, in truth, nothing more than a death cult.

Islam = Borg.

Convert or die.



Pat Condell: Nothing to do with Islam

Nails it.