Obama: “I’m being forced out”

Obama Imperial CloakedLadies and gentlemen, say what you will about Donald Trump, but our illustrious NPD card-carrying CIC — again — thinks the world revolves around him.

Once more immured by video.

Yes, Obama actually said he is being “forced” out of office.  Because, as you already realize, he’d really rather be a four term (or more) president not unlike FDR, who served from March 4, 1933 until his death on April 12, 1945.  Up until the passage of the 22nd Amendment in 1951 there was no formal limitation on presidential terms, though informally presidents limited themselves to two terms.

The Imperial diktat of His Majesty Barack Hussein Obama.

Forced” out of office?




Obama’s immediate future for the US: a DICTATORSHIP

Obama SOTU, The Real OneOn the heels of Tuesday’s state of the union speech, Obama has this planned:


An out and out diktat.  Mixed liberally with insanity.

Obama SOTU and IranFrom WesternJournalism.com:

Obama’s Chief Of Staff Just Made Horrifying Revelation About Obama’s ‘Audacious’ Final Plans

by Warner Todd Huston

“,,, (isn’t) constrained by law, Congress, or the Constitution.”

While President Obama’s frequent use of executive orders to implement his policies has angered many Republicans, his chief of staff is warning Obama has even bigger plans to enact policies without involving Congress.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough had a warning for the nation — in his final year in office, Obama will indulge in “audacious executive action.”

McDonough issued his warning during a breakfast with reporters in Washington D.C., in response to a question about what the president meant when he said he would “go it alone” if Congress wouldn’t back him.

This is bare naked despotism.  Obama operates like a dictator because there is no one to oppose him.  While people speak words, Obama takes imperial actions via his Executive Orders.  He answers words with actions.

Yes, prior presidents have issued executive orders, but not on the massive scale and wide-ranging influence of Obama’s.

“Audacious executive action” indeed.

Meaning: Obama will continue to ignore an entire THIRD of the US government as though it doesn’t exist, simply for his own benefit.

According to National Review, McDonough replied, “We’ll do audacious executive action over the course of the rest of the year, I’m confident of that.” McDonough also said Obama and his team would endeavor to make sure his EOs couldn’t be “undone” by Congress at a later date.

“Couldn’t be undone by Congress.”  Because he is stepping over and completely ignoring Congress.

But McDonough hinted that Obama wasn’t going to be constrained by law, Congress, or the Constitution. “McDonough said the White House is considering executive action on any and all issues,” the magazine reported. “And the main question President Obama plans to ask himself is ‘Why not?’”

Yes, why not?  Just whom is stepping up to stop Mr Obama?  Do we even hear anyone in the GOP stridently excoriating Obama over his past actions and these future plans?  It’s not as if Obama is keeping this scheme secret.

This is a raw hijacking, wholesale, of the American government.  Mr Obama will not be constrained by LAW or the CONGRESS or the CONSTITUTION.

With Obama his diktats involve all-reaching content.

However, as David Harsanyi notes, it isn’t the number of EOs, but rather what is contained in them, that is cause for concern. Harsanyi says Obama has perpetrated the worst overreach of any executive in history and his EOs have been aimed at far reaching and substantive changes in the American way of life.

Mr Obama knows he’s a lame duck and finds himself totally unopposed.  Why wouldn’t he continue as American Dictator?


Even Leftist Bill Maher knows a dictator when he sees one.

Bill Maher said on his blog today that liberals should be pretty wary of President Obama‘s use of executive orders, because one day a president they don’t like will do it and they won’t like the results.

One thing you can count on, though: it won’t be a Republican who repeats Obama’s abuse of EOs.  They wouldn’t have the guts or the intelligence.

Obama Tyranny

Monday: Ferguson grand jury in?

PULL UP YOUR PANTSSt Louis County has promised local law enforcement a 48-hour “heads-up” prior to the official release of its grand jury results regarding prosecution of former Ferguson Police Department (MO) Officer Dennis Wilson, whose likeness I shall not post here.  The media already has a sufficient number of photographs of Officer Wilson and his home with its address and surrounding neighborhood.

In the meantime, as I write this ahead (it is Sunday night at roughly 9 PM Pacific), Ferguson is already at a boil — certainly not assisted by the loving New Black Panthers and the overall delay of the decision.

It’s as if the blacks extant cannot wait to riot and cork off.  Frankly, I believe that to be true, no matter the decision.

Further, a young black Marine says: pull your damned pants up.

A challenge unaccepted and refuted in Ferguson, Missouri.

PreparationIs this what preparation looks like in Ferguson?

Ferguson MO MessagePants up.  Yeah.  Right.



LAWLESSNESS: Obama does away with the Legislative branch of the US government

Obama and Audacity of Hope Quote IllegalsWith a stroke of His Imperial Pen, Mr Obama has shredded the US Constitution and driven the United States towards the realm of any given pathetic banana republic.  Perhaps Mr Obama is simply trying to create more stars and bars upon the epaulets of his faux uniform.

Obama DictatorUnlawfully and unconstitutionally, Mr Obama has decided unilaterally that he can create his own nation-changing law and bypass Congress entirely — which means he has completely done away with a full third of foundational American government.  For those requiring a reminder, the three branches are: Executive, Judicial and Legislative.  Mr Obama has kicked aside the Legislative branch: the US Congress.

This is a day of infamy.  A day of Constitutional infamy.

What will this do?  It will incentivize people from far away — think Central America and South America, like the children a few months ago — to attempt to invade our southern border.  Some will come from the north and some from our lateral coasts.

“The problem is the central attribute you have to have as any leader, in any walk of life and certainly in government is trust,” Ron Fournier of the National Journal said. “This president has destroyed the credibility of his administration himself and government itself.”

Hugh Hewitt said that condescension is the proper response to Mr Obama’s executive order.  And I would tend to agree.  What is not warranted is any kind of reaction to include either a “shutdown of government” or an “impeachment.”  That would be playing right into the seriously stupid hands of Leftists.

That said, I don’t trust the GOP to not be stupid.  I wish I were more assured of a proper GOP response.

An edict such as this, no matter its name, is a precedent set that few people will want.  It is a precedent that can be referred-to in the future by future presidents.  Republican presidents.  Actions presidents take, unhalted, do nothing but provide fodder for more power-taking in the future.  Demorats fail to see and understand this concept.  They apparently can only think of the here and now.  This is nullification of laws and an essential re-writing of laws.  By one man.

Leftists “justify” Obama’s actions by pointing to Ronald Reagan, who they say created his own Executive Order with regard to immigrants.  And that is completely INcorrect.  Please see this very important article by Gabriel Malor.

This nation has checks and balances for a reason.  There can never be an Imperial President.  There can never be a monarch in the United States of America.  However, when Leftists and Demorats set a precedent, they fail to realize that a reverse precedent can thusly be set.  A presidential temper tantrum cannot and should not set precedent but it appears to be.  Where is his stated authority for this?

Which means: what if a president decided to turn a blind eye to lynching homosexuals?  What if a president decided to declare no borders?  What if a president decided to declare drugs fully lawful?

What if this president sets precedent for the reverse?


What if this means Americans can pick and choose which laws THEY wish to obey and which laws they wish to disregard. Goose/gander.



Demorats and Leftists and parts of the GOP tried to bury us Conservatives.  They didn’t realize: we are seeds.

Immigration and invasion:

Immigration and Invasion